Get Out of Jail Free Card

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Title: Get Out of Jail Free Card
Emitter: Liv
Characters: Liv, Reg, Sandra
NPCs: Evelyn Prieto, Hunter, Kerry
Place: Prieto Residence, New York City
Time: 6/11/2010, mid-morning
Summary: Liv approaches Reg and Sandra with a solution to their current hostage situation. One catch …

Reg is unconscious. Really. He hasn't woken up since healing Steven (and Stephanie, who's likely re-merged by this point, though that's up to Liv). His breathing is steady, and his color is good. It's damn hard to keep him down for long, but hey. You take on someone's injuries all at once. See how YOU like it…

There comes a knock to Reg's door, as Sandra stands outside it. There is a frown, and the young woman knocks again, pursing her lips at the lack of answer. So she reaches for knob and opens the door to peer in. As light spills into the room, Sandra spies the man still unconscious on his bed and sighs deeply, shaking her head. "Blakas," she murmurs - the word for Idiot the same in Atlantean and Greek.

It's been one of those beautiful, bright and mild summer mornings that prompts surges of outdoorsmanship from even the most sedentary. The brightness has even filtered into this shadowy place, sending refracted rainbows dancing through the dullness. Tranquil, if you forget what's been going on.
Striding up the hall, however, come more Shadows - but the human kind. Evelyn looks quite unruffled after the ruckus yesterday, every hair back in place and dressed in pale gold. Her hand rests lightly on Liv's shoulder.
Liv is eerily casual, the near-permanent kinks she's had in her stance since arriving hardly in evidence … but her expression's a little too masked, the change a little too complete, suggesting that she's just acting … intensely.
The other two Shadows lurk behind. Kerry's switched up the garb again, higher heels, this time in blue with a keyhole neckline.
The procession pauses a few doors back. A quick flash of looks between mother and daughter; Evelyn's hand falls away. Liv bounds forward, chin notched high. "Sandra?" she says. "Reg up yet?" She apparently had the whole story.

"I'm up." The voice comes from the seemingly slumbering figure. Reg rises to his feet, taking a deep breath, and casually picks up the pen that rests to the side of the bed, as if he knows it's there. "Come on in, Liv. What's up?" He glances towards the other guards that lurk with her, and his lip quirks, before glancing towards Sandra again.

Sandra turns, casting a glance to Liv, there is warmth in those blue eyes of hers, before she steps out of the younger shadow's way. "Go … make faces at him or whatever it is you do when you're dating," notes the Atlantean with a friendly affection. Sandra looks over her shoulder to Reg, and offers a nod, before turning back towards Evelyn and the others. "Red really seems more your color, a deep red," she notes to Kerry, before her eyes turn towards Evelyn. "Out of curiousity, since we can't stop you at this point … whose parents have you managed to get ahold of?" asks Sandra in a calm, conversational tone, that still seems to expect an answer on the edges.

"We're not dating," Liv says, widening her eyes at Sandra in urgent fashion … then flicking Reg an anxious glance, almost apologetic, to follow it up. "We need to talk," she answers Reg, then half-turns to face Sandra again. "You, too, actually."
Kerry smirks. "Save it. I look good in anything."
"Or nothing," Hunter rumbles.
Kerry flits him a glare and jams her foot into his.
Evelyn ignores the exchange between the pair. "Alia's and Amber's were simple. Yours was more difficult." Her tone certainly suggests she may have overcome that difficulty, but if she hasn't said for sure … "I may have to resort to speaking to Reg's father. Or … not."

"That so?" Reg asks. He stretches languidly, as if getting kinks out. "Talk about what?" As he says this, he looks over at them, rising to his full slender height and moving towards Liv. He's ignoring the others. As if they simply don't matter. It might get to them after a while.

Sandra settles into leaning against the door, crossing her arms over her chest, an eyebrow arching upwards as she looks at Evelyn. "Oh? Where did you catch up to them at? Rio? Athens? Pango Pago?" she asks with a faintly curious tone, as if curious.
Then she looks between Hunter and Kerry curiously for a moment. "The man compliments you and you resort to giving him pain? Why would you do something like that? He is not unattractive. And obviously like minded … " she offers, before looking back at Evelyn once more.
"We will talk, all in good time, Liv. I do not think your mother is in the mood to give us privacy, however. And you do not want time alone with Reg?" she asks, her tone truly curious now. Then she sighs and rolls her shoulders as she keeps her eyes on Evelyn. "Aren't you getting tired and bored with toying with children? Haven't you out grown playing with toys?"

"No, she's … part of this discussion," Liv says, stumbling a trifle over the words. "And I …" She glances over at Reg again and visibly deflates. "No." She drops her arms across her stomach.
"Have you considered that maybe he likes it?" Kerry inquires, a glimmer of humor in her regard.
"Anyone who made a habit of spending time with you would have to," Hunter retorts. Under the snap of the words, however, there's subtle smiles and the attitude of an in-joke - the pair are bantering more than anything else.
"This is not a game," Evelyn says calmly. "Nor do I derive any pleasure from frightening you unduly … or I could, trust me, apply far more pressure than I have thus far. However, perhaps this has gone too far." A pointed drift of eyes in her daughter's direction, prodding.
"We've worked some things out," Liv says, voice stiffening on the words, then smoothing out. The smile … is the smile a little too much? "If you're willing to give your words that you can keep quiet, you - you can leave."

"Worked things out, have you?" Head tilted to the side, Reg appraises Liv. Glancing between her and her mother. "And what exactly have you worked out?" He wonders curiously. He doesn't even dignify giving his word to keep quiet. Oh no. He glances at Sandra, then looks back at Liv, his expression serious.

"Indeed, I must hear the details of this arrangement before I even consider agreeing to it. To do otherwise would be an act of foolishness on my part, and certainly unwise," notes Sandra, watching Evelyn before she shakes her head. Turning around, she rolls her shoulders, her back to the three. "You didn't find my parents, actually, now did you? Really, diplomatic negotiations must begin with a bit of truth in them. The rest of the truth and trust is worked out after hard bargaining."
Now blue eyes look to Liv, studying the young woman as she walks into the room frowning. Especially at that forced smile. She steps forward, and attempts to put a hand on Liv's shoulder. "We are in this together, Liv," she notes, before glancing at Reg. "No sacrificing yourself for us. We'll get out of this, together."

"Do you think you are so inscrutable as that?" Evelyn arches an eyebrow. "I have an associate establishing contact with your family, but it has been a rather … deep problem." She lifts one shoulder in a rolling shrug. "Nothing impossible to overcome." She frowns then, starting to advance a step, and then checking herself. "There are no details that concern you. Liv …"
Liv sidesteps Sandra's attempted contact, shoulder coming up. "I know what happened to Stephanie," she says, voice thin, lips pressed tightly together. "And what happens if - this succeeds. It's a fair trade." One side of her lips pulls up. "Isn't sacrifice the point, anyway?"

"That depends on the sacrifice," is all Reg says. The gesture he delivers towards Evelyn is casual. As if to dismiss her from the situation, a flick of his hand. He says to Liv, "I repeat. What was the deal?" His voice is firm, as he regards her.

Sandra doesn't even look behind her as she flicks her hand. Behind the door water rises, slamming it shut and leaving Evelyn outside … for now. "Liv, before you mother slides in here. What have you agreed to? I will not accept someone sacrificing their freedom for me. We can defeat your mother. We can."

"Don't worry," Kerry says blithely, "I'll -"
Slam. The door shuts.
"What are you doing?" Liv flails a hand at the closed door. "I approached her. Said if she let everyone go - and left them alone in future, I'm not an idiot - I'd come home. Figuratively speaking. When I look at this, and I see all of you, and then there's Amber's parents and Alia's … too many people involved versus just me. I'm not going to put my friends in harm's way if I can stop it."
No harried knocking, no annoyed call from the other side of the door. The philosophy there, it would seem, is … wait.

Moving slowly, Reg leans against the door. Then, for safety measures, the pen he carries becomes a spear, and he braces it against him and the door. Let's see them force /that/ open. He observes, "So, in a nutshell," the young man says, "You've chosen to try to sacrifice yourself for us. You'll do as your mother says, even if it's against the law?" As he says this, he shakes his head, glancing at Sandra, "I won't allow it." He says this with the same iron tones one might get hammering a nail. "It will not happen."

It is all Sandra can do to NOT roll her eyes. Instead she lifts a hand in Reg's direction. "Well, you've done it now. He's gone and gotten stubborn," she offers, before offering Liv a very faint smile - glowing for Sandra. "Listen to me, and if you ask all of the others, they would say the same - We don't want you sacrificing yourself. We came here for /YOU/. And we'll get out of this. And really, do you honestly think your mother will keep her word?"
Sandra glances around, before reaching out to hug Liv, whether the young woman likes it or not, Sandra is going to try. "However, we cannot, unlike your mother, force you to make your decisions based on what we want. You must choose for yourself," is said followed by a whispered, "Play the role you have chosen. The rest of us will get us all out of here."

Liv arches a brow at the position in which Reg has placed himself, a twitching smile surfacing despite herself. "It's not much of a sacrifice," she says. "But yeah, I think she'll keep her word - because I can break mine just as easily. You don't think I didn't consider that?" She sounds a little wounded. She jerks at the hug, about as responsive as a board, but not actively disengaging. "I want you all to walk out of here - just walk, not have to batter or push …"
Liv gently extricates herself, moving to Reg and putting her hand on the spear. "Put it down," she says softly. "I really didn't want to have to explain this … I thought if you'd just walk out, no harm, no foul … but I … look, I can't do it, all right? This whole hero … thing, it isn't in my blood, and if I can do one last good thing, you at least ought to respect me enough to accept it." She swallows. "Evelyn was right."

A wry smile flickers over Reg's features, and he says simply, "You are really good at that, aren't you?" He tilts his head to the side, and adds, with shake of his head, "Not good enough, though," he says. He casually murmurs a word under his breath, and the spear bursts into a glowing light, and its light spreads, sliding over the walls, surrounding them in a lambent glow. "They aren't coming in, Liv. And you are not going to lie to us and sacrifice yourself. Yes, you have a choice to make, but you will not lie to yourself and make that choice under duress, either. True choice comes when you make a choice without duress, without blackmailing you with the lives of your friends. And I — will not be that lever used to control you." The crackling energy glows brighter as he talks, and he brings the spear down. "We are here until you tell us how you really feel. It is that simple."

Sandra watches Liv for a moment, then simply seems to accept what the woman has said. She starts to turn away, when Reg lights up the room with his spear. An eyebrow arches at the man, then she looks back to Liv, that eyebrow still arched upwards. A hand reaches out, trying for Liv's shoulder. "You were lying to me?" she asks before offering an attempt at a wink. "I trust you, Liv," she says, more softly. "You are, after all, my friend." Then she tries to pat the young woman's shoulder and turns back towards the door. "They'll get suspicious, don't keep that up for long," she suggests.

"It's probably the thing I'm best at," Liv says in a dry, brittle voice. "It's what I was created to do, remember?" For a second, she contemplates brazening it out, even in this now-locked room. Then she sighs, offering a sheepish smile to Sandra, a drained expression. "I was trying to lie. I figured … it wasn't such a stretch. And who's to say that I won't be in this same position in five years, or even next year? I wasn't lying when I said I wasn't sure if this was in my blood." That's not precisely what she said, but let it pass. "But … no. I don't really want to stay." She snorts and adds, "And if you idiots aren't going to go along with this, I guess there's no sense in pretending."

"Perhaps it is. But as I've said before," Reg murmurs, "You are who you choose to be. Not whom your mother insists on you being, nor even what I think you should be," he says. "Choose as you will, but do not let your mother force you into something becuase of us," Reg says. "I have faith in you — in who you can be, if you choose," He says simply, adding after a moment, "And no. We are not going to let you sacrifice yourself for us."

"There is, though," notes Sandra, looking over her shoulder to Liv. "Prove to your mother you can be just as devious as she can be, and soon she will be more wary about trying to blackmail you into doing her bidding. Besides," offers the Atlantean with a smile. "I have seen you jump in to save people's lives without thought. It is very much in your ability to do this 'hero thing'. And Reg is right, I'm too Prideful to let you sacrifice yourself for me. Now, find me a nice whale or bull walrus …" she offers with a wicked grin.

"That's the thing," Liv says wryly, "I can't. She's been doing this since before I was born - hell, since before Kerry was born." Another weak smile. "If it wasn't for you guys, I'm not sure if I'd have hung on this long. It's nice to … well. Thanks. I owe you both." She exhales another deep sigh. "All right. No sacrifices." The idea seems to daze her a little; she shakes her head to clear it. "Hmm, you know, there are a fair amount of casinos in the city. I bet we could find a lot of whales there." Now, she has to know Sandra's not going to pick on *that* one.

Shaking his head, Reg says simply, "Anyone can be beat, Liv. Your mother isn't unstoppable. Now, as Sandra said, we're not going to let you do this. So, why don't you just keep calm and we'll get out of here, hmm?" His lips quirk. "We can go from there."

Sandra ends up staring at Liv. "Casino? The … gambling houses? There … why would a whale be in such a tiny building? And how could people get in there to gamble? Well, it could be a Sperm Whale, they are smaller …" she starts musing to herself, completely missing Reg's statement.

"Yeah, well, she's not stoppable by *me*," Liv mutters, mostly under her breath. More loudly, she continues, "All right. All right. But if this goes awry and I could have stopped it …" She shakes her head, but moved from gravity to levity by Sandra's pondering. "They have really big tanks. Filled with money." Liv, not helping. She pulls in a deep breath. "Shall we?"

"Perhaps not alone," Reg says. Hetilts his head to the side, and nods his head, "We shall." He casually tucks the now-pen in his ear, and the energy field dissipates.

Sandra just blinks and stares at Liv, even as the light fades and the shadow returns. "Tanks filled with money? Isn't the point of a gambling house to take one's money, not display it as a tempting target for all to see?"

Liv finally caves. "Whale is also slang for a gambler who has an enormous bankroll," she says. "Sorry, I … couldn't resist." At least she can make jokes. She takes a deep breath and pushes open the door.
"I trust there was a reason for that extensive delay?" Is that a tiny prickle of irritation in Evelyn's voice? The other two seem relaxed and are kibbitzing about … haggis (Hunter for, Kerry against).
Liv flicks a quick, anxious smile back to the other two, then says, "So it's like this …"

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