Darth Algebra

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Title: Darth Algebra
Emitter: {$emitter}
Characters: Amy, Kelly, Samantha
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Place: Student Center
Time: Afternoon
Summary: Sam and Kelly meet, and the conversation turns to the possible relationship between Algebra and Evil.

_( 1st Floor Student Center - Eastern Grounds - Steranko Institute )__

As you enter the first floor of the student center, the visitor's center is immediately on the right, with a campus map displayed on the wall next to it. To the right is the school's book store, with various little chotchkes with the school logo, snacks, school supplies, and books. Further back is an arcade, with a few pinball machines and video games, though most of them have been replaced with pool tables. There's also a small snack bar that sells hamburgers, pizza, and the like for those that don't want to leave their fun to head to the dining hall.

Late Friday afternoon on a gorgeous July day finds the usual throng of teens doing, well, what teenaged kids do on a Friday afternoon after all their classes and clubs and whatnot have ended. There's several brisk pool games going, arcade games are being bashed about, the pinball machines are exceptionally noisy, with the Elvira machine being the noisiest. A few kids are snagging an early supper at the snack bar. The overall vibe is happy and mellow with that certain hint of potential mayhem that always happens whenever you get more than three teens in the same room. Except for over at one of the small side tables, where Amy, surrounded by books and class notes sits underneath her own personal little storm cloud. "I ever get my hands on the guy that came up with algebra, I will strangle him." she grumbles, paging through the book. "And I'll enjoy it! Oh yes! I'll enjoy every single second of it…"

Overhearing Amy's frustrations as she's passing by, Samantha comments, "Hey, algebra's not so bad. Just takes some getting used to. Even if geometry /is/ more fun." The machine controller is standing there, grinning, wearing a black T-shirt with the WoW Alliance symbol on the front and a pair of camo cargo shorts. Brown leather sandals are on her feet, and her big black backpack containing her books and laptop is slung over one shoulder.

"Heh…you wanna do my homework?" Amy asks Samantha, smirking a little as she turns the book towards the brunette like it contained a firing squad instead of facts and figures. "I can pay…not a lot..but…yeah…some." she offers, adding a little bit of a plea to her tone. "Cause I'm frakked if I can figure any of this out…" she sighs, slumping back against her chair in time to catch Kelly's wave. "Hey you." she smiles. "Depends on what kind of English Lit. we're talking about." she adds with a smirk. "Are we talking about the book list, or the stuff ain't on it?"

"Ugh. I love books and reading and all, always have, but Lit class can just take all the fun out of it by analyzing stuff to death," Sam says in reply to Kelly's comments. Then to Amy, she says, "I won't do it for you, but I can help you out with it if you like." She pauses for just a moment, looking at Amy before adding, "You were at the beach party on the 4th, right?"

Kelly hrms, "Well, I don't mind it that much. I mean, it's kinda interesting to figure out what they were thinking and all. But I like the books. Well, okay, I can't stand the Bell Jar. Just… blech." She makes a face, then sits down at the table.

"Yeah, I was there." Amy replies, nodding. "I was the loser in the school-issue suit." she smirks slightly, as if teasing herself before anyone else gets the chance. "Good party, though. Wish it had ended better." she sighs, frowning for a moment before turning back to her algebra, giving Kelly a nod. "I'd love to ask you for help, Sam, it is Sam, right?" she asks the other girl in a 'not quite sure' tone. "But right now, I don't even have any intelligent questions. I look and numbers and letters together and my brain goes ~splat~." she sighs. "Why am I even studying this crap? I'm a bass player…Not like I'm gonna be sending satellites into orbit or something one day." she grouses. "The Bell Jar?" she asks Kelly. "Haven't gotten that far. Right now I'm slogging through 'Little Women' and losing the will to live with each page." she smirks. "A bunch of prim and proper people a hundred years ago….yeah, right, whatever…Getting in the way of trying to get through Spook Country, which is a lot better book."

Sam nods to Amy, saying, "That's me — Sam, short for Samantha. And you're Amy, right?" Turning her head to smile at Kelly as she sets her pack down and takes a seat herself, she adds, "I don't think we've met? I'd remember that hair — I love the color." Then back to Amy, she asks, "Bass player, huh? D'you read music?"

Kelly nods, "Like, I'm Kelly, and yeah, good to meet you Sam." She brightens a bit at Sam, "Oh, I read music, though it's mostly for singing, I was in the choir back in our church in Boston, though I like singing more exciting songs."

"Me, music? No…I'm trying, but it's a pain in the ass. I gotta get one of those bass charts that's got, like the notes and all spelled out." Amy replies, blushing a little. "Yeah, I'm Amy." she nods in confirmation. "Probably should unpack first." she chuckles. "What kind of music are you two into?" she asks, as Kelly replies to Sam's question.

"I'm into all kinds of stuff," Sam answers. "Pretty much anything but country and I'll listen to it," she adds. "But okay, even if you don't read music, to play bass you've gotta follow the beat, and the time signature, like if it's four beats or three to the measure and all that. And like if it's in four, you know the notes and rests have to add up to four beats' worth in each bar. That's algebra, sort of. Music's got a lot of math in it. I've taken dance lessons since I was little and figured that out pretty quick."

Kelly nods, "Yeah, that's kinda where I'm at. I like just singing, though I like some of the Euro-style bands, the ones that have female leads. Those are fun to sing along with."

"Yeah, I keep hearing that." Amy replies, nodding to Samantha's reply. "But I can't quite work it out in my head. I mean, if I'm playing bass, I've got a beat, I've got some point of reference. Doing this? Shit…" she sighs. "It feels like crunching numbers just to crunch numbers. Even trying to be logical about it all falls on its ass, cause, apparently, my idea of logic, and who ever wrote this cussed thing." she says, rapping the book. "Ain't the same." she growls. "Oh, please don't tell me your into Techno, Kelly." she all but pleads. "Seriously, I _implore_ you, mademoiselle….follow not the path to techno…..it leads no where good." she adds passionately before giggling.

Laughing, Sam says, "'Fraid I'm already doomed, then," and then laughs some more. "Seriously, though, if you'd like help figuring it all out, I'd be happy to. I'm kinda good at math and working out the logic of problems in it and stuff. When your brain connects into computers, it's kinda hard /not/ to be." She shrugs a little as she's finishing, her statement clearly meant to be just stating fact and not trying to make a big deal of her talents in the area. If anything, she comes off as a little bit apologetic.

Kelly sticks her tongue out at Amy, "Hey, I have all of Within Temptation, I'll have you know." She grins, "I look horrible in black, though, so I won't go to the Dark Side, really. Hot Topic and I do not go well together."

"Well, maybe we could hook up later tonight, or whenever and go over this in a more…learning kind of place?" Amy asks Summer, almost beseechingly. "I can't study in my room…I either start playing bass or watching movies." she sighs, shaking her head a little. "Within Temptation? Eh…they're not bad…." she nods. "I've got all of Slayer." she grins, putting up the devil horns with both hands.

"Sure," Sam answers Amy, with regard to helping her with her math. "You pick where and when, and I'll meet you there. I didn't have anything planned for tonight other than some quality time with my computer, and I can do that anytime."

Kelly nods, "Well, I…" She yawns a bit, and then grins, "I should probably get back to my room and finish reading for tomorrow. See you both later." Rising to her feet, she waves and makes her way off, walking slowly towards the exit.

"Awesome." Amy grins back to Sam. "I'll even throw in some snacks." she offers as a sweetener. "Gotta get my head around this stuff, or I'm gonna flunk out on an Academic." she sighs.

Amy says, "See ya 'round, Amy!"

Samantha waves to Kelly as she's leaving, too, saying, "Was nice meeting you!" Then to Amy, grinning, she answers, "Bribes cheerfully accepted."

"Heh, I ain't got much, but what I have, I'll be happy to share." Amy sighs, starting to pack up her books. "Gotta get through this, or I'll be old, gray and wrinkly before I graduate." she adds. "I can see it on the news, ninety-three year old finally graduates High School…..Film at eleven! 'Yes, sir, I finally graduated from that thar high school-y thing." she continues in a creaky, old-woman voice with a thick Southern accent. "By cracky, I did….Now whar's mah cane? Damn whipper snappers…always stealin' it…"

Samantha giggles. "Really, it's /not/ that hard, but it can take some work for it to 'click' sometimes. I've seen it with other people I've been in class with — At first, it's hard, then all at once you 'get it' and it gets a lot easier. It's just getting your mind to look at it the right way. Once you do that, you're good."

"Heh, well here's hoping we can get my head re-wired in time." Amy smirks. "Cause The Loch Ness Monster, Ms Lochenhauer, is pulling no punches on her quizzes." she adds. "And I'm, like, two for six, so far…." she blushes.

"Heh, I'll try not to turn into Darth Vader on you." Amy giggles by way of reply. "But no promises." she winks.

Sam Yoda-voices, "Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to failing math."

Amy hees! "I am duly admonished." Amy giggles softly. "Ya know what always bugged about those movies?" she asks. "Luke in the second movie, I ignore the first three.." she adds. "Hey, I'm your father, join me and we can rule the galaxy. What kind of a pantywaist says 'no' to that?" she inquires. "It's like, hey, I can stand here getting my ass kicked in by _you_ …._OR_ I can join your team, save my friends, and wind up with my own hot pink Star Destroyer?"

Samantha laughs. "Well, there /was/ the whole 'not wanting to be evil and hurt people' thing."

"True…" Amy chuckles. "But if you're half the rulers of the Galaxy, you've got a lot of pull." she grins. "Besides, hot pink Star Destroyer?" she asks. "Coming to staff meetings in your underwear, a Hello Kitty bathrobe and fuzzy bunny slippers? What's not to love about that?" she grins.

"If you were one of the evil overlords in the Empire, I think you'd be required to wear Ewok slippers. Made from real Ewoks." Sam pauses. "…Y'know, this is sounding not so bad."

Samantha holds her expression only a second or two longer before she loses it, giggling.

"Ain't it?" Amy giggles, hanging her head for a moment, overcome by mirth. "I mean..Imagine…You there, Storm Trooper.!" she calls in a commanding voice, snapping her fingers. "Fix me a PB&J, and cut the crust off!" she orders. "You two…whoever you are, fight to the death!" she calls, snapping her fingers again. "And _you_….well….you're just lovely…aren't you? Come, we shall consult in more proper environs." she growls before erupting into more giggles.

"And somebody make me some bloody _tea_ for fuck's sake!"

Samantha laughs. Tries to stop. Almost succeeds, but then breaks into more giggling. The cycle repeats twice more before she manages to say anything coherent again. "Unfortunately, the is the real world. So I guess the best you can hope for is a secret base in a volcano, a white cat, and expecting Mr. Bond to die."

Amy ~hees!~, nearly collapsing in giggles. "What do you expect me to do, talk?" Amy calls in a horrible Sean Connery impression. "Nau, Meester, Bohnd….I ehckspect yew to _die_!" she replies in an equally horrid German accent. "Nau…Send in ze vhenches and puhritty bohys….Ayes shall be….heh…Uhnavhailable for ze answerkink of cahlss…" she leers. "Anhd, sohmeone, puht me ohn some bluhddy teah, fer fahks' sake……Vhat kihnd of soopervhillianous ouhtfit do we ve haf if eye am nehver vith ze tea on ze ahskingk…."!

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