Escape from the Prison Planet?

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Title: Escape from the Prison Planet?
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Characters: Amy, Euiko, Sasha
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Place: Student Center
Time: Afternoonish
Summary: Sasha gets the skinny on what happened at the beach and Amy introduces Euiko to the sweet, soulful strains of Clutch!

_( 1st Floor Student Center - Eastern Grounds - Steranko Institute )__

As you enter the first floor of the student center, the visitor's center is immediately on the right, with a campus map displayed on the wall next to it. To the right is the school's book store, with various little chotchkes with the school logo, snacks, school supplies, and books. Further back is an arcade, with a few pinball machines and video games, though most of them have been replaced with pool tables. There's also a small snack bar that sells hamburgers, pizza, and the like for those that don't want to leave their fun to head to the dining hall.

Amy is in the midst of pursuing her goal to take the High Score on the Elivira pinball game. The ear-buds of her Ipod stuck in her ears with the surging, heavy groove of Clutch pulsing out from between the gaps. "C'mon, you little snot….get up there!" she grumbles, watching the little steel ball roll back down towards the flippers and catching it deftly before launching it back up the game board.

Sasha meanders into the student center, hearing the cursing coming from the game room, pops her head in. "It's just a ma…." she pauses, and stops at wide berth from Amy. "Hey, Eletro-Amy."

The book store disgorges one of the new inductees, a brand new book bag crammed full of literature clutched by the straps in one inked hand. Her attire is more local than the last time, with a white T-shirt and loose jeans replacing her more accustomed garments. The volume of sound coming from the game room draws Euiko's attention, and she veers that way to linger at the doorway for a moment.

"And to the tune of a million dollars I provided to the dee oh dee some tasty little nuggets of alien technology…" Amy half-talks, half-sings in an amused, slightly off-key croon as she continues her war with the pinball machine. It takes her a second to realize somebody's there. "Oh…hey..hang on a sec…I can't hear too good." She calls, holding up a hand as she works the ball back to a flipper and holds it there long enough to pull off her earbuds. "Oh…heh…Hey Sasha, Euiko." she smiles, giving a little wave. " Was I making as much noise as

"And to the tune of a million dollars I provided to the dee oh dee some tasty little nuggets of alien technology…" Amy half-talks, half-sings in an amused, slightly off-key croon as she continues her war with the pinball machine. It takes her a second to realize somebody's there. "Oh…hey..hang on a sec…I can't hear too good." She calls, holding up a hand as she works the ball back to a flipper and holds it there long enough to pull off her ear-buds. "Oh…heh…Hey Sasha, Euiko." she smiles, giving a little wave. " Was I making as much noise as I think I was?" she blushes.

"So don't need to know about that," Sasha mutters to Amy's singing. "Hey. "Nah, not tha tmuch. Still noticeable, you know?" she suggests. "How's it going? How'd the beach party end up?"

Euiko ventures a simple, relative safe estimate of, "Hai." as Amy addresses the question to herself and the other girl. The other gets a slow lookover as Euiko draws closer to the pair, though 'closer' is still a good couple arms' reach away.

"Heh…oops." Amy says, fishing out her I Pod to stop the song just as the noisy chorus starts bellowing forth. "Ah…heh….yeah….the beach party." she replies, letting the ball drop and resigning the game. "Eh…well, it went." she says, grimacing a little and looking down at her slightly burnt looking fingers on her left hand. "Jerry didn't tell you?"

Okay, this is starting to become a trend. Sasha narrows her eyes. "Tell me what?"

The burden getting a little heavy, and, not in any immediate hurry, Euiko lets the book bag settle to the floor before setting a foot upon it as she plays fly on the wall.

"Oh, well….that girl…Megan….she turned a little obnoxious…." Amy replies, wincing a little at the beginning of the slow turn towards the slightly murderous in Sasha's eyes. "It worked out…..sort of…" she says, scratching at the back of her neck and fidgeting a little. "But…yeah….not _that_ big a deal." Amy says, clearing her throat and pausing for a moment with an expression of 'yeah, I'd probably buy that, if it were me'. "So, whatcha got, Euiko?" she asks, turning towards the Japanese girl with the look of someone grateful for the distraction.

Sasha blinks a few times, then groans. "God damn it," she mutters, her shoulders dropping. "Another ex, right?" she asks. "Come on, tell me that's not it."

The distraction replies with, "Textbooks for class." The reaction of the gleaming girl doesn't give Euiko much comfort on the subject at hand, and so, she is forced to ask, "Who is Megan?"

Okay, looks like there's no way out of this with any trace of grace or dignity. _Sigh_. "Megan's this crazy girl that showed up at our party last night." Amy begins. "Wait…you know what…if I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna get something to drink first." she adds, holding up a hand. Cause that'll give her more time to think, ya know? "Anybody want anything? Grab a chair, Sasha, I'll tell all." she sighs. "Might as well stick around, Euiko. Call it rumor control."

Sasha narrows her eyes and takes a seat on a nearby couch, clearly keeping a berth from Amy. Fear, perhaps. Caution, she might say if pressed. "Jerry and crazy girls….yeah, why am I not surprised?" she asks. She glances at the Japanese girl. "Hey," she says. "Euiko?"

Euiko glances toward the couch-bound and nods a quick, "Hai, Sasha-san." confirming the incidental introductions in the doing. A glance between the two and she stoops just a smidge to collect the bag and shoulder it, but she doesn't get any closer, yet.

Amy returns with a can of grape soda a few moments later, taking a seat the couch opposite Sasha. "Whoo…okay…here goes." she begins, blowing out a breath. "Couple of days after I got here, I bumped into Jerry in here." she begins. "Right over there, matter of fact." she says, gesturing to the pinball game she was playing. And I flirted with him pretty good." she confesses. "I mean not _too_ good…I didn't throw myself at him or anything. I didn't know he had a boyfriend and he never mentioned it so I thought 'hey, fair game'." she continues, swigging at her soda and taking a breath. "I mean, when you find a nice, shiny ripe apple on the ground, you pick the sucker up. It's been going on for thousands of years. Sasha. You know, basic human nature and all. Anyhow, it didn't do me any good, hell, he never even asked me for my name, so I figured, well, there goes _that_ plan. Just as well, not really in the boyfriend market at the moment anyhow." she shrugs, taking another swig before continuing.

Sasha wrinkles her brow a little, leaning in to put her elbows on her knees. "Yeah, yeah, he has that influence on people," Sasha says with a sigh, sounding a little wearied by all this. "But you know, whatever. Flirt here, flirt there. Didn't go anywhere, right?" she asks, sitting back up. She pans to Euiko slowly. "Did you flirt with Jerry?"

Easy one! Easy one! "No, Sasha-san." comes Eui's reply. She looks the girl in the eye as she answers, then, "I do not flirt." No one needs to know that she doesn't have the slightst idea how.

"No, no…the whole thing never even replayed in my dreams." Amy replies sincerely. "But there's more." she says, blushing, and blushing brightly. "After 'psycho bimbo' showed up last night." she says, gesticulating with her hands like a primitive robot. "I decided to get a little of my own back on Jerry. I mean, he put me in an awkward situation and I could tell you weren't very happy about the whole thing." she sighs the sigh of one about to make a gigantic ass out of herself.

Sasha cracks a little smile. "Wait, so you're plotting revenge on my boyfriend now? I kind of think I should stop that, Sparky," she says.

The foreign girl goes back to silent running as the conversation plays out with interpretive dance before her. There could be the brewing of a vendetta here, but she isn't quite sure how messy it's going to get.

"Oh, I've already gotten my punishment for all of that, believe me." Amy sighs. "And don't call me Sparky." she adds with a little smirk. "Anyhow, I…I encouraged her. But first, I hadda take _myself_ off the hot seat, cause she thought I was after him too. So I might've given her the impression it wasn't Jerry I was interested…but…someone….." she begins, voice trailing off as her blush returns. "Else……Someone most assuredly _not_ Jerry…..or…..male…"

Sasha seems to relax, achieving a slight slouch in the couch. "So got yourself out of it. Makes sense. Good on yah," she says. She hooks a thumb towards Eiuko, "Her?" she asks, a casual tease to them both.

Euiko's eyebrows lift some at the new angle this is going. She glances to Amy, then, with Sasha's inference, she glances the others girl's way and they peak even higher.

"No!" Amy replies, blushing a little. "No, Euiko-san, you had nothing to do with my little act last night. No worries." she reassures the girl. "It wasn't Euiko." she replies, fidgeting a bit as she realizes that it's getting tough to turn her neck to look at Sasha. Ah, karma…you really are a bastard..

"What, what, I'm kidding," she says. "Amy, I'm really not the tight ass lots of people seem to think I am. Or whatever. No problem to me whoever she is. Or he is. Or whatever floats your boat." She leans towards Euiko, "Sorry got got dragged into this."

Some of the disquiet leaves Euiko's features, though she still seems to be running something through her head. She shakes her head, "Iye." Then, peering at her teacher, she parrots, "Tightass?"

"Heh, well, I just wanted to set the record straight." Amy replies with the kind of relieved sigh and grin usually reserved for soldiers who have just come within a millimeter of stepping on a land mine, only to notice it at the last second. "Cause, well, you know….rumors." she shrugs. "They're a pain in the ass and a place like this with all these kids with not much else to do breeds 'em like New York City tenements breed roaches." she smirks. "Yeah, it's kind of like saying someone's strict or like super reserved and expects everyone else to be 'cause they are." she explains for Euiko's benefit.

"Consider it straightened," Sasha replies with a light grin. "Yeah, I know rumours. Know all about 'em." She looks towards Euiko again, "Um…bitch?" she offers as an alternative. "Mean. Nasty. I'm really not," she insists. Why does everybody think that?

Tight ass…. hmm. Eui nods with a quiet, "Arigatuu." to the pair. Given some of the odd looks she's garnered in the past two days, there might be some colorful label on her ass, too.

"Hey now, don't go shaming my job title." Amy smirks to Sasha. "I'll have you know, young lady." she begins, mock pedantically. "That being a bitch is a time-honored profession with a history stretching back all the way to the Fertile Crescent." she grins. "It was cast-iron bitches who's nagging and fussing prompted some of human kind's earliest achievements, provoked the wars that shaped the Classical World and slapped the faces of the meek, the timid and the unwary. So, please, show some respect." she winks. "So, what classes are you taking this term, Euiko-san?" she inquires.

"Awlgebra, American Hestory, Fleshman English, Home Economics, Physical Education and Fleshmen Physics." comes the girl's accented reply, complete with a faint shrug. She finally, following some internal clock, or errant social quirk, settles into a seat close at hand to the girls. Her backpack graces her lap, though her eyes aren't long from drifting to the Sasha's gleaming limbs.

"Shaming? Please," Sasha says with a snort to Amy. She huhs. "Thought you looked a little long. Good to meet yah, Euiko. I get that right?" she asks. "Anyway, gotta go meet Jerry for some stuff, probably give him shit over Megan too," she says, getting up. "See you two around. And thanks for the info, Amy. Now I'll know who my secret admirer notes are from."

"Secret admirer notes?" Amy asks, chuckling softly as it becomes apparent her obfuscation skills aren't up to snuff. "Honey, I ever went after you with intent to seduce…the _last_ thing I'd be doing is passing you notes." she winks with mock lasciviousness. "I know how to get what I want when I have to." she adds, settling back into the couch with a sigh. "Take it easy, Sasha. Give Jerry hell for me." she snerks. "Wow, that's a pretty full boat, Euiko-san." Amy comments. "You having any trouble in English?" she asks. "I mean, not that you would if you're good at it, just that English and Japanese are really different languages."

Euiko bows her head, "Konbon-wa, Sasha-san." she says quietly as she states her intent to depart. She turns her attention away from her to return it to Amy with her questions, leaving her personal curiosities where they are for the time being, "I em not certain, Amy-san. I think I em doing well, but it is only my third day."

"Well, if you can do the written grammar half as well as you speak the language, you're probably making better grades than me." Amy chuckles, shaking her head. "And no, I don't have a thing for Sasha." she adds, just to clarify things. "Really." she adds, fidgeting a little. "Honest!"

Euiko gets that sort of odd look in her eye, but shakes her head, "It es not my biziness who yew are in lrove with, Amy-san."

"Oh..Brahma's balls…" Amy sighs. "You buy one Tatu CD when you're a little kid and it haunts you for the rest of your life." she sighs, chuckling and shaking her head a little. "Thank God we don't have uniforms here….I'd never hear the end of it."

"Nani?" comes the girl's somewhat bewildered response. Euiko's head tilts slightly to one side at the sudden change in topic and asault of oblique culture.

"Eh….hehehe…Bout six, seven years ago, this pair of Russian pop divas put out a record pretending to be gay." Amy replies, chuckling again. "It wasn't a very good album." she giggles. "They wore schoolgirl uniforms…." she adds. "And now you're probably more confused than you were before." she snerks. "Never mind…Hey, you ever heard Clutch before?" Amy asks, fishing her I-Pod out of her pocket.

Euiko :gives the girl a somewhat studious look, then, "I think I understand, Amy-san, thank yew." At the rest, she shakes her head and answers, "I d not know what that is. It is more American slang?"

"It's a band." Amy replies, passing over the ear-buds. "Think they're from Washington, DC." she adds. "And eh….wait…" she says, holding up a finger as she struggles to remember what little anime she's seen to find the phrase for 'thank you'. "How do you say 'thank you'?" she asks when she realizes she doesn't know.

Euiko cants her head a touch and, "Arigatou." she says simply, reaching ouch to accept the buds before fixing them with a somewhat perplexed look.

Amy quickly turns the volume down to a bare minimum, not wanting to blast Euiko out of the room accidentally. "Right, right…sorry…" she blushes. "I…gomen nasai." she says. "Those go in your ears." she adds, probably unnecessarily, but with Euiko-san, she's learning not to make any assumptions.

Euiko looks more closely at the buds with a simple, "Hai." and, thus instructed, starts to fiddle with the little contrivances, taking a couple of attempts with each ear, though she seems pretty stoic about it. Once the buds are positioned to feel the least odd, she opens her eyes on Amy and nods.

Amy backs the track up to its beginning and gingerly hits the 'play' button and 'Escape From the Prison Planet' comes roaring quietly out of the ear-buds. A heavy, swing-like beat. Bruising distorted guitars. Warm but sharp bass playing. Even a bit of 60s style keyboard playing as the verse begins and a gravel-voiced man begins his jokingly paranoid rant about everything from high school students released from school raising hell in the streets, alien conspiracies and government cover ups and the theory of Atlantis. All of it punctuated with a big, booming chorus of 'Get out! Eject! Escape from the prison planet!' In short, it's loud, obnoxious, stupid and meant almost entirely in jest.

The sudden aural assault seems to leave the little Asian girl stunned for the duration. Normally steely, reserved eyes blink widely as she listens, ramrod still to her first big bite of American culture… only she doesn't look like the one with teeth on this exchange.

Amy cuts the track at the end, cocking her head to peer at Euiko. "Too much?" she asks gently.

Euiko takes a few moments to process what she's heard, and success seems to come with a eye closing shake of her head. "Yew risten to this a lot, Amy-san…?" she asks in a faint, bewildered tone.

"Heh, yeah….That's one of my favorite songs by them." Amy replies, nodding a little. "Trust me, there's a lot crazier bands out there than Clutch, but we'll have to start small." she smiles. "Ever heard U2 before?" she asks. "They're a hell of a lot easier on the ears."

Euiko answers haltingly at first as her recovery from the first barrage continues, "I… only heard frute and sanshin before…" She seems to realize something and takes a moment to regain her composure before venturing a tentative, "What does yew too mean?"

" Oh man….heh, gomen, Euriko-san." Amy blushes as she realizes just how far into the deep end she inadvertently flung the poor girl. "I didn't know….thought you'd heard some popular music before….ya know, modern, popular music." she adds, "I'm sorry…I didn't mean to freak you out." she says sincerely. "U2's a band, they're from Ireland. It's also the name of an airplane, I think that's where they got the idea, I'm not sure." she answers the girl's question with a little shrug. "They're really good…_Nothing_ like Clutch….well, they have their moments, but mostly they're pretty mellow."

Euiko bows her head in turn and, "Yurushite ageru, Amy-san." she says softly. A moment later, she decides it may be best to elaborate a little bit, "Best to think of… monastery, that is the word, yes?" There is a little shrug and, "Vely strict. Do yew have this yew too ahso, Amy-san?"

"Yeah, we've got 'em." Amy nods, understanding starting to settle into her expression. "Not a _lot_ of them, but we do have 'em. Think it's mostly a Catholic thing, though." she continues. "But go on….is that where you grew up?"

"Hai. It was not Catholic, though." the girl replies, adding "I am half-gaijin." as it should mean something, but she doesn't elaborate upon it. Either in curiosity, or as a diversion, she asks, "So there are many groups like Yew Too from all over the world?"

"Heh, didn't think it would be." Amy nods. The half-gaijin comment she notes, but doesn't comment on. "Eh, no, not really. Bands are weird." she explains simply, shrugging a little. "There's a lot of bands that listened to U2 and were inspired by them to make music that was _kind_ of like theirs, but it wasn't exactly like U2." she says. "It's like, you get influenced by a piece of music you hear that you think is really cool…so you try and make that thing your own." she smiles. "But by trying to do it, you change it….it becomes part of you. That make any sense?"

Euiko smiles a litle bit and nods, "Hai douzo." That went well, "I understand what you mean, Amy-san, thenk yew."

"Arigato." Amy smiles. "Anytime you wanna listen to more music, lemme know." she adds. "I'm in Rider, room 116." she smiles again. "Oh, hell, I know!" she grins. "Me, you and Eshe need to get together for a movie night." she says, nodding to herself. "Was going to show her 'The Terminator' when I got here, never had time."

"What is it about?" At least Eui knows what a movie is, right?

"It's about a woman who discovers that a pretty much unstoppable killer robot has been sent back from the future to kill her before she can give birth to her unborn son." Amy explains quickly. "The humans manage to send back somebody to protect her, but he's only got 20th Century technology to fight the Terminator with.." she grins. "It's an _amazing_ movie….Lot of stuff to think about."

Euiko ponders that for a moment or three then she gives a nod, "That sounds interesting." She closes her eyes, though and bows deeply, "I do not have anything in return, Amy-san. Gomen-nessai."

"No need to apologize, I bet you've got lots of interesting stuff, Euriko-san." Amy replies, smiling a little. "Just have to figure out how to get you to tell me about it." she adds simply. "We'll work it out." she says, leaning across to squeeze one of the girl's hands gently. "Anyhow, this was fun, but I gotta hit the showers." she says, stretching and yawning. "I'm betting Mr. Jacobi pulls a pop quiz on me tomorrow…Gonna be a long damn night."

Euiko seems a bit surprised by the gesture, though she doesn't recoil or anything of the sort. Her hand curls a bit and she bows in her seat, "I should see about the first chapters as well. I will see yew later, Amy-san, thank you for everything." she says softly.

"Arigato, Euiko-san." Amy smiles simply. "Sleep easy."

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