Elvira Pinball vs Amy and Jerry!

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Title: Elvira Pinball vs. Amy and Jerry!
Emitter: {$emitter}
Characters: Amy, Jerry
NPCs: {$npcs}
Place: Student Center
Time: Mid-evening
Summary: While on a mission to claim the top spot of the dreaded Elvira Pinball machine, Amy encounters Jerry. Flirtation and introductions ensue.

_( Student Center)_
As you enter the first floor of the student center, the visitor's center is immediately on the right, with a campus map displayed on the wall next to it. To the right is the school's book store, with various little chotchkes with the school logo, snacks, school supplies, and books. Further back is an arcade, with a few pinball machines and video games, though most of them have been replaced with pool tables. There's also a small snack bar that sells hamburgers, pizza, and the like for those that don't want to leave their fun to head to the dining hall.

Mid evening finds Amy in the Student Center, in the process of what looks to be a long and epic battle with an Elvira and the Party Monsters pinball game. "C'mon, c'mon…you can do it….There…now…flipper…" she calls to herself quietly, not wanting to think any of the other students who might be around to think her totally insane. "And….HA! High Score number ten down, nine to go!" she grins as the machine lights up and makes all manner of happy noises.

Jerry slurps his soda as he watches from the sidelines, slightly behind Amy. He's dressed in shorts and a sleeveless T today, trying to beat the heat, and mostly succeeding; sunglasses pushed up into his hair since he's inside, he looks a bit closer. "Nice," he says. "You play this machine before, somewhere else?"

"Nope." Amy replies, shaking her head a little. "But you play one pinball machine, you pretty much played 'em all…..No…no….You get back up there and keep making me points, little ball." she says, giving the right flipper button a stab. "Sup?" she asks simply.

Siiip. "Namuch, just got out from an extra gym class and was gonna get something to eat, and stopped to watch ya," the boy says, Northern accent slightly pronounced. "I'm Jerry," he says by way of introduction. "You just get pointed here after semester started?"
"Eh…yeah…something like that." Amy replies with a little shrug. "They still haven't got all my paperwork unfutzed so I'm kind of in limbo at the moment." she explains. "Gotta love the Florida Dee oh Ed, and those friendly folks at the Duvall County School system where competence is always at least an option.." she snerks. "Extra gym class, hey?" she inquires, taking a lull in the action to turn and run her dark brown eyes over the boy curiously. "I don't think you need the help." she smirks teasingly.

Jerry chuckles at this. "Hey, they must hire from the New York system, then, because I think we turn out the finest premium incompetent educators in the US," he says. He flashes an eyebrow. "Nah, I still need to tone up, get in some strength training. 's main reason I took both my yearly gym electives this semester," he says.

"Heh, I think they use the same training materials." Amy replies with a throaty chuckle. "Or is it the same drugs? Or are the two….one second here…" she says, rapidly firing a new ball onto the playing field and giving it a solid slap with the left flipper. "Or are the two interchangeable?" she asks rhetorically. "And are you sure it wasn't just so all the girls could see you in your shorts?" she adds with another teasing little smirk. "Cause if it was, I could understand the motivation."

"There's always that, yep," the boy concludes with a smile. "What about you, what are you taking?"

"Me? Eh…I was on a major Chronic Supernova kick for a while there, but that's kind of been overtaken by events." Amy replies with another little shrug. "Wait…were you talking about school?" she asks, feigning confusion before chuckling again.

Jerry flashes a smile. "Yeah. Besides my gym courses, I've got Basic Composition, Geometry, and History. With the exception of Composition, something pretty easy for the summer, before I have to tackle chemistry again."

"Heh, I'm a fan of chemistry, actually." Amy smirks again, frowning a little as she loses control of the pinball and it flames out. "But I am _not_ a fan of this game anymore." she huffs. "Free machine open, anybody wants it." she calls, abandoning the game to stroll over to a nearby vending machine for a bottle of Aquafina. "Aquafina. A Pepsi product." she announces, holding the bottle up so it can be seen plainly. "Cause, as the man once said, 'when I think of clean water, I think of Coke and Pepsi." she quotes with a lopsided grin. "But to answer your question, well, Remedial English because yo no hablo, according to my test results. Remedial Algebra because numbers and letters are always a gas as a combo, and, just for fun, swimming."

Jerry nods as Amy spins out what she's taking, then oohs. "Hey, cool, swimming is my second gym course this semester; on the swim team, this time out," he says. "See you there, then."

"Undoubtedly." Amy replies with a tiny little smile and a nod. "I like swimming." she adds. "I suck at it, but I like it."

"Suck at it how?" Jerry says, finishing up his drink even as she starts hers. "Like, you haven't had many lessons, or your speed, or what?" he says, considering. He looks, pops his cup into a trashcan from here, snaps his fingers once it goes in.

"Lack of practice for the most part." Amy shrugs again, sipping at her water. "I didn't always have access to a pool, and sometimes the ones I could get into..well….I didn't really _want_ to..if you take my meaning?"
Jerry gives a lopsided smile. "Oh, yeah, familiar with that," he says. "Too bad; I'd have thought Florida would have a pool like every couple blocks or something. Nothing at your former school?"

"Not quite." Amy replies with another throaty chuckle. "Crack houses….gang bangers…Russian wiseguys…yeah, easily accessed public pools where a girl can feel safe in the changing room? Eh…I hear the Governor's working on it." she snerks. "And the one at my last school was a place I didn't even like to go inside without at least two friends…and a knife…..a _big_ knife."

Jerry ups an eyebrow and nods. "Gotcha, then," he says. "Kinda different here, then, for you?" he smiles. "You have a few bully cliques, but mostly you just have to watch out for someone's runaway ability, or the odd killer robot or something," he says.

"Oh…different doesn't _begin_ to cover it." Amy sighs, shaking her head a little. "The first night I was here, I had a sleep over with a forty one hundred year old teenager." she chuckles. "Nice girl, though. Lent me some dry clothes." she smiles. "And I'll keep my eyes open for all of the above. Bullies, runaway super powers and killer robots."

Jerry says, "Eshe!" Jerry grins. "Yeah, I know her. Very cool," he says. "Yeah, probably a good idea. You just never know what's going to happen, but most days it's like normal high school, I suppose.""

"Ha! In that case, I'll have to melt down another dozen sporks to rearm myself." Amy all but giggles. "Schools in my neck of the woods can get kinda…hairy." she shrugs. "But here seems pretty peaceful, even with the constant bully, runaway power and killer robot threat." she smirks. "Food's not half bad, got my own room, yeah, a girl could live here and be happy, I suppose."

Jerry has to nod at that. "This is going to be my third year here, so, yeah, haven't left yet," he smiles. "Been giving some thought to college, but.. not a lot, y'know? It'll be kinda weird to have to hide, again."

"Heh, college…yeah, I might do that. One day." Amy chuckles quietly and shrugs again. "If I can get my grades turned around, that is."

Jerry hehs. "True. If I don't do better in the science courses, well, I'll be here an extra year. At least," he says, scuffing one foot on the floor. "'s part of my plan for this semester; took stuff I was going to be pretty good at, to get my GPA up a bit."

"Heh, I woulda done the same, 'cept eh…yeah….heh…there really isn't anything I'm really good at." Amy grimaces playfully. "Well, nothing they teach here, anyhow." she adds with a smirk. "Or that's legal….Fun, though. Some of it. Until the cops show up…it gets kind of dramatical then."

Jerry flashes a smile. "My only skill like that is dodging curfew, and that's easy when you can fly. Yeah, they get all up in your face, just because you, like, destroy one little mall or something. Toss your ass in the back of a squad car, tranq you like an elephant, whatever. Not that I'd know anything about that," he says, the last in an unconvincing monotone, a smile playing at his lips.

"Heh, Curfew dodging, eh?" Amy replies with the barest hint of a smile. "So, where would a shopping mall destroying arrestee and heavily tranquilized elephant-stand in go around here?" she inquires. "Not." she adds, holding up her hand. "That you're any of those things, of course." she says.

"Of course not," Jerry says soberly. "Eh, Cove City is a little on the small side for me, but there's some good clubs, a tolerable indie music scene, some very nice eating places. Lots of coffee shops, thankfully. Most of the real action, you have to go down to Baltimore, up to Philly, or across to DC."

"Music scene? Hrm…interesting." Amy replies, frowning thoughtfully for a moment. "Baltimore, Philly and DC…lovely. Maybe I'll be able to actually catch the next Slayer gig. If I can shag the cash from Mac, that is."

Jerry shakes his head. "Nearest Slayer venue is gonna be in, um, Jersey, I think," Jerry says. "There and back is no prob, depending on who you know, but that's the closest they're coming to the East Coast this year." He walks along with her. "Who's Mac? Your brother?"

"Eh…more like my 68 year old Scottish ex-super hero sugar daddy." Amy sighs, chuckling softly. "Platonic, of course. It's…eh…yeah…it's a _long_ story." she snerks. "Ah, Jersey…well, have to see what I can come up with, then," she nods. "I mean, I do know someone who can fly." she adds, cocking her head and giving what just might be construed as either a wink or a very long blink.

"True, you do," Jerry says. He thinks for a bit. "Y'know, I cannot think of even one Scottish superhero except that one woman, Bane-She, or something."

"Heh, I think Mac was the Celtic Tiger.." Amy replies, trying, and failing to suppress a giggle at the nickname. "From what I read on him when I was in the hospital, he was in Glasgow in the sixties and seventies. Not a lot about him on the Internet, though. He said he liked to keep a low profile."

Jerry ohs, and hmms. "Yeah, a lot of supers like that. I guess your whole secret ID thing doesn't mean squat if everyone can follow you on Twitter." He frowns as his watch beeps. "Gotta jet, swim practice in ten," he say. "Good to meet you."

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