Fear the Hydra!

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About me as a GM

I prefer character building drama and action. As a GM, I'm pretty easy to get along with. Respect and polite rationality goes a long way. If something has gotten you fired up, take a step back, a deep breath, and then speak to me calmly about it. If you're growling, gnashing your teeth at me, or paging me in all caps — you're likely to be ignored until you take a chill pill. I like to think that I'm fair and reasonable. Just remember: I want to work with you and help nurture a fun environment for you to play in. If I'm not having fun or those participating in my plots and scenes aren't having fun, then what are we here for?

My emit rules are fairly simple: Keep OOC chatter in the room to a minimum because I'm easily distracted by it and the less distracted I am, the faster the scene will run. Declare your actions to me first before making any rolls. Don't spend HP without asking, sometimes your roll is good enough even if you think it isn't and being without HP at a crucial moment because you blew them all unecessarily could be bad. Roll +inits for pose order and stick to it. If you go afk for a long period of time, let me know so we can keep the scene rolling.



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