Nicholas Nelson
Real Name: Nicholas Nelson
Age: 15
Identity: Secret (on Earth)
Birthplace: New York, NY
Date of Birth: May 21, 1994
Known Relatives: Nathan Nelson (Father), Nora Nelson (Mother)
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Brown
Grade: Junior
Dorm: Taylor


Neitan Nilssen and his wife, Nura, were once scientists of ordinary stature and extraordinary talent on their native Cruscard - a small planet orbiting a Blue Giant located deep in the Volanis Cluster. On a working honeymoon studying an odd chemicoparticle composition in an asteroid located near the planet's radiation belt, the two developed amazing powers of physical prowess and impressive strength. Designated as 'Special Envoys' (sort of like Diplomats, only more fun) by the Cruscardian Council, the two were given a beautiful ship and encouraged to explore and assist the Universe at large. A magnanimous gesture on the planet's part, mostly due to intense scientific jealousy of the pair throughout the community and this way everyone else could at least get their OWN work done.

They explored uncharted planets, discovered unknown life forms and civilizations, and saved countless lives, growing something of a cult following and well-deserved reputation as heroes everywhere they went. When Nura got pregnant, they didn't stop or slow down - their strength and durability negated much of the worry. They were on Earth, visiting a friend from Cruscard on a Diplomatic mission when Nura gave birth. In order to simplify matters (or because they felt like it) they 'Americanized' their names to Nathan and Nora Nelson, and named their newborn son Nicholas - Aliens love Alliteration, don't you know.

The Nelsons didn't stop adventuring simply because they had a child, though they did actively and decisively switch to less 'immediately dangerous' projects like returning to old finds to update records, study anomalies, that sort of thing. Which basically means that nothing changed except the circumstances in which they found trouble - famous intergalactic science heroes don't get off all THAT easy. Luckily, as he aged, Nick proved to have the same powers as his parents - scaled down for age and build, but they were growing as he did. Though an experiment/accident gave them theirs, Nick came by his through their altered genetics. And so, the Terrific Two became the Terrific Triad. By the age of 12, Nick was more fully participating in his parents exploits. Learning from them, being trained by them, and sharing in their glory. As the years went on, he grew confidant and cocky, showing off for other kids and the news authorities, just enjoying the life of Invincible Teen Hero.

Of course, no Super-Team is without an Arch Nemesis (or at least someone who imagines themselves the team's Arch Nemesis). In the Nelson's case, this was Dr. Professor Corcavo. A rival scientist from Cruscard, Dr. Professor (yes, he insists on both titles) grew contemptuous of the Nelson's continued fame and prestige. He spent years studying them, fighting them, trying to scoop their achievements with his own, and studying the asteroid anomaly that gave them their powers. No one had ever managed to duplicate the Nelson's results, but Dr. Professor Corcavo didn't give up when he couldn't either — he changed focus. Taking a piece of the anomalous asteroid, Dr. Professor exposed it to all sorts of radiation and chemicals, testing it against biological samples of the Nelsons stolen from the Museum of Genetic Studies.

When the Nelsons returned to Cruscard for the first time in Nicholas' life at the age of 15, Dr. Professor Corcavo saw his opportunity to test his findings. The Nelsons were home to make long-needed upgrades to their ship, visit family in person, and present the Council with a massive info-dump of their studies thus-far. At the presentation ceremony, Dr. Professor Corcavo fired a shot from an energy weapon he'd rigged his irradiated asteroid bit, and it hit Nick - who collapsed immediately. While he wasn't the Dr. Professor's intended target (he's a scientist, not a marksman), it nonetheless proved his device worked. Of course, he was pounced by security, rendered unconscious by Nathan and the weapon was confiscated by Nora.

The Nelsons spent the next several weeks waiting for Nicholas to recover. Radiation poisoning was at first believed to be the worst of it, and he was given the best care the Cruscardian government could provide. But when he regained consciousness and the burns were healed, they were all shocked to discover that Nick had completely lost his powers. Further testing revealed that the cells that processed the cosmic energy that gave him power had been irreparably damaged. Nathan and Nora took new samples of the asteroid that gave them their abilities to begin a new study, but eventually they had to go on. There were worlds out there that needed them, new things to be discovered, and so on. They would have to work on a cure for Nick on the road.

Of course, being sidelined while everyone else gets to have an adventure is no fun. Nick didn't take to suddenly becoming 'Hide in the Lab!' Lad at all. He applied himself to his studies, even tried to rig a pressure suit to be able to do even half of the things he used to be able to do. None of it worked. Months went by, and while his parents worked on a cure, Nick was also performing his OWN experiments and trying to figure something out. He was probably more surprised than either of them when one of his worked.

Naturally, it didn't work as expected. At all. Bombarding a fresh piece of the asteroid with a combination of collected radiation from the ship's collection array and compressed chemical energy from a gas giant resulted in an explosion in the lab Nick was working in. Once again, he spent weeks in the medical facility recovering from radiation sickness and sundry light wounds - only this time, he ALSO spent weeks listening to his parent's thoughts. He'd gained powers from his work, but nothing like the powers he expected. Once he recovered, Nathan and Nora confirmed the further alteration of Nick's genetic code - the new powers and the distinct lack of his previous powers. No more flying, no more super-lifting, no more high-speed races, no more invulnerability. Forever. Nathan and Nora decided that any further exposure to 'radiation cocktails' would seriously injure Nick, may even kill him, and after weeks of protracted argument (and intense migraines), managed to bring Nick around to the new status quo. But they had no experience at all with mental powers, they didn't know what to do with him.

Returning to Earth, they consulted their friend the Diplomat - who pulled a few strings and contacted the Steranko Institute on their behalf. The Nelsons have decided to relocate to Earth until Nicholas completes his schooling, currently living relatively quiet lives (ha!) in Washington DC while Nick learns to adjust from being a Heavyweight to a Mental Case.


Nicholas is a young man in transition. Once he was in command of his powers and himself, and knew his place in the world. He was cocky, confidant, and self-assured. Now with entirely different powers than he knows and far away from his usual haunts and habits, he's not sure how to act or react anymore. Becoming privy to people's private thoughts has turned him likewise inward. He tends to brood on his mistakes - real or imagined - and hesitates to be more than passingly friendly to anyone. He's frustrated by his complete paradigm shift, and that frustration is often expressed physically - pushing himself harder than he should to try and prove he's still capable. When his guard is down, Nicholas is insightful, thoughtful, and kind. While he's always at least passingly convivial, he can also be insensitive, abrasive, or cold.



Attr: Str 14 (+2), Dex 14 (+2), Con 14 (+2), Int 12 (+1), Wis 18 (+4), Cha 16 (+3)

Saves: Toughness +2 (+5 When Not Bluffed/Flat Footed) , Fortitude +6, Reflex +6 (+8 vs. Area), Will +8

Combat: Attack +0, Defense 4/+10, Grapple +2, Init +2

Skills: Acrobatics 2 (+4), Bluff 2 (+5), Computers 3 (+4), Knowledge: Earth Sciences 2 (+3), Knowledge: Physical Sciences 2 (+3), Knowledge: Life Sciences 2 (+3), Language 1, Notice 4 (+8), Ride 5 (+7), Search 4 (+5), Sense Motive 4 (+8), Survival 5 (+9)

Feats: Defensive Roll x3, Dodge Focus x6


  • Super Senses 5 (Acute Accurate Ranged Mental Awareness — Mental; Cost: 1PP/Rank; Total: 5PP)
  • Mental Blast 8 (Alternate Powers: AP: Mind Control 8 (Power Feats: Mental Link; Extras: Sensory Link); Cost: 4PP/Rank+1; Total: 33PP)
  • Telepathy 8/Comprehend 1 (Telepathic Comprehend; Alternate Powers: AP: Communication 4/Comprehend 1 (Telepathic Comprehend; Power Feats: Selective, Subtle; Extras: Area); Cost: 2PP/Rank+2PP/Rank+1; Total: 19PP)


  • Vulnerable (Radiation, Common, x1.5DC)

Languages: English, Cruscardian (Native)


  • 'I'm Famous… In Space': The Nelsons are an Intergalactically Famous Family, known across the stars as adventurers, explorers, and scientists of the highest caliber. And despite the fact that Earth is one of his parents' favorite places, they aren't anywhere near as famous here as they would be on many other populated planets. Nick is used to being recognized and known for what he and his family represent - Earth is frustrating for a whole host of reasons, but the lack of recognition is nearly the top of the list.
  • 'I Won't Disappoint You, Mom and Dad': Nathan and Nora, glamorous adventurers, changed their adventuring focus almost entirely when Nick was born. They have been his teachers, teammates, and friends his whole life. They're practically his whole world. Being separated from them on Earth is hard, but he knows why he's at the Institute. And his desire to improve, to learn how to handle himself and his new powers, to succeed without them holding his hands - he wants nothing more than to impress them and make them proud. He lives in fear of them hearing about anything to the contrary, which holds him back from all manner of Typical Teenager Fun.
  • 'I Can Lift a Mack Truck! …. Oh, Wait': Nicholas USED to be super-strong, super-fast, nigh-invincible, and could fly. That set of powers tends to have a very specific effect on people, Nicholas included. Now he can do none of those things, and his confidence in just about every situation has been shaken. He's in excellent shape for a human - from which except for a few negligible differences he pretty much is - but it's Not Good Enough. If it were left up to him, he'd be cross-training as often as possible. Driven to be as strong and fast as he possibly can, Nicholas often over-estimates his limits and tries to ignore or play down the effects of fatigue or injury, which could lead to even greater injury if someone doesn't catch him at it.
  • 'What Is This 'Home' You Speak Of?': Nick has spent pretty much his whole life on the move. While he's ostensibly from the planet Cruscard, he was actually born on Earth - in New York, no less. Nick can count the times he's visited either 'home' planet on the fingers of one hand. The Nelsons typically flit from planet to planet, studying this spatial phenomena or that chemical composition, or to transport medical supplies to that colony or spearhead this rebellion - the only constant is motion, and their love for each other. Which is where being famous comes in handy, because you can get what you need or be told pretty easily. Nick knows a little bit about a LOT of places, which basically makes him a fish out of water anywhere if he's there 'too long.' He doesn't know where you can get the best anything, where any of the most fun of x is, or any of that.


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