Mr. Larkin Murphey
History Teacher
Full Name: Mr. Larkin Murphey
Age: Unknown, "Ageless"
Owner: Rioghan
Public Character: No
Current Status: Steranko Faculty


Mr. Murphey arrived at the Steranko Campus around the same time as student Rioghan Mac Cionaoith, also hailing from Ireland. He took up a position in the History Department and is very interested in his students educations. He can often be seen around campus wearing a three-piece suit. Exactly what his powers might be are unknown to most on the Steranko Campus, but Mr. Murphey has something of an ageless look to him. At first glance he appears to be rather young and in his twenties, but something about his eyes makes him seem considerably older than that, and further examination lends him an almost "ageless" quality. He has a peculiar sense of humor, is always willing to stop with a student and tell some historical (or fictional) story to prove some obscure point, and knows his way around a variety of different melee techniques. Any who have ever ventured into the man's office to deliver a paper or have a talk with him would note the array of antique weaponry that he has on display.


Mr. Murphey's public background consists of him having been educated in Dublin where he got a degree in History. Mr. Murphey was childhoood friends with the wife of Conrí Mac Cionaoith, Aislin. Mr. Murphey was visiting the Mac Cionaoith farm three years ago when all hell broke loose there, and made a vow to his friends that he would watch over their son. When Rioghan was offered a scholarship to the Steranko Institute, Mr. Murphey sought a teaching position there. Luckily one had just opened up, coincidentally, in the History department.


Ability Scores

Strength 10 (+0), Dexterity 10 (+0), Constitution 10 (+0), Intelligence 10 (+0), Wisdom 10 (+0), Charisma 10 (+0)


Attack +0, Defense +0, Grapple +0, Init +0


Toughness +0, Fortitude +0, Reflex +0, Will +0


Skill 0 (+0)




Super Senses 2 (Alien/Mystical; Acute Mystical Awareness — Mental; Cost: 1PP/Rank; Total: 2PP)


Vulnerable (Iron Based Weapons, Common, Major, x2 DC) [-4]


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