No Codename
Full Name: Jordan Hirst
Age: 14
Owner: Ellipse
Public Character: No
Current Status: Steranko Student (Junior)


Jordan Hirst is a student at the Steranko Institute. Though quiet and private, she has a compelling presence and a brilliant mind. Her powers are based primarily in empathy with some limited telepathic ability. She arrived at the beginning of the Spring 2010 semester as a Junior, having skipped two grades in conventional highschool. Jordan has yet to engage in any neohuman activity, so has no codename.


Jordan is reserved about her history, but these are facts she will share with her classmates:

1. She has a passion for psychology and intends to become a psychologist.
2. She is an only child.
3. Her mother, Margaret Hirst, is a civil lawyer.
4. Her mother was unhappy with her being recruited to a neohuman school.
5. Her father is out of the picture: her parents were divorced while she was in utero. (And that's probably exactly how she'd put it.)

Allies: Adrian, Alia, Amy, Sandra



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