Creepy Girl

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Title: That Creepy Girl
Emitter: None
Characters: Antigone and Amber
NPCs: None
Place: Steranko Institute Quad
Time: Monday, May 24th, Late afternoon
Summary: Old world meet new world when Amber runs into the Institute's newly issued creepy English girl.

The day is already over, but for Amber classes ended in her head about noon. She can't stand classes, finding the study of superheroics WAY less fun than practical application. But as she is heading back to the doom she greets people left and right with cheerful hellos, before stopping on the steps of Prentiss to sit and have an apple and some cookies from the student center, with a large bottle of soda. She watches the area around the dorms with interest, saying hi to whoever is passing by.

The day is over. That's certainly true. Antigone has been…busy. There are many things to do, even here in Cove City, and little time to do them in. She comes from around one of the buildings, her stride confident, if a bit hurried, dressed in a leather coat with a collar that would be, on anybody else, ridiculous, and carrying a small duffel bag at her side.

Amber hmms and tilts her head at the girl coming in looking like a spy. If Amber knew Carmen Sandiego, she'd say that. But she watches as the girl seems to be in a bit of a hurry, "Afternoon," she says with a smile as the girl draws closer. "Careful, you look in a bit of a hurry, and that sidewalk down there has got a loose stone, okay?"

If she were a spy, wouldn't she be more subtle? Wouldn't she look like…Amber? The girl's eyes turn, looking to Amber without breaking her stride. "I am sure it will find me its equal," she says in a dry, even tone with distinct English accent. And nothing blue collar, either.

Amber hmms? And she giggles and says, "Kinda gotta hope you're more than equal to a loose stone in the pathway." She winks and chews on her apple. "Just saying, be careful." She isn't really about to
follow someone more than with her eyes.

"Do students her often find themselves bested by such stones?" the enigmatic girl asks. She's slowed slightly, but isn't stopping.

Amber shrugs, "I usually show them who's boss when I chuck 'em into the next county." She smiles, and stands, watching the girl, "Why in such a rush anyway? It's school, you can't be too exciting to be around school. That just ain't normal."

A huff from the girl, who stops and pivots just so to face Amber, her arms and coat swinging slightly. "I rush because I have much to do and my time is constantly eaten into by small, blonde interuptions."

Amber rolls her eyes and says, "Then go, was just trying to be nice." She shakes her head and sits back down, "Nice to meet you."

The girl stops, then looks up. "You should move," she tells Amber.

Amber peers at the girl and then says, "Why?" She looks up and says, "Oh…excuse me." With that she sets her drink down and rockets up off the seat. After a few short seconds, she comes back down. "Thanks. Good eye." She holds out the screw, "You know, this is really hot." She sets it down and shakes out her hand. "Think that's Oceanic 815?"

"Unlikely," the girl says, leaning in to look at the screw. "It lacks the usual etheric signature of a trans-reality gateway. Likely just a screw," she says, and straightens. "then straightens up. "Perhaps I should phone the airline." the girl raises an eyebrow slightly,. "You are the then quirks a brow at Amber. "You are the heroes' daughter, Amber Devlin."

Amber blinks and says, "Uhh, yeah. Sorry, I caught the accent, but I don't know many people from across the world that know me. Yeah, that's me." She offers a smile, "How are you, who are you, and what the heck did you just say?"

"I made it a point to study all the students here," the girl explains. "She makes a faint sigh, the sound of an explanation often ask for and perhaps too often given for patience sake. "Itmes traversing from a fictional reality to our reality have a distinctive signature from the energy. This screw does not have that, thus it is unlikely it is from Oceanic 815."

Amber hmms and nods, understandingly, "Well, yeah…you could just say, it's a plane from a TV show." She smiles. "I've heard of people creating a real thing from a picture, but have never seen it." She grins though and chuckles. "Now for the other question, who are you?"

"From a picture?" the girl says with some bemusement, as if you just told her of your exciting meeting with Santa. "Yes. Quite." She pauses a beat. "Antigone," she says.

Amber smiles and says, "Antigone, classic name." She laughs a little, "Nice to meet you and thanks for the heads up." She looks up at the sky. "Wish I had my dad's senses, but there's no plane falling out of the sky. And yeah, from a picture, making it real." She shrugs, "Somebody did it, can't remember who it was. Anyway, are you new, or have we just never met?" She raises her hands and says, "You're busy, and on your way to do something, forget I asked."

"A source of amusement, I'm sure," Antigone says, perhaps about her name. "We have certainly never met before. If you mean to ask if I am a new arrival, then yes, I am." She turns her head, then snaps it back. "If you wish to join me, I am on my way to Jones Hall."

Amber hmms and says, "Uhh, sure. Why not?" She picks up her stuff and says, "So, Antigone. Was that spot a super thing? I mean, catching the falling screw from the sky, that's a really good catch. You have super hearing, sight, danger senses?" She grins, loving powered culture obviously.

Antigone crouches, grabs the handles of her bag, and starts off again. "'Danger senses'. Crude but accuate. I am attuned to the ways of the world," Antigone explains. Or doesn't. Ones mileage may vary.

Amber smiles and says, "That's very cool. So what else does that mean?" She follows along happily, cheerfully. "Can you do anything else?"

"It is cool, yet you do not understand it?" Antigone asks. She doesn't break stride as she turns slightly, following the path towards Jones Hall. "Yes. Many things," she answers. Not a straight answer from her ever, it seems.

Amber peers at Antigone, and says, "You know, you gotta lighten up. You're a SUPREMELY grumpy girl." She shakes her head, "This is Steranko Institute, everyone here does something out of the ordinary. 'Attuned to the ways of the world' is like saying, 'I do things'. It's about as vague as the plots on Glee."

"I am not grumpy," she says. "I have purpose and drive. I am not grumbling at the world nor am I kicking kittens." She tilts her haes and looks at Amber from the very corner of her eyes. "Would you prefer I tell you I am a sorceress?"

Amber nods, "That's honest and direct. Thank you." She grins, and says, "And also very cool to hear that. I don't think I've seen one around here." She takes a bite of her apple, and says after a moment, "Sometimes being so driven, still comes off as angry."

"Hardly. My parents consider it a crude an vulgar term," Antigone says. "You have few in touch with the mystic arts here, fewer still who could claim to be architects of, rather than mere residents of, the grand house that is the mystic realm," Antigone says, letting the words roll out without seeming irony or satire. So she really talks like this. She does, however, crack a small smile. "Such an American attitude," she says.

"You kidding? I come from New York, home of the driven angry citizens." Amber smirks, "I think it comes off bad there too. Ok, so Sorceress is vulgar, but it obviously has something to do with magic and such. But it sounds like it's an all important something. Nice to meet someone whose parents know the job as well."

Antigone says, "New Yorkers are harried, not driven. Similar symptoms from different diseases." Antigone swings her bag before her, switching it from one hand to the other. "Do you have any idea," she asks, stopping dead and looking at Amber, "the dark forces which seek entry to this plane, or what they would do if they attained it?"

Amber stops and says, "Not a clue." She shakes her head, "I've seen enough on this side, too much really, without worrying about possibilities. You know me, I've been doing the job since I was 9, following Mom and Dad along." She looks at Antigone and says, "Classes talk about more, but…I haven't learned it all."

Antigone's smile comes more broadly this time, if still quite closed lipped. It's almost unnerving, as if she's trying to figure out how to eat Amber for dinner and just playing nice until then. "Admitting what we do not know is the first step to wisdom," Antigone says. "Your parents fight worthy foes," she continues, "but they are still only mortals."

Amber hmms and says, "You're not?" She seems to take that curiously, but she doesn't catch the attitude in the smile. Her light hearted nature just sees a smile. "That'd kinda make going to school a waste of time, no?"

Antigone snorts, "Hardly," she says. "Death can only be defied so long and I am, in all honesty, as old as I appear. Curious, too, that you think learning is something which comes to an end."

Amber laughs and says, "I didn't say anything about learning, in case you didn't notice I'm in Steranko too. I meant school itself for someone so connected with mystical power, it seems almost…what's the word? Quaint?" She tilts her head, "But since you're not, or at least not yet, welcome to school."

"What power does not require training to wield?" Antigone asks, seeming actually unsure for the first time. "I assure you, Latin will not teach itself to you."

Amber ahhs, "Well, I can believe all of that." She nods and says, "Yeah, I understand. I have a lot of strength, but I don't always use it with delicate finesse." She shrugs and smirks. "I try. A lot of us here, we all need help with the level of control."

Antigone looks over Amber again. "Strength, flight, toughness. Yes, I am sure you have your use."

Amber peers at Antigone a moment, and says, "You hitting on me?" She looks serious before bursting into laughter.

"All relationships need not devolve into hormone-riddled associations," Antigone says with clear distaste.

"Relax, I'm totally joking!" Amber says after wiping tears from her eyes. "Besides, you're too female for me." She gestures to keep on keeping on.

"I am as female as I have ever been," Antigone says, "and as I will ever." The two, in their conversation, have arrived at Jones Hall. "There is much to be done. I fear I have tarried too long already," she says, turning dramatically and taking the steps into Jones two at a time.

Amber waves and says, "And, uhh, have a good one?" she adds as she watches Antigone head in. She shakes her head and sighs, "All kinds of people, Amber, all kinds," she mutters before heading back to her dorm.

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