Poison In the Air: 4/14/10-Sandra, Reg and Liv meet up and converse.
Neutral Grounds: 4/6/10-Sasha and Jerry talk off-campus.
Two Girls and A Bookstore: 4/21/2010 - Sandra and Liv visit a bookstore … FOR FUN!
Scientific Contributions: 4/21/10-Cordelia falls prey to the Haunted Room Prank and discovers that, no, sir, Miles is not a ghost. He subsequently volunteers (no really) for experiments designed to turn his invisibility off. (read: he's doomed)
Aftermath In The Student Center: 4/29/2010-Sandra, Reg, Liv, end up discussing recent robberies, beatings, and Freedom of Choice.
Infirmary Bound: 4/29/10-Jack Bowen (Jackhammer), Sullivan Prieto (Vesper) and Miranda Weisse (Whisper) visit Stephanie & Steven Moore (Chimera) in the infirmary.
Welcome to the New Normal: 4/23/10 - Ian meets some of his new classmates when Amber nearly tosses a boulder at his head, and Sunday and Nicholas come to check in.

Real World Experience

Points North: 4/18/10-American Girl Scout, Nicholas, and Miles face off against Onyx and Rhodonite as they attempt a smash-and-grab jewelry theft at the Northside Mall.
Juvies: 4/20/10-Sasha, American Girl Scout, Alia s'Harien,and Sullivan Prieto have a very strange encounter.
Sorciere Strikes: 4/22/2010-Sandra, Miles and Nicholas are in the wrong place at the right time to stop the French Sorciere who wants something that has already been sold.
Points East: 4/28/2010 - Current and Valiant tangle with Nephrite and cohorts in another attempted jewelry theft.


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