Ice Controller
Full Name: Quentin Walker
Age: 35
Owner: Liv
Public Character: No
Current Status: Public ID


The hero known as Glacier is an ice controller active mostly in the United Kingdom. He is known for broad area effects rather than focused bursts, his frost shield being perhaps the smallest manifestation of his powers. He was recently unmasked as MI-5 agent Quentin Walker in an incident with American Soul Shadows Hunter and Kerry.


Glacier has been in operation as a hero for close to a decade, turning his powers towards disaster control and other crises as frequently as direct conflict. He has worked in a few local teams, but never for long, preferring to remain a solo operator. When he was unmasked, it was revealed that MI-5 had learned about his powers six years ago and quietly approved him to continue operation as a vigilante. He was divorced last year from his wife of seven years, Carlotta - she had the familiar complaint that her husband was married more to his job than to her.

Encounters: Hunter, Kerry
Allies: Antigone, Jack, Jonathan




(Cove City Chronicle)

Young vigilantes averted an attempted murder in downtown Cove City Friday afternoon. The city bustle was interrupted when a section of the Marriott's wall shattered under an icebolt and a neohuman tumbled to the pavement, pursued by shadow-controlling shapeshifters: the individual known only as Hunter, and the woman until recently posing as pop diva Annabelle Kerry - addressed by her companion solely as Kerry.

Their intended victim, in civilian clothing at the time, was recognized on scene as British hero Glacier. Before he could defend himself, Hunter neutralized his powers and Kerry dropped him with a powerful sequence of blasts - bringing heroes Jackhammer, Felis and an unidentified sorceress to the fore.

Felis swept the visiting hero to safety, then assisted in the pitched battle. The sorceress succeeded in pinning Hunter with magic - and held it despite Kerry's attempted intervention. Jackhammer finally felled the shadowy bruiser, though Kerry vanished unharmed into the depths of the hotel.

Glacier has been identified as MI-5 agent Quentin Walker, on holiday in the area. MI-5 admits to having full knowledge of Walker's abilities. He was sanctioned to operate as a vigilante separately from his professional duties. However, his immediate superiors claim that his dual identity was a closed secret, known to only a handful. How it leaked to the shadow-manipulators is unknown.

When questioned as to how he ended up alone with the villains, Walker admitted, "Listen, I've been divorced for almost a year now, Ms. Kerry had made herself very charming and attractive, and I wasn't expecting any trouble on this side of the pond. I almost didn't notice his entrance until it was too late."

After a pause, he added, "Clearly, this is the universe's way of telling me I should become a monk."

He went on to offer his sincere thanks to his rescuers. "I'll confess, I underestimated then when I first saw them, but I don't think I'd be here if they hadn't been."

As for Hunter, British authorities have already filed an extradition request - not on the basis of the present attack, but evidence accrued over the past several months and finally attached to a face and name.

"Not fair," complained CCPD detective Lance Elliot. "I don't get a crack at him? Just one measelly little hour with thumbscrews and a … you do know I'm joking, right?"

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