Real Name: Hank Parchman
Age: 14
Identity: Super Secret
Birthplace: La Jolla, California
Date of Birth: 8/9
Known Relatives: Mother Crystyl Parchman (aka Homicide)
Height: 5'2
Weight: average
Eyes: blue, glasses
Hair: brown, curly
Grade: Freshman
Dorm: {$Dorm}

Well, the maximum lawman run down Flamingo, chasing the rat and the barefoot girl...


Federal Bureau of Investigation Recorded Statement

"Okay, bull, you want the tale? La Jolla California, no father around, just a series of dealers, stiffs and layabout boyfriends. My mom Crystyl and me, little Hank, in trailer parks and no account towns, tagging one meth ring after another, cocaine and heroin, running the rent up around the world and into her bloodstream, ankling when it got too hot, always on the nut. Little Hank with relatives, with friends, in foster care, but eventually he would always come back to her, legged it, breezed off. I took care of her, bull, you know how that is, someone has to take care of people like that, it was me. You going to take care of her now, is that how you think it will be?

Two years ago, Crystyl made a decision. Her debts were too high, she was flat, her contacts were now all coming for her, her with empty pockets and too shaky to even lift from the stores to get by. She'd heard about this real play - never mind where she heard it - people say things around hash-heads when they're on the nod, like kids, you know, they say things around them not thinking that they think, not thinking that they hear. Crystyl heard about this real play and it was the only play she had, so she took the deal, she did what she had to to save little Hank. She brazened it out, dipped the bill with a guy who knew this and a woman who did like so, and said the right wrong things and that night there was no knock, but they came in and got her. Saying those right wrong things got her a chin-wag with the bosses, and she said she'd do anything to squeeze some juice for the sharks. The gang had stolen and refined several super-serums from government this and mad science that and even from other super-criminals, and needed someone they could control to become their super-powered enforcer, to carry the banner of their power into the underworld, to be their main fall, their front page twist in a spandex bullseye for every laser-shooting palooka and brain-melting pug that has their bones to make. Crystyl was perfect - desperate, addicted, shaky, controllable, completely controllable.

But they didn't think their skirt really cared about anything but junk, and they were wrong about that. They forgot about little Hank. The only thing Crystyl ever really loved besides drugs. She knew when she saw those glowing test tubes or laser-thin needles or whatever it was that they would take her from Hank, maybe forever, and she would never have a chance to protect him again. So somehow, she kept back one of the serum treatments for him, one last lift in a long career of being nailed by three dollar security cameras and bulls like you, and this one was clean. Little Hank would need an edge in foster care. He was going to be there for the rest of his childhood.

Crystyl, my mom, took the rest of her medicine and you know the rest. Every power they could think of and drug interactions boiling up some they hadn't. A heavy hitter, that Crystyl, or "Homicide", yeah, a frame worthy of every FOX newshawk that wants their talons in something bloody, gone for good from La Jolla and climbing your Most Wanted like the sun coming up in the morning.

I can hear everything in this coffee-and-cake clubhouse, I can see your breakfast on the film of your teeth, it took a few confusing months in the group home before I was up to speed on it all, but once I saw her get hit on the news, I knew what I was thinking about. The only thing that mattered. Getting them back for what they'd done to her, the tune they started the first time a boyfriend gave her a toot and which won't ever end for her, not ever.

I knew where they operated. People say things around kids. I knew where I could go when nobody was watching, and I started to work. A brick goes missing here, and it turns up in another yegg's stash there. Money gets spent that shouldn't, money gets paid that shouldn't. Who paid it, nobody knows, it's an envelope, its lettuce, it never goes bad. A torpedo goes to settle things and he gets plucked by the bulls. Before you know it there's a skirmish and behind every battle a war looms, the Godzilla shadow over every syndicate's happy little Japan. If you'd let me start that war, you'd save yourself a whole lot of trouble. I know buttons like you worry about the dirt, but when you're born in it, you don't mind it as much."

Conclusion: Hank's perceptive abilities are very impressive. He also appears to have enhanced toughness and regenerates injuries quickly. It's likely that his intelligence was also increased by the treatment, though he is so far behind in school that it's difficult to assess. Suffice to say that in the normal population he is dangerous, and sees nothing wrong with provoking a gang war to get his revenge for what he believes was the brutal treatment of his mother, now known as the erratic and extremely powerful supervillain "Homicide".

I recommend the Witness Protection Program for Hank, along with mandatory counseling and channeling of his abilities into more productive fields.

Action: Assigned to Witness Protection Program, Steranko Institute.
Supervisor: Inspector Margaret West


Witness Protection Psychological Profile - Conclusions

Hank possesses several indicators of reactive attachment disorder, though that diagnosis is more severe than Hank's presentation warrants. Parentified at an early age, Hank resists authority figures whether they are peers or adults. Although a positive foster care environment since his last removal has reduced his parentification, other negative social factors have persisted, resulting in his social isolation. He has clearly been evaluated by psychologists before, perhaps many times, and is quite capable of manipulating the outcome of many of the personality inventories, resulting in high Lie and Fake Good indices. His delinquency history and "tough", pessimistic presentation are misleading. I interpret his delinquency referrals primarily as a survival mechanism - shoplifting being the most significant of them. Hank is a young man who loves his mother and wants to do the right thing, but in the absence of what he perceives as justice, he takes up revenge not because he particularly likes the idea, but because he sees nothing better. He has not had the opportunity to form positive peer attachments. Hank's prospects for a reasonable family situation seem virtually nil, and he is quite aware of this outlook. The most unhealthy aspect of Hank's personality is his willingness to manipulate others to obtain what he wants. The challenge in addressing this with him is that this strategy is very effective for him and in fact has kept him alive during a time when his parent virtually abdicated all responsibility.


Hank should attend mandatory counseling sessions with a male counselor trained in handling manipulative young clients. The goal of this counseling is to explore issues related to family of origin.

Hank is unlikely to be adopted and his mother is clearly unfit. He will need life skills classes and assistance with placement through his 18th birthday.

Hank is extraordinarily, potentially even superhumanly, intelligent. However, he reads at a sixth grade level and is at least three years behind in his schoolwork. An Independent Education Plan focusing on special ed needs would allow him to catch up to his classmates relatively quickly. Educational advisers should understand that he has not routinely been in a school environment for the last four years and is vanishingly unlikely to succeed there except by his own choice.

Hank requires close monitoring by Witness Protection not only to protect him against those who might target him due to his mother's situation, but because if unmonitored, he is extremely likely to evade the program and return to his untrained attempts to attack the people he perceives as responsible for his mother's condition, putting him at severe risk of injury or death.


Hank will be in some logs.



Str 10 (+0), Dex 10 (+0), Con 10 (+0), Int 24 (+7), Wis 20 (+5), Cha 10 (+0)

Toughness (7 Protectiom) = +7
Fortitude (1)+5 = +6,
Reflex (0)+5 = +5
Will (5) = +5

Base Attack +4,
Base Defense +4,
Grapple +5,
Init +4

Bluff (0) + 11 = +11
Diplomacy (0) + 4 = +4
Escape Artist (0) + 8 = +8
Gather Information (0) + 8 = +8
Investigate (7) + 4 = +11
Knowledge (Streetwise) (7) + 6 = +13
Notice (5) + 11 = +16
Search (7) + 11 = +18
Sense Motive (5) + 10 = +15
Sleight of Hand (0) + 4 = +4
Stealth (0) + 11 = +11

Attack Specialization (Strike +4) (2)
Distract (Bluff) (1)
Hide In Plain Sight (1)
Improved Aim (1)
Improved Initiative (1)
Master Plan (1)
Prone Fighting (1)
Sneak Attack (1)
Taunt (1)
Uncanny Dodge (1)

Super-Senses 19 (Source: Mutation; Microscopic Vision 4, Scent 1, Ultra-Hearing 1, Ultravision 1, Extended Vision 4 (x10,000), Extended Hearing 3 (x1000), Danger Sense 2 (Vision, Hearing), Distance Sense 1, Infravision 1, Low-Light Vision 1; Cost: 1/Rank, Total: 19PP)

Regeneration 5 (Source: Mutation; Recovery Rate: Bruised 1, Injured 1, Staggered 1, Disabled 1, Unconscious 1; Cost: 1/Rank, Total: 5PP)

Strike 6 (Source: Training/Mutation; Cost: 1/Rank, Total: 6PP)

Protection 7 (Source: Mutation; Cost: 1/Rank, Total: 7PP)

Attributes: 24
Combat: 16
Saves: 10
Feats: 11
Skills: 22
Powers: 37

Total: 120


Smartest Kid In The Special Ed Class - Although the serum boosted Hank's intelligence, his extremely poor schooling history over the last four crucial years have left him without much of the very basic knowledge that most freshman high school students have. He has to attend special ed classes in order to remediate this situation. It doesn't matter how fast you learn when you're so far behind the rest of the pack. This is also why he talks with slang that is virtually impenetrable. He's just from another world, one he inhabited either alone or effectively alone, for many years.

Homicida Mama - Hank is in complete denial about his mother's drug abuse history and he thinks that she's become the supervillainess Homicide because she was forced to, which is partly true, but overlooks her years of neglect and ignoring her responsibilities as a mother, her criminal activity, her own instability, and in short, Hank doesn't have a correct picture of her, not even now. Furthermore, while her identity isn't public knowledge, those that created her certainly know she has a child, and that might provide them leverage if they ever decide she's getting too far out of control. Not to mention the authorities, or other enemies of Homicide who might see the "helpless" frosh as a good way to control or stop the overpowered maniac.

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