If Walls Could Talk

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Title: If Walls Could Talk
Emitter: Adrian
Characters: Adrian, Mariscka, Linus, Sunday, Jerry, Camille
NPCs: "Rock", "Scythe", "Weatherman", and "Firediva"
Place: Mainstreet Pharmacy, Cove City
Time: Night, July 6, 2010
Summary: A busy night at the Pharmacy soda fountain sees some Steranko students showing up just before close… and then everything goes haywire. And Linus destroys part of the building. And people get kidnapped.

_( Main Street Pharmacy - Cove City )_

Main Street Pharmacy. Established 1890. Caleb Mallory, III, Proprietor. This two story brick building has been a landmark in Cove City almost since the town itself was established. A blue and white awning covers the windowed storefront. Through the windows the pharmacy itself can be seen. On one side of the interior a long bar can be seen with a recreated soda fountain - complete with antique seats where one can enjoy a rootbeer float or other tasty treat and pretend to be back in the olden days. Towards the back, customers can pick up their prescriptions. The rest of the store looks like any other drugstore with aisles of over the counter meds and other miscellaneous items. It's a quaint business, now run by the third generation of Cove City's Mallory family.

It's 8:30 on Tuesday night. Do you know where your children are?

Apparently a good chunk of the teenage crowd of Cove City is hanging out around the soda fountain at the Main Street Pharmacy tonight. It could be like something out of the fifties, except for the modern clothes that the kids are wearing and the various subjects of conversation. The whole afternoon has been like this and it has continued on into the evening, which has the young man working the soda counter rushing back and forth to keep up with customers orders, collecting money and that sort of thing. It's almost enough to make Adrian Young reconsider taking this job.

"That's one rootbeer float and one vanilla milkshake," he says, sliding them to two teens at one end of the bar before taking their money to the old timey ring-up register. His bright orange backpack is sitting by the chair he's got behind the counter, neither one seeing any use right now. Thankfully there's only about thirty minutes until closing.

How…quaint. A soda jerk in this era? That harkened back to a time of yore. Though in one Camille DuClare's oppinion, a yore idolized when the reality was closer to racism, sexism and general social unrest. Still! The Lady was not one to half do anything, and as of late she had herself a scheme. And a Role. So no more than 8:31 rolls in, and the young parisian walks in, ruby read blouse immaculately pressed, sensible black and red platforms… and a black poodle skirt. She even has a little ribbon in hair as she steps through, rose tinted lips looking all too amused at the little get up. The only thing out of character was the rapier strapped at the waist, indenting the normally flaired outfit.

Upon arrival, her moves are simple. A slight lean to the corner, and a lift of a single laquered finger. "Any chance," she calls out, all hints of her French heritage gone. Instead, there's a light southern hitch. "That I could have assistance by a server of both high cognative capacity, and an interest in the French language?"

Jerry walks in, Sunday and Linus with him in a group, and he waves when he catches sight of Adrian. "Dude, hey," he says, as the bandmates all pile in together. A huge crowd this close to closing! "Wassup?" he says, looking around the place - it's the first time he's been here.
Constrast to Camille: Rumpled T-shirt, nice jeans, flip-flops and a chain belt. He smiles at his friends, and scans the menu, hands in pockets.

Not only is it 8:30 on Tuesday night, it's also the end of a very hot day! Not that Sunday has minded such things in years, of course, but that doesn't stop her from trying to blend in and be a little considerate of her thermally-challenged friends. So she's dressed in a stretch demin romper, the short legs gathered in tiny ruffles at each leg and a big, floppy one above the bust. The whole thing is cynched with a thick, brilliant purple belt, and topped off with a big pair of hoop earrings, some purple heels, and a big floppy straw hat. Straight out of the 70's. The girl can't wear anything made hip after 1985, really she can't. Arm linked around Linus', she wanders in to the soda shop with boyfriend at one side and bandmate on the other, waving to Adrian. She spots the back of the poodle-skirted woman, but has yet to actually recognize her. She's too busy watching the awesome thermal spectrum of the room. Cold soda, hot counters!

When you're a power mimic, one of the perks of having a thermal controller for a girlfriend is, well, this. Linus finds himself completely unphased by the boiling sun because he, too, is immune to temperature right now. He's not even breaking a sweat! Still, just like Sunday, he's still dressing the part. Unlike the young woman his arm is coiled around, he's just dressed in a pair of gym shorts and a Cleveland Indians jersey (number 00, natch'.). And just like Sunday, he's observing all the highly interesting heat signatures of the place, coming in alongside Sunday, "Really makes you think. I mean… there's all this… -stuff-." Deep Thoughts, by Linus Young. He peers towards Jerry, and then uncomfortably towards Adrian, "H-Hey, Adj." Shuffleshuffle.

Mariscka sits at the counter, a math-textbook in front of her, along with the remnants of some sort of shake. "Hey, can I get a strawberry shake," she offers when Adrian passes her, "to go? We should take something back to Wil, he's too much of a vanilla man."

"Wil is so vanilla," Adrian agrees to Mariscka with a laugh, "Yeah, I can do that." He checks his watch, "Thanks for keepin' me company this afternoon Mari. C'mon nine o'clock!" The sight of the latest wave of customers coming in would make him groan since it's so close to closing, but hey! Fellow Steranko students and… Adrian swallows, adams' apple bobbing in his throat at the French girl in the poodle skirt. He heads towards Camille with a grin, and a lift of his hand at the trio of bandmates that enter shortly after her, "Be with you guys in just a sec… Uh, bonjour Camille. When you visit a place you certainly dress the part, huh?"

"Adrian, you can lock up can't you?" the voice of an older man asks as Mr. Mallory comes to the front of the store, pulling a fedora onto his head. "My wife just called and said that there were some kids setting off firecrackers in our back yard and some hit the house. I swear… the whole week after the fourth people shoot those things off."

Adrian looks from his boss to the mob still hanging out in the store. Back to his boss. "Um…" Sigh. "Yes, sir. I can do that."

"Good kid," the man says and then he's stepping out through those front doors and making his exit.

"Bonsoir, Monsieur Young," Camille replies properly enough, even going so far as to faux curtsey. The fake accent is dropped for her more natural one, as of yet unaware of the people behind her. Perhaps why she chose 'Young' and not 'Adrian'. The swallow does bring another degree to the corner of her lip, and the young woman leans just a bit more against the counter. "What is life, if not for the little roles we play? And how can one resist the stylized look of the era? Leather Jackets, Skirts, Hot Rods?" Le Sigh, perhaps in a good way. When she got into her roles, she could get into them. Still, a moment later, she slips onto a vacated stool, crossing one ankle around the other before she looks over at Mariscka. The fellow student gets a brief, if curt nod. The others, at least for the moment, haven't been identified.

Jerry stands by the counter, cutting eyes to the French chick and smiling, then he claps a hand on Linus's unoccupied shoulder at his stammered hello to his big brother - a definate 'Buck up, I got your back' kind of slap. "mmm, lemonade," he says somewhat to himself. "Since /I/ can't just cheat the heat like you guys.." he smiles.

"Hey, nobody needs an excuse for frosty delicious drinks," Sunday points out, lifting a hand to adjust the floppy brim of her hat so she can look at Jerry properly. The Buck Up mentality is also conveyed in the gently squeeze Sunday gives to Linus, another bat of her hand keeping the floppy bits of the hat from smacking him in the face as she leans in to place a reassuring kiss on his cheek. "Yeah. Stuff." When the pair of them head over to take seats of their own, Sunday finally notices Adrian is speaking to Poodle Skirt girl.. … and he used French. And then she speaks and.. Oh. It's HER. "Frenchie at ten o'clock," she whispers to Linus, swatting a little more impatiently at her incredibly fashionable but in no way practical hat.

"Oh sweet merciful crap." just about sums up Linus' take on things once Camille's presence is called to his attention, "Are those two going to sync up like voltron and form a larger, more powerful jerkwad? Because I could totally see that happening. New Neo Tokyo 2 is doomed." Jerry and Sunday's non-verbal encouragement seems to have an affect on the young boy. "I don't think I'm getting anything, though. It would be sort of weird to have it go down my throat and not feel… huh. Can you still get brainfreeze? I mean, if you just eat a lot of ice cream, does your head hurt anyway? I guess not. That's really bad news if you're an ice cream." He peers at Camille and shakes his head, "Adrian, you, you know, need a paper hat and that Mr. Sandman song playing on the radio to finish the picture. Maybe you'll get those pinko commies yet, h-huh?" He's practicing!

Mariscka has been relatively quiet from her spot at the counter - after all she is studying her Algebra 2. But the french is a curiousity, and as more and more things get said, the young gypsy-girl's eyes narrow as she peers from one member of the new crowd to another. (And yes, that includes Camille.) Her hand drops to her side, where a large bag hangs, and she absently strokes it, before reaching up for the crystal necklace instead. She simply stares at Linus, grasps the necklace, points to her eyes, then points to Linus.


(No … but Mariscka sure hopes Linus thought so.)

"Alright, those of you who did not just walk in the door two minutes ago start packin' it up," Adrian says, gesturing to the local teens. "I plan on locking the doors at nine. I've got a paper to work on for tomorrow." A paper for Ethics class that has sat untouched in his bag. Way to wait until the last minute Adj! "What can I get for you, then, doll?" Adrian asks with a grin at Camille as he leans briefly against the countertop in front of her. Hey, she wants someone to play roles with her, he can act the part. "Lemonade for you Jerry? Got it. Sunshine? Bro?" The boy does grin at Linus' attempt at humor, "There's something wrong with the radio, otherwise there would be fifties music playing. I refused to wear the paper hat though. Or wear a bow tie. That was where I had to draw the line."

Several of the local teens do start packing it up, some leaving tips in the tip jar, but most don't. There's general laughter and rough-housing from some of them as they prepare to venture back out into the summer heat. Adrian snickers at Mari's reaction to his twin and shakes his head, "Mari, this is Linus, Sunday, and Jerry… and Linus is cool. Well, he's not cool but he's cooler than he used to be." A compliment?!! The world is coming to an end. "And this," Adrian says nodding to the Parisian, "Is Camille." He turns to fix Jerry's lemonade, listening for other potential orders and keeping an eye on the parting locals to be sure no one decides to take a five-finger discount on any merchandise on the way out the door.

There's a rumble of thunder off in the distance. Ah… summer thunderstorms. Wait, were they calling for thunderstorms tonight?

"A neopolitan, if you would please," Camille murmurs, for the moment hiding the fact that the last time she ate ice cream was at age five. Never too old to try it again right? Blargh. At the mention of bowtie, the young woman mock pouts: "But you would look so cute in one too… Oh well." She doesn't go as far to snap her fingers, at least. Jerry gets a smile back, though there's a moment of calculation in the eyes - as if she were identifying more than greeting a relative stranger. The couple? They get a blank expression, as if she had never once met them before, let alone had a… rather engaging conversation, if one would call them that. "Hello there," she offers, as polite as befitting a stranger, even as she turns just in time to see Mariscka begin to point at Linus. At any other point she'd find that odd. But tonight? Very, very amusing. "Oh dear. What have you done to anger the poor young lady?"

When she is introduced, Camille stands to offer a more complete curtsey to the other young lady. "A pleasure. I'm sure that -" And then she cuts off as she listens to the distance. Something that brings a frown. "I forgot an umbrella." And by that tone, it was as if she was saying: "I forgot to bring a gun to a gunfight." or "I forgot to bring a Linus to the Random Competition."

Jerry waits for his lemonade, chatting with his bandmates a bit, then he gives a quirked smile at Mariscka as she attempts to 'curse' Linus. Then he looks to Camille as they're introduced, and gives her a nods. "Good to meet you," he says with a smile. He shifts where he's standing as the other teens clear out, and ends up against the counter, looking at his bandmates and Camille. "Eh, if it's still raining when we leave, I can take care of that," Jerry says about Camille's plight.

"Cooler than he used to be.. "Which is still cooler than you," Sunday pipes in, beaming a smile at Adrian. He can take it. And to Mariska? Sunday blinks.. then pulls down the side of one eye and sticks out her tongue, like a two year old. But since Adrian obviously knows her, and she's clearly messin', it's all rounded out with another grin. "I'll have an Egg Cream, please!" She is quite determined not to let the presence of someone she dislikes - that being Camille - color an enjoyable experience at the soda shop with friends. And a delicious Egg Cream. Of course then Linus is speaking in tongues and gets a gentle nudging at his side. "You're doing that thing again." That Thing being going off on things she has no idea about, and leaving her behind in the pop-culture dust. She pulls off her big floppy had and plops it onto the counter top, just in time to be greeted by Camille, and hear the thunder. Ugh. "Yeah, we've met. Hello Camille." Ugh again. But at least she didn't tell the woman to piss off straight away.

Lucky for Linus, he wouldn't know a gypsie curse if censors had to bleep one out for him. "I don't even know who that is." is his seven word reply to Camille, which is just about all the boy is inclined to give at this point. "Yeah. We've met. It was… a time. But you can never go back and relive the past, no matter how much you probably don't want to." He chuckles uncomfortably, then shrugs to himself, "I don't even mind the rain. It's the most normal thing about this City. It rains, it thunders, and it's hot. I'm learning to appreciate that it doesn't rain slugs."

Hazel eyes blink and Mariscka looks at Adrian, then to Linus. "Oh, sorry. Adrian has been nothing but kind to me, so … don't worry, I didn't really curse you," she says. Then she sticks her tongue out at Sunday, finding it amusing in her own way. As for the rain, Mariscka tilts her head to the side, then pats her bag. "I have it covered, if we are all going to the same destination. Well, most of it covered. Leaving Jones may mean a bit of wet for some of you."

More thunder rumbles and Adrian frowns as the lights flicker a little. "I didn't think they were calling for bad weather tonight, but either way, there's some umbrellas in the back room too," he says shaking his head. Jerry is given his lemonade and then the young man goes to scoop Camille some ice cream. "We could use the rain though." Looking on the bright side of things, that's Adrian. The boy grins at Sunday's little jab and he laughs. "Well, I'd be cooler too if I had the whole internal climate control thing working for me," he waggles his eyebrows. Camille's ice cream is slid to her across the bar with a flourish and Adrian goes to get Sunday's order. He's getting pretty good at this, speedy about it even, but then he's had all that wonderful on-the-job training… and since most of his customers are local teenagers (such as himself) the clientell can be brutal when you aren't fast enough.

As the last few of the NON-Steranko customers make their way out the front door, Adrian grins. "Awesome… I might get out of here somewhat on time tonight." He looks at Mari, while he gets Sunday's Egg Cream, "So, Gypsy girl, you've been here all day. You going to stick out the last few minutes and stay 'til I lock up? I'll fix the shake for Wil right before we leave." A pause and then, "So, uh… Jerry, you didn't talk to your um… Admirer again, did you?"

More thunder. And more lights flickering. This is one of the oldest buildings in the city afterall… and some of the original wiring is still intact. And another rumble, this one closer and followed by a flash that lights up the windows actually DOES knock the power out. The whole store is plunged into darkness.

"My, oh, my. What generosity is presented to me by such kind new aquaitances." Camille positvely beams. Which, probably for Sunday and Linus at least, should be big honking warning signs. It's about that moment that the ice cream is slid her way, and the young woman takes a nice delicate scoop, placing it into her mouth with a flourish. And promptly waits until at least Adrian, if not others are looking away before making a face. Yes, she could wait a few more years before trying Strawberry again. Though the chocolate wasn't … so bad. "American ice cream is quite d-"

She doesn't get to go on before the world is plummeted in darkness. "Merde." There's a second or two, before a single flame comes into existance, this from a small zippo the young woman brings up to look around. "I hope whoever the weatherman for this dreadful little town is, is getting a stern talking to. They said clear skies."

Jerry flashes eyebrows at Camille, giving her a smile. And then he shakes his head at Adrian, his expression changing in a second to guarded and considering. "No, not yet. I went by there three times and she wasn't there - and I sonared her room to make sure. So I'm not sure where she is, which worries me. I mean.. man, she was.. intense," he says, shaking his head. "I…" BOOM! Darkness. "Crap," he says, his field effect blooming over his body to provide at least some light, flickering and dark violet as it is. Not much illumination, but a tad. He frowns and looks to the back of the store. "Crap, did not everyone leave?" he says, pushing away from the counter.

In the dim firelight, Camille's eyes narrow for a moment, going straight to wards the back door of the store. A frown deepens on her lips, and when she speaks all pretense and roles are gone - leaving behind the a cold crisp tongue. "Three in the back about to cause trouble." And a moment later her eyes widen. "And get down!"

"It's not natural!" Sunday complains to Linus, frowning softly. "Rain is supposed to be cool and refreshing. Leaves everything feeling all.. clean! And trust me, I'm from Oregon - we KNOW rain. This.. this is not real rain. This is like… /Devil/ rain. Hot and gross." And why would a girl immune to temperature care that the rain leaves things hot instead of cold? PRINCIPLE, that's why! She doesn't seem bothered by the idea that the weather man was wrong about something, but when the lights flicker she does look up a little worried. And, naturally, gets a little closer to Linus. But then she has a delicious chocolatey beverage infront of her, and there are smiles again and beverage sipping. No eggs, no cream.. why DO they call it an egg cream? This incredibly important issue is being pondered in the moments before the lights go out. When they do, Sunday's vision almost automatically switches to thermal. She grins to herself - mostly because nobody else can see it. "Awesome," is whispered, and then she glances up at Linus. "Still good?" She leans forward to wrap lips around her straw once more, but then something catches her attention and she never quite makes it back to the chocolatey goodness. And obviously, she and Linus aren't going to be the only ones to spot them. "Uh, Adrian, are there supposed to be three guys-" Then Camille shouts. And Sunday, not one to second-guess people whose whole power revolves around noticing stuff, widens her eyes, grabs the front of Linus's shirt, and drags the boy /down/ with her. Why? No idea! But Frenchie said get down!

Jerry's eyes widen at that cry, and his force field suddenly swirls, brightens, and expands over the group, solidifying into a crystalline violet presence. SNAP! It's a quick, sudden reaction, spurred by his training since he got shot recently.

"In Cleveland, sometimes it basically rained dirt. I mean, it wasn't -really- dirt, but the dirt content was probably higher than the water content." Cleveland, it seems, was a lot like a third world country, if one listens enough to Linus. "Anyway, I'm willing to deal with hot rain. It's hardly the strangest thing that's happened to me IRL since coming here." He really does say I R L, of course. Since coming to the school, Linus has begun to refer to anything outside of the institute's pocket universe as 'RL' which is a metaphore which is rapidly becoming obsolete, given what his daily experiences are around here. And then the lights go out and he's got a loaded Sunday pressing against him. This is good, though the lack of light is bad. "Woah! See? There you…" Eyes track a trio of figures outside of the building, the boy catching a view not of their bodies, but of their heat. "Yeah. I see them. There's three…" And then Camille shouts and Sunday's pulling him down and there's a field of energy over everyone's heads. "Aaagh mother of fuck!"

Mariscka ducks as the power goes out, then frowns, digging into her bag for her phone, turning it off. No doubt her mother will call in the middle of trouble, and she would have to explain things. Then digging through the purse, Mariscka pulls out a silk-wrapped buddle and frowns faintly at the little glow that Jerry gives and the lighter that Camille holds. "Mmm, not enough light … I think I have some candl… "

"Oh my," are the next words out of Mariscka's mouth as she slips off the stool and tries to slip behind the counter. MUST. PROTECT. ICECREAM. FOR. SHAKE! "I think … one of them might be the cause of the weather," she notes, tilting her head to the side, trying to study the darkness.

"Ah, crap," Adrian says as the power goes out, "I was supposed to replace the bulbs in the emergency lights." But they got so busy today that he never managed to get around to it. Luckily there's enough Jerry-light and Camille's zippo for him to see a little as his eyes adjust to the darkness. "I think there's a flashlight back here somewhere. I'll have to go check the fuse box and…" Adrian is already ducked beneath the counter when shouts are made to 'Get Down!' and everything starts going haywire at once. Yeah. Great. Craziness happening in town. News at eleven. "The hell?!"

"…I think maybe we're over-reacting a little here?" Adrian says as he looks at the forcefield that snaps into place. "It's probably just somebody who was back there in the bathroom when the lights went out!" Adrian found the flashlight and he's got it in his hands. Click. He even turns it on and shines it towards the back of the store. "Hey! You okay back there? Powers' gone out, but don't worry…" He glances at his fellow students, particularly Jerry with forcefield, "Dude. Seriously?" But then Mari says the thing about the weather and Adrian looks at her, then shines the flashlight towards the back of the store again. "Hello?" Right, because it's a good idea to invite potential danger to where you are!

There is another loud BOOM-CRASH! of thunder outside. And it is JUST outside. The bright flash of the lightning that strikes the apartment building across the street is blinding with how dark it is in the Pharmacy. Whatever the lightning hit though, there's sparks and the curtains of a second story window catch fire and start to burn.

Almost immediately after the BOOM CRASH of the lightning, Camille lifts her head up from her spot on the ground, quirking a eloquent brow directly at Adrian. "You were saying, Monsieur Young?" As soon as the words are out of her mouth, the girl is on her feet as much as the force field will allow, somehow drawing Wit within the same span. Even in the darkness, there's a soft blue sheen that run across the blade, hinting at it's not-quite-earthly nature. "How did you two," she points at Linus and Sunday, "See the… Nevermind. It isn't important. Look over there and if you are able, acertain whether there are innocents in that building caught alit." She pauses a moment, looking down to her skirt with a sigh. There's a flick of the wrist, and a slit is suddenly cut on one side, to allow a bit more freedom of access. "I agree with the Mariscka girl. This is not natural- They must be controlling the whether, or somehow manipulating lighting for it. You." She points the sword at Jerry. "Come with me and keep that useful shield at the ready. You," it turns to Mariscka. "If you have any useful combat abilities come heretofor. If not, call the local authorities." She turns her head. "I would suggest using that heat you threatened on my rapier to curtail the fire, Mlle Knight. With your wonderfully talented mimic boyfriend." And her eyes shift to Adrian. "And you - If you so much as touch me in the next five minutes, I will ensure you will get a most hash crash course in vulgar French. Short of that, dinner on Friday?" Yes. She did just say that. And without hesitation walks straight towards the back door… only to bump into the far side of Jerry's field. "…If you would please monsieur."

Jerry folds his arms and looks at the people on the ground. "What the hell did you yell 'Get Down' for?" he says to Camille, then turns and whoas as the lightning blasts close by. "What do you see? I think I'm the only one still blind, here," he says. "Linus, before we part, you wanna copy my ability?"

He smiles at Camille's command, and pulls in his field, a weird brushing sensation over the others as it retracts; he holds it in ready, just in case. "Lead on," he says simply.

Sunday stays on the ground until the lightening hits the apartment building and everybody else starts to get up. She glances once at Camille, but now doesn't seem the time to argue about tone and orders and what-not. On her feet, Sunday's eyes fix on the building across the way.. and widen. "The fire is spreading too quickly! That building is full of people and-" Her eyes narrow briefly as if to focus, then fly wide. "Oh god..!" Sunday, a few months ago, would be fumbling for a cell phone right now and begging 911 to hurry. That was before she started running in to life or death situations on accident. Before Linus started to encourage the idea of being a Hero. So today, whatever the girl sees.. Is spurs her to do something Ling Young Approved Brand Stupid<tm>. "Call 911! Now!" And with that the girl makes rapidly for the front door, out it, and to the apartment building across the street.

Linus finds himself frantically looking around, crouched down at Camille's insistance. It's only when Jerry questions the concept of getting down, and not in a James Brown sort of way, that Linus snaps out of stop, drop, and roll mode, and starts getting real. "Yeah. I think it might be a good idea, bro." He reaches over to touch Jerry's face, and finds that unlike last time, he can actually feel the powers as he's taking them. He can feel every last aspect of Jerry's augmented genetic code and finds that he can not only choose what to take, but he doesn't really have to drop everything he has. In the end, on a purely metaphysical level, Linus ends up walking in two worlds at once. "Holy shit." He stands back up and stalks towards the back wall, engaging in Linus Young Brand Stupid of his own. Hell, he INVENTED Linus Young Brand Stupid. "Sunday's got her hands full back there." ANd yet he's not rushing out there, himself. Clearly he feels she can handle herself. Instead, he's gazing at the wall, and staring at the heat of the figures behind it. "You're a bunch of murdering little bastards, aren't you." RIngs of purple energy begin to tear the pharmacy apart, eroding into and ultimately destroying the wall that the three were hiding behind. Linus' eyes have a strange glint to them, like this simply has to be done. ANd hey, Adrian's likely to get in trouble if anyone is, so that's alright, too!

"Well, I was," starts Mariscka as she points across the street. Then she shrugs to Camille as she unwraps the silk bundle exposing a set of ancient … cards? Of course, this is now when Linus destroys half the shop, leaving the Gypsy Girl staring a gape at him. "Wh… the … WHY DID YOU DO THAT?! You… they just probably wanted the pharmace… drugs, you …" starts Mariscka trailing off into Romani with her own 'not clean' mouth.

Finally, Mariscka lets out a final grumble before flipping over the first card - the nine of swords. Usually the one reading the Tarot deck does not want to see that particular card. It is a card of cruelty and pain. But in this instance, it is /JUST/ what Mariscka wanted - and she holds it in the air, before it desolves into a thousand motes of light that drift upwards. Then they form into swords and rain down inside the shop - amazingly missing Jerry and his shield, Camille, Linus, Mariscka herself and Adrian. She offers a hazel-eyed glare at Linus, still annoyed at the destruction of property, but her own version of combat may have been just as bad, if not worse. At least it does the appropriate damage. There are three figures behind what was once the wall. The swords seem to bounce off harmlessly of one of the men. However, the woman and the other figure seem to take a good many blows from the raining weaponry.

Then that angry gaze turns and looks out the window to the street. "Mmmm… just enough," she says and flips the next card on the deck - the Queen of Cups. This card is simply tossed forward, and it melts into water as it passes -through- the door. With the storm overhead, the water gathers more water, and writhes before Mariscka motions it forward, allowing it to leap upon some of the flames, offering Sunday a bit of help.

"Or… I could not check the fuse box," Adrian says dryly. More lightning flashes outside and the sound of a fire alarm can be heard mixed in with the thunder as someone across the street realizes the apartment complex is on fire. Despite the sound of thunder and the evidence of lightning, there is no rain to be spoken of— not dirt rain, or hot rain, or slug rain —to help dispel the blaze. Lucky for everyone Camille is telling them all what to do! Because good golly Miss Molly what would everyone do without a bossy French woman in a poodle skirt carrying a sword? A french woman that Adrian just stares after. "…did you really just ask me out?" There's a pause to consider, as Adrian pulls himself up and slides over the counter to follow behind with the flashlight at the ready. "No."

The 'no' hangs in the air for a few seconds, but is followed up by, "I have to work Friday, but how about seven o'clock on Saturday?" And with that, Adrian is sliding over the countertop with flashlight in hand with an attempt to be helpful, glancing back towards Mari.

As Sunday races off to do damage control on the fire and Jerry follows Frenchie's lead… more lightning arcs from the sky outside and strikes a parked car setting off the car alarm. Fun with the weather!

The flashlight illuminates the aisles of the store, casting shadows from various drugstore items, the back wall… that Linus just… "LINUS!" …and then it just falls upon the three figures who are continuing towards the front of the store with a slow and steady pace. This is because Linus just destroyed the back of the pharmacy. The moment the flashlight shines on them though it's obvious that they weren't just lingering customers who'd been back in the bathrooms when the lights went out. This is apparent for starters because the three of them are clothed from head to toe in dark attire and all three are wearing ski masks. And gloves. They are all wearing gloves. The only skin showing on any of the trio is what peaks through the holes of their masks. In this heat. The first is a clearly female figure and is carrying a pair of small scythes in her hands. The second figure is a rather large, looming male figure. And the third, a smaller male whose eyes are glowing with a violet light in the darkness. And the big guy? He starts whistling 'It's a Small World'. That they've been seen, doesn't appear to bother them any.

In fact the disintigration of the shelves and objects in the intervening space is like the gauntlet being thrown down. And there are swords raining from the sky, and crazy french women with swords, and… Adrian throws his hands up in the air as if that's going to do anything to stop the Crazy Train that has become his life. He waves his arms, pointing the flashlight at Linus for a minute to GLARE at his twin. But it's quick, because he's then pointing it back towards the bad guys in time for Mariscka's swords to rain down on them. The man with the glowing eyes stumbles and the glow winks out, coincidentally ending the lightning for now. But there IS rain suddenly, thanks to Mariscka's second card of choice.

"I told you this was a bad idea!" the weather controller— that would be the man who had the glowing blue eyes —snaps. There's a CRACK of lightning inside the store and in a flash the man is gone. Only to reappear behind Adrian and Mariscka. He has gashes on both of his arms, leaving some skin showing through the damaged clothing from the rain of swords.

The woman lifts her weapons, smiling at Camille. Her mouth visible only through the small opening of her mask. There's a cut along her back, but she's sizing up her opponents. "Sometimes it's more exciting when things don't go as planned." And then she is moving at quicksilver speed, inhumanly fast towards Camille with those two scythes slicing. Dicing. And only meeting Wit rather than the girl weilding it.

The Big Guy as he will be called decides to go for a swing at Jerry with a gloved fist the size of a small ham. It misses Jerry entirely, but the boy can probably feel the air from it and then the fist is smashing a display. You could almost picture him saying 'I'm the Juggernaught…!' or something. Either way he's decided he's going to squash Jerry like a bug.

Camille watches as walls disintegrate, swords begin to rain, and badguys are revealed. By way of things, she seems almost most perturbed that she was actually turned down! Erm. Wait, scratch that a moment later as Adrian adjusted. "Saturday then." And almost immediately afterwards, the rapier is brought to her lips, before she murmurs: "Dieu me pardonne pour ce que je vais faire. Et Que Dieu pardonne ‡ mes ennemis un peu moins. Live avec le but, mourir dans la dignitÈ." Little else can be said, however before the woman with Scythes is suddenly attacking - and quite well at that. Camille barely has time to shift her head and lift up to parry before the scythe comes crashing down. Almost immediately, Rosetta crosses and thrusts back, trusting her instincts and the magic of the sword to lash out at lightning quick speeds. "And sometimes," she sneers to the villainess as her initial flurry rings true. It's only at the last moment she twists to prevent the score from going too deep, cognizant of the nature of bladed weapons. "It's safer not to ruin my evening."

«Woman with Scythes is Stunned + Bruised»

Jerry's eyes widen as Linus takes his power, then uses it to blow out the back wall. "Ooookay, I didn't know you were gonna start urban renewal.." he says, then whoas as the villains pour out into the store. He goes back into a self-defense stance, weight on his back foot, waiting.. as the big man comes up, the boy's forcefield forms denser cylinders around his hands and forearms. Duck, step, step. PUNCH! The massive piledriver of energy Jerry throws at the man hammers at him. "Cops are on their way, stand down now," he says, smiling, pretty sure they're not going to obey. But it never hurts to try.

«JuggerNOT is Bruised»

Don't mind Sunday. She's just going to run like hell is on her heels (speaking of - barefoot, considering she had to kick off the high-heels to actually run) into the apartment building, with nary a sense of personal safety. Mostly this is born of the fact that she doesn't really consider herself to be in danger, being immune to the fire and the building itself not entirely engulfed at the moment. Inside the main hall she takes two seconds to franticly locate the fire alarm, break the glass, and yank on the little alarm lever. Sure, it might be going off already, but her pulse is ringing in her ears and she's not too sure, so better safe than sorry. And up the stairs she goes! Her thermal vision tells her which room is the one on fire, and where the people within it are. She did have the forethought to grab a fire extinguisher off the wall on her way up, but not for the reasons one might think! Instead the slight of a girl hefts the damn thing after the knob refuses to give, and BASHES it down on the door lock. Huzzah! Entry! Well, no need for the fire extinguisher anymore! Need the inventory space. "Hello?!" she calls into the apartment, already in the process of freezing surfaces if necessary. "I'm here to help!! Please hurry, we need to get out of here!" Looking around quickly, she adds "Ohmigod and don't forget your kitty!!"

Mariscka frowns at everything going on, especially the property damge. "Have /NONE/ of you a sense of sanctity of place? Look at the mess you've crea… Aieee!" she ends with shriek, yelping as the weather guy is suddenly behind her. "Hey! No fair teleporting! I haven't figured that one out yet," she pouts, before looking at Adrian. "Forget the shake… Wil will understand," she notes flipping over another card - The Empress. Holding up the card the eyes glow for a moment glow as they face the zappity teleporter bad weather guy, then flash in a wave of force towards him. The man is forced to take several steps backwords, before Mariscka reaches for Adrian. "We should go. Before someone knocks the building down on us… we'll blame it on the big guy… I hope your boss has insurance…"

Two children rush out from behind the sofa that is in the back of the burning room when Sunday busts open the door. They're couging. One of them goes to grab their kitten. It's very dramatic and heartwarming and… well, it is until some of that fire that Sunday is trying to put out shifts and forms into a figure that the Heroic Kodak Moment is interrupted. "Just you?" The fiery figure shakes its head and directs a hand towards the heroine sending a column of fire at her. Not that it's going to do any damage whatsoever to the thermal controller, but this gal doesn't know that. Yet. This explains why the fire was spreading so quickly at least. The children meanwhile scream and go running out into the hall, joined by other residents of the apartment building who are now responding to the fire alarm! Only one pauses to stare dumbfounded into the burning room to see the seventies-clad teenager facing the fiery female figure.

Meanwhile… inside the Pharmacy:

"That… sounds like a great idea," Adrian suggests to Mariscka, taking her hand and starting to back up with her. "I sure hope he does have insurance, but either way I'm probably fired." Crazy Train. His life has become a complete and total crazy train. Of course it's only just now registering to him that the trio are all wearing gloves and there's a quick look across the room towards his twin, then back to Mari. "Yeah, time to go…" He turns to drag Mariska with him towards the door. Camille seems to be doing well by herself and so is Jerry. He's hoping his brother has the sense to get the hell outta there too instead of standing there. Maybe melting the wall of Adrian's place of employment took too much out of him?

The weatherman looks from Adrian to Linus and back again. "Which one?" The 'evil weather man' narrows his eyes at Mariscka and they light up again with that eerie inner glow. As Adrian and Mariska turn to run there's a rather nasty CRACKLE of electricity. The lights in the store actually flicker back ON briefly from the strength of the blast that leaps from the man's gloved fingers. They don't stay on, sending the room back into mostly darkness so that the lightning itself is the only thing searing everyone's vision. It arcs first from Mariscka and to Adrian, sending the pair collapsing to the ground. Mariscka's precious Tarot cards go tumbling from her hand to spill across the Pharmacy floor. The flashlight falls too, rolling under a shelf. The weather controller moves forward to grab hold of both unconscious teens and with a look back towards Scythe there is another CRACK! all three of them are gone.

Scythe hisses in pain as she's sliced and this serves to spurn her on to fight harder. Her twin scythe blades twirl and she moves like a serpent, dancing with Camille. There's a twist of one scythe that knocks Wit away just long enough for her to slice across Camille's abdomen with the other. "You're a worthy oppenent. It's a shame we can't stay and spar all night, but we have work to do." She looks towards Linus, eyes narrowed. "One out of two's not bad. You're on your own Rock." There's a shift and the woman's speed carries her towards the rear of the store that is not there anymore and towards the ally beyond, sending papers and debris scattering from the wake of her wind.

Rock. It's appropriate enough for the big beefy guy who reaches out to GRAB Jerry like he's a toy and THROW him towards the soda counter. As if there isn't enough property damage already. Jerry, however, through his powers or agility or just sheer awesomeness of character doesn't crash into anything. Which has two benefits: no further property damage, and no damage to the teen himself. It's then that Rock realizes that his two companions have abandoned him and he's stuck standing there amidst angry teenagers.

«Camille is Stunned + Bruised + Injured»

Perhaps Camille had gotten to be a bit too cocky. Then again, this was the Lady we were talking about. Her parries become just a touch fancier, and her footwork just a touch flashy. And when she thinks she has the upper hand, she gets a feint deflected. Rosetta's eyes widen marginally, but it is too late for her to do anything, but to cry out as the scythe cuts along her midsection. Her hand immediately goes to rest upon it, coming up with a good heaping of blood. That. Couldn't. Be. Good. "Chienne," she coughs out as the woman begins to depart, causing Camille's eyes to burn. She wanted revenge, but in her state, chasing would be foolhardy. Not to mention… well. She noticed something. Then again, given her mutant powers, she always notices something. But it would have to wait - just one moment. "Oh Rock. Please do me an itsy little favor?" The giant of a man's shoulder is tapped, a moment before the sword goes straight through. "Roll over." The voice is cold, cruel, as she clutches her stomach looking around. But to no avail - Adrian and Mariscka are gone. "They're after the twins. Jerry, fly Linus back to the school. NOW. I'll help his woman, but Young is the priority." She does her best not to wince again, but her teeth bare for a moment, even as she retrieves her sword. From Rock's back. "Go!"

«Rock is Unconscious»

Jerry is having a good time, frankly, and even the punch doesn't rock him back - he can fly, and simply flips in mid air over the counter and comes back - but then Adrian and Mari are taken, which drops his jaw. Then The french chick gets slashed, and he realizes these guys have a plan, which they just mostly pulled off. His anger boils to the surface, and parts of the counter simply whiff away into nothingness, their molecular bonds vibrated apart. "Don't order me around like a dog, you murdering bitch!" he snaps at Camille even as he scoops Linus up in his arms. "If he's dead, I'll see you under the jail," he growls, and rockets off towards Steranko with Limus in tow, windows shattering as he breaks the sound barrier on takeoff.

Sunday ushers the two children out the door and is about to follow when the woman takes shape from the flames. Oh, well, doesn't this just FIGURE. Just You?! She actually looks a bit indignant! "Trust me, Just Me is enough." Especially given this person seems to deal in fire.. and Sunday knows something she does not. "Kids, run!!" she calls moments before being engulfed in flames. The blonde is at first unconcerned, except she notices her clothing doesn't appear to be as immune as she is. Sunday shrieks and freezes herself down, salvaging the tatters of her outfit just enough to save some modesty. Not a lot, mind you, but enough to maintain the PG-13 rating. "DAMNIT," she shouts, glaring at the fire-bender. "This outfit was brand new!" And with that, Sunday's heat shield sizzles to life around her, melting the ice around her edges and prompting her to cross arms over her chest. Again, modesty. But hell, she doesn't need fancy flares to do what she's gonna do! The energy flows out of the girl and almost seems to absorb into the fire-chick, a penetrating cold gripping bones but in the end not doing a whole lot of damage. Still, more than Sunday suffered. With a grin of those fushcia painted lips, Thermal mouths off, "Looks like you're gonna have to do this the old fashioned way. Lucky for me I don't have that problem."

The fire-controller shrieks, doubling over and howling in pain as parts of her go from covered in fire to flesh-tone with a cold blue tinge. She recoils, drawing back away from Sunday and with a fiery flash, her skin warms over again and she points a fiery finger at the blonde teen. "Next time, I'll be ready for you." That's not a threat. It's a promise! And with a trail of flames behind her, the woman flies out through the window. She and Jerry probably just narrowly miss crossing paths.

There is a rather large crowd of civilians gathered outside in the street now. Those that exited the apartment building. Some of them are looking through the windows of the darkened pharmacy, but most stare at their building. The fire alarm still sounds. In the distance the sound of the fire engines can be heard. And then Jerry goes rocketing off with Linus in tow and windows are shattering and… well that gets a whole new round of staring. Murmurs ripple through the crowd. And then a woman engulfed in flames flies off… at least this is Cove City and most of these people are used to bizarre neohuman things happening here. Not as much as the larger cities like New York or L.A. or London or… but Cove City is starting to get up there. (This couldn't have anything to do with a school of super-powered teenagers being nearby at all!)

Rock has collapsed onto the ground as the sword is pulled out. The Pharmacy is in ruins. One wall obliterated. Shelves knocked over, part of the old soda counter disintigrated. Busted windows… insurance premiums are going through the ROOF! And a local landmark will never be the same.

«Sunday gains a Nemesis!»

Camille counters Jerry's fiery glare with an ice cold one. "There are no vital organs where my blade ended, of that I can assure you. He will survive without sustaining injury. Save your indignancies for when our own are not being kidnapped." Camille winces again, taking one last furtive around and insuring that Adrian and Mariscka are indeed gone. There is a litany of curse words in French, as she makes a cut into the skirt again, suddenly making it more of a mini. The strip of fabric is wrapped about the cut on her waist, and she quickly stumbles to the spot of the dissapearances. Hoping for anything - A dropped piece of evidence, or a shred of clothing from the missing people. The cards from the Rom girl are gather and set into a hidden pocket, as are anything else of value. With that, the girl looks at the public out front and decides it better to slip the back way to circle around to meet Sunday… hopefully not dripping too much blood on the way.

And inside the Pharmacy, behind the half-disintigrated counter, a cheerful techno-beat ringtone emits from within Adrian's bright orange backpack!

And on her way out, Adrian's bag is grabbed, and upon closer inspection the phone is opened up. "He's doing school work. He'll call you back." What? Is Camille really going to tell his mom that he was kidnapped by a lightning thief?

Sunday stares down the fire girl with a look of unblinking determination, and perhaps the smallest of cocky smiles. Amazing how she can look so superior while holding on to the shreds of her clothing! "It's a date." And out the window she flies, so Sunday hurries back the way she came. Seeing as how the proper authorities are here, she feels the proper thing to do is to sneak out a back way, hurrying along and trying to stay out of the crowds. For the sake of her ever building embarassment. When she spots Camille - looking like she's been through hell - Sunday's eyes widen. "Ohmigod, are you okay?!" Okay, she doesn't like the girl, but she'd never wish actual physical harm on her. .. not SERIOUSLY. "I saw Jerry flying away with Linus. Did Adrian and the other girl get out okay too?"

And in Cleveland, Adrian's mother smiles at the fact that a girl answered Adrian's phone. Of course he's doing homework. "Okay, that's fine," Mrs. Young says to whoever this is that has answered her son's phone, "You be sure to tell him to do that. If he's there, tell him I put that care package in the mail and that I'll just talk to him later." And she'll hang up, blissfully unaware of what's really going on over on the east coast.

"Yes, Mrs. Young. I'll tell him. Of course. Have a good night." And poor Camille gives it her Sunday (No pun intended) best! All cheery, and American sounding, and not at all in seering pain or righteous indignant anger! Of course, the moment the phone's closed, she's grimacing again, making sure to cover her trail as best she can. At least until she comes accross Sunday. Is she okay? "'Tis only a scratch." Whether or not she meant to quote Mercutio is a matter of debate, although she does regard Sunday and her state of clothing. But no humor or snark this time. "Another opponent in the other house I assume." And then there's slight dejection, and a headshake. "Non. They were taken. This was their intention from all along. The fire was a ploy - They were covered to not to make physical contact. They wanted the Young boys, and specifically Adrian on this eve. They had no way of knowing your beau would be present. And I failed to forsee it in time." There's another grimace, as the young woman looks down at her makeshift bandage. It was already starting to bleed through. "Abdomen wounds always bleed so much." A beat later. "Do not leave his side. They will be after him too. They said one of two." Were there not police and a crowd, she might have done something with Rock - somehow try to coerce answers from him - to ascertain truth. But it was too late now.

"I will get the two back. And I will have my bloody revenge."

Sunday nods once in reply and says, "A fire manipulator. Unlucky for her, I'm immune. Unlucky for me, my romper wasn't." Her eyes turn skyward, moving over the flickering trail left behind only until Camille reveals that Adrian and Mari were taken. Blue eyes fly wide open and fix once more on the sword-wielding teen. "WHAT?!" And then Cam goes on… and a sinking feeling settles in Sunday's stomach. A past, somewhat frightened conversation flickers through her memory.. A supicion Linus once voiced. It makes her ill, but she dares not speculate. Not infront of a stranger. "I can track that! If I don't wait for the trail to go cold," Literally, "I can track their movements! Damnit, I just need to get something to wear first.." She frowns deeply in concern at Camille's wound, and when she young woman offers her caution, the blonde nods. "The fire girl said 'next time'. I thought she was just.. mouthing. Maybe not." A sigh follows. "You will get back to the school, Camille. Seriously, look at yourself. Patch up, and then we'll deal with this. Hey but, before you go…" She suddenly looks a bit bashful. "Can I have your jacket? I wanna get this done before the trail is gone."

There's a brief pause, before Camille slips out of her slightly bloodied jacket, offering it to the girl as she studies. "I have Adrian's bag, and should all else fails, I may have a few resources who could use that. But if you can follow a trail, by no means let me hold you back. I doubt if I am in much danger any more." She wasn't going to bleed out any time soon at least. "I'll be fine though. It's truly a flesh wound, though it will most likely leave a scar, especially if it requires stiches. But it is to be expected with playing at swords." With is glances at for a moment, flicked to wipe of the lingering blood trails, and resheathed. "But you are right. I am no match for them all alone, and cannot do much in the way of tracking myself. My skills lie… elsewhere. Linus should at least be safe at Steranko, there is some solace in that." And with Jerry, though the boy's anger does bring Camille pause. "If you find something," a card is slipped with the jacket to the blonde before the woman begins to amble the back way towards school again. "Call me. It's a temporary line."

Sunday accepts both jacket and card, slipping the garment on and buttoning it up before she takes the card.. pausing for just a moment to blink and look at Camille. "… You really need to meet Timothy Grayson." Why? She'll leave that to Camille to figure out, pocketing the card instead and then asking, "Can I have the cell phone also?" Provided Camille offers it up, that too gets pocketed. "Take care getting back." The blonde girl turns then to head off, but after only getting one step in the direction of the pharmacy she stops, pauses, and turns her head. "And Camille? … I'm sorry. .. And thank you." That said, she truly turns and hurries off before her trail goes cold.

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