Hand of Fate

A villain team active in the 70s and 80s, they haven't been heard from much lately. While their crimes often netted them a profit, they claimed their true purpose was to change the course of human destiny.

Professor 6 (Status: At Large) - Time traveller from an alternate totalitarian future where no one has names, just numbers ranking them by their 'value' to society. He is dedicated to preventing that future from coming to pass… and to enjoying this earlier, more decadent time. Quote: "The advancement of human science can not be allowed to continue decoupled from the advancement of the human soul. The harm I do today prevents untold horrors for generations yet unborn."

Miss Mist (Status: At Large) - Rumored to be the daughter of an unidentified Mystery Man, she is incorporeal most of the time appearing as a shimmering haze. An avid conspiracy theorist, most would think that her time out of phase with reality had driven her insane… if it wasn't for the fact that on those rare occasions when she urges action it seems always to be correct. Quote: "I told you that artifact was unsafe in human hands! The brainwashing of the New World Order has made you blind to the dangers of the Old World, of the intelligences that ruled when men were still small, scuttling things!"

Mordred (Status: Unknown) - Claiming to be the son of Morgan LaFey, Mordred (aka Medrot, Medrod) has never been proven to be the figure of Arthurian legend, but it has never been disproved either. Sorcerer, swordsman, speaker of more than a dozen languages, it is his skills as a strategist that make him truly feared. Quote: "The only thing more dangerous than a live hero is a dead one. I make no martyrs this day."

Driveshaft (Status: Deceased) - A genius with a practical bent toward engineering, Driveshaft claimed to be the son of a Detroit car factory worker who committed suicide after losing his job and pension. Whether this is true or not, Driveshaft showed a deep seated resentment of corporations, and a respect for the garage inventor. Quote: "I refuse to be another cog in the machine!"

Heartbreaker (Status: Deceased) - An stunning blonde woman, Heartbreaker was known to be a powerful Empath. Unfortunately, her powers were believed to have pushed her over the edge. Disgusted by the emotional dishonesty that filled society, she dove into the role of femme fatale claiming that she was just revealing the people she manipulated for what they really were. She claimed to work with the Hand of Fate because they were the only honest people she knew. Quote: "Hearts full of bile and rage and lies! And you call yourselves Heroes?!?"

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