Character Generation

This game uses the Mutants and Masterminds, 2nd Edition rules.

Students at The Steranko Institute must be between fourteen and eighteen years of age. (Students from an alien culture where they age differently still have to be in their planet's equivalence of adolescence).
Each student is built as a Power Level (PL) 8, up to 120 Power Points (PP).

The Steranko Institute is a school for training future heroes. Characters should be interested in becoming heroes someday, even if they don't admit it publically. It is perfectly alright to apply for a character who considers themselves too shy, poorly trained, inexperienced, etc to be a hero as they would be attending to correct these flaws. However a character's stats should be constructed so they have something to contribute in combat, if for no other reason to avoid frustration for the player and give more opportunities for rp.

A player can have up to 2 student characters. A player may request a character bit for an alt when 1 month has past after approval of their previous character.
A player's 2nd student can not be in either the same grade nor live in the same dorm as their first one.
Instead, a player may apply to be a teacher as an alt. Normal teachers may be built with 45 PP, up to PL3. A powered teacher may be up to PL10 and 150 PP, and have a good reason why they are teaching full time in lieu of being out there fighting crime. However, the game is meant to be focused upon the students.

Chargen Steps:
When a player wishes to app a character, they should use the following steps.

  • Page a staffer (if they're online), or send @mail to request a character bit name. Include who invited you to the game in this mail or page. If you are a Guest, please provide an e-mail in the @mail where a password can be sent. Otherwise, for those with an existing character bit on the game, the return @mail with the password will be sent to the alt the request came from.
  • We are not using on-MU* sheets (+sheet, +stats, ect.) or chargen. Instead, characters are created using the character template page on the game's wiki, and posted there for review. When done, @mail the staff to be reviewed.
  • Requirements:

a) Students must be PL8/120 PP, between 14 and 18 years of age.
b) A Background is required. Where is the character from, what were some major influences growing up, how did they come about their powers, ect.
c) A quick paragraph with their personality. What are they like?
d) What grade is the student in? Which dorm do they live in?

As a smaller game it is important to avoid too much duplication amongst characters. Diversity it part of the fun, as is feeling your concept is original and unique to your vision. Key to this is your Character Concept. Concept plays a pivotal role in your special effects, and the overall feel of your character.

Character Concepts are formed of two parts: Origin and Powers.

  • Origin The Origin is the way you explain where you came from, it could be a racial type such as Demon, Godling, Angel or Alien. It could also have to do with the way you were raised, such as by criminals, wolves in the wild, or adventuring archaeologists. Origin can also explain the source of your powers, though it doesn't have to.
  • Powers Your Powers are fairly self-explanatory and are exemplified by the many archetypes that define your abilities in broad strokes such as but not limited to Paragon, Speedster, Weapon Master or Light Controller.

Characters can share one but not both of the above, in other words you could have two Speedsters, but not two Speedsters raised by wolves. Having two light controllers is fine, two light controllers raised by criminals are not.

If staff feels a concept is not suitable for the game, or too similar to an already existing character we reserve the right to deny it. Of course we will be only too happy to offer suggestions and advice to revise and fine tune concepts.

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