Title: Companionly Aggregate of Inquisitive and Vigilant Affiliates
Emitter: -
Characters: Alessandra Job, Reginald Hart, Sullivan Prieto
Place: Reg's Dorm Room
Time: August 30, 2010 - Evening
Summary: Alessandra has many questions, including one she posed months ago to Liv. The beginnings of something bigger? Or just wishful thinking? Only time will tell.

Sandra had actually called both Reg and Liv thanks to the new telecommunications array disguised as a normal cell phone her parents had sent. She had politely asked to see both of them, siting a variety of questions ranging a plethora of topics. After a few minutes of talking back and forth, Reg politely offered up his dorm room for the 'study session on Human Behavior and Culture'.

Sandra is the last to arrive, but with a good excuse - in her hands the young woman knocks on Reg's door with a bottle of soda, ice cream, some plastic cups and straws. "Reg, Liv? I have brought the ingredients for making Floating Beers of Root!"

Liv swings the door open, looking somewhat relieved to see Sandra there. "You brought ice cream," she says, as if this were a gold medal win. "Come on in … Reg will be back in a minute …" She scuttles backwards to let the other in. "I've got cookies. How are you?"

A figure enters. He's carrying a bag. In it are various cakes, cookies, and other things that you get from a fast food store. "Hey, I'm back! Hi, Sandra, you're here. Welcome," he says, offering her a bag of cookies. "Here!"

"I am … well enough. I find myself as confused as always at humans, or perhaps a bit more. I'm not entirely certain. But that will have to wait." Sandra follows Liv and finds herself a seat. "Cookies? Are they good? Thank you." Sandra looks around, and sets her haul upon the most likely spot - Reg's desk. Then she turns back to take a cookie and nibble on it as she sits back down. "Where did Reg go? Have you two been on one of these … couples outings? What is it like?" she suddenly blurts out, blinking.

"Of course I did. The chocolate brownie bars with fudge," he says with a chuckle. "Right here," he says, before glancing curiously at Sandra. He doesn't comment.

Sandra purses her lips thoughtfully at Liv, then nods slowly. "Indeed. Actually, I have a request of both of you. I have found Rioghan Mac Cionaoith's friendship to be a boon and an ease. I would like the both of you, if you would do this favor for me, to reach out and befriend him as well. It is not my secret to tell, but we all have much in common," she notes.

Sandra then turns to Reg offering a nod. "Hello, Reg. I was asking Liv about the couples outings … dates … people have been taking together. I am curious about them. What they are like … and … " Sandra frowns again, hmming to herself before she shakes some thought or another away.

"I brought things for the Floating Beers of Root," she notes with a motion towards Reg's desk. "What I would really like to discuss is how we are going to stay in communication once you graduate, Reg. It should be addressed."

"Hmm? I've seen him around campus, I think, but never had a chance to speak with him," Liv says. "Different class schedules." She perches on the edge of the desk, hands clasped on one knee. "Well, err, ours got … interrupted, so I'm not sure it really counts. And I hope it's not a good example." She rubs at her face absently. "Do you know how to start, Sandra?" she wonders, reaching over to grab the ice cream scoop. She thinks she knows where Sandra is going, so lets her talk.

"…oh, is that so?" Reg looks at Sandra curiously, "We'll have to make sure this Rioghan's good enough for you," he says to her brightly, before looking over at Liv, and shrugging, "Dates? Well. Uh. That is." This is not the right person to ask. This is /Reg/!

Sandra is suddenly blinking fiercely at Reg. "Good enough for me? I do not … understand," she notes twisting her head curiously to give Reg a sidelong glance.

Then she turns back to Liv. "Well, it seems Rioghan inadvertently agreed to go on one of these dates with a young Fresh Man, Kelly, I think her name is? Poor thing, nothing can come of it," she says with a shake of her head. "Though, I still wish it turns out well. But… as for keeping in contact after graduation, no. No I really don't know where to start. That is why I wanted to speak with both of you and get your opinions."

"Yeah … um." More monosyllabic eloquence on the subject of dating from Liv. "Well, it's not like a date is a promise of anything. But that does sound awkward." She looks wry. "I meant start with the floats. Anything worth saying is worth saying while thoroughly sugared up." Unless prevented, she sets about preparing the floats. "Is this about the conversation we had over there?" A nod towards where the portal is hidden.

"You will get it eventually," is all Reg says, shaking his head. He glances curiously towards Liv at her latter words, but doesn't interrupt. He looks curious as he continues to lay out food. Pies. Cakes. Cookies. He has quite a sweet tooth. How does he stay that thin? Oh yeah. Child of a god. That's right.

And women will forever be envious of his great metabolism.

In the meantime, however, Sandra just gives Reg another curious look. Then her attention is back to Liv. "Oh, no. I know what is in them, but the construction I was hoping one of you would know, eitherwise I would be forced to experiment," she notes, slightly sheepishly.

Of course, Sandra brightens up as conversation turns back to something faintly serious - something she is more comfortable with, alas. "Yes, it is about that. I … I don't know, an organization so we can keep track of our friends and those we work well with? Does that make sense?"

Liv would help herself to the sweets, but she's busy making a demonstration root beer float. "Really, it's better if the ice cream gets a little softer," she says, waving the scoop about. "The last time I had one of these things, it had liquer in it." She glances up, adding, "She means a team, I think. Or something like it."

"Oh," Reg says with a considering look. "Interesting. Not sure that's feasable all the time, but it's an interesting idea." He nods his head, slowly, "What sort of team? What goals?" He wonders, as he takes a big bite out of a brownie bar.

"Is a team really the correct word, Liv?" asks Sandra curiously. "I know we have had this discussion before, but … it just seems that teams in your language and culture are more … competative affairs."

Sandra rises to go stand next to Liv, peering at the float. "Liquor? Really? I did not think that personages under the age of 21 were allowed to imbibe alcohol in this society," she notes curiously.

Turning a bit more, Sandra now leans against Reg's desk, considering. "Well, there is mutual protection. I've had one assassination attempt, as has Alia, and Rioghan, actually. Liv has her own problems. And no doubt you will eventually, Reg," notes Sandra. "Constant communication with our friends. I cannot thank all of you enough for rescuing me, nor can I say how much it has given me joy to find your friendship. And … well, we do seem to get into trouble on a regular basis …"

"Who wants the first one?" Liv wave the float around, then holds it up. "Sandra?" Her eyes dart from one to the other, taking in the dialogue. "It may not be correct etymologically, but the popular meaning the word has acquired is accurate, especially when it comes to … dynamics," she says, tone slightly wry as she uses Sandra's favored word.

She shrugs at the question. "Kerry," she says with a snort. "To be honest, it's better without the liquer. I find alcohol sort of … gross."

She quirks the pierced eyebrow. "I can't agree to a protection … ring. Whatever." Her voice is short, brittle, angry - and then it snaps, and it's as if her mood never shifted. "Let's not borrow trouble for Reg, huh? But it's also worth considering that all of us have different skills and areas of expertise. We can pick up each other's pieces."

"You can drink alcohol if your guardian gives it to you. All assuming they aren' tletting you get drunk. Then you'll be in trouble. Or rather, the parent would." Reg shrugs a shoulder, before listening to Sandra's words. "Ah, I see. I suppose that works, though I think it'd need some sort of goal, I think. A focus, if you will."

Sandra hmms then nods to Liv, holding out her hand with a duck of her head, for the first float. "Thank you," she notes, then considers. "Oh, yes, forgive me. I forgot about your family."
Taking a sip, Sandra smiles and nods to Liv again. "Well done. And a focus you say, Reg?" she asks, considering. "Well, relations betwen Dynamics and the mundane world, as well as Diplomacy. There is Alia, R…. There is Alia and I, after all. And even you to an extent if you wanted it, Reg. We do enforce the laws of the land when we see them being broken, and do our best to see that innocents are not hurt."

"Oh, no, it was definitely with the purpose of my not getting drunk," Liv says with a black grin. "Pfft. Don't look at me. My driving goal is just to get out without having made things worse." She leans back on the desk, starting on the second float. She actually giggles. "Oh, damn, Sandra, that's …" A pause. She's trying to take it seriously, honest. "Does that mean telling people who you are?" she wonder.

From outside, there is a bit of thunder, and even the dorm seems to shake lightly with it.

"Hmm. I'm not the most diplomatic, I'm afraid. I don't know if I'd really fit in, in that sort of group I'm afraid," Reg says to them with a shrug. "I'm more of a 'go out and do' sort of person," he says to her with a slight shrug. He glances towards the window, and says with a sigh, "Did someone just blow something up again?"

"Well … yes, I do prefer 'doing' myself, I am just more comfortable with it. I suppose a lack of belief in my Diplomatic abilities. What would you suggest, Reg?" asks Sandra, blinking at the noise. "Mmmm, I hope that wasn't Prentiss. Though Synapse tends to spend time with Miranda and Cordelia instead of experiment in his room." There is a faint pause. "That I know of …"

It's just a breath later that Sandra's Telecommunication Array is ringing in bell-like tones. The young woman picks it up and answers it. "Oh, hello Ealia. That wasn't Synapse was it?" she asks, pausing. "Oh, Kelly? Jumping into campus. Ah, well, I'm sure the faculty will make certain she helps with cle… carrying who? Where?" asks Sandra, blinking and paling slightly unbeknownst to herself. "Oh … I … I see. Yes, thank you for… why would I need to be teleported to the infirmary… no, no, Rioghan was on one of those co… dates with Kelly, we are not 'dating' currently. What made you … Ealia? Ealia?"

Isn't that not supposed to happen inside school grounds?" Liv slides to her feet and peers anxiously out the window. She looks back at Sandra's words and relaxes, shoulders slumping. "Oh. Just a student being … idiotic." Her features crinkle into a moment's grimace. She flicks a questioning look to Reg.

"I'm not sure. I just don't think that between us, a focus on diplomacy's a good idea, that's all." He cants his head to the side, asking Sandra, "Is something wrong? If you've need to leave to check on your friend, that's all right," he offers the young woman.

"Uh, well…" starts Sandra, before frowning and shaking her head. She still holds the glass, but turns it around and around and around. "THink on it? What a focus should be? I… like this idea and I would like to see it to fruition, please?"

Sandra sighs then. "Kelly came into campus carrying Rioghan with something sticking out of his shoulder. I would assume another assassination attempt," she frets, trying to tell herself she isn't worried. "The medical staff here are quite adequate, after all," she murmurs aloud.

"I'd be a decent diplomat if I weren't me," Liv says with a wry smile. "I promise I'll think about it, though." Maybe if it's not her own direction she's thinking about, it will be easier. "More than adequate. They do good work." There's an uneasy hitch to her confidence, but the words are firm. "Like he said, if you need to go … yeah. I get it."

Reg considers, "I think we just need something active as a goal. Protect against supernatural threats, perhaps? All three of us have mystical leanings, in a way. A goal to pursue. Being diplomatic is nice, but that's a method of sorts, not a goal." He shrugs, "What do you think, Liv?" He winces, "In his arm? That sounds painful." So says the guy who can't be hurt. He shrugs, "I think you could do well."

"I agree, Liv strikes me as the sort that would do well at whatever she puts her mind to," notes Sandra, leaping onto that topic. Blue eyes stray towards the door, and Sandra fusses with ehr drink. "Well, he may not want visitors, and despite my status, diplomatically, it means nothing here and I cannot simply order the medical personnel to let me in to see him, and …" she says, starting to fidget even more. "Please, I … thank you both for thinking of this. It means much to me. And I … well, I need the help. I try to be confident, but … it is so hard at times when you don't understand anything going on around you … or with you," offers Sandra as she murmurs the last under her breath.

Liv ducks her head, a brief flurry of copper locks. "I don't like being looked at," she mumbles in dismissal. She peers up again, through an inadvertent screen of hair. "It wouldn't hurt to try," she says, "but I'm sure he's fine. All I could see, he's fairly tough." She rubs her hands together, an absent fidget. "I could see supernatural threats. I mean, I just barely know a banshee from a hole in the ground, but … and that's what we're here for, Sandra. Believe me, I know what you mean." On regular counts and sotto voce counts. "Though you're one of the most poised people I know."

"I think you should have more confidence in yourself," is all Reg says. "That's all. And yeah, I just think we should focus on a goal of sorts, not a method. So…" He considers. "Supernatural threats. Perhaps looking into oddities that go bump in the night?"

Sandra nods, several times, in fact. Again her eyes stray to the door before falling back on Liv and Reg. "That sounds more than adequate," she notes, sipping of her drink finally, before fidgeting with it once more. "I … will try. It is a weakness of mine, I admit," she murmurs.

"It's not about confidence," Liv says. "I just don't like drawing attention to myself." She palms the back of her neck, awkward. "We all have weaknesses. Shoring each other up is part of what it's about." She snorts. "You look like you're going to fly through the ceiling, Sandra."

"Perhaps, but nevertheless. Need to work on it," Reg says. He shrugs a shoulder, and nods, "Yeah. You look worried. Go check on your friend, it's okay. I'll have ice cream and cake when you get back." Sheesh. Sweet tooth!

Sandra blinks at Liv. "Of course I am not. I do not have the ability to fly," notes the Atlantean to Liv, taking the Soul Shadow literally. Then she scuffs a toe on the ground at Reg's words. Finally, she exhales and nods. "All right. Uh… mmm, yes, I shall bring Rioghan back? Or perhaps I should take… may I?" she asks Reg as she grabs one of the snack cakes. "In case he can't leave right away?"

Then, as if what was keeping her in Reg's room was lifted off, Sandra is scurrying towards the door. "Thank you, both. I look forward to this endeavor," she notes, before running down the hall, not even closing the door completely.

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