Real Name: Camille Marie DuClare
Age: 16
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Paris, France
Date of Birth: Jan 3rd, 1994
Known Relatives: Danielle (Caretaker)
Height: 157 cm
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Grade: Sophomore
Dorm: Astro

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Camille DuClare never knew her parents.

Her primary caretaker Danielle always told her stories about their beauty and class, but those stories might have well been Peter Pan or Arthurian Legend. Still, Camille appreciated the fruits of her dearly departed sires, for they provided her the lap of luxury. In Paris, France, Camille was raised wanting very little, with the best of everything - Food, clothing, education, and more. But for the girl, wealth alone wasn't enough.

They knew the girl to be special from a young age, for she was smart. Well, there were neohuman children smarter, and yet the art of understanding came as naturally to her as breathing did for a normal human. She could listen to a language once and speak it fluently, read ancient script as easily as reading Pooh Bear, and hear the nuances of a person's voice and body language. Normal schooling was never an option, and soon most of the traditional tutors were not enough to keep Camille occupied.

Growing bored with assignments of the plebeian, Camille began acting out when no one watching - What started a simple sneaking out at night grew to larceny and breaking and entering. The natural grace she had with the school book translated well into this occupation as well, and while she didn't have the training, she managed to get out unscathed in all of her ventures.

Each success begat escalation, and a sense of entitlement. The thrill of each venture only left Camille lusting for a greater prize. She dabbled for a time in grifting, and again in fraud, finding an acumen in each, if not true satisfaction. The want of the greater challenge would eventually bring the young woman to her greatest challenge of yet. One that would change the course of life.

The Eldritch Illuminate was a magical society of higher learning. Or so they claimed. The perceptions of the uninitiated ranged from a overblown gentleman's club to a demonic cult. What all agreed upon was the exhaustive wealth of the members there. And that alone was enough to whet the appetite of young Camille. Though they did not take females as wards, their lounges were always in need of new servers. She took the alias of Eva Bonteque, a recent import to the Parisian world, looking to earn money while not in schooling. A well placed word to the right ears got her in as waitress at one of the society's satellite restaurants. She remained patient however, knowing of the potential treasures of a well done grift of this magnitude.

It would take a better part of the year for her to gain enough trust to be brought into the true club. In the meanwhile, her grades began slipping as her real life suffered for the con. She deferred the blame to tutors and others, and evaded any real questions Danielle asked of her. And by night, she was gone again, resuming the guise of Eva. By the time her birthday rolled around she was an established presence in the charter house. Despite her youth she was well regarded, always giving a word in edgewise, and presenting knowledge beyond her years. Eventually her opportunity came when she caught the eye of a young man named Sebastian Giroux, the son of one of the more prominent members.

She played the part beautifully, showing just enough interest at the right times, but never letting the boy within arms reach. She played demure, then hinted with a word here or there that Eva was perhaps not as naïve as she initially let on – that her ambitions were greater than that of a server girl. The boy wasn't stupid, but he was just as young as she, and after a few more weeks of the game he finally agreed to begin showing her the secrets of The Eldritch Illuminate.

The society was truly a gathering of the elite of Europe, but the sinister undertones were true. While wealth was a prerequisite, so too was a unique drive and ambition. Almost all members of status were deeply rooted into society and culture, or were magicians and neohumans. Sebastian himself had none of those attributes save for his family lineage – and a chip on his shoulder. Without any hint of the deft touch needed for magic, and with genetic testing showing a lack of a neo gene, he relied instead upon a lifetime of training. His father found him the greatest masters money could buy from a young age. And while the boy showed promise with most martial arts, he was found a savant of the sword.

He thought when he was showing her the techniques of the sword that he was wooing a young waitress who wanted a taste of power. What he didn't know was Camille's true powers. She was a born neohuman, with the ability to understand things. It meant she could understand any language by just listening to a sentence, and to speak it as if were fluent. It also meant, however, she could read body language of a person. So with every demonstration of the sword, he was unwittingly training the young woman to be just as proficient as he.

But that was only a perk, not the true prize. The reason Camille had committed herself into this pursuit, the reason she was in very real danger of failing her sophomore year, was for a prize. A tangible proof of her skill. That item would be a masterwork blade Sebastian's father had commissioned for his boy: A present for when he would inevitably join the Illuminate. It was almost by happenstance that Camille would find out about the rapier, when Sebastian's father, Louis, unwittingly mentioned it in conversation with another member. At first the item was a pittance, something not worth even thinking about. Until he mentioned the make of the weapon. Of how it was crafted from a neigh unattainable alloys – reforged and used many times over by great heroes and villains alike. How the magic contained within it was unlike any modern mages could reproduce.


Camille, in retrospect, should have known it was a trap. But her greed got the better of her. That night she went to filch the sword, only to find Sebastian waiting for her, wielding the instrument of death. He told her then of his task. A member of the Illuminate, it seemed, had to follow the will of the society – and to follow any order without question. They had finally asked him to join, and killing the thief girl would be proof of his loyalty. But, to her surprise, he let down his guard – revealing to her his love for her. He told her a secret exit out of the compound, and how they could run away together, to America where the influence of the Illuminate was muted. He embraced Camille then, and the young woman returned it.

It was a relatively easy thing to knock him unconscious with him in such a state. She only paused long enough to make sure he was uninjured before taking the sword and escaping out the same secret exit that Sebastian had mentioned earlier. She didn't dally in her rush home. Once there, she was quick to tell her caretaker everything she dared did. Danielle was no fool, and had suspected Camille of such trouble making for quite some time. But the revelation of her involvement with such a society brought an edge she hadn't even expected. She packed their things that night.

In the morning, she was gone, and Camille was flying to America. To Cove City, to be precise, and a school there that specialized in children such as herself.


To understand Camille is sometimes a difficult thing. On the surface, she can be broken down into easily understandable traits - That of the conceited rich Parisian, unable to see the line between what belongs to her and others. That she's arrogant, and pompous. That she seems to enjoy conflict. All of those are true, but in a way are symptoms to what she is than truly accurate descriptions.

She is a savant of sorts, being able to comprehend things at a very young age which eludes people who have studied a lifetime. This sort of ability comes with a certain… ego attached to it. When you've become used to being viewed as a one of a kind quality for so long, one takes it for granted. Camille has fallen victim to such emotions, but also suffers from an inherent curiosity, and drive for a challenge.

Quite simply, everything she does is for the challenge. If she is mean to someone, it's to elicit a response, and to duel with angered wits. She steals because it's fun, and the harder the better (The prizes are just a bonus). When she searches ancient texts for a revelation, it isn't for the benefit of mankind - It's to prove to herself that she can do it. Selfish, sure, but Camille is never one to deny that she's a very selfish girl. After all, altruism isn't real - The good guys are doing it because of the feeling of doing good, not because it is an inherent act of thus. Does that make her less of a person because she could do the same act because it was hard? She thinks not. And to her, that is all that matters.

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