Collateral Damage

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Title: Collateral Damage
Emitter: Ellipse
Characters: Adrian, Current, Tyche
NPCs: Calamity, Tereis
Place: Waterside district, Cove City, MD
Time: 7/19/10 - noon
Summary: The villain Calamity bounds through, pursued by heroine Tereis, and neither is particularly concerned about the damage they do. Adrian, Current and Tyche rush to contain the situation.

Monday lunch-time on a dreary summer day, the oppressive clouds holding in the heat rather than repelling it. There is a gap in classes, allowing Steranko students to leave campus if desired … assuming one can gather the energy to ooze along.
The water-front is jammed with people headed out for lunch, coming back to lunch, and tourists heavily lathered with sunscreen. A crane looms over the street from a construction site: a ritzy hotel going up on prime property. The local restaurants bustle. A family of seven currently argues in front of an ice cream truck. Elsewhere, a little boy throws rocks at seagulls as his parents pretend not to watch but take pictures with their phones.
Something *bangs* to the south, a crack not quite like thunder - but close enough that most people instinctively look up for the source.

Tyche hasn't been to the waterfront in weeks. Last time she was here, she wound up half-drowned with a concussion, her favourite blouse ruined, her sandals stolen. It wasn't pretty. Today, though, that pretty white convertible is parked up on the lot anyways, with Tyche sitting on the hood in a pair of jean shorts and a blue spaghetti tank top with Strawberry Short-cake on the chest and small white lettering that reads 'Scratch me, Smell me' just beneath. She's busy reading her Ethics textbook behind a pair of Armani sunglasses, and all the noisy whatever going on doesn't seem to phase her in the least. That is, it doesn't bother her until the not-thunder peals across the sky. /That/ draws her attention away from the book, and she sits up to peer southward towards the noise.

The Waterfront - one of Sandra's favorite places. Though, busy as it is right now, swimming for an hour or so without taking a breath is … out of the question. Instead the young woman is walking along, headed towards the beach, flip flops smacking as she moves. Sandra is almost single-minded in her attention, the salt water feeling so good on har parched skin, after all. But then, Sandra, with her freckles and sun-bleached hair looks like a native of the beach, so is hardly out of place.
It does take several moments for the loud bang to register, and the young woman pauses and twists, inadvertandly thwarting a pick pocket as she glances towards the direction the sound came from. "Oh, what are the foolish surface building now?"

Shopping. It's what tourists do. It's what girls do. Not what teenage boys on their break between classes do. Of course, Adrian wasn't given much of a choice in the matter. His mother and sister are making the most of their east coast visit, despite the circumstances that brought them to Maryland in the first place.
"So, how was school this morning?" Claudia Young is asking her son.
The trio sit outside a cafe on the waterfront, each with a plate of food in front of them. Adrian is just sort of pushing his food around on his plate, staring at it; lost in thought of the events from the night before.
"Adj, Mom just asked you a question." That would be Stephanie, Adrian's older sister.
“Huh? What?" Adrian looks up to see them both staring at him.
"I asked how school was this morning. Are you feeling okay?"
"Oh, um, class was… class," it's a lame answer, but what does she expect? "And yeah, Mom. I'm fine. Great, really… just… how come Linus gets a free pass and I'm stuck being dragged all over the area with you? All he's got to do is show up for dinner tonight."
"Linus didn't almost-"
"Don't say it." Adrian blurts out, throwing his hands up.
"Besides, we're leaving to go back to Cleveland tomorrow. I thought you'd want to spend time with—"
The distant bang draws all of their attention. Adrian turns around in his seat, curious. But then he grins and says cheerfully, "Really? You're going back tomorrow?"

A vibrating crack echoes as a pocket of air warps inwards, exploding pavement beneath and sucking down an errant flag. A slight blonde man in a disheveled duster, leather and mask appears. At first glance, the costume looks ripped, shredded and like the general product of an apocalypse. A second study proves that it's styled like that - design, not disaster.
Windows rattle as another figure sprints in at superhuman speed, coming to a furious halt about thirty feet away. She is statuesque, easily six feet tall, dressed in form-fitting white.
"If you're going to run, you dissolute coward, run - or stand and fight," she snaps.
He turns to face her, the boyish grin evident even under his mask. "But it's much more fun to taunt you."
She snarls and grabs the back end of a parked car. She hurls the vehicle at her opposite. He drops down, ducking the massive projectile, which crashes into the middle of the street.

White? Pffft! Irridecent Pearl is a MUCH better color.
And to prove the point, Sandra knocks the pearl hanging around her neck with a finger, setting it swinging, even as a strange word drips from her mouth like a waterfall. It is water that suddenly blossoms out of the pearl, wrapping around Sandra's form and washing away the clothing she wears, even the flip-flops, leaving behind a pearl-white and purple form-fitting suit … that seems to be made of individual scales.
The woman, Current, moves over to the car that has landed in the street, and rests a hand upon it as she peers at it curiously. Then the Atlantean's blue eyes, a piercing blue still, look to the boy and the woman as she arches an eyebrow upwards. "What is the meaning of this?" demands Current, in her oddly accented English. "Was there really any reason to damage this innocent vehicle? And what if there was an innocent bystander in the way," she offers with a shake of her head. "This situation is uncalled for. Speak your grievences, and let us rectify them now."

"Oh my, God," Stephanie says, her eyes going wide. "I'll ask again… is it always like this around here?"
"Don't act like crazy stuff never happened back home," Adrian says to his sister.
"Yeah, but it never happened in front of me until Linus caught on fire, I always just saw it on the news!"
Mrs. Young is just staring. "That girl just picked up a car."
"Yeah, Mom. She just picked up a car. I've seen weirder things. Trust me. You know… you two might wanna go somewhere, uh… safer. This is probably going to get ugly. That's Tereis and I don't think she's the kind to pull punches, but the guy she's fighting, Calamity? He makes disasters happen…" And this is the point at which Adrian is getting up out of his chair and reaching for the felt mask in the back of his pocket. Yes. He bought a mask. This will be his second time wearing it to do something 'Linus Young Brand Stupid <tm>'.
"How do you know all this?" Steph asks, she's getting up though, thinking leaving might not be such a bad idea now that cars are being thrown around.
"Duh. School. And the internet. And… why aren't you guys gone yet?"
"Adrian Young you're not going to—"
Too late. He's already putting his mask on and running towards the fray. "You know, that car probably belonged to somebody. I hope they bought the neohuman insurance rider," Adrian says, grinning as he steps up next to Current.

Tyche's textbook gets dropped over the windshield and into the front seet of her convertible. "I have /got/ to stop wearing flip-flops," she accuses herself, as those get ditched as well. Bare-footed, she starts slipping her way forward towards the thrown car, hoping to get a glance inside to make sure it's unoccupied. That's when she spots Adrian, and focuses on him just briefly.
Tyche's mind touches Adrian's. "Is now a better time?" There's only a hint of bitter there. Honest.

"I haven't got time to play nice," the woman says in a harsh voice. "I have a criminal to put down. Let the mundanes sort out the damage later."
"I'm being put down. Like the family dog." The man ponders this with the pretense of thoughtfulness. "You know, it's true what they say. The more people you meet, the more you love your dog."
"Shut up, Calamity," she snaps.
The man turns to appeal to Current and Adrian. Even as he does, however, his eyes dart up … and that crane starts to sway. "If this is a heroine," he says, "wouldn't you rather step over the line onto my side?"
The white-clad figure snorts. She reaches for another vehicle, then thinks better of it, bracing for something else. What isn't immediately apparent.

Calamity gestures once towards the crane, a subtle rippling of colorless force doing a roundabout bounce-dance before it impacts.
The crane's motion is almost balletic - it leans over, slow, graceful … and then something groans and grinds in the mechanism, and the arm plummets, swinging towards Tereis, who leaps backwards to avoid it, landing on the street hard enough that it cracks underfoot. The crane continues to swing, sweeping onto the porch of the restaurant where Adrian was lunching. Wrought iron patio tables fly as people scramble for cover. Unfortunately, a rotund businessman, his perhaps-partner and an attendant secretary get pinned beneath the crane arm as it finally screeches to a halt.

As the crain groans, and then falls, Current's blue-eyed gaze turns a stormy gray and she outright glares at Calamity. "Really? Must you be so juvenille as to include bystanders into your little squabble?" asks the woman, with a hand on her hips. "What sort of … oh never the mind," she says with an angry wave of her hand. "You're likely as mad as a catter."
Then Current turns to look at Adrian, "Do you think you could do something to keep him from causing any more massive damage and possibly injuries? I'll see what I can do about helping those people," notes Current with a nod as she walks over towards the cafe where the crane has rested. Pursing her lips, the Atlantean's voice is calm, despite her oddly accented words, "You, you and you," she points to several men. "I will lift this, pull the injured free, and then find a medical professional to administer first aid, please. You may wish to move them, gently, behind the building, it may not be safe around here for a bit," she notes. That said, Current looks over the tangled mess that is the wreckage of the crane. Then she crouches, grabbing the bottom of the girders, and with a heave, the woman manages to lift the metal upwards, allowing rescuers to scramble for the trapped.

Adrian's eyes go wide behind his mask and then narrow sharply as he looks over at Tyche. "No," he snaps, "Now is not a better time." Huh? Oh my goodness, teenage melodrama! Adrian's mask is not much of a disguise, honestly. Anyone who knows the boy would probably recognize him, just like Tyche did. And then there's the fact that he's still wearing his street clothes, so anyone who had been paying attention to him while he was at the restaurant would know his face. It's the thought that counts, though, right? "Are property and collateral damage really necessary for apprehending criminals? Because I don't think that" he cuts off mid-sentence as Calamity causes the crane to fall, jumping back as the street cracks. "you know what, don't listen to me. What do I know?"
Any other witty retorts and snappy comments die on his tongue when the crane smashes into the cafe. "MOM!" Yeah, definitely going to have to work on the whole 'secret identity' thing. Current's suggestion of stopping the combatants from causing further damage falls on mostly deaf ears, because Adrian is running towards the destroyed cafe. His mother and sister didn't leave like he told them to of course, but luckily they only suffered some minor scrapes and bruises whent hey dove to the ground to get out of the way. The boy skids to his knees and puts a hand on his mother's shoulder. "You okay?"
Claudia Young nods, "I'm okay… I'm…"
"Oh, sure don't even ask if I'm okay." Stephanie says with a wince as she pushes up onto hands and knees.
Adrian helps their mother up. He looks at Steph and sarcastically asks, "I'm sorry, sis, are you okay too? Good. Get our Mom out of here! I'm going to go see if I can do something to stop this before they kill somebody."

Calamity pauses, strikes a pose, tosses Current a droll look. "… villain," he points out.
"Whatever is necessary." That's all Tereis has to say on the matter of collateral damage. "Keep them down and out of the way, then," she snaps towards the water controller, not even looking twice. She re-establishes her planted stance and slams her hands together with astonishing force - enough to send waves of displaced air rocketing outwards, blowing out glass along the waterfront. Luckily, the area of effect is narrow at Tereis and expanding outwards, so the caf misses receiving a second blow, but several people enjoying the boardwalk get blown over the rail into the water. Calamity catches the center of the blast enough that he stumbles, bruised but not significantly hindered.
Tyche is on the edge of the effect, but manages to duck down out of the way, perhaps only suffering a ruffling of hair.

Tyche ducks low with a yelp as the blast flies by her. "Good grief," she mutters, and peers throught he car towards the bad guys. Rushing back towards the restaurant, she skids to a halt as Sandra gets the crane moved. A quick inspection, and then, "Adj, I'll get your mom. Go stop them, before they kill someone!" she hollars over her shoulder. Touching the man's leg gently, she says, "This will help." A grey-white energy suffuses her hands and spreads to his leg. The bone sets, the injury abets, and Tyche's bare leg grows a big ugly purple bruise. "Try to get clear," she says to him. "Paramedics should arrive soon."

"Watch the suit, Terry," Calamity says with a smirk. Apparently oblivious to the young heroes and their efforts at disaster control, he gestures again. Faint heat-wave force arrows right, arrows left, as if seeking the perfect source … and then disappearing underground.
Apparently, a pipe has burst somewhere, for a manhole cover rockets off under another parked car. This chain reaction sends the vehicle sliding backwards. It slams into Tereis, knocking the wind out of the heroine. For now, the villain has the upper hand, and it only took wrecking the street to do it.

Current looks … dismayed at all the people thrown into the water. She carefully puts the crane down again, making certain no one is still left behind. There is a pause as she frowns thoughtfully over Tyche's bruising leg. The other young woman is given a nod, then Current is rushing towards the shore. A wave of her hand, and a great weave swells up, gently carrying those thrown over the side, onto dry land once more - a little wet for their troubles.
Then Current turns those now dark gray eyes on Calamity and Tereis. Unfortunately, Tereis is stunned by Calamity's actions, which seems to make the Atlantean all the more focused on him. A backhanded flip of her hand, and suddenly the water cushing upwards that caused the calamity which knocked Tereis for a loop turns at a right angle and slams into the villainous man, stunning him.
"How dare you cause this much damage, both of you, after you were warned. I gave you both a chance to be civil," notes Current, who then levels a finger a Calamity. "And how dare you hitting that woman before I have a chance to scold her!"

"Thanks," Adrian says, a softer tone than the earlier one he used with Tyche. It's hard to be irritated when a girl is offering to help get your mother to safety. Adrian waits only long enough to see that Stephanie is finally getting their mother up and looks like she's going to get her out of here. Along with some other fleeing civillians who think that this is a good idea. And Adrian is then pushing up to his own feet, and muttering, "It would have been nice if Linus told me how I could fly." He's then charging directly towards Calamity intent on getting his hands on him. He shouts towards the over-zealous heroine, "Tell you what, lady, you quit blowing stuff up and injuring innocent bystanders in the name of justice and I'll try to make your job a whole lot easier!"
"Let's quit with the unnatural disasters, pal," Adrian says jumping at him and attempting to wrap arms around his neck— it's not exactly a grapple, more just a means of making skin contact so that Adj can use his Nullification ability on the guy. The boy does get his hands on the villain and as he does he can actually feel his power triggering and trying to neutralize Calamity's powers… and… something else too. Adrian doesn't let go, but his eyebrows lift curiously while he's looking at Calamity. "Not you too…"

"This kind of conflict is nothing new to the mundanes," Tereis counters. "They should know better than to remain in our path." Her eyes narrow in ire as Adrian closes with her target. "And you! This one is mine. Get out of my way." A few rapid, sprinting steps, and she closes with the pair, lunging for the young man to shove him aside - or worse - but the blow misses.

Tyche helps the man to his feet, then turns and smiles to Stephanie and Claudia Young. "He really is one of the good guys," she promises them both as she reaches up to take their hands. Yet again, that greyish glow suffuses her hands and her patients, and both of the Youngs wind up flawlessly unbruised, while Tyche takes on a few more cuts and scrapes. "Trust him," she begs, before turning around to eye the scene. Closing her eyes, she focuses, concentrates, then blinks and opens her eyes suddenly. "/What/?!"

Tereis rocks back on her heel, looking dazed for an instant. She rounds back towards Calamity, then pauses and surveys the damage. There's a brief holy-shit widening in her eyes, like she hasn't noticed just how much there was until now. Then her spine stiffens, and she shakes it off.
"Woah - hold off with the public displays of affection, kid," Calamity says. There's a subtle shift to his mannerism, but it's hard to pin down what or why. He backs off a few paces. "I think I've had about enough of this game of cat and mouse …"
Quick gestures send energy flowing down into the sewers again. This time, it's a pair of manhole covers that pop up in sequence, without any cascade effect. They shoot out via the stream of water towards Adrian and Tereis together, but both miss. He hasn't forgotten Current, but she's a less breathing-down-the-neck threat.

"Not you, too, what?" Current asks of Adrian as the young man attacks the walking disaster making villain. As two more manholes shoot after Tyche and Adrian, Current frowns even more. "Please stop throwing parts of the street at my friends, thank you," she offers, wripping her hand around as she takes a step closer. The water shooting upwards bends down, stiffly trying to wrap around Calamity. At one point, it almost has the villain, only to be too stiff with pressure to bend and complete the enclosure. Which means, of course, Calamity is still free.
That does not, however, mean that Sandra is /NOT/ watching Tereis, also. No, that one is watched closely.

Adrian only takes one step back from Calamity, watching the manhole covers go shooting up into the air. He doesn't flinch. He does, however smirk at the villain, "Dude. You're so not my type." He glances warily over at Tereis, "I'm not trying to take the credit here, just help out so that there's a little less need for all the smashing and breaking of city property on the 'good guy' side. I'm trying to turn off his powers…" he tells the heroine.
The boy darts forward to grab hold of one of Calamity's wrists. His power clicks on again, only he's positive this time that it does nothing. So when the villain pulls away, Adrian grabs for him again! And… misses. "He was being mind-controlled or something, like the people in the bank the other day! Look Calamity, I think there's been a slight misunderstanding or you're being used as a pawn and I don't think we really need things to get any more physical than they already have."

Tereis scoffs. "Every villain hides behind a mind control defense at some time or another," she says. This time, however, rather than rounding on Adrian, she grabs for her original target - and misses. A simple, ordinary hand-to-hand strike, no tricks, no super-wind down the street. "Slippery bastard. But you're right," she continues, a little grudging, but sounding honest enough, "this has gotten out of hand."

"So was Tereis," Tyche yells to Adrian. She squints and mentally deflects another attempt at Tereis' mind, then spreads out her arms as if she's steadying herself. "Adrian, someone's still trying to control her. I don't know how long I can counter it."

"Yeah, it certainly has," Calamity says, though there's still a smirk on his lips. "Excuse me while I get the hell out of dodge." He gestures again, sending out faint tendrils of shifting, trick-of-the-light energy … and down they plunge for the third time.
This time, however, the effect is more widespread. All that water damage, those bust pipes, the heavy blows the street was taking - the ground folds, a wide, shallow sinkhole forming. Vehicles, tables and other loose detritus - from trashcans to railing shards - slide in towards the center, crashing into the heroes. Adrian and Sandra sustain cuts and scrapes, the latter as an ice cream truck wings her, and Tyche is stunned when one of the patio tables dislodges itself and rolls into her.
Cover fire laid, Calamity is on his heel, space starting to blur around him.

Even as the water rushes past, creating a sink-hole - even as Sandra is hit by a truck, the woman is keeping her gaze warily on Calamity. "Okay, okay. I'm trying to get him … he is … I do not like this man!" exclaims Sandra as great tendrils of water rush about trying to grapple with Calamity and continue to keep missing and sliding over the villainous … villain!

The ground starts slipping away under Adrian's feet and he's struck by a bike rack with a couple of bikes that comes sliding at him. The boy yelps and shoves it away, only to realize that it and everything else around him is dropping into the sink hole while he hovers above it like the boy that gravity forgot. He has yet to realize this, at least not until he ice cream truck that hits Sandra is going under him. "I'm flying! Hah!" Adrian laughs, a big grin spreading across his face, "YES! I'm - oh, crap, I'm flying!" The grin was extremely short lived because he's actually not sure how to get down. And there's also the fact that the bad guy is trying to get away. And Adrian is flying without any control whatsoever.
It's pretty comical, really, because Adrian is scrambling at the air. Arms wind-milling as he reaches for something to pull him back towards the earth and anchor him down. It's a process that brings him closer towards Calamity- both literally and figuratively -in that he's sort of "swimming" in mid-air. And, abruptly and without any warning the flight is ended. With a startled yelp of surprise, Adrian hits the ground and rolls to a stop right at Calamity's feet. He looks up at the villain. "You're not going anywhere," he says, reaching out to grab for the man's ankles. He misses. TWICE! Tereis was right, he is slippery. There's desperation (and a slight amount of humiliation over his unexpected first flight) so as both attempts miss something else clicks. Anyone watching can see the ripple effect leaving Adrian's fingers like a heat mirage that wraps its way around Calamity. On Adrian's part there's a wide-eyed amount of surprise involved here as he knows he just shut down the man's powers without laying a hand on him. For Calamity's sake the feeling is like that of a queasy, nervous, almost like butterflies flying around in an empty stomach as the boy's power takes hold and neutralizes his own.
"…I meant to do that."
Of course you did, Adrian. Of course you did.

Calamity swears, spinning back to face the heroes. He stretches out a hand and … nothing happens. With a sigh, he drops down to one knee. "All right, all right, you got me," he says. "Teach me to play tag with an Amazonian ice-bitch. I don't remember this damn game starting, but …" He shrugs in resignation.

Current moves towards Calamity, then looks over towards Tereis, trying to rest a heavy hand on the villain's shoulder. "What was the last thing -both- of you remember? We have determined there was some … mind control involved," notes the Atlantean.

Tyche falls flat on her face as the table slams into her, then struggles a few moments, seeing double. She looks up to try and regain her grasp of the combat … and spots Adrian. Flying. "Wh…ut?" Adrian doesn't fly. This is Tyche's first clue that she maybe got hit a little too hard. So, closing her eyes, she concentrates, and her body suffuses once more with that greyish energy. The bruise on her leg heals, the scratches and scars all over her heal. And her mind gets just a little clearer. Finally clear-headed, she pushes back to her bare feet and dusts herself off.

"Look, lady, the last thing I remember is incriminating." But Calamity sounds more amused than annoyed. "But that was -" he skips a glance upwards "- a couple of hours ago, minimum. This whole muddle on the street's a complete fucking blank. Not that I don't seem to have done pretty well for myself." He gives the damage a proprietary survey.
"I suppose it would be too much to ask if I could silence him," Tereis says curtly. "I don't know about mind control. It all seemed …" She frowns a bit, glancing towards the wreckage of the cafe. "I'm ashamed of what I did, but I'm not denying it." A scathing look shot to Calamity.
Police sirens blare on the horizon, closing in. A teenager on the docks sits wailing into her cellphone about, "the worst vacation *ever*." People are shaken and bruised, but the worst injuries have been taken care of.

"Just like each of you has the ability to do things, and know things, we do as well. There was mind control involved. But please, without the incriminating bit, please can either of you tell us where you were and what you were doing, the last that you remember?" Then Sandra nods and looks to Tereis. "We can work on this … problem together. I am certain it must be unsettling. I … understand," notes the Atlantean.

Adrian pushes up to his feet, satisfied that the bad guy isn't getting away and looks to the hero and his fellow students with a lopsided smile. "If nobody needs me, I'm uh, going to make like a tree and leave." Did he really just say that? Only someone who thinks that they're cool could say that with such a straight face and get away with it. Of course, he's going to be jogging in the direction that he last saw his mother and sister going, there's a parting look at Tyche, "…we should probably talk later. And I mean actually talk. No more head stuff." And then he's hurrying away, hopefully without any other unexpected incidences of flying— not that he isn't going to be trying to recreate the effect again later!

Tyche finally gets her head on straight. Just in time to catch Adrian's parting shot. "Ya think?" she asks him, then sighs and waves before starting into the rubble. "Anyone see a pair of flip flops by a Beemer?" she asks as she starts hunting for her shoes. And for that matter, her car.

“I told you," Tereis says curtly, "I remember the whole thing. I don't recall anything odd." She crosses her arms, muscular shoulders bunching forward - clearly ill at ease. "I was on patrol earlier. In one of the poorer neighborhoods."
Calamity rolls his eyes. "I was sampling a bit of culture. At the art museum. It's not against the law." Except by the way it's said, his 'sampling' probably was. "Then … bam, blackness, and I'm staring at the young man's felt-covered face." He frowns after Tyche. "Now, see, if I'd been in my right mind I'd simply have taken the young woman's car."


(Cove City Chronicle)

Neohuman pursuit through the streets of Cove City turned ugly Monday afternoon when both combatants stood their ground and faced each other - to the detriment of the surrounding street and harbor walk. Super-strong heroine Tereis had chased disaster-manipulator Calamity several blocks before he stopped teleport-hopping just out of reach.

His first attack brought a construction crane down open the Silver Spoon Restaurant and Cafe, scything across the patio. Her response created a hyper-accelerated burst of air that ripped down the street and hurled bystanders off the docks into the ocean.

At this point, three young neohumans arose to control the damage and confront the battling pair. One was identified as the oceanic Current; the other two are unknown at this time, but rumors indicate one was a healer and the other may have been the same emotion controller who was involved in the attempted robbery at the Thirteenth National Bank.

Whatever the case, the group rescued the fallen, convinced Tereis to stand down, and in the end, escaped the massive sinkhole Calamity created to prevent him from fleeing. Spectator accounts of the attack are confused, but some people swear that the words "mind control" were tossed around by the younger heroes.

"We aren't saying anything for certain yet," said detective Kate Henshaw. "There are a lot of angles - but depending on whether these reports are accurate and why this incident occurred, we may finally have some leads."

Among the spectators was young Tyche Spiros, familiar to many as a young model and daughter of rock star Marchios Spiros. Miraculously unscathed, the young woman commented, "Hey, I was just studying here. Then bam-pow powers everywhere. So I helped a guy get out from under the rubble, did a bit of first aid. Hi, Mom!"

In view of Tereis' otherwise sterling record, authorities have released her under her own recognizance. She has promised to aid in the repairs and shows deep regret for her involvement in the damage. As for Calamity, he has been unmasked as Hollywood stuntman Spencer Lindley (27) … and claims to have no memory of the incident or even encountering Tereis.

"Seriously, I know to get out of the way of a woman like that," he said. "Much as I'd be tempted to stand around and taunt her, I mean - a man gets attached to his limbs.”

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