Drive By

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Title: Drive By
Emitter: Amy
Characters: Amy, Kelly
NPCs: Dontravious, a few upended gang-bangers
Place: 131st Street, Old Warehouse District
Time: Approx. 9:30 pm.
Summary: Volta's investigation of a gang endangers the life of one of her sources. Fortunately, Smackdown's on hand to assist

_( 131st Street - Old Warehouse District - Cove City )

The Old Warehouse district borders the east side of the river and is a clash of old and new, with neither seeming to be winning. Along the southern edge of the district, where the occasional brick can still be seen in the concrete of the street, is an on going gentrification project. Small experimental art galleries spring up here, often to fail within months. Vintage clothing stores and used book and music stores seem to have a longer life span. Cheap loft apartments attract both artistic types and college students who have been priced out of the University district.

Further north, however, actual warehouses still stand. A few new, but many dating back to the 1800s. Old apartment building with facades in need of repair, tiny neighborhood grocery stores, and faded signs painted on the sides of buildings for products that haven't existed for more than fifty years testify to earlier attempts to gentrify this neighborhood. In the long run, they failed, and it remains to be seen if the lastest attempts will fare any better.

_( Exits )

Old Mill Road Bridge ……….. [E] Wainwright Avenue ………….. [S]

Volta kneels behind an air conditioning unit on the roof of an old apartment building, peering into the distance and shielding her eyes from the cold, drizzling rain. Five stories below, the streets are shafts of cold concrete and warm, slick red brick hemmed in on all sides by cars and a few pedestrians willing to brave the rain at this late hour. Frowning to herself, she pulls a telescopic sight from one of the pouches on her belt and peers into it down into the night tensely.

One of the pedestrians involved is Kelly, who has an umbrella out as she walks in the rain. She seems a bit cheerful, whistling along to the music in her iPod as she meanders on the sidewalk. Not necessarily the nicest part of town, but Kelly typically doesn't worry about such things.

As Kelly makes her way through the thin crowd, a late model Mercury Grand Marquis painted in one of those snazzy 'oil sheen' type paint jobs that change color depending on the angle one looks at it turns onto the street next to her and starts slowly cruising forward on it's custom-fitted God awful huge tires, frame shuttering with subsonic bass as hip hop music blasts out of its windows.

From her perch on the roof, Volta spots the thing and sighs to herself. "Demetrius Washington, I thought you had better sense than this."

Kelly glances over her shoulder, and can't help but giggle a bit at the Mercury rolling down the road. She shakes her head, then starts glancing back and forth, almost thinking that she might have wandered into a rap video… and that's when she gets the tingling at the back of her neck, giving the car a closer look as it rolls by.

The Mercury rolls, drawn along as if by it's forward gear alone, until it's nearly parallel with the facade of a CD Exchange store, some unknown local hip hop DJ ranting at the top of his lungs about revenge. The rain-spattered windows start to go down….

On the roof, Volta extends the fingers of her left hand towards the closest transformer, a brilliant surge of electrical arcs flaring out towards it. Where it makes contact, her arm begins to _stretch_, arcs beginning to engulf her as she points her other hand towards the front of the shop. "I hope this works…" she whispers, closing her eyes as she leans into the electrical field and _vanishes_.

There's a loud _crack_ of lightening from the rooftop and when the light fades, she's gone.

Kelly quickly sprints forward towards the car, sensing something really /bad/ about to happen. Seeing the windows roll down, she runs towards the Mercury, then suddenly grabs the rear bumper, bringing the car to a sudden halt as she leans back, focusing her strength to give the people something else to worry about.

Just as Kelly moves to heave the car to a halt, there's a series of sharp, metallic, _clicks_ and _clacks_ that can only be automatic weapons being readied to fire. The three occupants on the street side, features obscured by black bandannas worn around their heads and mouths 'cowboy style' and bug-eye shades, lunge out of the windows to point the muzzles of an AKM, a Tec-9 and a pair of 9mm pistols. Then Kelly _stops_ the car, nearly jerking it off it's front wheels in the process as the panicked driver tries to floor it.

Then, all hell breaks loose.

The 'bangers start squeezing their respective triggers, sending a torrent of bullets into the glass facade of the CD shop.

There's an even louder and _much_ closer _blaze_ of brilliant purple, blue and white light accompanied by a deafening _CRACK_ of thunder, and the banger's bullets begin to incinerate as they start striking a wall of massed electromagnetic energy that coils around the form of a young, masked woman in a bad costume.

Kelly scoops up the SUV as if it were a toy, "No shooting!" She flips the SUV over then, holding the roof as she has it wheels up. "If you don't want me to pitch you into the bay, toss your guns out the windows NOW!" And she sounds like she means it to! Fortunately, the weather and her pose obscure her face.

The shooting goes on for a few more seconds until Kelly has the car flipped completely upside down, most of it targeted at the other, sparkly young woman in the bad costume, who doesn't seem to mind. Massive EM fields tend to deflect poorly-aimed gunfire, apparently.

At her command, the 'bangers in the car start chucking their weapons out, each of them calling out some form of "I give! I give!" or "Holy shit! Holy shit! Holy shit!" There is one instance of. 'What the FUCK?' and another of 'What the fuck'd you get us into, Mark?" as they all but send up a white flag of surrender.

For her part, as the gunfire ceases, the aforementioned youth drops the field, points imperiously towards the car and gives Kelly a nod before racing into the now-shattered storefront.

Kelly dumps the SUV unceremoniously on the street. Upside down. She then smiles a bit, pulling on a mask belatedly so her face can't be recognized, and shouts, "Ever watch Wheel of Fortune, boys?" She then SPINS the car with a fair portion of her strength, watching it spiral around and around and around… which should keep the gangers inside unable to do much of anything.

Setting a Grand Marquis on it's top has the effect of kind of crushing it a little, just enough to give anybody unlucky enough to be inside a nice taste of what it might be like to have a serious car accident. There's howls of pain and anger from within the vehicle as it starts to do a kind of tilt-a-whirl on it's top.

"Dontravious? You okay in there?" Volta says, rushing inside the shop and finding a young man coiled up in pain, a pair of bullet holes in his chest. "Jesus!" she snarls, casting around for a telephone and only finding the handset. "Got a cell phone?"

Kelly tsks, "Oh, I'm sorry, did you guys get a bit roughed up in there when you were trying to do a drive-by on a record store? Here, let me cheer you up." She then hops onto the 'top' of the car (well, now it's the top), and rips off the front and rear axles of the vehicle. She does some twisting of the axles together, then drops the now-sculpture down to be visible out of the front of the car, "Look, it's a poodle!" Her eyes flash a bit in anger as she looks into the car's windshield, "Get. OUT."

Needless to say, the sirens of at least a half-dozen Cove City PD prowlers are howling their way towards the scene as the would-be assassins begin to crawl, some of them moaning and all of them cursing, out of the remains of the Mercury. There are injuries, but they're of the mild variety, a broken wrist, a hurt neck, a whole lot of cuts and bruises,

Volta frisks the young man, coming up with a cell phone, and in a flash of blue light, her panic blanks the thing, a waft of powdery white smoke coming from it's now fried battery. "Hey, YOU! GET IN HERE!" she hollers horsely to the other girl outside. "We gotta help this guy!"

Kelly leaps off the car, moving rapidly through the shop and crouching down by the young man that got shot, "Well, those guys aren't going anywhere." She eyes Volta, her mask obscuring her face enough, "Alright, police are on the way. Don't know if ambulances are coming also."

"I'mI'm okay…." The young man gasps raggedly, starting to tear open his button-up shirt. "You…you were right, Volt…..They…they made me….." he says, revealing a bulletproof vest with one round neatly mushroomed into the tightly-wound ballistic cloth, and another….not so much, there's a tear in the center, with blood starting to well up.

"Shit! Somebody taught them to spray their bullets with Teflon." Volta grumbles. "You, go out there and find me a fucking cell phone!" she orders Kelly sharply. "Ricky-tick!"

Kelly blinks and pulls out a cellphone, "It's a prepaid. Can you use it, or is it gonna get fried?" She snaps it open and dials 911, glancing out at the front of the store, looking a bit antsy at the approaching sirens.

"Tell them we got a black male, age twenty, single GSW to the chest." Volta replies crisply, assessing the man's wound as she presses her finger to his neck. "Pulse is thready…..Tell 'em to send a chopper…He needs a trauma center." she concludes, wincing as the streets around them begin to fill with the distinctive, flickering blue of oncoming cop cars, engines snarling nearly as deep as the 'Whop whop whop' noise their growlers make between 'wow-wow-wow's. "Don, you hang on, okay?" Volta says, reaching down to take a firm grip on the young man's hands with hers, squeezing them reassuringly. "You're gonna be okay…Just hang in there. I'm sorry, folks, but it's time I made my exit. Last thing I wanna do is …" she begins.

"Explain to the cops why it is you're here to start with?" Dontravious smirks at her, coughing softly as he re-arranges himself on the floor. "You _owe_ me, Volt." he says firmly. "Gonna collect one day…"

Kelly speaks rapidly into the cell phone, relaying the instructions, then walks towards the back, looking to make a quick exit /that/ way so she doesn't get caught on too many cameras. She did remember the mask, at least, so she isn't completely visible, though a clever girlfriend might realize who she is.

"Heh, yeah, don't remind me." Volta chuckles throatily, leaning over to give the young man a kiss on the cheek. "You'll be _fine_, I promise." she repeats, hugging him gently. "We'll talk about the rest later, okay?" she adds, winking at him.

"Ow….fuck, Volt! Don't do that! Fuckin' hurts!" Dontravious protests, though he can't help but chuckle himself despite the pain. "I'll send ya the bill for my surgery, you skinny little…" he chuckles, then sighs, shaking his head a little. "I used to think this was funny…Now…not so much." And with that, he passes out, which is probably a blessing as it keeps him nice and still. When the paramedics arrive, they find him kipping peacefully, the bullet in his chest having missed his aorta by a good six inches.

For her part, Volta stretches out her hands once more, focuses one on the sole remaining functional fluorescent lamp and the other, in the direction of a junction box. Another peal of thunder and flash of lightning, and she's _gone_.

Kelly just /leaps/ when she gets out the back door, soaring easily through the air and landing about a half-mile from the scene. She shakes her head, sighing a bit, muttering to herself about having a better costume option handy.

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