Real Name: Miranda Weisse
Age: 16
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Baltimore, MD
Date of Birth: September 28th, 1994
Known Relatives: Cynthia Weisse aka Heartbreaker (Mother, Deceased) Robert Weisse aka Drivetrain (Father, Deceased)
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 130
Eyes: Grey
Hair: Blonde
Grade: Junior
Dorm: Baldwin


My first memory is of floating; filled with love and contentment. Sounds came and went, devoid of meaning or awareness of time, but one sound was always there. Then movement, pressure, pain… glaring brightness which taught me I had been in darkness. Coldness, which taught me I had been warm. And worst of all, a horrid sense of separation, the lost of that always-there sound.

The cry of a new born is pure instinct. There is no other possible reaction to such an outrage.

Things were done to me that I didn't understand, then I was bundled up, and placed next to something warm. I could hear that best-beloved sound, more distant now, and love flooded over me again. Some say that children don't learn the difference between self and other until age two. I learned it then.

To relate the full story of my life would take as long as it took to live it. I remember it all. So forgive me if I summarize.

My mother was a housewife, my father an Engineering professor at the local college. I was diagnosed at age two as autistic, but my mother insisted the diagnosis was wrong. She could sense my distress, being an empath. When I talked about my earliest memories being surrounded by love, I wasn't being poetic. After a number of visits to various doctors she had confirmation that my senses were many times sharper than a normal human. It was the sensory overload that was causing me to withdraw into my own head.

My parents made the needed adjustments to my home life. My bedroom was soundproofed, the lights on a dimmer switch. Perfumes were banished from the house. Home schooling was established. I was an extremely intelligent child, and my parents never talked down to me. My father was a brilliant engineer, and encouraged me. My mother loved being a housewife and homeschooling me. I had a very happy childhood, as normal as they could manage.

It came to a crashing end shortly after my 15th birthday. I had been at the local library, and pulling my bike up to the house I could see the front door was broken in. I could smell blood and death inside. I went in anyway.

Inside were my parents, brutally murdered, along with seven dead costumed thugs that they had taken with them. I wish I could say it was all a blur, but I remember it all with horrific clarity. The police questioning, the social workers, the press having a field day, wondering why a professor at a small college held so many patents and was murdered by agents of VENOM.

Eventually it came out that my father had been the villain known as Driveshaft, and my mother the villainess known as Heartbreaker, members of the mysterious organization The Hand of Fate, along with such other villains as Mordred, Professor Six, and Miss Mist. The only one I ever met was Mordred, who was my godfather. And I haven't seen him since I was eight.

My parents lawyers were able to keep the Feds from confiscating my parents fortune, but it is locked up in a trust fund until I turn 21. Until then I get a small allowance, which greatly increases when I hit 18 or graduate from high school. And since attempts to find my godfather to get him to take custody failed, I ended up in foster care and having to go to public school.

I'm not sure which was the bigger disaster. Though let me say it was a wireless taser I used against those bullies, not a lightning gun. That got me kicked out of the third foster home. I built the lightning gun a month later, but didn't use it until some thug tried to grab me off the street. That got me kicked out of the fifth foster home.

Now I'm a student at Steranko Institute and wondering how long I'll last here. But I need to learn how to defend myself, because I'm really not sure which scares me more. That my parents' enemies will catch up with me…

Or that their friends will.


Most people see Miranda as quiet and withdrawn. They are partially right, as Miranda tries to withdraw from reality to avoid her senses from overwhelming her. However, there is a fierce and focused side to her that those who get close to her respect.


Infirmary Bound: 4/29/10-Jack Bowen (Jackhammer), Sullivan Prieto (Vesper) and Miranda Weisse (Whisper) visit Stephanie & Steven Moore (Chimera) in the infirmary.

Secret Spots, Bloody Ears, & Mick Jagger: 5/1/10 - Sunday and Ian stumble upon each other, and the conversation turns to music and the secret spots to play it. Things soon get serious when they discover a bloodied Miranda.

Bada-Boom: 5/7/10 - Kids play pool, until the convo goes south.

Sounds Like Teen Spirit...or something...: 5/16/2010 - Ian, Miranda and Timothy Grayson tangle with some school bullies in the Student Center.

A Girls' Day Out: 7/25/10 - Miranda, Summer, Jonathan and Stephanie all go out shopping. Much time is spent shopping for bras for Jonathan so no-one needs to wince anymore.


Attr: Str 10 (+0), Dex 12 (+1), Con 14 (+2), Int 30 (+10), Wis 20 (+5), Cha 10 (+0)

Saves: Toughness +8 (CON, +6 Force Field), Fortitude +5 (CON, +3), Reflex +5 (DEX, +4), Will +8 (WIS, +3)

Combat: Attack +2 (+6 ranged), Defense +6 (4 dodge focus), Grapple +2, Init +10 (INT)

Computers 10/+20 (22), Craft: Chemical 2/+12, Craft: Electronic 5/+15, Craft: Mechanical 2/+12, Disable Device 5/+15, Drive 1/+2, Investigate 1/+11, Knowledge: Life Sciences 2/+12, Knowledge: Physical Sciences 8/+18, Knowledge: Technology 5/+15, Language 6, Medicine 1/+6, Notice 5/+10, Search 1/+11

Alternate Initiative (INT), Attack Focus (Ranged) 4, Beginner's Luck, Dodge Focus 4, Eidetic Memory, Equipment 2, Improvised Tools, Inventor, Luck, Skill Mastery (Computers, Craft: Electronic, Craft: Mechanical, Disable Device)

Device 5 "Lightning Gun" (Electricity, Easy to Take Away; Restricted: Miranda; Device Cost: 3/Rank+2, Total: 17PP)

  • Blast 8 (Electricity; Power Feats: Alternate Power 3)
  • AP - Blast 8 (Electricity; Extra: Area - Line, Flaw: Range - Touch)
  • AP - Nullify 8 (EMP, Electronics; Extra: Area - Burst; Flaw: Range - Touch)
  • AP - Stun 8 (Extras: Area-Line; Flaws: Slow)
  • Force Field 6

Speed 10 (Flaw: Mental Only; Cost: 1/2 ranks, Total: 5PP)
Super Senses 14 (Acute Blindsight 5 (Sonar), Extended Senses 4 (Auditory, Olfactory & Visual; x10), Low-Light Vision, Microscopic Vision (Dust), Scent, Tracking (Olfactory), Ultra-Hearing; Cost: 1/Rank, Total: 14PP)

Vulnerable (Dazzle; Uncommon, Moderate x1.5; -2PP)

Masterwork Laptop (Grants +2 to Computers checks; 2 Equipment Points)
Masterwork Lock Picks (Grants +2 to open mechanical locks; 1 Equipment Point)
Masterwork Smartphone (Camera, PDA, Phone; 4 Equipment Points)
Multitool (1 Equipment Point)
Sound Cancelling Earplugs (+2 to saves vs auditory dazzle attacks, reduces noise, subtle; 2 EP)

ASL, Chinese, English, German, Japanese, Latin & Spanish

Attributes 36 + Combat 8 + Saves 10 + Feats 17 + Skills 15 + Powers 36 + Drawbacks -2 = 120PP


Child of Villains - Though they retired to marry and raise a family, Drivetrain and Heartbreaker were villains. Members of the Hand of Fate, their occasional 'good' act of helping stop a dimensional breech or alien invasion were far overshadowed by their 'evil' acts of toppling third world governments, blackmailing senators, and stealing historical artifacts. The only group that hated the Hand of Fate worse than the heroes of the era were other villains.

Mordred as Godfather - Mordred, son of Morgan LaFey acted as Miranda's godfather. Her parents' wills also named him as her guardian if they should both be killed. While he has not stepped forward to claim the position, it is still looming over her head. And individuals with a tie to the Arthurian Mythos will likely not look kindly on her.

Austistic - Miranda has been diagnosed as a high-functioning autist. This may not be an accurate diagnosis, but she fits many of the traits. She spends a lot of time in her own thoughts, has trouble with interpersonal interaction, hates loud noises, and avoids eye contact. True or not, the label haunts her, preventing her from applying for emancipated minor status, getting her shunted to foster families for special needs kids, removing her for consideration for most adoptive parents, and in other ways.

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