Real Name: June Moy
Age: 16
Identity: Private
Birthplace: China
Date of Birth: 1994
Known Relatives: Feng Moy (Adopted Father)
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 100
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Grade: Sophomore
Dorm: Prentiss


June is a dragon. She's not a human who can change into a dragon, she's a dragon who can change into a little girl. Her apparent human age is entirely accurate as well.

She is an Oriental dragon, meaning that she has no wings. With five fingers per hand, she is of royalty, but of very, very minor standing. Her true form is in rich shades of blue with green accents, but she is in fact very small. June is still technically a hatchling.


Dragons are born with a great deal of innate knowledge, so when June hatched somewhere in China she already knew most of what she needed to survive. What to eat, what to not eat, and most importantly to avoid humans. And avoid humans she did! At least for a while. There are a great many still hidden places in the world, and that's where June spent her early years - Mountains and forests in nearly impossible to reach valleys.

Of course in this day and age it's nearly impossible for one to not encounter something of the human world. June's first was an airplane. Only seen from a distance, she was fascinated. What was it that could fly and be covered in metal? The sounds it made too were very strange. Curious, and yet kind of frightened, she decided not to seek it out. There was something distinctly not natural about it, and there for that made it something wrong. Besides, she was a mere hatchling, and safety was important. Hiding was one of her best defense mechanisms. Yet June never forgot the metal beast.

The second encounter was a road. Yep, just a road, but it was strange for it was even kind of paved! June sniffed about it, wary, but so very curious. Snuffling at it, there came her first wiffs of both vehicles, and the humans that ride in them. A snort, a wrinkled nose, and she scampered back into the woodlands. At least for a while. Curiosity getting the better of her time and time again however, the dragon returned to the road to explore more fully. That's when she barely avoided being seen by the truck. Scrambling this time at the sound, June hide behind some trees and watched with huge eyes as it went past. Looked like no beast that she knew about, and she knew many! Yet this time she didn't leave the road. No, this time she laid in wait. Settled down and watched the road for hours. Or maybe she slept for hours.. Oops. The car that came next woke her with a start.

And there she got the idea to follow it. These strange things used this flat surface to travel. And so would she. What June didn't expect was how long it would take. Hours, days, of walking. She slept as hidden as she could make herself, and avoided being seen by the rare vehicle that passed by. Finally, wondering what the hell she was doing this for, June caught the scent of her first village. …Ew.

Exactly as she had the road, the young dragon peered and peeked and hide herself to watch as well as she could. Humans! Those were humans! From the first moments she saw one she was fascinated. All the knowledge in her head told her to run away. Avoid these things, and yet she couldn't. She simply had to know more about them.

Only, there was a problem with this. A fairly large one. She wasn't human. Barely large dog size then, the little dragon knew she couldn't be accepted among them as she was.. so she changed herself. Had no idea how she did it, it was just something she could. June turned herself into a little girl.

Her first encounters with humans went both well and poorly. People react strangely to a naked child with no obvious care givers, but June learned from each encounter, and the more she learned the better she became at acting human. Eventually she was found by Feng Moy. An late middle aged man, he quickly realized that she was something beyond the norm. Mainly because he was a Neohuman, and only recently retired from being a hero in America. Feng had meant to return home to China to see to his failing mother, only to have her pass on before he arrived. At a loss for what to do with himself, and in a country that was no longer entirely familiar.. he wooed the little dragon.

Not in any romantic way, but to earn her trust. It was Feng who taught her how to truly live in human society, and to know what it meant to have a family. He quickly fell in love with June, thinking of her as a daughter, and the two became father and daughter in the eyes of the community.

In spite of this, and having spent some years in China, Feng decided that it was time to return to America. Things were becoming difficult with the shift in government and he was afraid June would be discovered. She had difficulty understanding why she should hide, and it was only a matter of time before someone who would use her discovered her.

And so the two packed their things and traveled to America. To Cove City, and the school Feng knew about there. June was thrilled. Not only did she get to visit magical America, but she would get to attend school! One that didn't care she wasn't a human.

Arriving during the summer meant she had to wait for school, but as excited as she was, June didn't mind. It gave her time to grow a little accustomed to Cove City and the people there.


June is a friendly girl with a very curious, and playful, personality. She enjoys meeting people, and spending time with them. That said she's also got a boat load of common sense. Mainly due to the knowledge she was born with. Not that she knows the answers of any of life's true mysteries, she still knows better than to do something stupid that would get her hurt. Unfortunately, in spite of that she has failed entirely to learn that she shouldn't tell people what she truly is.


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