Stephanie & Steven Moore
Real Name: Stephanie Anastasia Moore & Steven Aaron Moore
Age: 16
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Date of Birth: 24 June, 1994
Known Relatives: Wallace William Moore (Father), Rosalie Bridget Moore (Mother; Missing, presumed deceased)
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 113 lbs.
Eyes: Deep blue (right), and Light blue (Left)
Hair: Straight black
Grade: Junior
Dorm: Rider Hall


Some things in life are worth everything and anything, my brother Steven is one of those things, of course we're always together — literally, physically but most importantly mentally. See, we're chimera, one body with colonies of cells with differing DNA — if we were from the same zygote we'd be a mosaic, but as we're from different ones we're a chimera…get it?

The deal is that when we were in the womb Steven and I sort of merged, or more precisely he was absorbed. We don't have the same sort of DNA as most people, our genetics are mingled, so like…our liver is Steven's DNA, but the kidneys are mine, this makes for some interesting medical requirements and would be a nightmare for an organ donor let me tell you! We even have patterns in our skin called Blaschko's Lines — though they're invisible most of the time, we're really not fond of black lights though. Bad enough to be so different, it is a real pain to have that difference painted on for all the world to see.


Ah well, at least we're not androgen insensitive as well as chimera, that would really suck.

Anyway…the thing is that Steven's fetus wasn't really all that healthy, in fact he was dying. But we're twins and even then we were aware of each other on some super deep level and rather than let him die instinct guided me to pull him in and make us one. I can't explain it, neither can he or any of the doctors we have gone to over the years.

The upshot is that we more or less share this body of ours and neither of us has anything but the vaguest idea of what it is to be alone. How could we? We're always together, always aware of the other, we even talk to each other so if we seem distant or distracted, we might just be discussing something.

Things were pretty normal when we were younger, I was thought precocious or creepy depending on who you asked, my parents though of it as precocious. Apparently they believed I had an imaginary friend, let me tell you — Steven hates that stuff, he's just as real as I am. We think Mom is why we're Neohuman, she had a knack of her own, she seemed uncommonly lucky — though that didn't help her later on. We'll come back to that, right now Steven wants to add some stuff.

And now we let Stephanie relax and I'll take over the narrative. Things were pretty normal, even if my family didn't really believe I existed, save for Steph. All of that changed about four years ago when we hit puberty. Steph has always had a sort of sixth sense — could tell the basics of what someone else is feeling and thinking, that sort of thing.

Well, puberty turned that knack of hers into a full fledged telepathic smorgasbord of mental powers. She thought she was going mad, and thanks to the hormonal and mental imbalances we first learned that I could take over. And more importantly when I do we end up with a whole different set of powers as I'm a telekinetic.

That's probably why when we swap control our body changes—as in gender flips back and forth depending on who's in the driver's seat. Talk about gender issues, most people got nothing on us!

Yes. This was a great big surprise to mom & dad.
Truth be told it was a big surprise to us too!

Still, it was nice to be irrefutably me, and quite real, and physical even if we got held back a year due to learning how to stay in one form and the basics of our powers.

Back to our original narrator. It was shortly after our powers manifested that we learned that Mom had abilities of her own as I mentioned. When she was younger she even fought crime, and met dad at a bank robbery she foiled, he's a Paramedic, and was there to help with the clean up. Mom had some minor injuries and he bandaged her up—and got her number.

Anyway, mom gave all that up when she married dad, the heroine Fortuna went off the grid. Problem is that she still had enemies, most notably the bad guy Doctor Entropy. Mom managed to stay off the radar until our powers manifested and she helped us get them under control — Doc Entropy heard about it and stepped in, kidnapping us.

Mom and Dad came to our rescue.
For real.
Retired superheroine and a paramedic against Doctor Entropy and his goons.

Once mom got us out of the Null Tube we were in, dad got us out of there, unfortunately in the final conflict there was an explosion that took Doc Entropy's entire base out, leaving a hemispherical crater in the ground, and no sign of either of them.

Over time Steven and I learned we could choose when we shift, but not always, and that was cause for some pretty embarrassing events when we were in public school. Locker rooms. 'Nuff said.

Dad couldn't really cope with us being both Neohuman AND time-share twins, not without mom to help…so we got shipped off to a private school, the Steranko Institute. We think he blames us for mom's loss, but I haven't looked, and Steven agrees that would be wrong. Anyway…no clue what to expect but I guess we'll find out.

Ah well, we'll just dress nerdy, wear a lot of turtlenecks and baggy clothes. Who knows, folks might even accept us for who we both are. Oh! I almost forgot, you know those Blaschko's Lines I mentioned? When we use our powers they glow a faint dark blue and the pattern you see is based on which of us is in control. Which is sort of cool


Stephanie is quiet and studious, rather introspective most of the time, and fiercely protective of those she cares about or loves. She can be pretty sarcastic, but mostly keeps to herself. Steven on the other hand is aggressively outgoing as if to make up for lost time — after all, he was a figment to most people until a few years ago. They do also have a fairly serious temper — and Steven has anger control issues, where Stephanie tends to internalize her fury. Neither of them is particularly patient.

Both have a strong sense of morals instilled in them by their parents and believe very strongly that their powers are not toys and should be used responsibly. Stubborn to a fault, they are almost impossible to coerce and incredibly resistant to any sort of mental or emotional control.

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