Real Name: Cordelia Karen Savage
Age: 15
Identity: Known
Birthplace: New York City, NY
Date of Birth: May 11th
Known Relatives: Mother: Tricia Savage (nee Hazzard); Father: James "Cypher" Savage
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 120lb
Eyes: Light brown
Hair: Blonde
Grade: Junior
Dorm: Taylor Hall


August 14th, 19XX

(New York) — From archaeologist's daughter to international adventurer, and now to wife— one wonders where life will take Tricia Hazzard next. In an interview with Vanity Fair five years ago, she laughed at the idea of marrying, but evidently she's met her match in veteran pilot Capt. James "Cypher" Savage…

… when asked if she'd be calling off her crusade to right wrongs and punish evildoers, all Tricia had to say was, "I wouldn't marry a man who'd deny me my way of life."


Department of Health
Division of Vital Statistics

This is to certify that a BIRTH CERTIFICATE has been filed for Cordelia Karen Savage on May 12th, 19XX at New York City.

Father: James Cyril Savage
Mother (maiden name): Jane Patricia Hazzard


The deepest jungle calls adventurers to it! Witness the preparations for another expedition! The Savage family packs lightly for their airdrop entrance to ADVENTURE! Pictured here, young Cordelia Savage, only daughter of these two famous scientists, studies up on Mayan mythology!

But what shall await them in these unknown parts? The perils and pitfalls of peoples past? Or something more sinister? The archaeological world eagerly awaits their report on the LOST CITY OF QUETZALCOATL.

Hospital Admission Chart

Patient Name: Savage, Cordelia K.
Age: 14

Patient History:
Patient was transported to ER by parents in wake of accident at archaeological site. Patient arrived unconscious, but vitals steady; artifact was already embedded in patient's chest (note: object has stopped sinking further into patient's sternum). No signs of external damage save for burns.

Patient's family has history of unusual brain activity; no seizures, no history of migraines, but scans of parents show activity consistent with neohuman trend.

Patient was first contact with embedded artifact. Observers report "a flash of light and deafening noise, and an electrical storm surrounding [patient]" when patient touched the object. Observers were unable to reach patient until activity subsided. Patient has remained unconscious since that time.

Patient appears to be suffering from magical equivalent to electrical burns across her upper chest, centering around embedded object. Surgical removal ill advised at this point. Patient remains unconscious, condition unchanging for three days. Pupil response is consistent with intracranial hemorrage, but CT scans and cranial MRI return blank due to electrical/mystical interference; EEG shows heightened activity through the brain.

Observation, IV feed.


Noted Adventurers' Daughter Wakes From Coma

(NYC) - Cordelia Savage, daughter of James and Tricia Savage, awakened from a four-week coma spent in Mount Sinai Hospital's ICU. "Thus far we have found no evidence of permanent mental trauma or damage," said her doctor. When asked about the cause of the accident, he had no further comments for the press.

Detractors of the family's dangerous lifestyle are questioning what brought the young Savage into the hospital in the middle of the family's planned exploration of an unknown temple to Quetzalcoatl, an Aztec deity. "Is that any life for a child?" asked Dr. Mary Gardener, leader of Protect Our Children. "To be put in constant danger and exposed to who knows what—"


"But Mom, I've /learned my lesson/."

"Sorry, kiddo. You're going to school, and /we're/ going to figure out just what's been stuck in your chest there." Tricia Savage poked her daughter in the breastbone, noting the *tick* of her fingernail against the gem embedded there. "You'll have plenty of adventures in school. Think of it like this: at least you won't be grumbling about not having people to 'hang out with'."

Cordelia sighed and slouched, then, at her mother's quiet 'ahem', straightened up again, her goggles digging into her forehead as she frowned. "But what happens when I have to get rid of more of this energy? I have plans in my head — they're brilliant! — but without you and Dad, how am I supposed to—"

"You'll figure it out. And besides, I'm fairly certain this school's equipped to deal with you."



Undoubtedly brilliant, Cordelia has the unfortunate tendency to give into her curiosity. It's not quite shiny-red-button syndrome, but convincing her not to touch something that seems interesting is a difficult prospect. She's also rather arrogant, over-confident in her abilities, and prone to overstating her skills and experience; while she has a lot, none of it has been with kids her own age. She's also (occasionally unfortunately) creative in such a way as to result in disaster: she occasionally HAS to bleed off some magical energy, lest she become manic and start, for example, taking apart the fridge for components to her newest invention.


Scientific Contributions - 4/21/10-Cordelia falls prey to the Haunted Room Prank and discovers that, no, sir, Miles is not a ghost. He subsequently volunteers (no really) for experiments designed to turn his invisibility off. (read: he's doomed)
Points West: 5/2/2010 - Nephrite and Rhodonite drop in for another shot at a local jewelry store - this time taking a hostage for cover. Too bad Cordelia, Miles and Valiant have other ideas.
Point Central: 5/18/2010 - Nephrite and Rhodonite attempt to activate their portal home, and are interrupted by Current, Doctor Steampunk, Miles and Valiant.
The Attack of the Kitchen Blobs - 6/12/2010 - Cordelia and Synapse meet. Doom for all. This, of course, involves a new lifeform. Sadly, it's lunch. Chaos ensues.
Err, What? - 6/16/10 - Sasha searches for the Inventor she's heard about and encounters Cordelia. There is a clash of awkward proportions, some discussion of nanotech, and then further awkwardness in the Infirmary.
You're a Better Man than I, Gunga Din - 6/16/10 - After the events of the previous log, Cordelia tries to find a solution to her frustration with her peers. It does not go well. Miles also provides a new point of view on her fashion sense, and it is not awkward.
Teen SCIENCE! - 6/28/10 - Never let it be said that Cordelia doesn't follow up on her threats. She enlists Synapse's help in creating the Anti-Hormone Serum. Or whatever it winds up being called.
A Scientist's Intent - 7/10/10 - Aaaand the Serum is ready for testing. Except, as with all such things, it backfires. God only knows what they're building.
Hothead, meet Ice Queen - 7/15/10 - Sasha attempts to get Cordelia to reverse the effects of the serum on Jerry. It doesn't go over well. Sasha flounces off in a huff while Cordelia goes back to work.


Attr: Str 10 (+0), Dex 12 (+1), Con 16 (+3), Int 30 (+10), Wis 18 (+4), Cha 14 (+2) Total PP: 40

Saves: Toughness +3/+8, Fortitude +5, Reflex +6, Will +7 Total PP: 10

Combat: Attack +2/+8 Ranged, Defense +0/+8, Grapple +2, Init +1 Total PP: 4

Bluff 4/+6; Craft/Mechanical 6/+16; Craft/Electronic 6/+14; Craft/Structural 6/+16 Computers 6/+16; Diplomacy 4/+6; Knowledge/Arcane Lore 12/+22; Knowledge/Technology 2/+12; Knowledge/Physical Science 2/+12; Languages 4 Total PP: 13

Feats: Attack Focus: Ranged X6, Artificer, Attractive, Beginner's Luck, Connected*, Eidetic Memory, Jack of All Trades, Fearless, Equipment Total PP: 13

*Connected: Cordelia knows a lot of people, both through her parents' exploits and her own; it occasionally allows her to ask a favour of mostly neohuman adventurers.


  • Device 7 (Kick-Ass Steampunky outfit!; Hard to lose; 35PP; Cost: 4/Rank; Total: 28PP)
    • Protection 5 (Magically Reinforced corsets and leather; Cost: 1/Rank; Total: 5PP)
    • Shield 8 (Good luck charms and deflecting spells; Cost: 1/Rank; Total: 8PP)
    • Flight 4 (Rocket Boots!; Cost: 2/Rank; Total: 8PP)
    • Super-senses 14 (Awesome goggles; Analytical (All Vision) 2, Extended 2 (All Vision), Darkvision (2), Magical Awareness (visual) 1, X-ray vision (4), Detect Magic (2) Cost: 1/Rank; Total: 14PP)
  • Device 7 (Awesome Retro-future Raygun; Easy to Lose; 30 PP; Cost: 3/Rank; Total: 21PP)
    • Blast 8 (Rapid Fire Mode; Extras: Autofire; Feats: Variable Descriptor 1 (Electricity, Light, Heat), Split Attack 1Cost: 3/Rank; Total: 26PP
        • AP: Blast 8 (Ectoplasmic Beam; Extras: Area: Line; Flaws: Range; Power Feats: Affects Insubstantial X2)
        • AP: Blast 8 (Needler Beam: Extras: Penetrating, Perception; Flaws: Full-Round Action)
        • AP: Nauseate 8 (Neural Scrambler; Extras: Range: Ranged)
        • AP: Stun 8 (Pacifier Ray; Extras: Area: Cone, Sleep; Feats: Reversible)
        • AP: Transform 8 (Humans into Monkeys; Devolution Ray! Feats: Reversible)
        • AP: Paralyze 8 (Freeze Ray; Extras: Range: Ranged)
        • AP: Blast 8 (Wide-angle beam; Extras: Area-Cone, Flaws: Range)
        • AP: Dazzle 8 (Flashbang! Visual and Auditory; Extras: Area-Burst; Flaws: Full-Round Action - attaches to end of barrel and is fired)
        • AP: Strike 8 (Reinforced, accurized grip and frame for pistol-whipping; Extras: Autofire x1; Feats: Accurate x3)

Weakness: (Blood Magic or similar 'dark' magic ritual sites; uncommon, moderate, Drain Strength 1/Round; +6 PP)

Artifice Formula

  • Aetheric Exploration Kit: A self-sealing brass and leather gas mask with attached air tanks
    • Immunity 9 (Life Support)
  • Tobin's Spiritualist lenses: A series of extra lenses and attachments for her goggles.
    • Super-senses 5/Immunity 5: (See Invisible, Acute Ranged Detect— Spirits/Possession)
  • Babbage-Aided Design and Construction A Clockwork computer and micro-manufactory!
    • Create Objects 4 (Create appropriately steam-punky objects; everything is made of brass and wood and velvet and so on; Power feats: Subtle, Precise)
  • Automatic Sawbones A fantastic automaton surgeon!
    • Healing 8 (Extras: Total, Flaws: Side-Effect -2: Due to the Sawbones' failure to use any sort of painkillers and employ things like tar and mustard plasters, the victi, er patient is automatically affected with a nauseate +8 attack.
  • Savage's Superior Disguise Kit A Trunk of aetherically enhanced makeup and appropriate costumes suitable for imitating anyone! Or simply making oneself more presentable.
    • Morph 3/Enhanced Charisma 2 (All Humanoids, Power Feat: Attractive.)

Shiny Red Candylike Button syndrome
Her curiosity got her into this mess in the first place, but by and large, it hasn't been TOO bad a fix. She hasn't learned that sometimes, pressing the shiny red button, or pulling the lever, or any other number of things usually labelled 'DO NOT PUSH/TOUCH' is probably not the best of ideas. A GM can point out something shiny that could doom us all and she'd spend a round or two trying to get to it to push the button.

I'm Way Too Awesome For This
She's a little too aware of her intelligence, and a little too proud of all the places she's been and the adventures she's had so far. This can prove awkward when trying to convince people to do something or tell her something, leading to botched Diplomacy or Gather Info rolls.

Somewhat linked to the Shiny Red Candylike Button syndrome, this complication is triggered by her need to know what's going on. She can be distracted by unknowns in the middle of a fight — 'wait, I just had an IDEA! *scribble in dirt*'

Mmmm, Tasty Tasty Magic
PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER!!! … itty bitty living space. Since Cordelia has no real control over the power that she absorbed save for what she's linked into her devices, she tends to attract unwanted mystical attention. Really, to anyone with Mystical Awareness, she glows. Stealthy (where magic is concerned), she is NOT. In addition, well, she could easily be used as a power battery for mystics who actually know what they're doing.

Cordelia's parents are relatively famous in certain circles. They're also wealthy. They also go on expeditions quite often. So, this is a threefold problem: one, Cordelia doesn't get to talk to them very often during the school year, much less see them; two, she's pretty good leverage against her parents if it comes down to it; three, she's somewhat recognizable herself, and it could raise interesting questions about what she's doing in this city rather than where her parents are.

I'm Right, You're Wrong
Somewhat tied to the 'I'm too awesome for this' complication and her intuitive knowledge, Cordelia… can ignore well-meaning advice from people she feels know less about the subject than she does. She can also annoy the hell out of people who DO know more than she does (see the note about her K/Arcane below).

Her Dorm Room is packed full; it counts as an HQ of Size: Diminutive and Toughness 10, and has the equivalent of Workshop, Laboratory, Library, Living Space, and Computer for a total of 4EP. She also has a set of masterwork tools, giving her +2 on her craft checks for making her terrifying magitech gear.

English, Nahuatl, Ancient Egyptian and Spanish.


Cordelia's knowledge of arcane lore is more of an intuitive understanding than actual book learning; she'd present it in technobabble terms about 'etheric energy' and so on that could drive a real mage insane, but it's enough to make her technomagical devices.

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