Maggie Kirkaldy
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Real Name: Maggie Kirkaldy
Age: 17
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Atlanta, Georgia
Date of Birth: March 21, 1993
Known Relatives: Keith Kirkaldy (Father), Jane Kirkaldy (Mother - Deceased), Malcolm Kirkaldy (Older brother), Jenna Raymond (Older sister).
Height: 5'6"
Weight: Thin
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Grade: Incoming Senior
Dorm: Chord


Maggie Kirkaldy was never particularly special, and that fact has defined the vast majority of her life.




Attr: (16PP)
Str 10 (+0), Dex 14 (+2), Con 12 (+1), Int 14 (+2), Wis 14 (+2), Cha 12 (+1)

Saves: (15 PP)
Toughness +6, Fortitude +4, Reflex +8, Will +8

Combat: (8PP)
Attack +0/+8, Defense +10 (+2 Flat-Footed), Grapple +8, Init +2

Skills: (12 PP)
Bluff 8 (+9), Computers 1 (+3), Concentration 7 (+11), Diplomacy 2 (+3), Gather Info 4 (+5), Knowledge: Arcane Lore 8 (+10), Knowledge: Popular Culture 2 (+4), Knowledge: Streetwise 5 (+7), Medicine 1 (+3), Notice 5 (+7), Sense Motive 5 (+7).

Powers: (56 PP)

  • Create Object 8 (Mystical/Mutation; Power Feats: Alternate Power x3, Precise; Extras: Continuous, Movable; Cost: 4PP/Rank+4; Total: 36PP)
      • AP: Blast 8 (Fire; Extras: Penetrating, Range — Perception)
      • AP: Blast 8 (Kinetic/Bites; Demon Insect Swarm; Extras: Area — Burst, Selective Attack)
      • AP: Strike 8 (Slashing/Claws; Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial x2, Knockback x2, Incurable, Split Attack; Extras: Autofire x1, Penetrating)
  • Flight 3 (50mph, Wings; Power Feats: Alternate Power x1; Cost: 2PP/Rank+1; Total: 7PP)
      • Super Movement 2 (Mystical Dimensions; Extras: Portal; Flaws: Action - Standard)
  • Shield 6 (Mystical/Mutation; Cost: 1PP/Rank; Total: 6PP)
  • Protection 5 (Mystical/Mutation; Cost: 1PP/Rank; Total: 5PP)
  • Super Sense 2 (Magical Awareness, Acute)

Feats: (13 PP)

  • Luck (x2)
  • Attack Focus (Melee) (x8)
  • Diehard (1)
  • Power Attack (1)
  • Ritualist (1)


  • Spirit of the Babelfish
    • Comprehend 4 (Languages x3 - Understand all, Speak one, Read any; Animals x1 - Comprehend; Cost: 2pp/Rank; Total: 8PP)
  • Glamour
    • Morph 4 (Humanoid forms; Cost: 2pp/Rank; Total: 8PP)
  • Shadow Move
    • Teleport 4 (Extras: Portal; Flaws: Long Range, Medium (Shadow); Cost: 2pp/Rank-2+2; Total: 8PP)
  • Summon Indrik (Maggie summons a little impy dude who attached himself to her on a visit to the alt dimension she frequents)
    • Summon 4 (Indrik, Minion; Cost: 2pp/Rank; Total: 8PP)

Drawbacks (0)

Attributes (16) + Combat (8) + Saves (15) + Feats (13) + Skills (12) + Powers (56) - Drawbacks (0) = 120PP


Il Animus Nero: The talisman, or seal, or whatever you want to call the stony object lodged in Maggie's back, has gone by many names through the centuries. "Il Animus Nero," or The Black Soul, is simply the girls favorite and the one she sticks with. It is the source of all her powers save the rituals she has been working for years, and is not in any way easily separable from her. It is born of things not from this plane of existence, and links Maggie inexorably to a darker, mystical dimension she finds herself regularly drawn to. The simple fact that she wields the Animus is enough to give her a little bit of clout amongst the denizens of this dimension, though all that has ever come of it is they don't tend to bother her when she visits, and this one strange little creature with delusions of grandeur has developed enough fondness for her to allow her to call on him. While the Animus comes along with several complications that warrant their own entries, one particular note should be made here that it is not entirely impossible for someone to remove and then use the Animus themselves. It can be taken out of her and used - much in the same way her heart can be taken out of her, and used by someone else. It is only slightly less doubtful that Maggie would survive the process.

Enemies: Maggie has made a number of enemies in her short life, though most of them are just pissed off highschoolers. Still, two in particular are worth noting. First, there was an old woman - a witch - who Maggie crossed in order to obtain power for Ian Stoker. As much as the woman may pity Ian his fate, she could be equally angry at Maggie for her recklessness. Second, there is the boy she threw into an open dimensional portal for parts unknown. Though Maggie presumes he is dead, the fate of Raphael remain uncertain. If he is out there somewhere, it's somewhat doubtful he's spent his time contemplating his own role in his exile.

The Taint: The Animus within Maggie is a powerful, ancient object, and not entirely understood by even the most learned of Arcane scholars. Certainly not in that "most learned" category, Maggie is as of yet unaware of a certain draw-back of her abilities - the more in-tuned she becomes with them, the more she learns to use the power given to her, the higher the chance it will taint her in ways she cannot undo. There is a very real possibility that someday those aspects of the demon that she manifests temporarily will become permanent changes to her person.

Guilt: Ian Stoker is a Werewolf. Moreover, he is possessed of a beast that wants nothing more than to twist and corrupt him into a savage monster. It's something he has to struggle with every day, until he is either dead or the Beast wins. And it's all Maggie's fault. She lives with a lot of guilt over what she did to Ian, and whether they are a couple or not, whether they are even friends or not, if Maggie ever found some hint of some way to undo this particular sin of her past she would be willing to put a LOT on the line to see it through.


Attr (4) + Saves (6) + Combat (4) + Skills (14) + Feats (7) + Powers (25) - Drawbacks (0) = 60

Attr: (4PP)
Str: 14 (+2), Dex: 14 (+2), Con: 10 (+0), Int: 6 (-2), Wis: 12 (+1), Cha: 8 (-1)

Saves: (6PP)
Toughness +4 (+0 flat-footed), Fortitude +2, Reflex +4, Will +3

Combat: (4PP)
Attack +2, Defense +2 (+0 flat-footed), Init +2

Skills: (14PP)
Acrobatics 3 (+5), Athletics 3 (+5), Bluff 8 (+7), Escape Artist 6 (+8), Gather Info 6 (+5), Notice 9 (+10), Search 9 (+7), Sense Motive 3 (+4), Stealth 9 (+11)

Feats: (7PP)
Taunt, Defensive Roll x2, Sneak Attack x1, Hide in Plain Sight, Dodge Focus x2

Powers: (25PP)

  • Gobling Tongue (Snare) 4 (Extras: Constricting; Feats: AP x1, Tether, Reversible; Cost: 3pp/rank+3; Total: 15 PP)
    • AP: Trip 4 (Tongue; Extras: Area: Cone, Selective Atack)
  • Bad Breath Blast 3 (Nauseate) (Extras: Area: Cloud; Flaws: Sense-Dependent(Smell); Cost: 2pp/Rank; Total: 6 PP)
  • Quickness 2 (Cost: 1pp/Rank; Total: 2PP)
  • Protection 2 (Cost: 1pp/Rank; Total: 2PP)
1. The number before the slash (/) represents Sunday's stats when she is flat-footed.
2. Sunday gains a +4 bonus on Bluff and Diplomacy checks to deceive, seduce, or change the attitude of anyone who might find her appealing.
3. Sunday has a +4 dodge bonus to defense whenever she is not denied her dodge bonus.
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