Jonathan Stevens
Real Name: Jonathan Stevens
Age: 15
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Nashville, Tennessee
Date of Birth: September 17, 1995
Known Relatives: James (father), Cathy (mother)
Height: 5'8" in tigress form, 5'6" in human form
Weight: 165 pounds as a tigress, 140 as human.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Orange as tigress, auburn as human
Grade: Sophomore
Dorm: Baldwin


Jonathan Stevens was an ordinary teenager. His parents are a bit less ordinary, his father being a folklorist, and his mother being an archaeologist. This has led to many trips to odd corners of the world, and it was on one such trip that his life changed dramatically. It remains to be seen whether it will be a change for the better or worse.

His parents had taken him along on a trip to a remote village in India, where they were pursuing fragments of stories, trying to piece together a larger whole. The temple itself was in surprisingly good condition, considering no one worshiped there,and the local villagers gave it a wide berth. Rather than take this for an ominous sign, his parents' curiosity was heightened, and they got to work.

They're no grave robbers, so the investigation was to be carefully done: an initial survey which would be followed up by a larger team at a later date, should it seem worth the investment. Despite their best intentions, though, an overlooked statue in a shadowy nook was bumped into, causing it to topple over and smash with a heartbreaking sound.

The statue had been left there centuries ago by a worshiper who had so touched the deity the shrine was devoted to, that it had taken on an avatar to be with the worshiper in the flesh. Time marches on, and mortality overtook them, but the statue remained a treasured token of the deity, until its destruction at the hand of these interlopers. Its rage was great, but not so great as to overwhelm its desire for a vengeance that would truly hurt, truly wound those who had wounded it.

It knew the parents truly loved their son, and so knew that by striking at him, it could hurt them all the worse. While angered, though, the deity was not cruel. It wouldn't simply strike the boy down. Instead, a cloud of light enveloped him, and when it faded, in his place was a curvy young girl, a girl that was covered in fur like a tiger's, complete with a tail. His parents were aghast at this, and she was beyond shocked at being so transformed.

To add injury to insult, after they fled the temple they discovered that it was not entirely abandoned. There was a cult that worshiped there from afar. Their members in the village spread word of some of what happened, knowing only that the boy had been shown the deity's disfavor and seemingly cursed. This marked him, her, rather, as unclean, and she's become a target of theirs. Their motives and objectives are still uncertain, leading to the question of whether they intend to capture her or simply kill her, and if the former the question is raised as to what they would do if they did capture her.

The transformation is not without its benefits. She's been giving impressive abilities, being faster and far more agile than she was, and stronger as well. She has built in natural weaponry and enhanced senses. Word of all of these enhancements has come to the ears of certain people who would love to be able to duplicate them in order to produce New and Improved minions. These people would love to capture and examine the poor girl.

Being a target of such dangerous people, a concerned friend referred his parents to the Steranko Institute. It was hoped that he, er, she, would be relatively safe there while learning to use her abilities. Perhaps a way to reverse it could be found, but if not, she would have the best chance of being able to defend herself after being trained there. As well, the friend who referred them there, has hopes that the new girl might discover both a talent and an affinity for helping others, and the world can always use more of those.

Jonathan has not adjusted easily to her new situation. The teenage years are a turbulent time for anyone, even without having one's species and sex changed, throw that in there, and things go from bad to worse. Jon had been pulled from school for a time while hope of a quick answer was found, but so far the closest that's been discovered is that she can, with some effort, take on a human form. She's still female, but can at least interact with society somewhat more normally, which has helped him deal with the situation a little better.

Still, she's angry about what's happened to her, about being punished for someone else's mistake. Some days she blames her parents for not being more careful, while other days she's more angry at the being that did this to her. Ultimately she doesn't really hold her parents responsible. They blame themselves for what's happened more than he does, but it's so easy to be angry at them over all of this. Even worse is being sent away from home to a boarding school, and such a strange one at that. His normal instinct when injured, sick, or upset, is to withdraw into himself until things improve. She can't do that at a place like this, where she's constantly confronted by what's happened to her.


Under normal circumstances, Jon's an easy going sort of guy. Unfortunately, circumstances are hardly normal, starting with not being any sort of guy. Jon is reluctant to learn about being a girl, eager not to in some ways. At times he's worried that showing any willingness to learn indicates some sort of weakness on his part, a loss of who he is. On the other hand, there is a certain curiosity to the situation, a chance to learn things nobody else gets the chance to.

She has an interest in history, picked up from her parents. Really it's her favorite subject, one she seldom minds actually working on. Related to that is her hobby of building plastic models, typically ones of a historical nature, though with sci-fi ones mixed in as well.

She's not really interested in being a hero, not presently at least. All of the neohuman training is something she feels like she has to endure, to suffer through like a math class, though she's intellectually honest enough to, sometimes, admit that there's a lot she can and needs to learn about what she's become, in terms of her strength, enhanced senses and so on. Just not the girl stuff. She doesn't want to learn that.

Her emotions can be mercurial at times, partly due to the stress of the situation, partly due to changes that her body is still adjusting to, and perhaps due to being part cat now. Normally calm, at times dry, at other times somewhat goofy, she can get upset and irritated with a rapidity that surprises even her. Whether it's all her, or a beast within her, she doesn't know, and she's not sure which possibility is more frightening.


A Girls' Day Out: 7/25/10 - Miranda, Summer, Jonathan and Stephanie all go out shopping. Much time is spent shopping for bras for Jonathan so no-one needs to wince anymore.


Attributes: (14PP)
Str 11/26 (+0/+8), Dex 12/30 (+1/+10), Con 11/26 (+0/+8), Int 14 (+2), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 14 (+2)

Saves: (2PP)
Toughness +0/+8 (CON), Fortitude +0/+8 (CON), Reflex +1/+10 (DEX), Will +4 (WIS, +2)

Combat: (16PP)
Attack 4/+8 melee, Defense 18 (4/+4 Dodge Focus; 12 Flat footed), Grapple +8/+16; Init +1/+10 (DEX)

Skills: (12PP)
Acrobatics 5/+15, Computers 3/+5, Craft/Artistic 2/+4, Intimidate 6/+7, Knowledge/Life Sciences 2/+4, Knowledge/Physical Sciences 2/+4, Knowledge/History 6/+8, Notice 7/+8, Performance/Stringed Instruments 4/+6, Search 4/+6, Stealth 5/+15, Survival 2/+4

Feats: (13PP)
Ambidextrous, Athletic Versatility, Attack Focus/Melee x4, Attractive, Dodge Focus x4, Endurance, Startle

Powers (66PP)
Additional Limbs (Tail; Cost: 1PP/Rank; Total: 1PP)
Enhanced Constitution 15 (Cost: 1PP/Rank; Total: 15PP)
Enhanced Dexterity 18 (Cost: 1PP/Rank; Total: 18PP)
Enhanced Strength 15 (Cost: 1PP/Rank; Total: 15PP)
Morph 1 (Tigress Form; All Other Powers Linked; Extras: Duration — Continuous; Cost: 2PP/Rank; Total: 2PP)
Speed 3 (50mph; Alternate Powers: AP: Leaping 3; Cost: 1PP/Rank+1; Total: 4PP)
Super Senses 11 (Accurate Extended Scent, Darkvision 2, Extended Auditory, Extended Vision 2, Ultra-Hearing, Tracking (Scent); Cost 1PP/rank; Total: 11pp)

Drawbacks (-3PP)
Vulnerable (Sensory Effects, Common, Moderate, x1.5DC) [-3]

Unfinished Business
Jon was cursed out of revenge for his parents' transgression. Whether the god, or goddess, that cursed him is satisfied with what was done to him remains to be seen. If it becomes less burdensome for Jon and her parents, will the punishment have to be changed? Will the deity someday forgive her parents and change her back to himself? Even if the punishment isn't changed or lifted, it's possible the god will come by in some form, to see how Jon's getting along, perhaps out of curiosity, or to see how good a job it did.

The Unclean One
The temple wasn't entirely forgotten, and those who worshipped there from afar see Jon's condition as an outward sign of their chosen deity's displeasure. Jon's parents hope that the cultists won't be able to track her to Steranko, or if the worst should happen, that she'd be safe there, but in this life, nothing is certain. Rumors could reach their ears of a tiger-girl seen in Maryland, and while she's unlikely to be the only feline themed neohuman, it could be enough to attract their attention. Or, perhaps they'll find out who actually offended the divine one, and go after Jon's parents instead.

Building a Better Minion
Faster, stronger, tougher, better. Aside from the gender change and inhuman appearance, there's an awful lot of advantages to what's happened to Jon. There are people out there who would like to be able to similarly improve those in their employ or service. Whether these improvents can be duplicated, let alone how, is currently unknown, but it could prove an attractive possibility to dangerous beings who would hardly have Jon's best interests in mind.

Man, I Feel Like a Woman
Puberty and the teenage years are confusing for anyone, let alone someone who's dealing with a whole new set of hormones and a different body. Jon's got definite identity issues that she's wrestling with. At some point, she'll have to relent and learn at least a little bit about being a girl, if she wants things to go more smoothly for her. Then there's the question of the dating game, and where she stands in it.

We Don't Need Another Hero
Jon's not from a line of heroes. Jon has only fleeting interest in being some sort of superhero. Mostly she just wants to graduate high school and go on to college somewhere. The closest she's ever come to seriously considering a superheroic career is contemplation of a military career, and who knows if that's even possible, in her situation. Over time, the adrenaline rush of doing heroics may lead to personal satisfaction from helping people, or perhaps she'll just as eagerly try to build as normal a life as she can, or even use her powers for her own gain.

It'll Put Hair on your Chest
Jon's "natural" form now is that of a tiger-girl. She's able, with effort, to turn back into a human form but without access to her powers. Also, She's not always able to actually change, leaving her stuck as a tigress. That's not a form she can easily go out in public in, not without drawing attention at the very least, or worse reactions. Additionally, she's still got a lot to learn about being feline. Her senses are so much sharper now, it's easy to overload them. She still sometimes sits on her tail, or catches it in a door, and while she's no powerhouse, she's strong enough to break things when forgetting that fact.

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