New Kid in Town pt 1

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Title: Amy Arrives pt 1
Emitter: {$emitter}
Characters: Amy, Eshe
NPCs: Ms Dormer
Place: Student Center, Eshes's Dorm
Time: Late night
Summary: After a long delay at Hartsfield International, a tired new Neo teen arrives at the Institute and makes a new, Egyptian friend.

It's well after 1am before the car carrying Ms. Dormer and her charge finally lurches up the driveway and into the rain-swept parking lot. The weather on the entire Eastern Seaboards' been particularly vile all day today. Sharp, violent thunderstorms bubbling up from Orlando to New York City like bits of popcorn exploding in the atmosphere.

"Well, here we are." Ms Dormer informs her passenger brightly. "When did you say your luggage would be here?" Ms Dormer asks the young, exhausted-looking brunette.

"This kind of _is_ my luggage_." Amy replies, reaching for the gray-black backpack that she's hauled up from Florida.

"Ah, well, I've got to go see to your dorm assignment. You're welcome to use the kitchen. I know you must be famished after all of the delays." Ms Dormer announces. "You should've eaten at Atlanta, you know." she adds in a gently scolding tone.

"Heh, miss, Mac gave me thirty bucks for this trip, no way am I gonna blow it on airport food." Amy smirks tiredly. "Leftovers'll work just fine. You do have a microwave, right?" she inquires.

"Yes, of course we do, silly. Now, go on, get out of the rain. I'll be along presently with your dorm key."

With that, Amy beats feet for the entrance to the student center.

Alia is currently in the student center's pool hall, practicing on the billiards. She, however, isn't using a conventional pool cue, but instead seems to be using a cue made of solidified green light, moving it around using her will alone it seems.

Eshe doesn't sleep much. She's up and puttering about in the Student Center, even at this hour. The rain outside battering at the windows makes her a bit nervous. "The gods are upset," she says to Alia, standing on the other side of the pool table, waiting her turn. She uses an actual pool cue, wood and solid and normal but she carries it strangely an her accent is bizarrely untraceable, almost like a mix of Middle East and Far East. "I wonder what is wrong." She's leaning against the wall, wearing her low-riding, hip-hugger jeans, black tank top and denim jacket. There is a jukebox in the corner softly playing some Top 40 Pop song from the 1990s.

Amy swipes her crisp new Student ID through the lock and hustles inside, pausing to shake the worst of the rain off herself. The young woman is dressed simply, battered-looking blue jeans that look as though they've been passed down at least two generations, an off white tee, rendered somewhat translucent for it's being wet, giving a hint of the blue bra beneath it. A pair of big hoop earrings and two in-congruently brand-new white Reebok’s on her feet. "Shit…." he sighs, sighing again and running her hand through her shoulder-length blonde on brown hair. "What is this, monsoon season?"

Alia gives Eshe a wink, "No I'm not." She appears to be teasing the other girl a bit, concentrating and lining up a shot, and the bank is just a little off, giving Eshe an excellent leave. "Well, perhaps now I am, I thought I calculated that properly." She glances over to the new arrival, "Actually, I thought that was only on the Indian subcontinent really, not applicable to the North American land mass."

Eshe moves to take over the table now that Alia has missed her shot. With even less idea how this game is played, the Egyptian girl is glad for the distraction as Amy arrives. "Monsoon?" It's a word she's not familiar with. "I thought it was The Season of Summer." Noticing how wet poor Amy is, she summons her servants out of thin air (or in her case from beneath her hair) and the spectral forms of ghostly scarabs fly off to fetch a towel from upstairs. They seem to phase right up through the floor, carried on their translucent which are the same strange faded rainbow hue as the sheen of oil on a puddle in a parking lot.

Amy blink blinks, stilling herself as she watches with wide-eyed amazement and, yes, even a little fear as the towel approaches. "Eh…okay…This is normal, right?" she asks someone….anyone…"Because we're all, like…Neo's here and stuff?" she continues…staring at the towel as if it has just fallen out of the hatch of a UFO somewhere in the desert southwest, Roswell, perhaps…

Alia nods, "Well, for here it would be." She gives Amy a reassuring smile, looking down at her, "Just got here, then? You seem to have a bit of the look." She seems moderately amused, though she doesn't actually say it, at least, as she regards the new arrival.

The Towel drops as the spectral bugs just kind of fade out of existence. Eshe lines up her shot, trying to make sure she gets it right and biting her bottom lip slightly in concentration. With a quick jerk of the cue, she sends the cue ball sailing across the table to impact the seven ball, which careens across the table to bounce against the lip of the corner pocket only to sail off, almost but not quite going in and ending up clear across the table from the strength of her hit. She says something in a very odd language and then turns to smile and wave at the new girl. "Hello."

Amy picks up the towel as she would pick up a fragment of the Chernobyl reactor. Hesitantly, dis-trustingly….Weighing and measuring the thing until she's satisfied that it is, after all, just a towel, a dry, white fragment of terrycloth and stitching. "Thank you." she offers quietly, scrubbing her head and shoulders with the thing and shivering again. "Raining cats and dogs out there…" she adds, cocking her head to watch Eshe's shot ricochet around the table. "Hi…I'm…Amy." she says, waving a little. "Guess I'm the new kid in town?"

Alia nods, "I would hope not… though there were some meteorological phenomenon about raining frogs that I saw the other day. Odd." She ohs, "And I am Alia s'Harien, I am just about to start my junior year." She then gestures to Eshe, focusing her attention back to the pool table as the emerald cue hovers in the air, lining up a shot.

The caramel-skinned, raven haired girl bows a bit to Amy, "And I am Eshe Hikutpah. Apparently I am the world's oldest teenager. It is good to meet the new girl on the block." She hops down off the slightly raised area where the billiards tables are and offers her hand to the new girl, remembering the current gesture of greeting. "Before you ask, I'm over 4000 years old, I was born in what you call Ancient Egypt and I'm here because of a curse which is now broken." She apparently gets asked this a lot, "I'm, very strong, I can fly, I control ghostly scarab beetles and I don't ever get sick or age. What's your 'deal'?" The last word sounds odd when she says it, as if she's not sure she is using it correctly.

Okay….How do you say 'Too Much Information' in Ancient Egyptian? Eshe's introduction's enough to make her jaw drop in that certain, snake-like, slipped-hinge kind of way. You know the one, where somebody's mouth becomes about twice it's normal size? Yeah, that's where Amy's at.

After a few heartbeats of this, it occurs to her that making some manner of reply might be the polite thing to do. That thought firing through her brain, Amy takes Eshe's offered hand and gives it a firm handshake.

"My name is Amy Beuachamp. I am from the Planet Earth and as God, Gods, Goddesses or Whatever is my witness, I have absolutely no frickin' idea what you're talking about." she replies simply. "I'm just a _girl_….I do things with electricity." she confesses. "And Eh…yeah……" she says, scrubbing her face with her off-hand, unaware that she hasn't released Eshe's with her right. "I'm sorry." she adds, giving Eshe's hand another pumping. "I'm _very_ tired and _very_ hungry….You're not really catching me at my best…"

Eshe nods and her expression grows rather more serious. She reaches into her back pocket and pulls out a small wad of low-denomination bills before marching over to the vending machines and getting a Coke from the Coke machine and a turkey and cheese sandwich from the machine next to it before walking over. "The chairs here are very comfortable Amy. Here, have some Coke and something to eat. Which dorm are you in? I can walk you back and make sure you get there OK tonight."

Turkey sandwich and a Coke? Okay, Noe-Cleopatra, you're speaking Amy's language now. The girl's stomach gives a sharp growl of approval for this plan as she makes her way over. "I dunno what Dorm I'm in just yet." she replies automatically, tearing open the plastic of the Durkee Special with the aplomb of a wolf opening the guts of a late-fall deer. "I think it's Rider…", she shrugs. Moments later, she's too busy gobbling down faux turkey on stale wheat to say anything else. "Sorry for this….Atlanta was a _mess_…flight got delayed….."

"Oh, you can fly as well then?" Eshe grins and leans back in her chair, pool cue now laid across her lap. "Or do you mean you were taking an airplane? I find it confusing sometimes when people talk about flying when so many can do it of their own will in this school. If you want help getting to Rider tonight, I would be more than happy to help. But for now, enjoy your food. Usually they have better available here, but the snack bar closes at 9.

"Hm? No. no….I can't fly, _fly_." Amy replies, pausing to take a drink of soda. "I was on a Canadair Regional Jet type 700…" she explains. "You know, air planes?" she adds. "i got here on one of them." she says, picking up the second half of her Durkee Special and om-nom-nom'ing it as any hungry teen would. Eat it now, taste it later! "And thanks, but I'm good. I dunno when they'll get my dorm assignment straightened out." she sighs, settling back against the chair. "I'm guessing the couch'll be my bed tonight." she smirks. "Works for me…It ain't moving and it sure as hell doesn't suffer from turbulence."

"Nonsense!" Eshe leans forward, smiling brightly. "You will spend the night in my room, in a nice, warm, soft bed. I will brook no arguments. You will stay with me tonight and get warm, dry clothes and a shower. Are you OK with this? Speak now or lose the chance. I will not mind spending the night in my chair. Not when it means helping out a fellow Junior."

"Heh, You sure?" Amy asks Eshe simply. "I mean, I don't wanna put you out or anything. The couch is fine. Slept on a _ton_ of 'em." she smirks, shrugging dismissively. "But if you _are_ serious, I can throw in a sweetener." she winks. "You ever seen The Terminator before?"

"Is that a person?" Eshe seems a bit confused, "Sounds like the name of one of your 'villains'." She wonders what you mean to offer her but she chuckles. "And I do not mind at all. You stay with me and tomorrow we can find your real dorm when the rain lets up."

"It's a movie!" Amy grins, shuffling over to retrieve her backpack and pulling out the DVD. "It's about …eh…..the future…sort of…" she explains. "C'mon, I'll play it for ya. Got the Director's Cut." she beans proudly, the kind of pride that comes with owning something long desired. "Got a lot of good ones. Mac took me on a shopping spree in Best Buy. Most of this backpack's DVDs!"

"Oh Movies!" Eshe lights up. "I haven't seen many of them except on the Television box. I watch that a lot between classes though, especially the History channel." She gets up out of her seat and strolls towards the doors. "Ready to sprint across to the dorms?"

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