Disavowing Responsibility

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Title: Disavowing Responsibility
Emitter: Liv
Characters: Alia, Miranda, Reg, Stephanie
NPCs: Kerry, Evelyn Prieto
Place: Kirby Way, Cove City, MD / Prieto Residence, New York City, New York
Time: 7/30/2010, evening
Summary: Sandra is missing - which leads to an unexpected invitation, delivered by Kerry to Alia, Miranda, Reg and Stephanie. What precisely does Evelyn want?

Kirby Way bustles on this hot Thursday evening. Tomorrow is a school day, but it's summer, so the light courseload may tempt some to skirt sleep deprivation until the weekend. A wave of tourists just washed through from the direction of the beach. On the corner, a little used bookstore has set out summer stock for browsing. It's a night without menace, all in all.

Miranda has been reluctantly pried away from her computer. Very reluctantly. She grouses good-naturedly to Stephanie, "12 hours coding is no reason to threaten to get a crowbar out… I /did/ break for meals and coffee. But since you pried me loose… Book store? Please?" She gives Stephanie big sad grey eyes.

"Bookstore it is." Stephanie says with a bright smile to anser big sad grey eyes. Nope, she's not in the least bit repentant…not one dram. "And twelve hours coding is too long. You'll be refreshed after the break, and code four times as well." A sage nod. "True story." The girl is dressed in khaki shorts and a Hawaiian shirt…a really loud one, but hey…at least it isn't black! That's something, right?

Alia wears a blue silk blouse with a denim skirt, glancing through the various books on sale in the history section. She hrms to herself, pulling out a few, not noticing her schoolmates approaching just yet.

A figure can be seen walking down the street. Reg's looking for someone. Spotting said person, he heads in that direction, and says, "Stephanie! Needed to speak to you. Something happened to Sandra," he says to her. A nod and a slight smile is given to Miranda, before he turns his attention to Stephanie once more. He spots Alia as well, and lifts a hand in greeting.

Miranda frowns faintly, glancing between Reg and Stephanie, and just sort of… steps back and lets Stephanie talk. She's not really sure what happened to Sandra, or why Stephanie needs to be told, but doesn't want to interfere. Instead she looks at the books that are out for sale on the sidewalk, and just listens.

"Wait, Sandra got in trouble somehow?" And then she watches Miranda step back. "Reg, you know our girlfriend Miranda, right? She's the smartest person we know." Reg has definitely gotten the mentalist's attention, however. "Do you have any more details?" She didn't miss Alia's presence — Steph doesn't miss much, the other Steranko-ite offered a flash of smile.

Alia blinks, "Wait, what???" She pauses, glancing over at Reg, "What happened to her? I know some of Evelyn's minions were nosing around campus lately." Her eyes narrow a bit, as she studies Reg, then nods absently towards Stephanie and Miranda.

"Well, she was walking along the beach or such, and some witnesses say she disappeared into this deep shadow." A pause, and Reg wrinkles his nose, "Sound familiar?" Another smile at Miranda, before he turns his attention to Stephanie once more, including Alia in the glance as well. "I think someone's playing some more," he says. "It fits with what happened to Liv…"

"Hey! You four," a voice calls from the bend just past the bookstore. A petite figure, maybe redheaded, stands just within the shadow of the alley - enough that it's not easy to see her, not enough to threaten an ambush.
Assuming at least one of them heeds her, she takes a half step and her face and hair change. It's Kerry - not the Annabelle Kerry splashed over the news, but the woman as she was first seen back at the Prieto estate … standing tense, with her hand wrapped almost protectively around a smoky glass ring she wears.
"Not here to throw punches - or take them," she says. "Someone swings, I'm gone. Just need to deliver a message."

Stephanie turns, and then her expression goes deadly serious, eyes flat and cold — somewhere between the depths of intergalactic space, and the surface of Pluto cold. "So…deliver your message, Kerry." Her words are clipped, exactingly enunciated and promise mayhem if whatever the girl says isn't worth hearing.

Alia blinks, and she fights down the immediate urge to blast Kerry into next year. Instead, she quickly slips on a pair of sunglasses, probably to hide the fact her eyes are glowing a brilliant red right now. On the bright side, she's not radiating an aura for everyone to see and attract attention.

"Well, look who's here," Reg says, watching Kerry. He observes to the others, "The ring is magical." He glances over at the others, and then to Kerry, "What do you want, hmm? Stop us from getting Sandra back?" As he says this, he idly slips a hand into a pocket, producing a … pen. He smiles at the woman, "Talk."

Miranda says quietly, "I'm listening." She stands next to Stephanie, hands her in pockets. But Stephanie knows that one of those pockets isn't… then lining has been removed, and she wears her lightning gun in a thigh holster.

"Not feeling chatty, are you." Kerry smiles, but it doesn't reach her eyes. She tilts her head to regard Reg, quizzical. "Err - what are you talking about? I mean, I remember her, but … is she missing?" She seems genuinely puzzled, then waves it off with an airy flit of her hand. "Girl could probably get lost in a mall. Look there."
Kerry's gaze flits to the pen, and her lips twitch as if she's tempted to make some kind of off-color remark. She refrains. "Evelyn wants to talk to you. No tricks, no games, no threats. The house is open - but we can do neutral ground if you're scared."

Miranda's voice is curiously flat, "I'll back your call, Stephanie… whether it's to talk or take other action." Stephanie knows that voice… and Kerry can see that Miranda's eyes are completely emotionless. Not traumatized, but simply not carrying whether they walk away or attack.

~~She seems sincere…but I'd be wary.~~ Stephanie broad-sends to her three classmates. ~Personally I hope they DO try something so we can mess them up.~ Steven's voice is dark with his ill will. "Let me guess, you've been sent to fetch us?" ~~I saw we go and listen to what Evil-Lyn has to say. The soulless shadows tend to work by guile and misdirection — this is too obvious, so it is probably legit.~~ And then she looks to Alia, Reg, and finally Miranda. "What do you guys think?"

Alia looks at Kerry, "If your mistress betrays her word again, I won't just destroy one floor of her little lair." She says that rather matter-of-factly, before looking at Stephanie, "I think we should go. Considering what we were just told, it seems like the best way to figure out what happened to Sandra." Her eyes flash a bright red again, visible even through the shades she now wears. ~And if that witch hurt her, she's going to wish she was never spawned out of the black pit that created her.~

~~I don't trust them.~~ This is all Reg thinks on the matter, before answering the spoken question, "Let's go, see what she wants. It's not like she will be able to deal with all of us at once, anyway." He gives Kerry a look full of disdain. A nod at Alia's words, and he gestures, "Let's go," he repeats.

"How about dancing?" Kerry quips, though there's a crackle of nerves in her voice. She's outnumbered here and she knows it. "Can't expect any more." She extends the other hand, the one without the ring. "Someone will have to touch me. Sorry, darlings. Then I'll hop us there."
Presuming they agree, once and if the group is linked, darkness swirls up around them.
The shadows clear, leaving the quartet before the open front doors of the Prieto estate. The place has the feel of an old-world castle - seen through Hollywood's eyes, white marble, turrets, the whole nine yards … there was a hedge maze, but that area has replanted.
The foyer shows no signs of the damage of the upheaval almost two months ago, though if one sniffs, the smell of fresh construction lingers in the air, masked by lilac. Everything is cold, hard, pale and a bit too bright.
Evelyn Prieto stands at the base of the staircase, leaning back on the bannister. The woman is impeccable as ever, dressed in some cutting-edge day attire, pale green - tawny hair swept back with an amber hairpiece. She never has looked the nearly-fifty of her proported age, and it's more than Hollywood makeup.
"I suppose it would be inappropriate for me to offer you refreshments," is her dry greeting.

"Miranda…might be better to sit this one out — and send the cavalry if we're gone more than an hour or so." Stephanie states to her girlfriend. "It doesn't feel like a trap, but…" A shrug. And then Kerry opens up a rift in spacetime that allows them to travel to New York night instantaneously. And then Steph looks about the place, noting the changes.
Evelyn's arrival however, that draws the teen psychic's full focus. "I doubt we'd accept if you did. So…perhaps you should dispense with playing the role of gracious host, Miss Prieto." A firm nod. "I'm pretty sure we'd be appreciative if you were to cut to the chase and tell us what you wanted, mm?"

Alia takes off her shades, her glow growing to a shimmering emerald hue as she regards Evelyn, "Yes, let's get to business, treacherous one." She narrows her eyes, "And I have no appetite for the apples you might have, in any case." Apparently someone has been watching Disney movies!

"So." Reg says coldly, watching Evelyn, "How does it feel to have your daughter beaten up? Bet it makes you feel good, doesn't it?" He's not very fond of Evelyn, can you tell? "Where's Sandra?" He adds, as he casually settles into a seat. His arm 'accidentally' bumps the table, and an absolutely priceless Ming vase falls. To crash onto the floor. He deadpans, "Oops."

"Insert cliche here about not bothering to poison you," Evelyn says, still droll. Her eyes narrow at the crash of the vase. "We're not at war right now. Try to be civil." Her voice hardens for an instant - but she remains calm.
"I asked you to come here before you decided to do it yourselves, with blood in your eyes," she says. "Which I see was a wise move. I also realize you have no reason to believe me, but I wanted to declare that I had nothing to do with the attack on my daughter …" She pushes away from the bannister, taking a pair of steps towards them before she halts again, eyes flicking across their faces.
"… or with anything else that may have occurred since." A pause; then she continues, "Indeed, there has been something more? Sandra has disappeared? In such a way you think I'm responsible?"
Kerry slips in behind them, and stands, with comic exaggeration in her stance, in front of a glass sculpture. There is mockery in her 'protection' of it.

"So…you soul shadows aren't a monolithic organization? You each have your own agendas? The people that attacked Liv were definitely of your ilk." ~Love that word.~ Steven observes. Steph just keeps on talking, but does keep the communications flowing. ~~One thing — I'm as certain as I can be short of a mind probe that she's telling the truth.~~ Almost without pause she continues. "I was there, and they sure seemed like Soul Shadows, even knew your name. Of course the male with the shadow whip effect tried to murder me. So…yeah, not really inclined to be overly generous in the cutting of slack arena."

Alia nods, "And I as well, and they seemed rather determined to kill Liv." She hrms, "So, I suppose the question is, Evelyn, who do you have as an enemy that would love to have us take you out, leaving their hands clean?" She pauses, thinking, ~I don't trust her, but we'll follow the play. She might have what we need.~

"Say on, then, how you're innocent of all wrongdoing," Is all Reg says. He smirks at Kerry, and points out, "If I really wanted to, you wouldn't stop me," to her. Then he turns back to Evelyn again.

"We are individuals," Evelyn says briskly. "With our own styles and ways of solving problems. I am livid this was done without my permission, believe me." Her voice drops, a thin wisp of acid anger shown through … and then gone again. "If I wanted to scare Sullivan silent, I wouldn't have done it with a pair of bruisers. I know people who are far more effective at - the kind of work in question. But let me hazard a guess.
"Sullivan has little concern for her own life. It's a lack of self worth, not an abundance of the heroism you children so covet." Evelyn waves it off. "So this attack backfired, made her more determined. If you really think I would be stupid enough to suspect this and take the risk …" She shrugs. "That's all the proof I have to offer.
"Hmm, a whip wielder - who was the other? I believe I do know your opponents." Evelyn smiles faintly - a tight, cold expression. "If they made one foolish move, I'm sure they made the other. I'd be happy to give you names, on condition: the law stays out of it. Humiliate them, grind them into the dirt … but no arrests. No press. And not a whisper of my name. You'll claim did your own research."
"Want to take bets on that?" Kerry wonders.

"They were discussing killing her, by the way, saying that they could claim that Liv got out of hand and they had no choice." Stephanie states. "The other was a woman who seemed to enjoy altering the 'phase' of things and people, perhaps akin to your Hunter's ability?" A tight little smile. "Once we bested them we stuffed them in a dumpster behind Ricky's Cantina. I'm sure they enjoyed the wake up immensely."

Alia nods, "You, are a venomous little nei'rrh." She then thinks along the link, ~I think we might have to agree with this. Much as I don't want to deal with such as this filth.~ She pauses, and then glances over towards Stephanie, "Indeed. I would not mind repaying them a visitation."

"Oh, did they." Evelyn's voice comes out very soft. "In that case, please - take off the gloves. Assuming you can." There is a definite jab in those words, but she leaves it behind. "I'm very glad you feel that way," she addresses both girls, alien and human. "I've three words for you, as to the mind behind it: Marion Elise Dell."
And without more than a flicker of emotion, Evelyn has just called out a California Senator. Not acting as if this should be surprising of itself, she continues, "But I doubt Dell would use a personal holding, so you may want to check on your phase manipulator - Muire. Arturo Muire. Art collector, recluse, millionaire, also of California. I believe she keeps properties for practice on his other job."

"No gloves? How uncivilized." Evelyn's tone is dry. She folds her arms, fingers tapping idly against skin. "I can give you his address, though I sincerely doubt your friend is there, either. He will own other places. How you find out about them is your business. I can't do everything, can I?" She lifts one shoulder in a shrug. "You might use her daughter. Turnabout is fair play, I suppose." It's hard to tell if she's serious. Is she that cold?

"I'm a teenager." Stephanie states with the typical 'adults just don't get it' tone and a textbook eye roll. "The address would be appreciated, it gives us a point to start. Of course that is probably a matter of public record…ah well. If you'd be so kind, that would be good. If not…then I suppose we'll need a lift back to town."
This directed to Kerry. For a moment the teen contemplates probing someone's mind — and then she sighs. ~~They'd notice if I probe them.~~ A vague attempt at a smile. "So…shall we go then?"

Alia nods, "Let's go, then. We have a place to start, and hopefully it will pay off." She glances at Stephanie, ~Yes, no sense risking that. Hopefully we can find additional information before making our move.~

Evelyn rattles off the address, in one of Los Angeles'
highest-brow neighborhoods. Good thing that they know a few teleporters. "I suggest you watch your backs." She turns, a dismissive lilt of her shoulder, then pauses. It seems as if she's about to say something more, then changes her mind.
Kerry snorts, rolling away from where she stood and extending a hand. "What, do I have 'Taxi' plastered on my backside now?" she wonders.

"Well, you DID give us the initial lift. If you're busy, that's fine.
Can fly back in short order." Steph does take down the address, and nods. "We'll defiitely watch our backs." As Kerry seems willing, Steph looks to Alia. ~~Might as well. We'll have to research a bit…need to talk to someone with actual skills, I bet Miranda could find something for us if we asked…~~ A more genuine smile is offered to Kerry. "Thank you." And then her expression flattens again a bit. "Thanks to you too, Miss Prieto." Yes. That actually hurt.

Alia nods slightly, "Yes, we should be going." She gives Evelyn a look, and it isn't entirely a nice one, as she then nods towards Kerry, "And yes, thank you for your assistance."

"Picking people up is one of my skills," Kerry says without batting a lash, enough to point it up as tongue in cheek. She sobers with a half-smile. "Hey, I may be a bitch, but I understand wanting your friend back safe. And besides, Liv is my family."
Evelyn arches an eyebrow, then tilts her head, an apparently gracious acceptance of that. "You're welcome," is all she says.
And presuming no final smart remarks, Kerry will profer a hand and teleport them back into that alley in Cove City.

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