Like Fire and Water

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Title: Like Fire and Water
Emitter: None
Characters: Jerry, Rioghan, Sandra, Amy, Alia
NPCs: Brighid
Place: Chord Hall and the Student Center
Time: December 16, 2010
Summary: Jerry and Rioghan's 'guy time' is interrupted in a big way by some female relationship drama… be careful what you wish for!

Rioghan's room is rather basic and utilitarian. It's the standard 12' by 12' dorm room that every other Steranko student has. The bed is neatly made with white sheets and pillow cases and a green comforter. The dresser top is empty, the dresser itself filled with the young man's clothing. His closet also contains clothing and tucked in the closet is a lone accoustic guitar. On his desk are school books and a few pieces of parchment, as well as what looks like a map with drawings and notations on it in an elegantly scripted foreign language.

At the foot of Rioghan's bed is a rack of weapons. Swords, a quarterstaff, and a spot for the young man's bow and quiver when the weapon is not in use. There is also a place for Rioghan's chainmail and armor when he isn't wearing it. All in all, it is a very basic room when one doesn't take the archaic weaponry into account.

Rioghan leads the way into his room, leaving the door open and motioning Jerry inside. He pauses just in the doorway for a moment to look around, notes that his bride-to-be is not here and then enters. The elven prince steps over to his desk, moving aside some of the papers that are there, and setting his school books on his bed so that there's a nice smooth surface. He spreads the weathered-looking piece of paper out, putting weights on the four corners of it to keep it flattened. It's a beautiful piece of cartography. "Chiarrai," Rioghan says with a smile over his shoulder for Jerry.

"No, it doesn't look cheery, it looks downright spartan. You know you get to have, like, Stuff in your place, right?" Jerry says as he unshoulders his backpack with books in it, and lays it carefully next to the weapons rack, then he turns to look over at the map. He takes a spot next to Rioghan's shoulder and leans carefully over the map, making sure he's not going to mess it up. "Wow. So, this is.. I don't recognize anything. Does the other realm have any landmass the same as ours?"

Rioghan chuckles, shaking his head. "No, Chiarrai, not cheery," he says. Though he does seem to recognize that Jerry was trying to joke with him. The Prince shakes his head. "I don't have a lot of belongings," his shoulders lift, "Most of what I owned was left behind and now I have little need for material things." The words on the map are also in Gaelic, so that probably doesn't help with the recognition much either. "I do not think there is really much in the way of the same landmass that you have here. But we have mountains and lakes and rivers. Oceans and desserts." As he says this he gestures to areas on the map.

Jerry licks his lips as he contemplates the map. "Interesting. You'd kinda think they'd have the same landmass.." he says thoughtfully, bending to look at a couple of features more closely. "Wish I spoke the language, now. Three years of Spanish is just not helping, here."

"I can translate for you," Rioghan says, "And explain. You see, Chiarrai is the name of our world, but it is also the name of the capital of the kingdom, where the High King or High Queen reside." The young man places his index finger where Chiarrai is written. "It's some of the greenest land, nestled at the base of the mountains. The castle itself is located here, between these two rivers… my people, our magic comes from the elements. Fire, earth, air, water… each of us have a…" He furrows his brow, attempting to think of the right word, "greater capability with one over the others. And which element we have a greater aptitude, yes, aptitude, there's the word, depends largely on which of the four nations we are from."

"Chiarrai. I'm of the royal line, a descendant of Danu herself. I'm of all nations and none," Rioghan says, "Though, I've little in the means of elemental control, myself. My mother's magic might run in my veins, but, well… the best I can do is occassionally control the Air. She was strongest with Air, but formidable with all."

Rioghan gestures to the northern area of the map, "Falias is the nation of Earth, Findias the nation of Air, Murias the nation of Water… and Gorias, where Brighid is from, the nation of Fire. And Chiarrai is the center, the balance of them. Or it was, before the shadow claimed our world."

Jerry frowns. "And the people trying to kill you work for that Shadow, right?" He rubs some slight stubble on his chin. "So your people have power over all the elements, then, because you're from the balance point?"

"Aye," Rioghan says, "Here." Rioghan points to the top of the map. "That is where it started. An Duchan, the Blight… the darkness started there. The creatuir scath, the shadow creatures, they entered our world somewhere to the north and spread like a blanket of darkness. They squeezed our people, herded them, forced them from their homes slowly, growing in number, and then struck with vengeance. Those trying to kill me, they are aligned with the shadow. Carde de Scath, we call them, 'friends of the darkness'."

He nods to Jerry's second question. "There's less variation in the strength of the elements for us, aye. Most can wield all of the four equally, or close to it."

Jerry absently pats Rioghans's back and stands, eyes on the map. "So what's in it for them, again? I mean, why do they need you out of the way?" he hmms.

Rioghan nods his head to the pat on the back and leans against his desk, palms on either side of the map. "Danu's blood," Rioghan says, "I'm the last of the line."

The two boys are in Rioghan's room in Chord Hall, looking over a rather intricate piece of cartography spread out on the desk. The door to the spartanly decorated room — and by spartan, I mean just bed, desk, a rack of weapons, and a dresser with no ornamentation to be found — is open.

Outside Chord Hall, however, there is a rather tall, dark-haired young woman stalking in that direction. She has Rioghan's bow and quiver of arrows over one shoulder and a far more serene look than she'd had just a short time ago in the Student Center. But in some cases, a serene look can be a lot more dangerous than open annoyance. A few of the younger students peer curiously after her as she stalks across the lawn and flings open the door into Chord Common. "An bhfuil tu ag glanadh suas go foill, Rioghan MacCionaoith?"

Jerry gives Rioghan a nod, silent guy-language indeed, and then looks up as he hears the approach of the bride-to-be. "Speaking of fiery," he says. "I think it's headed this way.."

Amy just happens to be heading back to her own hall to play bass for a while when the dark-haired seventeen year old soda-soaker goes stalking by in the direction of Chord Hall. Sensing potential trouble, and the potential of great amusement in its wake, she veers from the path to Rider to follow her inside.

"…goddess help me," Rioghan mumbles under his breath. He moves away from the map, leaving it spread on his desk and turns towards the door to his room. He doesn't dignify the question directed at him with a response. He'd freshened up quickly just before leading Jerry to his room to puruse the maps, enough to get the sticky soda remnants out of his hair and off his face and to change his shirt.

Brighid sets Rioghan's bow on the couch and moves through the Common Area, ignoring the fact that someone has followed her in. The girl knows someone is behind her, but she's not concerned about it. Nope, she heads towards Rioghan's door and leans against the doorframe in a manner that borders on scandalous. Her hip jutting out, one arm resting on it, a flick of her head to make a wave of dark hair fall across one eye. "You apologize now," her words lilt out, the English a bit faltering, but successful all the same.

"Apologize?" Rioghan asks, blinking, "For what?"

Jerry folds his arms and just beams a smile, waiting to see what happens here. He glances at the hapless Prince, then to the tall beauty in the doorway.

Amy keeps her distance and likewise finds a perch from which to watch the chaos that's sure to unfold. Smiling? Only a lot.

The elven woman says something in rapid-fire Gaelic, the lilting language rolling much more smoothly off her tongue than the broken English. Rioghan replies back in equally rapid Gaelic. Whatever is said the woman shakes her head. Brighid then makes a point of blocking the doorway, arms folding across her chest. "No leave until apologies."

Rioghan purses his lips, gives Jerry a sidelong look and then shakes his head. He leaves the map spread on his desk and stalks towards the door. Rioghan's movements are swift and he grabs Brighid by her shoulders, pinning her arms to her sides and… picks her up from the floor, moving her to the side of the doorway before he moves towards the kitchen. "Fine. Then you can bloody well stay there and I will leave."

The doors leading into Chord Hall open, a tall blond backing into dorm. The woman holds a plate piled with cookies, sugar cookies by the looks of them. Smiling to herself, Sandra tries to balance the plate, as she tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, twirling around and ready to walk towards the hall and towards the rooms.

"Um, hi, bye," Jerry says to Brighid as he ducks past her, following Rioghan into the common area, not willing to remain trapped in the boy's room. He looks at Rio, then the woman he just moved.

"Okay, this is just getting funnier by the second." Amy smirks, shaking her head a little as Rioghan bodily moves the girl out of his way. "I can't _wait_ to see the honeymoon pictures." she chuckles throatily, making her way over to where the girl now stands. "Hi there." she grins, offering her hand. "I'm Amy. Nice to meet you."

"I'm not apologizing for anything. I didn't do anything wrong! She dumped soda on…" And Rioghan trails off when he spots Sandra crossing the common area into the dorms. With cookies. All the annoyance on the young prince's face melts away, replaced by a small smile. "…me. Sandra… hi…" There's a quick look behind him, past Jerry, towards Brighid and he spots Amy moving in. Maybe Amy will distract her long enough.

Brighid blinks, too stunned at having been moved to respond right away. The dark-haired elven woman balls up her fists and shouts something towards Rioghan and Jerry's retreating backs. It is then that she turns to acknowledge Amy. Her eyes look at the offered hand for a moment before she decides to give it a shake. "Brighid." Rioghan's fiery bride-to-be spots Sandra then, blue eyes narrowing and she says something in Gaelic to Amy that must translate to 'excuse me' before heading towards Sandra. There's a twisting hand gesture made from a distance and the artfully placed cookies on Sandra's plate quickly turn into blackened lumps, burnt to a crisp with a little waft of smoke trailing above them. She's rattling off in Gaelic too.

Jerry balls his fists up as he sees this, and rounds on Brighid. "Alright you Gaelic she-bitch, e-fucking-nough with it," he growls, purple energy flaring around him, pushing back a couple of chair as his forcefield nudges them. "You wanna be petty, then bring it," he says, giving that universal 'come get some' gesture to the mage-woman.

Sandra stops where she is, her smile utterly brightening upon spying Rioghan. "Hi, Rioghan. Liv helped me bake these… she says they are sugar cookies. Which means sugar on top of sugar, which is dipped in sugar," laughs the Atlantean princess. Though, alas, that smile does not stay upon her lips for long.

Suddenly the cookies are blackened lumps and Sandra is staring in horror at the hours of work ruined. Blue eyes then narrow and go cold. Without even looking up, Sandra drawls out slowly. "Why, hello, Brigid. It is ever so … nice … to see you," is said with more than a knife's sharpness to the underlaying tone. Sandra looks at the cookies, picking one up in her hand, before holding it out to Brigid. "I baked these as a gift for Rioghan, but … I would be HONORED," she offers with narrow eyes as she steps towards the woman, "If you would try one first, and tell me how they taste."

Oh dear…this is turning out to be a little bit more fun than Amy had anticipated. She hasn't the foggiest clue what Brighid just said to Sandra, but the wise bet is it's Irish for Stay away from my man or the next thing I charbroil will be your ovaries.' "Eh, Brighid, hon?" Amy asks, tongue slipping uneasily around the unfamiliar name. "Maybe you and me need to go and get some air." she suggests, reaching out to very, very gently take the other girl by the forearm. "C'mon, now, here we go….And….we're walkin'…" she smiles as she gently but firmly tries to urge the girl out of the dorm.

Rioghan was actually reaching for one of those cookies when they got charbroiled and his hand is quickly drawn back. He spins on his heel, eyes widening as things rather quickly explode. He mumbles under his breath in Gaelic that isn't meant to be heard by anyone else, bringing a hand up to pinch the bridge of his nose. "Jerry, Sandra… d—" he closes his eyes, not finishing the thought. He just shakes his head. Never mind.

Brighid doesn't understand exactly what Sandra is saying, but neither does she demand a translation this time. She can tell enough from the blonde woman's tone and she lifts her chin defiantly. Brighid's blue eyes turn to Jerry when he makes that gesture and goes purple-solar, however. This action amuses her more than anything else. She lifts a hand, a little spark of flame forming over the upraised palm that begins to grow into a larger fireball. Amy's words and hand on her arm see her closing her fist and extinguishing the flame with a little poof of smoke. The dark-haired woman says something else in her native tongue.

Rioghan goes from pinching his nose to rubbing his hand over his face. "It seemed like such a good idea at the time…"

"Politics," warns Sandra, though her tone for Rioghan is warm, before she looks back at Brigid. "But I DO insist she try one of my cookies. After all, if I am ever to make something for you, someone who knows what your tastes in sweets are … should try them first!" And the grin Sandra gives Brigid is one full of teeth - teeth that look dangerous and sharp in Jerry's purple glow. "Can I make her eat them, please?" she then asks sidelong to Rioghan, begging him. "Just one …" she starts, before pausing, "maybe two."

Jerry's forcefield flares, settles, and snugs up around him like faintly-glowing armor, a fantastically-elaborate sword emerging from one hand, like something you'd see in a Final Fantasy game. "Oh, no, you wanna throw around a little fire, let's bring it on," he growls, pointing the sword at her in a clear 'on guard' maneuver. "This looks more like something you'd be familiar with, am I right?" he says with a wolfish grin.

"Okay, okay, as much fun as this is, it's getting a little unfun now." Amy sighs, and even Brighid should recognize the disgust and frustration in her voice. "Brighid." she says, giving a slightly less gentle tug on the girl's forearm to get her attention. Then she points to herself, then back to Brighid, then towards the door in a clear 'We are going outside now' kind of way. "As much as I'd love to see the show." she smirks to Jerry. "I'm on a short enough leash as it is."

Rioghan shakes his head at Sandra, giving her a look that is very near pleading. She did ask and for that he's thankful. As much as some small part of Rioghan would like to see it, he can't let it happen. Nor can he just stand there when Jerry creates that sword. "Bri," Rioghan says sharply, and then he moves forward from where he'd been standing, putting himself between Jerry and Brighid. Not to mention Sandra and Brighid. He brings his hand up to curl around the amulet that he wears around his neck, then says in a quiet tone that borders on dangerous, "Jerry, I said before I don't want to fight you. I know she's bloody infuriating, but this is what she wants…" He gives Amy a thankful look, telling Brighid in Gaelic rather quickly what Amy wants, adding something else at the end that is a bit harsher.

Brighid's hands ball into fists and then, all at once she relaxes. Her face slips into a serene mask and she smiles, inclining her head to Amy. She doesn't pull her arm away, instead, she nods towards the door. Her chin is lifted slightly, her shoulders straightening and she begins heading towards the door. As if Amy where some sort of honor guard appointed to take her away from a distasteful situation.

Jerry frowns and lets his shield and sword dissolve back into ambient energy. "Alright, but.." he breathes, rolling his shoulders. "Sorry. But now you've got me curious; we so need to do a thunderdome session," he says tothe Senior boy.

Sandra exhales slowly, and puffs at a strand of blond hair, causing it to bounce upwards as Brighid walks past. Considering a moment, there is a faint flick of her fingers, before she smiles to Amy and nods. "It's cold outside. Do watch your step," she suggests, and turns to Rioghan.

Immediately the woman crosses to him, very much intent on him NOT translating her warning to Amy to Brighid. "You really shouldn't give into her like that. Let us fight it out one day," notes Sandra, wrinkling her nose at the plate. "She is the only one who looks foolish, destroying her honor left and right like she is. How petty," she offers with a wave of her hand to the cookies before looking at Jerry. "Not just the two of you, please. You have no idea how infurating Brighid has been towards me. Why … I drew a bath last night, and came back to have my room nothing buy steam!"

Amy doesn't bother replying, just gives a long sigh and starts to head out of the door, practically dragging Brighid behind her if the girl doesn't pick up the pace. "I thought I fuckin' hated school before I turned all 'X-Men'." she grumbles. "You know, Brighid, I think I almost envy you, if I didn't understand what the hell everyone was saying…it would be so much less annoying." she adds as she makes her way towards what she doesn't realize is an icy trap. There's a yelp, a crash, and a string of curses virulent enough to peel paint. "Somebody's going to die… somebody is going to fucking DIE!"

Jerry is still a little put out at himself for falling for Brighid's baiting like that and it shows; he has that antsy need-to-break-something look others might know. He's still listening, though, and when Amy then heads out the door he snaps out a hand as she begins the slip — and she stops in mid air, slowly completing the slip for a second… and he guides her back to her feet. The effect is somewhat weird, the feeling somewhat weird as well. "Whew. That could have been nasty, Amy.." he says.

"That sort of behavior belongs in the Thunderdome," Rioghan says quietly, watching Brighid go. He doesn't translate the warning, reaching a hand out to tuck a strand of Sandra's hair behind her ear. "I only did it to keep the peace. You two need to figure out how to get along." He takes a step back from Sandra and picks up one of the charred cookies on the plate. Rioghan taps it against the kitchen counter with a sigh. He tosses it back onto the pile. "Without killing either each other or me in the process. And if we're to cross swords, Jerry, that's where we'll—" Then there's the yelp…

Followed by a second yelp and an angry stream of curses in Gaelic as Brighid begins to slip as well. The ice is quickly melted and the dark-haired young woman is barely manages to retain her feet, shouting angrily from the doorway. "Ta tu rud eigin a dheanamh faoi sin bhean uisce! Ni bheidh me ag seasamh do e seo!"

Sandra turns and looks at the door, before nodding to Jerry. "Well, I DID warn them," she says in far too calm of a tone. Then she looks at the plate of cookies and moves to dump them into the garbage with a sigh. "It will be worked out … " she notes with a very pregnant pause, "likely when she learns what honor is. But I will … try to be the example of honor, Rioghan." Another pause. "For you."

Then Sandra bends down and grabs two of the cookies and pockets them. "In case we are in the Thunderdome together … one day. I really DO want her to eat them."

"Jerry!" Amy shouts testily. "Next time warn me first." she says, shuddering a little at the completely unexpected helping hand. "Damn….I feel like he just felt up my ass." she adds, wincing a little and shuddering again.

Jerry quirks a smile. "Well, technically, everyone in the room did, but.." He shrugs. "I didn't want you to break your neck, OK?" he says.

"Thosaigh tu e, a stor," Rioghan calls out. That… that was actually petty of him and he immediately looks abashed that he even said it. He rakes his hands through his hair. "Actually, she's trying to defend her honor. You were the one that spoke up at the council meeting… I would greatly appreciate it, Sandra, if you would try not to let her bait you. Because I have more important things to focus my time on than putting up with some rivalry between the two of you."

Brighid mutters something under her breath, flips her hair over her shoulder and looks at Amy. "Okay?" Assuming an affirmative, she quickly heads off away from Chord Hall, no longer waiting for her honor guard.

"And Sandra? If you must have it out with one another? At least do me the favor of doing so in the Thunderdome where there are some safety measures in place? She may be infuriating me with some of her customs, but I do care about her."

Blue eyes widen as Sandra looks at Rioghan, before her face becomes a neutral mask again. The plate is dropped, loudly on the counter as a hand goes up to something around her neck. Lips purse into a frown as Sandra's eyes dart over towards Jerry, before she looks back to Rioghan, her back stiffening. "If that is how you view it… why did you even agree?" she asks, her voice sounding hurt.

Sandra then spins on her heel, nodding to Jerry as she reaches for the plate, causing it to shatter in her hand. Hissing at herself, Sandra just shakes her hand at the white corel plate and stops towards the door.

Amy decides it would be the better part of valor to let Brighid go, given that there's no way the two of them can possibly talk without an interpreter. So, as the temperature dips, Amy shrugs herself more snugly into her jacket, heaves a sigh and heads for her room. "Jackasses….the lot of 'em." she mutters.

Pushing through the door outside, Sandra looks left then right, sliding easily over the ice in front of the door. "Amy, please… just a moment?" she calls out after the woman. Blue eyes dart after Brighid, and ice almost seems to surround Sandra, before the woman exhales in a frosted breath. "I …" she says, stepping up next to the other young woman. "The ice … it is my fault. I had only wanted to … well, it was childish of me. I beg your forgiveness."

"Hm?" Amy replies artlessly, turning as Sandra catches up. "Oh…that was you." she replies, quirking up an eyebrow. "Kind of figured something like that. Look, it's fine. Just don't make a habit of stuff like that." she cautions. "If Brighid had fallen and really hurt herself, imagine the shitstorm that could start."

Sandra purses her lips and harumphs. "She burned my cookies. I worked for hours on those," she offers with a sigh. "She is not the only one in this uncomfortable and unprecidented situation," notes Sandra with a frown. "Yet she sabotages every attempt I make at … well… " she offers with a shake of her head, before looking around. "Smoothie at the Student Center? My treat?”

Rioghan blinks as Sandra reacts the way she does to what he just said. The Irish youth opens his mouth, but the girl is already out the door after Amy. "…I didn't mean it like…" He puts his hands on the counter and bends his tall frame forward so that he can hit his head against it. "…Jerry, just kill me now and end my misery." Jerry, for his part just pats Rioghan on the back and takes his own exit, leaving the elven prince to figure out how to dig his foot out of his mouth.

“I know we have never been … hmmm… even close aquaintences. I am sorry you have gotten … embroiled in this and seen … some of the worst of it," notes Sandra as she walks to the snack bar and orders one of her favorite berry concoctions … with peanuts. Then she motions for Amy to order her fill. "Youthful imagination, I suppose, getting involved in politics. A BAD combination, I am beginning to see. If Father hears about how this is turning out … I will never be allowed to make my own decisions again."

Amy chuckles. "Heh, to be honest, I don't think we've ever been in the same place more than one or two times." Amy replies with a smirk as she orders herself a berry smoothie the same as Sandra, hold the peanuts. "But, no, I got myself embroiled in it earlier when I came in right after Brighid dunked Rio in soda." she chuckles. "I was strictly present for S.N.G's. Just didn't expect things to get so…heated, is all." she shrugs eloquently, looking around for a place for them to sit. "I am sorry about your cookies, they smelled pretty good."

Sandra rolls her shoulders. "I will make more, and this time make certain Brighid does not see them," she notes, wandering over to a place to sit once she has paid for the drinks. "Brighid is betrothed to Rioghan. Do you know Rioghan's situation at all? It has been a bit … quiet, since there have been threats on his life," she notes, sipping from her straw. "I … sort of … well… Rioghan and I grew very close before … uh … the October trip to Ireland… and I … well, I have inserted myself, in a political manner, into the middle of the mess. Brighid … is unhappy with me. But … I could make the claim on Rioghan first, perhaps. It is very … complicated."

“Eh, honestly, I don't think I completely understand any of this." Amy grunts, taking a seat with her usual lack of grace, collapsing into the chair like a thrown bean bag. "I get that Rio's a prince of some stripe, possibly from another world, he mentioned the Land of Nod or Tiranod or Tiragnog…..Egg nog….hot dog…it had a big 'og' in it, whatever it was." she continues, waving away the rest of it as an inconsequential detail. "I'm guessing that's where Brighid's from, so she's gotta be some kind of royalty or another." she adds. "Though, it is a little confusing how you factor into all this political stuff. I mean, pardon my saying, but you aren't royalty, are you?"

Sandra gives Amy a sheepish grin. "I am the daughter of Lucias Diaprepia, 35th of the line, Scion of Posiedon, Guardian of the Seas, King of Atlantis," she notes slowly, with the hint of a wince. "I … was not really supposed to disclose my identity … my father wanted me to learn to be human, to understand them, so I could be a better emmissary."

Sandra looks at her smoothie and sighs. Then she reaches up and pulls out a golden chain from which hangs a golden claddagh ring. "This … this is Rioghan's. He … he gave it to me. I … gave him a bracelet of mine, which has wards of protection on it. It was a gift from my mother, and this was his grandfather's," she notes softly, letting the chain drop.

“I … uh … begged and pleaded with my father, and then … well, I knew they were going to betrothe him to someone, so I … made them an offer on behalf of my father, of myself as a bride to cement a formal alliance." Blue eyes dart to Amy, and Sandra sighs. "And now he has both of us. It is a terrible mess."

"Wait….Atlantis? As in the Atlantis…..? The one that Plato wrote about?" Amy asks, sitting bolt upright in her seat, eyes going wide with shock. "Oh you gotta be kidding me." she almost splutters. "Seriously? The lost city of….Sunk in an earthquake…Disney made a really bad animated movie about it…." she mumbles confusedly. "Really? Huh…." she spends the next few moments in silent contemplation of her smoothie before speaking again. "Ah….so that's the deal." she says at length. "Now Rio's gotta make a choice as to what side he wants to insult and probably wind up fighting a war with. Okay…that gives teen angst a whole new twist." she smirks.

Sandra nods firmly. "Yes, minus the blue lights. We prefer green, really," she offers, smiling as she tries at some humor. "It really is a lovely city. My uncle Casius has been working with the Guardian League as Tidal for quite some time now. He even married a human woman," she notes before pausing with the hint of a frown.
"My Father and Uncle believe it is time for Atlantis to take it's place amoung the many nations of the world. And I have convinced both of them that Tir na nOg, where Rioghan is from, would be an ally that would understand our position. And because of my feelings towards Rioghan, I convinced my father that offering me as a bride would … well, sweeten the kettle, as you say."

Sandra shakes her head as she takes a sip. "Oh, no, I believe it is up to Brighid and I to find something that will work out. Sharing Time or the like. Something of Sisters and Wives was mentioned as having been done in the past. No … I am afraid that Rioghan must … deal with us. I would really like to have a go at her in the Thunderdome, though that isn't like to be the best course. It WOULD make me feel better though. I am confident enough I could make her eat those cookies."

Amy laughs softly. "Heh, it'd be a hell of a match, no doubt." Amy replies, nodding as she sips at her smoothie. "Hell, you never know. There was this girl when I was in the fifth grade, total pain in the ass, picked on me endlessly. One day, she starts pushing at me when we're trying to go downstairs for lunch. Made me feel like I was going to fall. So I kind of panicked and whirled around and backhanded her one. Got her good, too. The whole school stopped. Well, the next day, we got into a fight like you can't believe, I lost but I went down swinging." she grins wolfishly. "After that, me and her were totally cool. I'd earned her respect and she'd earned mine."

Blinking a few times, Sandra hmmms as she sips at her smoothie. "Can I still make her eat the cookies, though?" she asks, with a wicked grin. "Maybe that would work, though. I'll propose it to Mister Murphey. He'd know what would be best in this situation with Brighid. Knowing the culture better than I, obviously," she says with a grin.

There is a pause, then Sandra considers. "Amy, thank you. Um … what are you doing Saturday night? I was thinking of renting some movies and doing a 'Girls Mixer'. Liv, Alia, Maggie… would you join us? Besides… the more people between me and the electronics, the more likely they'll work!"

Amy nods, then grins again. "Of course, if it goes pear-shaped and it winds up starting World War Three, I will deny ever mentioning it." she winks. "I will then produce at least three independent witnesses to say I was at the Blue Moon most of today." she nods sagely. "Gotta cover your backside, ya know?" she giggles teasingly. "And, yeah, that sounds great. Mind if I bring a friend? That sounds like something Eshe'd really enjoy." she smiles, that certain, special smile that's reserved for only certain, very special people. "And, no promises on the electronics, every now and then I zap stuff. Big pain in the ass."

Silent. After all of the yelling and screaming, burning of cookies and drawing of swords… Chord Hall is eerily silent after the door closes behind Jerry. Rioghan doesn't move. He just remains where he is standing behind the counter of the kitchenette. It leaves his back to the door into the dormatory, his tall frame bent over, arms crossed on the countertop and his forehead resting on the cool surface. What a mess! "Bheal oscailte, cos isteach," he murmurs to himself.

From the hall comes a soft voice saying, "That sounds, rather painful." Alia is standing there, looking at Rioghan with a wry expression, before she finally says, "Considering your expression, I'm going to hazard a guess that this has something to do with your new bethrothed again that was a bit more awkward than soda in your hair?" She walks over, moving to lean against the counter, giving Rioghan a sympathetic look.

Rioghan doesn't straighten, but he does turn his head to the side to look at the source of the familiar voice. "I don't know how I'm supposed to do this," he says in a quiet tone, lowering his face back against his arms. It muffles his lilting voice a bit, but he can still be understood. "Weapons I understand. Battles I understand. Strategy and coordinating armies… but this?" He shakes his head and then finally lifts it fully to look up at Alia. His tall frame is still bent forward with arms on the countertop. "Kill me please and end my suffering. Jerry would not oblige me, but you could?"

Alia smiles slightly, "Why don't you talk about it, instead? Ritual suicide is a little out of style in most human cultures these days." She reaches out and places a hand on the young man's shoulder, "You've been thrust into a rather difficult position, that's for certain."

"You've no idea," Rioghan says with a labored sigh. He does push off the counter and straighten up. "Aye, I suppose talking will do. If this headache is some scheme by the Carde de Scath to destroy my resolve at leading the Tuatha against them to reclaim our home and protect this realm, then I can hardly allow it to break me." He reaches into one of the cabinets pulling out a couple of mugs. "Perhaps hot chocolate would be a better salve."

Alia nods, "I think that's an excellent start, Rioghan." She smiles, "And I suspect that it isn't any sort of wicked scheme, so much as… well, how about you tell me a little more about it over the cocoa, and I can tell you what I think after the fact?" She arches a brow, "There's milk here for the cocoa, yes?"

Rioghan leaves the mugs on the counter, moving to the refrigerator. The simple task of mixing up hot chocolate, such a very human thing, is enough to help him pull himself back together. Brighid. Sandra. He was fairly sure they were both angry with him now. A pint of milk is removed from the fridge and Rioghan nods towards the chairs. "I can at least serve someone around here," he says quietly, pouring the milk as he begins the conversation.

"You know that several of us went to Ireland during Samhain," he says, returning the milk and pulling out a brown bottle that contains chocolate syrup. "Well, there were several developments during the trip. Brighid and I…" He shakes his head, pouring a generous amount of chocolate into each mug, "Let me back up."

"You know my station among the Tuatha," he says, "We've spoken about it before. I was raised in our capital, of course, in Caslean Chiarrai. Court. Diplomacy. Politics. The beginnings of my weapons training… Brighid and I knew one another from back then. She was older than I, a princess of Gorias. I was… seven the last time I saw her. She was a scrawny, freckle-faced…" Rioghan shakes his head, stirring the chocolate in the cups with a spoon he pulls from a drawer and pops both mugs into the microwave. "…there was no attraction there. Friendship at best, and even that was questionable."

Alia nods, "I think I understand, it's a bit similar with the Houses of my world." She looks a touch irked at the mention of Ireland, but her expression smooths over rather quickly as she listens. She considers your words, then ahems, "Ah, I think I'm beginning to understand it now."

The microwave beeps and Rioghan pulls out the two steaming mugs of cocoa. He gives them both another stir with the spoon and carries them over to where Alia is sitting. "You do? I bloody well don't understand it myself," the young man says. "It's all so muddled and complicated." He sits down and blows on the steaming mug of cocoa, sighing. "Add to it that she and Sandra seem to be about as compatible as, well, fire and water."

Alia hmms, "Well, you say you weren't really expecting this… bethrothal. Do you expect Brighid was as surprised as you were?" She smiles a little, blowing on her mug before taking a sip, "I mean, you say you weren't really that close before this sudden engagement, and this is probably even more of a shock to her." She gestures, "At least you have dwelt here for a while… she hasn't even had that much of an adjustment."

Rioghan takes a sip of his cocoa, listening to his distant cousin with a tilt of his head. "…well, I… I suppose that she was." So, that is perhaps at least one answer. He shakes his head. "I hadn't even thought anything of her in ten years, Alia. And then I saw her again and she was so…" There's no mistaking the far-off look that appears in his eyes, but he quickly shakes himself out of it. "…and that just made things confusing, because, well, because I love Sandra. But there were these feelings for Brighid… and…"

"And I was fairly certain, when I saw her again in Caoimhin at the Samhain festival that there was no chance that I would be able to be with Brighid, since I'd just heard that the council was planning on finding me a bride. I was already resigned that I would not be able to be with Sandra, and had to resign myself to not being with her too?" He looks down into his cup.

"Sandra insisted on coming to the council with me… and just before they announced… well, there goes the saying 'Bi curamach cad ba mhaith leat do.' Make wishes carefully." Okay so the proper English phrase is 'Be careful what you wish for' but he was at least close on that translation! "Now the seas are boiling and everything is steamed up so badly that…" He sets his mug down in exasperation. "Why do women take everything so literally?"

Alia nods, "Well, it's pretty obvious how you feel about Brighid, if I might say so." She smiles a little, "I didn't realize that you and Sandra… well, that might be a bit of a complication as well. Does Sandra know how you feel about her?" She sips her cocoa, listening intently, "Well, I don't know about human women, but I think that Brighid might be just feeling alone, more than anything else here. Along with the fact that she might have not given you much thought… or else, her own feelings might have mirrored yours."

"It's… I thought Sandra understood, but…" Rioghan sighs. Alia's words have given him something to truly mull over though and he picks up his mug of cocoa again to take a long drink from it. With his free hand, he reaches over to pat Alia on the knee. "Thank you. You've given me a new perspective on this, at least from Brighid's side. I know how I felt when I first came here, having lost everything I knew and loved and… yes, thank you Alia. As for Sandra, I'll have to try to speak to her, if she'll even let me after tonight. Goddess above…" He pushes up from the couch and exchanges the nearly empty mug of cocoa for his bow and quiver, picking them up from where Brighid dropped them earlier. "I think I'm going to go for a run, maybe do a bit of target practice and clear my head. Have a good night, Alia. Codail go maith agus duisigh."

Alia smiles, "I think she will, but she might need a bit of time as well. We women can be a fiery and tempermental lot, after all." She gives Rioghan a fond expression, "Give her a bit of time, but I'm sure she'll be willing to talk to you as well. But yes, get your mind off of things." She sets the empty mug down in the sink, then walks over and gives Rioghan an affectionate peck on the cheek, "You're a good man, Rioghan, and things will work out for you." Patting Rioghan on the shoulder, she then makes her way out of the hall, heading back for her own dorm room no doubt.

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