Cutting Edge Of Double Dating

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Title: The Cutting Edge of Double Dating
Emitter: None
Characters: Sunday, Linus, Jerry, Sasha
NPCs: None
Place: Rinx, Cove City
Time: Time Here
Summary: Linus and Sunday double date with Jerry and Sasha. And go ice skating.

Jerry showed up at Sasha's room in nicer clothes than normal, perhaps; button-up shirt, actual pants and the like. Combed hair, even. The venue they were meeting at? Penguin's Playground, a large indoor ice-rink with other themed areas around it, a local teen hangout as well as a place to have a good time. They meet up with Linus and Sunday there, and it's time to get going. "You ever skate before?" he says to Sasha.

Sasha adjusted her own outfit to match, going with a flirty minidress with a square cut front and some subtle piping. "I might be from SoCal," she says, "and I never wanted to be a figure skater, but yeah," she says, "I know how to skate." She looks about the rink. "So who're we meeting anyway?"

"Ice Skating?!" That was Sunday's reaction as she gets off the bus as directed by Linus, having been clueless up to this moment as to what the young man had planned for their first, official date. Another woman might have been a tiny bit upset that she had not been warned to wear warm clothing in the approaching summer heat, but such things do not concern Sunday. She's wearing a pale lavender dress with a flowy skirt that goes to just above the knee and a sleeveless top, opaque up to just above her bust and then lightly see-through lace to the curved neck. There was a big purple flower pin on the shoulder, but she's wearing it in her bleached-blonde mane of hair instead, just above her right ear. Heels too! She was ready for anything! Except, really, ice skating. Which is what makes it so perfect - that, and the fact that she's disgutingly sappy and adorable when it comes to Linus. The heels clipclop along the floor as they stand in line to pay their admission, then another line to rent skates, and it's about then that Sunday spots Jerry and- .. … Pinkish purple lips force a smile, and Sunday holds Linus's hand a little tighter. Breath in, and… "Hey guys," she calls from behind, waving.

It Was a Surprise

No, really. It was. Linus didn't say where they were going, and Sunday's state of dress just made it all the more amusing. Linus, meanwhile, is dressed better for the occasion, but only because shorts and a t-shirt are really not 'date' attire. He's in dark slacks, sneakers, a sweater, and a vest. Hair's combed perfectly, like he spent an hour in front of the mirror, though he'll likely deny it until the end of time. He's even wearing manfume! "Yeah! Ice skating!" He gives Sunday's hand a tight squeeze and mouths 'I love you' at her, just in case anyone in the vicinity wasn't in danger of throwing up any time soon. "Jerry should be here with his date. I don't really know who he's bringing, he didn't say. Maybe that Egyptian girl. I wonder what she'd do if she saw a place like this. I doubt they exactly had this in ancient Egypt oh my fuck is it too late to go for ice cream instead HEY guys!" All but the last two words are, of course, spoken in an indoor voice. He squeezes Sunday's hand tightly and smiles sweetly.

Jerry throws up a hand as Linus calls out. "Them," Jerry smiles as he answers Sasha's question, waving over the other couple. "Thought we'd get in some skating, then go out for some dinner. Or just coffee, or something," he says. "Hey guys," he says to Linus and Sunday.

Sasha groans. "Them," she hisses. Her own hand goes about Jerry's more rigtly. Thankfully, with her plating, few of her hand finger edges press into JErry's flesh. The ones that do? maybe he deserves it. "They both hate me," she hisses. So there was that incident where she tried to touch Linus. And Sunday seems to hate her on principle. Still, she puts on her best style and says, "Hey guys!" back to Linus, and then, "Cute shoes," rather presumably to Sunday. The cyborg shifts awkwardly. "You guys should get skates."

This will be okay. Sunday stifles a bit of giggling at Linus's murmured words, still managing to look pleasant even after seeing the look in Sasha's eyes when they all spot each other. It's not like she can fault the girl - everybody but Jerry is doing the same thing. "Thanks," she replies to Sasha, glancing down at her black heels, strapped around the ankle and paired with those white socks that have frilly lace edges. Like the kind little girls wear. They do manage to look cute and appropriate with the vintage-y dress, at least. When Sasha mentions the skates, Sunday lifts the ones in her hand by the shoe strings from where they had swung behind her legs. Easy to miss, especially given the tension. "We just rented them. Um.." Glancing towards the ice rink, Sunday offers her skates up to Linus and smiles, popping a kiss on his cheek. "I'll be right back, okay?" Taking her little royal purple clutch purse in hand, she clip-clops her way over to one of the vending machines on the other side of the room. When she comes back, she's got a pair of ivory knit gloves. The cheap, stretchy kind they, obviously, sell in vending machines at ice rinks! She doesn't need them, but still looks quite happy to have them as her hands clap together while she trots on back. Her fingers wiggle and she explains, "Just wanna try to blend in." … With bare legs and a skirt, at an ice rink. Blending in: You're doin' it wrong.

Linus smiles gingerly. This is cool. Totally cool. Totally, totally, totally cool. "Just remember." mutters Linus, "Be nice." He accepts her skates, then sits down to strap his own shoes on, "Yeah. Hey, Jerry. Uh, Sasha. What's up? This is a really nice place. Bet they, you know, do a lot of ice hockey around here, too. Probably where the local league plays." He's suddenly at a loss for words. When Sunday comes back, he kisses her on the cheek and hands back her skates, "Oh, that'll totally do it." and then he smirks, "So, everyone here ice skate before? I mean, I did a little when I was ten, but I haven't really done it in ages," because 5 years ago is an age when you're fifteen years old, you know. "So, uh, with my luck everyone else is an olympic figure skater."

"They /so/ do not hate you. See, no hate," Jerry says quietly to Sasha before the oil-and-water couples mix, oblivious to whatever has passed between Sasha and the other couple. He claps his hands together once, looking at the rink. "Man, looks like they've put down some fresh ice; should be some time before they force us off to resurface it." He gives a nod to Linus. "They do; the Silver Streaks and Hornets both. And well, not an Olympic skater but hockey's my sport of choice. So, yeah, pretty good at it."

"Do too," Sasha whispers back. She shakes her head. "No, no, not that. I mean I can skate, but mostly roller blading. Not many rinks where I'm from. I think I can manage not to fall flat on my face," she says. Sasha turns and steps up towards the entrance to the rink. Sasha is, in fact, entirely not blending, and blends even less as her feet ripple with liquid metal. Her heels get replaced with a pair of sleek skates along her feet, and she holds on to the wall as she steps up onto the ice.

Sunday takes the skates back from Linus, looks at him quizicially, then hands them right back once he's finished putting his skates on. If he wants an explanation, it comes in silence - she stands right next to and slightly infront of him, and lifts one of her feet a few inches off the floor. Also, there's one of those cute girlish 'Pretty please do something for me' kind of smiles on her face that only works with guys who are as crazy about you as Linus is about Sunday. Looking up at Jerry, Sunday grins and shakes her head a little. "Hockey, huh? Yeah.. You and Ian are made for each other." Her eyes follow Sasha as the girl walks away, and when she forms her own skates, one of those chestnut-brown brows arch. "Wow. Talk about a custom fit." As to the question of if she's skated before? Sunday opens her mouth and takes in a breath to speak, looks down at Linus.. then closes it again and smiles. "Never once. Not even sure if I can go in a straight line, and I probably /am/ going to fall on my face. A lot." She looks oddly okay with this statement, however, and with continuing on to get on the ice.

Oh. OH! Linus blinks and then blushes. At this point, no explanation is really needed, and Linus smiles cutely at Sunday, going to far as to lightly reach out and stroke the girl's nose with his finger. Aw! He start to lace her skates up. "Yeah. Really convenient. Look, it'll be okay. We'll both fall a lot and Jerry sounds like he lives on the ice, and Sasha just turned into an… an ice-bot, I guess." He peers up at the others, and then down at her shoe, which he's almost finished lacing up, "Just remember. Stick to the guardrail and you'll be okay. If you were anyone else I'd uh, imagine falling would really suck, dressed like that, but it'll be funny. You'll be the ice queen." He switches to her other shoe. "Trust me. It'll be awesome."

Jerry flashes a smile as Sasha's feet morph, and he sits down to take off his shoes and lace up the skates. That done, he clomps over the gate and then glides out a few feet, brakes, turns, stops. "Come on, girls, times-a-wastin'," he grins, reversing his slight backwards travel to come right back up to the rail and Sasha, putting a hand at her waist. "Awesome skates, babe," he says quietly.

Sasha slides out onto the ice and executes a quick one-eighty, even thought she's just sliding. "What, you think I'm all emo-girl 'I hate what I am'?" Sasha asks. Some others have taken notice of her too, although nobody's said anything…yet. Sasha smiles at Linus, "Ice-borg," she corrects. "Still human, not robot. She makes a few thrusts with her legs and gets going at a modest clip, although some of the others are passing her by easily. "You'll totally fall," Sasha tells Sunday, "But don't sweat it. Everybody does. It's how yah learn."

Sunday holds on to Linus's shoulder as he laces up her skates, managing to stay upright on them, though really this is not the hard part. He mentions the guardrails, and Sunday's fingers take advantage of the moment they have when Sasha and Jerry head for the ice to idly brush at the bottom of his hair. "I can't just hold on to you?" When he finishes, regardless of his answer, that is exactly what Sunday does. Her hand grips his firmly as she toddles along on the skates, and the other grabs on to the rail when she finally makes it out on to the ice. No falling, though! That's a start, right? She glances up to watch Jerry and Sasha skating as if it were the easiest thing in the world, grinning broadly. "Ohmigod whatever! You are both just show-offs! .. Hey, did you just call my drummer a girl?!" She wrinkles up her nose and mouth in a mock 'I'mma get you' sort of look, ruined by the joviality in her eyes.

"Yeah. Not cool, Jerry. I'm a -lady-." Linus smiles to himself. WHen Sunday asks if she can hold onto him, he smirks, "You could, but you'll probably make me fall, too. I haven't done this in sooo long. My brother was way better than me at it anyway." He had to go there, right. Stepping onto the ice doesn't make linus fall, either. He grins, one arm out for balance, and the other locked with Sunday's. "Okay, okay I think we're going to be fine. I mean… I can't fall without you falling and you can't fall without me falling so we're good." He salutes Jerry and grins, "Yeah. We're totally outclassed."

Jerry follows Sasha, skating precisely behind and to one side of her, following her pace and turns with practiced ease. He taps, turns, skates backwards to watch the other couple. "See? They totally love you," he says to Sasha under his breath. "Loosen up, you act like we're about to be attacked by a robot laser-weilding Zamboni or something," he grins.

Sasha takes a glance back at Linus and Sunday. She could say something snarky, or something helpful, but Jerry and her move at more or less the same pace, which just encourages her to skate a little faster. She clasps her hands behind herself, her hair and dress rippling a bit in the light breeze. "Sure," she says to Jerry. "What?" she asks. "What, you want me to body check you? Or to a trip axel? Because I can't do that, and I don't think the first is allowed."

Sunday giggles merrily as she wobbles out on to the ice, letting herself slide forward with legs locked and hand in a vice-like grip around that of her date. She experimentally kicks a foot out to propel herself forward at a leisurely pace, making sure Linus is keeping up as she does and smiling broadly. Though she wobbles a bit here and there, she amazingly enough never quite puts a lot of that steadying pressure on his hand, no matter how tightly she's holding it. So unless he goes down, so far it doesn't seem like her unsteadiness is in danger of resulting in a mutual crash. "Wait, you're a lady? Damn.." She lowers her voice for the next bit, muttering to him, "Then we picked the wrong couple to double-date with." It's followed up with a mild shrug. "Ah well." She turns her head to watch Jerry and Sasha go 'round as she continues on foward, slow but relatively steady despite the lacking attention she seems to be paying to what she's doing. "Yeah, definitely outclassed." A pause, and then her nose wrinkles as she looks back at Linus. "Are you cold? Do you need.." Y'know.

"It's like that movie where the olympic skater guy and the olympic skater girl get together and they're just all over the place and they're dating each other, but he's a jerk and she's a total bitch but by the end they're in love… except they kinda skipped a lot of that stuff are they going backwards?" Baby steps. Baby steps off the railing. Baby steps onto the ice. Baby steps forward. No slipping. No falling. You can do this, Linus. You can totally do this. "No, I'm okay, Sunny. Besides. If I needed to I could, you know. Do it myself. I really need to ask my brother to shut down that power of yours for a little while so you can feel cold again. And warm, I guess. They're both fun, you know." Progress. He's not that terrified of Adrian anymore, apparently.

"No, no body-checking is allowed," Jerry smiles, as he switches back to skating forwards, pushing a bit to catch up to Sasha. "I can't do any of the fancy stuff, much. Mainly skate fast, dodge, and hit guys with sticks."

"I think they have a name for that," Sasha muses to Jerry, "Maybe….something with an H…." she trails off and cracks a smile. She skates a bit faster, pulling away from Jerry, and sliding up towards Linus and Sunday. She passes them barely on the outside, then slows with a turn and winds up skating backwards slowly. "How're you two doing?" she asks. "Haven't seen you fall once."

Unfortunately, Sunday was lost as 'movie'. But she's trying! Today, Tim made a reference to a movie that she totally got! It was awesome! "Wait, so, Sasha and Jerry are the ice-skaters who fall in love, right?" Slightly confused, she is. When he mentions asking Adrian to touch her, Sunday's eyes widen just a tad - not from misunderstanding, just from knowing what that means. Yes, progress. "Well, if you think it's important. I don't really miss them, but.. I've kinda forgotten what there is to miss." When Sasha comes skating up to them, well.. Sunday is a little surprised! And she does a very bad job of hiding it. She blinks a couple times and then puts on a pleasant kind of smile - not at all faked, and mostly due to being caught off-guard. "Doing okay so far! Kinda shakey. I dunno how you two are making this look so easy." She looks over to Linus and asks, "How about you?"

"Oh, uh… I think this is basically symbiotic. I'm not falling because I've got you and you're not falling because you've got me." Baby steps past that blue line… thing. "As long as we don't both slip at the same time, uh…woah…" Speaking of which, but he does recover. "We'll be okay. I didn't know we were going out with the ice people or I'd have brought a penguin." Linus widens one eye and peers upwards. That didn't event make sense to him, "I'm okay, though." Still, he's watching Sasha warily, as if waiting for her to skate up to him and try something.

Jerry shshshtk shshshtk's back to the group, following Sasha and then parting from her to look over Linus and Sunday's form on the ice. "Practice, like usual," he says to Sunday. "So it looks easy. I started when I was a little kid, but it was mostly just a thing for winter until I got into hockey." He stops, pshk pshk backwards a couple feet, stops. "You're both doing fine, though, really." He pushes off, back towards the three.

"Totally practice," Sasha agrees. "Helps I've got a lot of practice with balance and stuff. That's really all it is," she says. "Okay, okay, I have gyros now, but I could do this before," she insists. It is, indeed, Sasha's inclination to lunge towards Linus to catch him. Memories flash back, bad ones, and she decides, eh, let him fall. "Yeah, first time for both of you? Not too bad, given that."

When Linus nearly trips himself up, Sunday manages to stay upright and holds firm to him, helping to steady if need be. She does wobble a little on her skates for it, of course. And then they continue on! Glide, glide, wobble. "Ah, life is all practice, isn't it Jerry. Except, obviously, for the stuff we're just /naturally/ amazing at." She beams a smile over at him and raises her brows once. Yeah, we're awesome. Linus's weird penguin comment doesn't even register on Sunday's scale of Linus Weird, and she reacts as if it was perfectly understandable, smiling over at him. First time? "Uh.. Yeah." Her eyes flicker, extremely briefly, to the side. She must be embarrassed about it. "Linus said he's been on before, though. Years ago."

"We're trying. I'm… I've done it before. But it was like a billion years ago." Linus continues on alongside Sunday, doing his thing, which basically involved not falling on his ass. "You guys should just go on ahead. We can watch while you lap us about eighty thousand times." The grin flashed their way is genuine enough. He wobbles again, but stays upright like the Weeble he truly is. "Wait. You have gyros? I didn't know they did anything for, well, you know. I mean, with the yogurt sauce and everything?"

Jerry quirks a smile. "Hee-ros is the Greek sandwich," he says, "Gyros. Stabilizers," he continues, giving Linus a gentle push to keep him from falling over and go back to wobbling, then he pushes back, avoiding one of the other kids on the rink, and drifts back to the group.

"Good going, then. Try pushing more," Sasha suggests to Sunday, "Get some speed and see how it feels." Sasha and speed? BFFs. As if this were a secret. "Gyroscopes," Sasha says with a roll of her eyes. "You guys are just silly." Sasha looks at Jerry, then back at Linus, "So you let him touch you?" she asks, a bit annoyed.

"It's over clothing," Sunday informs Sasha with a slightly annoyed squint to her eyes, and then after a pause she smirks and says louder, "Stop trying to touch my boyfriend, Sasha!" .. Yeah. You asked for it! She watches Jerry skate away and drift back and then shakes her head, shooing the both of them. "Really, you don't have to just hover around the losers." And her look is very reassuring, full of smiling. "We'll glide along and you guys can go ahead and lap, it's really okay. And we can always do more talking over dinner!"

Linus forces a smile at Sasha's comment. He really does. "Jerry, could you tell Sasha what happened the first time you touched me? You know, it's cool if you do now. Nothing's going to happen. But that first time was, uh, you know. Yeah."

Jerry gets a smile on his face. "It was, well, at least I caught him before he hit a height he couldn't breathe at," he says. "it was pretty wild. Didn't know what the first couple of contacts were like for you, bud."

"Yeah, wait, he *can't* absorb me," Sasha insists. She raises her right hand, that blue-plated machine, and twiddles her fingers. "If I were kissing you, okay, maybe trouble. You practiclaly set the dorm on fire! Come on! Proportion!" she says with a huff. Sasha turns and stakes a quick loop around Sunday and Linus. "Dinner?" she asks Jerry.

The more Sasha goes on, the tighter Sunday's hand gets on Linus's. The more narrow her eyes get at the other girl. Don't do this. Don't do this in front of Jerry. He likes this girl, he likes his friends, fighting with her even though she /totally started it/ is not something friends do. One thing if Sasha tried to touch him again, another to just.. take the bait. Sunday closes her eyes a moment and chants to herself - bigger person bigger person bigger person. When she opens them again, her expression has lost all humor. However, she says nothing, just gliding along beside Linus. A little more steady, in fact!

Linus says nothing with his lips at first. All the communication is silent. The way he eyes up Sasha warily when she circles Sunday and he, the way he squeezes Sunday's hand back as if to say 'I know. I know.' The way he peers at the ice beneath Sasha's feet, as if he's considering a routine, but imagintive usage of Sunday's powers… but no. No. He just skates onward, himself, "Dinner would be -great-." Words are strained, in fact, but nothing terribly overt. He turns towards Jerry, "It can vary, but I'll generally use every last power I get. It just turns on."

"Dinner would be good, yep," Jerry says, slssssshing as he turns, spraying ice crystals onto the wall. "Italian sounds good. Who's in the mood for Italian?" He grins, and starts heading back towards the rental area, clomping as he leaves the rink and finding a place to sit down.

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