Invites Pt 1

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Title: Invites (Part 1)
Emitter: None
Characters: Liv, Stephanie, Alia, Sandra
NPCs: None
Place: The Steranko Institute
Time: 5/30 - 6/1 2010
Summary: Liv invites a few people to vacation with her over summer break. This will turn out to be a Very Bad Idea (tm). Pt 1/2


Looking bleary, Liv wanders into the dining hall and heads for the breakfast section, which has just been restocked for the last time. She loads up her tray with pastries, adding a few sausage links and hashbrowns to the mix and then finishing up with a chocolate shake which has just been set out for the lunch crowd. Defiantly, at the last she grabs a cherry and plops it right on top of the shake. "Thing's not complete without a garnish," she observes to no one in particular.

As for Stephanie…or is it Steven today? Hard to tell, in any case the twins are seated and working on their own breakfast — a waffle with plenty of butter and syrup, a side of bacon and milk—yes, milk, just milk. In their ears are bud speakers attached to an iPod of fairly unspectacular design, probably doesn't have video capabilities, but what it does have is music. Really, what more could you ask for?

Balancing her tray, Liv scouts the dining hall - probably for a place alone, as tends to be her habit. Spotting the girl (or boy) across the dining hall, she changes tact, coming to stand on the other side of the table. She frees one hand and raps on it lightly, waiting until music is paused - or Stephanie at least glances up - to speak. "Hey, you two," she says. "Room for another?"

Eyes of mismatched blue — one dark, one light — look up when Liv moves by, and a welcoming smile is offered when the knuckles are rapped on the table. The music is stopped, and the earphones taken out as the girl, Liv can tell now taht it is Stephanie grins. "Not in our head, though you're welcome to visit anytime, Steven said." The iPod and earphones are set on the table, and Steph grins. "And there's plenty of room at the table, have a sit down and a chow down."

"It's weird enough in my own head, never mind anyone else's," Liv says with a smile, sliding in. "Good to see you. How are you doing? Survived finals all right?" She lets out a gusty sigh, expelling energy more than anything else, and plucks the cherry off the top of the shake. That goes first, followed quickly by a sliver of danish.

"Believe me, it is weird in our head most of the time too, you'd probably fit right in after a bit." Steph's smile never falters, and then she digs in to her half eaten waffle. "Yeah, finals were a bit rough, but I think we did okay. How about you? Did you get a fair deal in ethics? If you didn't — let us know." She then leans back, balled up fists on her hips and does a decent Evil Villain Laugh(tm). "Bwah-HAHhaaaAAa!" Yes, she's very silly. What's your point?

Liv is startled into laughter, grinning over at Stephanie. "Hey, now, if I wanted to have you do something nefarious to the ethics professor, now you've just provided witnesses with proof of our collusion," she points out, waving around. She shrugs a shoulder. "Felt okay … even ethics, I think. I decided that using 'In Defense of Anarchism' as support material would not be a good move, academically speaking." Silence for a moment as she gnaws into the danish, then, "What's your summer looking like?"

"Well…how do you know we're not in a bubble of Steph-generated illusion to maintain our privacy?" Stephanie giggles a little. "We're not, but how would you know? WOULD you know?" She's curious now, heck, Steven is too. "We had the most trouble with math, honestly…he's left, I'm right…so we end up struggling with both…weird, right? You'd think we'd be GOOD at both." A shrug then about the summer. "Dad would probably take us in, but we're thinking of staying and taking summer classes. What plans do you have?" She asks with every sign of eagerness.

"I don't know," Liv admits. "My - that is, I know an illusionist, so I've gotten fairly good at spotting them over the years, but short of a keen eye, there's no way I could pick it out. And now I'm going to be worried when we talk," but she's chuckling, so it can be taken for humor. "Math is one of my favorite subjects, I could have helped you out," she offers. "Well, I'll be back for summer classes, too - part of my plea deal -" it's a sign of progress, maybe, that she can add this so casually "- but those don't start until late June. Before that, I have to … I'm going home for a week," she amends. "Thought I'd see if you guys wanted to tag along? New York, so swanky accomodations, then shopping, sightseeing, the theatre, whatever, from that home base."

"Your mom's an illusionist?" Stephanie asks with avid curiousity and a fair perspicacity — unless she's wrong of course, and she could be. "Seriously…don't fuss, we don't do that sort of thing. Steven and I both are really positive about one thing — powers need to be -handled-, not abused. Sure, use them when you need to, do what you have to, but playing around like that — not so much." A rueful grin. "Miranda's been helping us with english, and we'll remember you for help with Math. You know…it is a very nice thing to have actual friends. Nothing like it, actually." And then with the invite you'd see a wicked gleam to their eyes. "Why Liv, we thought you had eyes for someone else…we're so flattered!"

Liv blushes, even as she laughs. "Not fair! I was going to invite a couple people, make a thing of it. Already got permission to do so - it's not as if Evelyn doesn't have more space than she knows what to do with. Not sure if I'm going to ask Reg or not." She ducks her head over her breakfast. "Oh, and civics, too," she says finally, "though it bores me to tears. So damn basic." When you've been press-ganged trained to replace a supreme court justice, it's hard to focus on high school courses. Looking up now, she continues, "Well, yeah - a bit? Sorry, I'm not used to talking about it." She nods then. "I know you guys have your heads on straight - I was joking, honest."

"That sounds like fun, summer camp for supers." And then Stephanie grins. "Well…were you planning on a theme? Girls night out? Because I'm a walking gender violation if tht's so." And really she is, though somehow it seems to wrk for the twins. Probably all those years of practice. "If not themed, then maybe you should ask him. Might be a nice opportunity to get to know each other outside of school." And then she grins and nods. "We'd love to go along. We'll even wear some of the nice clothes Miranda helped up pick out, the girl has great taste."

"Something like that," Liv agrees, chuckling. "Figured it would get everyone a vacation, we'd get to hang out, and just having you there would help run interference with Evelyn, so … win-win all around." She waves a hand. "Well, I wouldn't tell if you didn't … but I hadn't planned on it being a girls thing so much as the people I know well generally *are* girls. Present company partly accepted. As to Reg, I'll have to think about it. I mean, it seems sort of aggressive to me." A quick bob of her head and a grin. "Great, glad to hear it. As long as you don't show me up, dress to the nines." Her tone is teasing.

"Count us in, and thanks to Mir we DO have a nice dress, two in fact. So there!" Steph sticks out her tongue, though there's really not a shred of malice to it, she's having too much fun. "I think you should do it. It is a semi-controlled environment, and we might need him as reinforcements when the horde of evil bad guys descend on us like locusts." If only she knew. Regardless, she finishes up her breakfast, and then grins. "Hey, drop by a little later, we could go see a movie or something…I have some errands I have to run. See you!"

Liv rolls her eyes, chuckling. "Oh, how mature," she says. "I'll think about it, I'll think about it! I just don't want Evelyn asking if he's my boyfriend and watching him run for the hills." She mimes a little running man with her fingers. "He does make a good meat-shield, though." She smiles at the invitation. "Yeah, sure thing. I'll catch you up later." She returns to her chocolate-shake-capped breakfast.


Liv perches on a couch in the student center with a trade-size paperback book on her lap, hunched over the page and making the occasional muffled 'argh' noise at the contents. She has a bag of chips at her elbow and occasionally torques sideways to grab one.

Alia walks in from outside, wearing a pair of sunglasses over her eyes. She takes them off, glancing around as she looks about the student center. Her original intent is apparently the pool hall, but she pauses and smiles as she spots Liv, giving her a wave.

Reaching over for another chip, Liv spots Alia. "Hey, Alia," she calls, using the chip for a bookmark instead of eating it - oh, that's going to be problematic or anything - and waving the other over. "C'mere for a minute? Unless you're in a hurry."

Alia shakes her head, "Not at all, I was just going to practice some applied geometry." She gives Liv a slight smile, and sits down across from Liv in a comfy chair. "Summer classes?"

"Applied geometry?" Liv echoes, the slight grin indicating she could think of several interpretations of that. "What? Nah, pleasure." She lifts the book to show a fancy cover with a Victorian gentleman and stylized writing. "Damn thing is sucking the free time out of me." She lowers the book. "I was wondering if your break time was totally spoken for, actually."

Alia shakes her head, "I was planning on visiting with my parents for a bit, but otherwise… I really didn't have anything planned." She tilts her head, "That looks interesting, I might have to borrow it at some point. But no, I didn't have plans… you?"

"You might want to read the first one, that case - which I have, too." Liv shrugs. "I like their shapeshifters. And I usually hate them in fiction because they get them so *wrong*." That's why it's called fiction, Liv. She clears her throat. "I'm homebound for about a week. Thought I'd see if you wanted to come along? Going to be a couple of us, I think. We'll be right outside NYC, so plenty of places to go."

Alia ohs, and brightens. Literally, actually, glowing a bit blue, "I'd really like that! My parents are currently in New York this summer… with the United Nations and everything. Next summer we might be taking a trip back home for a little while, but I'd be honored to meet your family." How little she suspects…

"Oh, that's nice and convenient," Liv says. "Yeah, I imagine your parents don't get much of a summer break with all the politicking, do they?" She makes a small face at the rest. "Well, it's just Evelyn, really - that's my mother - though occasionally one of the other Prietos or one of her friends stops by. Actors, you know, so they're all a little touched in the head." A quirked smile. "To be honest, I did kind of want to not be alone with her. Things have been a little strained."

Alia ohs, "Well, I'll be more than happy to come along with you, Liv. We are friends, after all." And she sounds like that is something that she doesn't give out that lightly, though the comment about her parents makes her chuckle softly, "They keep turning down trade offers for our technology. We have a strict policy of noninterference in that regard." Though that doesn't mean she can't have a sweet dorm room…

Liv flashes a genuine smile. "Thanks," she says. "It's silly, I suppose, but I'll feel better with friends there. And anyhow - it's more fun to vacation with company, so there's no downside." She chuckles, shifting the book on her lap. The crushed chip crackles. "I can understand that. Humans are genius for taking technology and doing twisted things with it. Even things that look benign on the surface." She brushes a strand of hair out of her eyes, absently. "Though I guess we probably don't have much to offer you'd *want* in return anyway, eh?" Her tone is amused.

Alia chuckles, "Not really, no… at least, not from a resources standpoint. It's not like we're a pack of lizards seeking to steal your water and your gerbils. We were very cautious on approach, just with the paranoia that aliens are 'out to get you'… but at the same time, you keep shouting to the cosmos, "HEY WE ARE HERE!" A curious dichotomy."

"So why are you here, if you don't want anything?" Liv is a little blunt, but not necessarily hostile. "Just to build up your social circle?" She shrugs again. "Not so curious when you consider you're dealing with several billion people. You couldn't even get a fraction of them to agree on what color socks to wear."

Alia smiles faintly, "I said from a resources standpoint, we don't want anything. But there's something to increasing one's diversity, and that's what we see ourselves doing. Besides, there are certain humans that have already explored the galaxy, and made a bit of a name for themselves… good and bad. And well, it's a dangerous place out there."

"Fair enough," Liv says, leaning back on the couch. "It's certainly true that the more people you meet, diverse you get." She tips her head back, as if looking skywards. "Sometimes I wonder what it'd be like out there … but to be honest, I've got enough to keep me busy on solid ground." A grin. "It's a dangerous place down *here*," she points out.

Alia hrms, "So I've noticed." She gets a sly grin, at that, "Well, maybe I can talk folks into a field trip next summer… it would be interesting to see your reactions to my homeworld."

"Yeah, it's hard to miss." Liv grins a bit. "Shit, the other day I was just minding my own business and this chick turned a used car lot into her own personal army." She shakes her head, then quirks the pierced brow. "Now that would be awesome. Hope I'll be around to see it."

Alia tilts her head, "Why wouldn't you be?" She arches a brow, giving Liv a curious expression, "I'd definitely would like you and some others along, for certain."

Liv holds up a hand. "Not like I'm saying anything ominous," she says, "and my sentence does go through graduation, but it's just that life seems to change so suddenly that I don't know where it's going to be in six months or a year. That's all." A smile then. "Like I said, I'd love to see that. And watch other people's reactions, for that matter."

Alia nods, "Well, what do you think you'd do after graduation?" She smiles faintly, "I honestly haven't thought that far ahead. I mean, there's a lot still yet to do here, but I don't know what sort of college I would even think of attending."

"No clue," Liv admits with a shrug. "I've thought about it, but I keep running into a brick wall. I'm trained for law - I mean, hell, I could probably go out and practice now - but I don't have any interest in doing it professionally. I sort of do some illumination, but there's not much money in art. Guess it's a wait and see." She tips her head. "Are you thinking you're going to be here up into college?" Genuinely curious.

Alia hmmms, "I suspect so. We are a bit long-lived of a people, and this will probably be an assignment for my father for at least a decade, if not longer. Assuming that something doesn't happen here to change it, of course."

"So that gets you through college and into … whatever you want to do here," Liv says with a nod. "That's a weird thought." She looks down at her book. "I suppose the point of this whole high school thing is that we don't have to make our minds yet."

Alia nods, "Very true. Perhaps eventually I might take my father's position, but for now, I am just content to see what there is to offer on this world."
"You're lucky to have a legacy," Liv says, smiling wryly. "See, I'd probably be decent at the acting thing, but following in my family's footsteps? No, thanks. Not to mention having people stare at me." She shudders.

Alia looks curious, "Well, you said your mother was an actress… that seems like an honorable profession." She gazes at Liv, "Why would peope be staring at you? I must admit a certain lack of comprehension in that regard."

Liv snickers. "You haven't spent enough time with the tabloids and entertainment websites if you think acting is honorable, Alia - not that that's necessarily a bad thing. But actors - the famous ones - are always having cameras shoved in their faces, and that's apart from the acting and movie itself … though I suppose if you play the role right, it's your character they're staring at, not you."

Alia ohs, "Well, I hadn't considered that… though really, that is for the movie actors and celebrities that are so idolized, not for all actors, yes?" She hms and shrugs a little, "It is quite curious how it is approached here."

"True - but because I'm a Prieto, and because of the furor of the last year, my odds of fading into the woodwork are pretty low," Liv says. "I suppose the idea of changing my face and filing for a name change isn't out of the question, but it would probably piss Evelyn off." She quirks an eyebrow. "Well, how do you treat it? Or do you even have actors?"

Alia hrms, "No, we have actors, but I don't believe we have this…" She pauses, thinking of the right way to say it, "Culture of celebrity, that you do here? I mean, people are famous, but they aren't special just because of their fame, they are special for what they have done."

"Well, when you look at the odds of 'making it' in the business, actors have done something fairly remarkable - but you're right, it doesn't justify the bizarre acclaim that comes with the fame." Liv shakes her head, then rolls to her feet. "I ought to go, Alia. I'll keep you posted on travel plans and what-not."

Alia smiles, "I look forward to it, just let me know when, and I'll be there. It sounds like it'll be fun." And not menacing in the least, oh no…


Wrapped in a flimsy robe which fades from a dark blue at the hem to a soft seafoam color at the shoulders - Sandra pads barefoot down the hallway, periodically her robe parting to reveal the indigo sleepwear beneath her robe. In her hands are several plates - piled with cut out, premade dough. The woman's blue eyes are intent upon the kitchenette as she sets the plates down upon the counter and peers at the face of the toaster oven, as if assessing it - waiting for it to leap out and attack her viciously!

Liv slips into Prentiss Hall with purpose in her step. She's also barefoot, not that it's easy to tell: her skirt, as usual, covers the ankle and then some. She slows, hopping a bit as she reaches down to touch her foot. "All right, should've put my shoes on," she mutters, then brightens when she sees the person she's looking for. "Sandra, hey! … uh, is there something wrong with it?"

"Not likely," notes the Atlantean as she peers at the electronic creature. "I have just never activated one of these things before. And I went to one of the local indoor food markets and found something the stocking boy called Cookie Dough - he seemed to think I really should buy it and bake some of these cookies."

"Oh, well, it's pretty simple," Liv says. "You just turn the knobs to … what temperature did the directions say?" She quirks the pierced brow at Sandra. "Was he working on commission?" she wonders, amused. "How *do* you cook food? I mean -" a quick glance to make sure no one else is eavesdropping "- there's a definite lack of fire in the ocean."

Sandra smiles at Liv and nods. "Indeed, there is. We do have vents which provide comfortable warmth and power cooking ovens of basalt stone. We do actually also have areas of atmosphere - though we tend to be just as comfortable without it. My sleeping area is a non-atmosphere area. I tried sleeping on one of these … beds the first night I was here. That was most uncomfortable. A bathing cistern will have to do," she offers.
Then Sandra blinks and peers at the toaster oven. "Well… temperature? I … do not know. It said something about three hundred and seventy five, but there was a strange accent after the five. I do not know what that means."

"I hadn't thought about volcanic vents," Liv admits. "Really, no bed? I suppose if you're used to moving water, a regular mattress would seem confining." A flitting smirk crosses her lips. "Have you tried a water bed?" So there is a little bit of Liv that enjoys confusing the resident aliens … just every once in a while.
"That's the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit," she says. "So …" She turns the knob on the toaster oven. "You just throw them in, wait however long it says, and voila. Oh, and if they start smoking, pull them out." She taps her fingers against the side of the machine, idly. "So, can I run something by you?"

"Well, was that not what I was sleeping in? Though it was an Ocean Bed, I guess. And the I think it best if my room looks like others. The bathing cistern in the closet will do. But I will look into permiable forcefields later so that I can have a room filled with water to sleep in," she notes curiously and thoughtfully.
Sandra ooohs as Liv turns the knobs, and quickly transfers the precut cookies to the the tray in the oven, before sliding it in place. "Well, I suppose you could try, but there isn't much room in here to run…"

"Well, no, a water bed is a mattress that has … some kind of liquid. I'm not sure it's actually water," Liv ponders. "It sort of wavers and floats underneath you. And I'm sorry, but a bathing cistern sounds devilishly uncomfortable to me from any standpoint."
She grins, bare foot tapping absently on the kitchen floor. "Summer break. I have to go home for about a week, and I've been asking a few people to come with me. Figure it does two things: New York vacation for all and means I'm not alone in that massive house with my mother … and you know how weird things are." She grimaces. "I mean, I'm coming around to, would you come? Sure you can get a suite with a full bath."

"Well, it is not a cistern … I just do not know what to call it. It is sloped like so," she offers, starting to sketch in the are a soaking tub, before she blinks, quickly turning to peer at the cookies. Sighing in relief that they are not burning, Sandra looks back at Liv for a moment. "Of course I will come. We could be staying on the street, I would still go, simply because you asked me, Liv."

"Still." Liv looks a trifle dubious. She follows Sandra's glance at the cookies. "This is a toaster oven in a high-school dorm. You're more likely to grow old waiting for them to finish than you are to burn them." She blinks in surprise at the sentiment, ducking her head. "Well, that's silly," she says, a bit awkwardly, "but I appreciate it. And like I said, we're a skip from the city, so it should be fun."

"I look forward to it then, Liv," notes Sandra as she turns back to peer at the cookies one last time - for now. "I must speak to Alia again. We had talked, and she might be able to turn her people's sensors on the Indian Ocean - in an opprotunity to discover if Laputa exists. It being another undersea realm of legend, I would like to contact it. So we talked briefly of finding it. I should see if she is still interested." With that, Sandra motions to a couch, "Please, let us sit, then, if I have that long to wait. Oh, and no, Alia does not know where I am from. I was very careful in my wording."

"Laputa?" Liv asks. "I've heard the name, but I don't know much more about it than that." She moves over to the couch, folding her limbs up beneath her. "I invited Alia, by the way. Was sort of surprised she was still planning to be on the planet for the summer." A brief grin as she leans back against the couch. "I won't blow your cover, in that case. You don't think that it's something that will come up if you two do find a mysterious lost civilization, though?" She arches the pierced brow.

"In time, perhaps, but I had thought it would be more than just the two of us," notes Sandra. "Perhaps you could keep her and others distracted while I begin negotiations?" asks Sandra in what can only be a jest by her wide smile. "Jonathan I have told as well. We were practicing his holding a more human form and I felt trust was beneficial at the time," she notes. "I am looking forward to visiting this New York City," she offers, before suddenly pausing. "Are you inviting the Greacia as well?"

Liv laughs. "Well, I am pretty good at smooth talking, seeing as it's what I was trained for," she says. "Jonathan? Hmm, okay. Seems like a nice enough sort. We got in an altercation the other day - that is, Jonathan and I against a crazy neohuman bitch with mechanical powers." She carefully avoids assigning the poor student a gender. "Oh, New York is awesome. Just the shopping, and I don't usually go in for that …" She pauses, flushing. "Well, uh, I'm not sure. I mean, other than Stephanie - sort of - I've just invited girls. I don't want to seem pushy … and Evelyn's bound to ask if he's my boyfriend which, shit, if I want to send him running for the hills for being too aggressive …" Liv finally runs out of words. "Ah - would it make you uncomfortable? You seem to have a little beef with him."

"A little beef? I share not meat with him last I checked," notes Sandra with a shake of her head. "I … hmmm, I just don't understand is all," she offers after a moment, rising and walking back to the kitchenette. "He very clearly follows 'Them'," she states, definitely meaning the Greek Gods. "I /SHOULD/ disdain him just for that. But he is very honorable, and even kind. He does appear a good young man," she notes, looking over her shoulder to smile at Liv, a flash of her own faint confusion in her eyes before she dismisses it. "He is almost worthy of you," she notes with a wink, before peering at the oven door.

Liv laughs, ducking her head again. "Oh, come on, that's an insult to him," she says lightly. "Good young men are *so* out of my league." She shrugs. "I don't know, I'd give him a free pass on that because … err." She stops herself with an apologetic half-smile, half-grimace. Not her secret to tell. "You can believe in someone or something that's questionable, even completely wrong, and still be worthy of respect. At least … I hope so." She sniffs experimentally. "I'd check and at least see what color they are."

Fishing around, Sandra eventually comes up with the hot pad for the oven - it is heat after all, something she is not keen upon. "They… well, I don't know. Are they supposed to look like this?" is asked, Sandra casting a glance over her shoulder. "And bibbledeegook, Liv. You deserve an extraordinary man for any relationship you choose. Stop trying to claim otherwise lest you start believing it!"

"Look like what?" Liv wonders, hopping to her feet and meandering over. "They should probably be sort of a light golden brown … I think. What kind did you go for again?" She snickers. "Bibbledegook? Is that a specialized Atlantean expression?" Then she continues, ignoring the rest of it, "You have any odd dietary restrictions? Bound to be one meal at home."

Motioning to the browning cookies, Sandra frowns, "Mmmm… Chip something," she offers, before shrugging. "The stock boy seemed to think those would be best." Then Sandra shrugs, "I have heard it, somewhere, and I seemed appropriate?" suggests the Atlantean before shaking her head. "I have no restrictions that I know of. I am not used to the taste of beef, or pork, or even the creatures with wings - chickens and buffalo. I grew up on fish, after all."

"Buffalos don't have wings," Liv says absently, "that's pigs, at least in the midwest." She pauses, backtracks, and tries to explain, "Why they call them buffalo wings, I have no idea, but it's just an expression. But seafood shouldn't be too hard." She shakes her head. "Was this stock boy of yours cute? Chocolate chip, maybe … I can't think of any other chips off the top of my head." She bends down to inspect the toaster oven and proclaims, "Give them a minute more, then take them out."

Sandra rolls her shoulders, "It matters not if he was or was not," she offers, bending to peer impatiently at the oven. "It would be fruitless and a waste of time and effort to persue someone I found attractive. My father and mother will make my marriage arrangements, as a daughter of the Crown, for reasons of stability for Atlantis. There are other things more important to be doing, anyway."

"You can still look," Liv says. "Even married people look." She shrugs. "Though if I were you, I'd say 'screw that.' No one's going to be dictating my life like … oh." Realizing the immensity of the hypocrisy into which she has just nosedived, she hastily focuses on Sandra's statement again. "Seriously? They still do the political match bullshit? Even in Atlantis?"

“Well, it is as much political," offers Sandra as she sarts to pull out the cookies, "as it is to keep down genetic mutations. You have to understand that the population is very limited, and there is a high chance of inbreeding. So, for the nobility especially, marriage is very carefully controlled so that healthy children are born. As time continues, and the population continues to increase, craftsmen and common folk alike seem to have managed to disperse the genetic code enough that there are very few problems. The nobility, while large in comparison to some of your surface nobility, is still relatively small and as such difficulties would be more commonplace without such controls."

"So why not marry outside the nobility?" Liv wonders. "Surely after centuries of isolation, you have so many ties and cross-ties that there's not much need to strengthen them. I can see why inbreeding could be an issue, but … you could come up here and marry a prince, I bet." She leans on her elbows against the counter, supervising the cookie removal with half an eye. "Do you even think about children yet? Whether you want them, what kind of mother you'd be?" She pauses, grimaces a bit. "Sorry, that's kinda … weird and personal."

“I will be a mother, it is my Duty," offers Sandra as she pulls the last of the cookies off the sheet. "And really, is there a prince that is not already entangled with someone else?" she asks with an arching eyebrow, "That a father would allow his youngest child to marry? No, you forget, Liv, and that is understandable, that my father just commited Genocide to keep my people safe. There are many threads that need to be retied."

"Well, that's dry and depressing," Liv says, lifting one shoulder in a shrug. "You could probably find one somewhere. Of course, I suppose that's missing the point." She looks pensive. "Maybe you're right. Just seems to me that human history has proved that the ties that grow naturally are stronger than the ones that are engineered - but I'm not an Atlantean, and damned if all this stuff isn't way over my head, anyhow."

Sandra pointedly looks above Liv's head, then back at the woman, trying to catch her eyes. "No, you are about the right height for the conversation," she offers, before carefully grabbing a cookie and holding it out to Liv. "It is the way it is. Perhaps you will be a bad influence on me and I will rebel and 'screw it' anyway," she says with a teasing wink.

"Well, in that case, the proper term might be screw him, unless you find a nice lady to settle down with," Liv says, though she can't pull off the banter without flushing. She's more innocent than one might think. She makes a face at the first comment, but figuring it to be a lost-in-translation, she leaves it and accepts a cookie. "Ack, hot." She blows on it a bit, taking a cautious bite. "Yeah, just about right."

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