Neutered Boyfriend

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Title: The Case of the Neutered Boyfriend
Emitter: None
Characters: Sasha, Amy, Jerry
NPCs: None
Place: Dining Hall
Time: Monday, July 12, Evening
Summary: Sasha discovers the loss of Jerry's mojo!

_( Siegel Dining Hall - The Quad - Steranko Institute )___

Siegel Dining Hall is less a cafeteria than a mini food court. Starting from the entrance and moving left around the edge of the room there is a salad bar, a soup station, a grill, a sandwich station, and a more traditional cafeteria line. Finally, right before the checkout, are the desserts and soft serve ice cream machine. Small digital signs at each station list the names of each item, and if one watches closely you might catch the signs changing languages, or flashing allergy warnings as they detect the proximity of certain students. No cash is needed in the dining hall, rather students swipe their ids at check out, and purchases are counted against their meal plan.
The center of the hall is where people sit to eat. The room is broken up by tall planters in areas of five or six tables, the tables ranging in size from tiny tables that sit just two people to larger ones that might sit a dozen.

_( Players )__

_( Exits )
Out ………………………. [O]

Jerry finished up his chicken tandoori and is now standing back from the main menus, looking at the desert selections and such. He has a fresh cold container of pineapple juice in hand as he scans the various selections.

Amy is in the process of doing the same with hers, pausing between bites to glance down at her I Pod, snickering madly at whatever's playing on the screen.

Sasha comes in, and she looks like she's up to something. Her hair, her scooping shirt, her short skirt and the wedges she's ratchetted her feet into…it all says plan. And that plan, it seems, is Jerry. She goes straight for him, skipping the dinner part of dinner for the moment, sashaying up to his table and levelling her best smouldering look at him. "Hey," she says.

Jerry smiles at Amy as she joins him. "Hey, Amy; enjoying your new classes, so far?" he says. Then he sees Sasha and his smile widens. "Hey! Sasha! What's up?" he says. "That's a new skirt, yeah?" Then .. then he looks back at the menu, tapping his chin, considering. "Pineapple cake is good, but.. man. Strawberry shortcake…"

Amy glances up as Jerry's voice cuts through the sound coming from her earbuds and gives a little wave, smiling a bit as Sasha sashays up in full on 'Seduction' mode. "So far, so good." she calls, glancing between the two. "Damn…that is a nice skirt. Shows off her thighs nice…" she adds for her own benefit before clamping a hand over her mouth. "Note to self, stop taking your 'crazy' pills before going out in public."

Sasha opens and closes her mouth a few times. "Hi Amy," she says almost offhandedly, mostly because it was the most convenient phrase her mind can find. "Uh….thanks," she says. Sasha discretely hikes up her skirt a bit more. Her thighs are in fact unchanged, besides swapping in an all-chrome look for her usually more toned down plated look. But the same words coming out of Jerry's mouth, that's what she would have expected. "Yes," she says with a confident nod. "You like it?" she asks, cocking her hips.

Jerry smiles back at Sasha. "Yeah, I do," he says, sincerely and politely enough. "Hey, I thought about something. Coffee sounds pretty good, and the hall here fixes coffee made from ground pinto beans or something. Who wants to go out for some?"

Oh great, Sasha heard that…Oh dear…"Yep, either stop taking the pills or increase the dosage by a factor of ten." Amy sighs, polishing off the last of her dinner. "Coffee?" she asks, pulling her earbuds out as she realizes why she spoke too loud in the first place. Sasha in _that_ outfit and Jerry's thinking about _coffee_? Hell, even _Amy_ who is, as far as she knows, reasonably straight, is having a hard time not ogling her. Jerry's her boyfriend….he should be practically humping her leg by now.

Sasha shifts her hips a few times, making her skirt swish. She looks at Jerry. Her face falls visibly, shoulders hunching in, and she pulls out a chair, dropping into it. "Jerry?" she asks with clear concern. "Are you okay?" She looks sidelong at Amy. "Did anything happen to him? He's like…" her voice drops, whispering, sort of, "like a pod person."

Jerry's eyebrow does go up at Sasha's expression. "Hey, Sasha, what's wrong?" he says, putting a hand on her shoulder. "Yeah, I'm fine but you look kinda down? I mean, we can stay here if you don't wanna go out for coffee…" he says, apparently missing the point.

"You got me, Sasha." Amy replies, shrugging dramatically. "Something's off, that's for sure." she adds. "It's like somebody unplugged his libido or something." she smirks, moving to dump her trash and stack her tray before coming to where the two are standing. "Nice outfit, by the way." she adds, nodding approvingly. "Jerry?" she calls, pitching her voice a few decibels above normal conversation volume. "How many fingers am I holding up?" she asks, waving three fingers before the boy's face.

Missing it? Sasha doubts it even showed up on radar. She turns and looks with confusion at the hand on her shoulder. "I…you're not….right…." she says. Jerry *should* be sweeping her off her feet, plotting the fastest escape route to somebody's dorm room. Instead she's….talking about coffee? Sasha nods slightly, looking at Amy. "Unpl….wha? How? Like a super villain?" she asks. Sasha's eyes go widen. She pushes back and stands from her chair. "Jerry, did anybody attack you? Run into you? Do you have enemies or…." she sputters, flailing for other thoughts. Her frustration's obvious, at least to Amy. Jerry might not get it.

Jerry just looks confused now, and sips the remainder of his juice. "Three, Amy," he says, looking at her and then Sasha. He steps back when she stands up so quickly, and that gets his attention. "Huh, what? No! We haven't had a super villain attack in the school, no.." he says, and shakes his head as she goes on. "No, no, and, um, well, yeah… I guess. I have some people that don't like me, I guess.." he says, looking concerned. "I mean, what's all this about?"

"Jerry…Have you really _looked_ at Sasha?" Amy replies, quirking up an eyebrow, trying and failing to keep her mouth set in a concerned line and give away the fact that she obviously has. "I mean, really _looked_, looked?" she asks, sighing in a 'God, I'm never getting out of the School Psychologist's office now' kind of way.

"He saw your fingers," Sasha says, "He's not blind. I…." she looks intensely at Jerry. Okay, there's only one thing to do. Sasha reaches out and takes Jerry by the collar, hauling him from his chair and standing him up, only to wrap him in a tight embrace and liplock. It's enough to get attention from other students, and an 'oooooooooh' ripples around the cafeteria. If a teacher's around, Sasha's like in deep trouble on the PDA rules front.

"Yeah, I have; I already said I noticed the new skirt. I mean, I know guys get in trouble for not MMPH!" Jerry yips as he's suddenly kissed, and THAT should clue them in that something is kinda wrong. He doesn't return the kiss with the passion he normally would, and the tight embrace can tell Sasha that nothing else is 'up', which is a big honking day-glo sign that Something Is Up. Once the kiss ends, he whews and wipes his mouth. "Wow, Sasha, maybe you don't need any coffee.." he says. "What was that for?"

"Okay…he's tweaked." Amy sighs, watching the lack of response on Jerry's side and sighing, shaking her head slowly. "Okay, Jerry, I'm gonna ask you a question, and I want a straight answer, okay? It's nothin' personal, and I don't care one way or the other." she explains. "Have you been, you know…taking anything?" she asks, quirking up an eyebrow to indicate what 'anything' really means. "Shared a drink with anybody? Smoked a cigarette didn't taste right?"

Sasha lets Jerry go pretty quickly. Wrong. All wrong. Wrong deep down. He's not just overdoing the 'good boyfriend' bit out of some sudden obligation. It's…she's not….Sasha growls in frustration. "Is the nurse around this late?" she asks Amy. Amy might know. she doesn't. "Or the counsellor? Or do I need to…." she looks around the crowded dining call. The scene she could cause…but clearly somebody's done *something* to Jerry. Sasha puts a foot on the chair, boosts herself up and is, a moment later, standing atop the table. "Hey!" she shouts at the top of her lungs. "Anybody see something happen to Jerry!?"

Jerry folds his arms and glares at Amy. "I don't do drugs. And I don't smoke. I've had some tandoori chicken, some pineapple juice and Cordy's experimental whatever she called, study aid. Didn't do anything to me I can see," he says. "I don't suddenly comprehend calculus or anything."

A couple of calls from the peanut gallery confirm this when Sasha asks her question. "I don't see what the fuss is about?" Jerry says, looking up at Sasha. And not looking up her skirt, either.

"Wait a second…" Amy says, eyes narrowing at that last bit. "What exactly did whoever this Cordy dude give you?" she asks, eyebrow still perched around her hairline ala' Mr. Spock. She's trying not to look up Sasha's skirt her own self! "Study aid, my ass…" she grumbles. "Probably something he boosted from his parents' medicine cabinet."

Sasha's just doing her Dead Poet's Society when Jerry lets slip that important detail. "Cordy? You mean Cordelia?" Sasha takes a bit step and drops off the table. "What did she give you?" she asks. "Are you on anything else?" she asks Jerry in a rush. "It could be done of those drug….interaction things."

"Not a guy.. yeah, Cordelia, the scientist in Taylor," Jerry says. "But it didn't do anything. No, nothing at all, not even aspirin. Um, what's it /suppossed/ to have done? I don't feel different."

"Heh, twenty bucks says it's what Cordelia gave you's the reason John Thomas is being so shy about now." Amy snerks. "So what was it?" she asks. "A pill? A liquid? Something you snorted? Some kinda funky-ass comic book laser zappy thing?"

Sasha pushes her hands back through her hair. She swallows hard and chokes down…something. Not a good thing. "God…" she says, her voice shaky. "This is…this is *so* not what I was planning tonight," she says. "I'm gonna kill her!"

Jerry shakes his head. "Just a breath spray-like-thing," he says. "What in the world are you two getting so upset about? Nothing has changed!" the boy says, patting his chest, arms, head. "I don't have horns or anything, or.. or fur or something. Wow. What is the matter?" He's upset they're upset, apparently.

"Okay, okay…it's cool, Sasha." she says, moving to wrap a consoling arm around the girl's shoulders. She does not, repeat _not_ look down her blouse, either, so no comments from the peanut gallery! "We know what the problem is, now we gotta find out if the nurse can do something about it." she says. "Hang tight, I gotta get my IPod." she says, moving to retrieve the thing and stuffing it into one of the cargo pockets of her fatigues. "Jerry, it's okay…Somebody's played a really mean, and actually, kind of funny, prank on you. We'll get you to the nurse and see if she can't square you away."

"Yeah," Sasha agrees. "A trick. Maybe the nurse can fix it," she says. She takes Jerry by the wrist and just about forcibly pulls Jerry along with her. "You coming, Amy?"

Jerry just follows, uncertain just WHAT is supposed to be wrong with him. Maybe the nurse will have some decent coffee…

"Heh, yeah, sure, why not?" Amy replies with a throaty chuckle. "Explaining this one away's not something I think you could probably do on your own anyway and come away looking semi-respectable."

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