Disaster Manipulation
Full Name: Spencer Lindley
Age: 27
Owner: Ellipse
Public Character: No
Current Status: At Large


Calamity operates by causing localized disasters, which backfire upon his chosen target(s). He also possesses the ability to warp space, primarily used as a form of escape. Recently captured, he was unmasked as Hollywood stuntsman Spencer Lindley. He has no known affiliation to mastermind or team. His costume is leather with a duster, ripped, torn and burnt as if it has been through some kind of apocalypse.


Calamity has been operating as a villain for roughly seven years. He has no known overarching goal, continuous alliances or base of operations, preferring to jump about the country - and occasionally, overseas - in search of whatever interests him. While he has been known to take a mercenary's fee, he seems to choose his targets primarily by whim. He specializes in the theft of bizarre and unique valuable objects, almost always in a spectacular and public fashion.

Encounters: Adrian, Current, Tereis (NPC), Tyche




(Cove City Chronicle)

Spencer Lindley, better known as the disaster-manipulator Calamity, is at large today after an unknown team substituted themselves for the prison transfer crew. The truck never reached its destination, abandoned on the side of the road.

Authorities are blaming the escape on human error and the gradual decline of vigilance. "There were points in this process where someone might have noticed that time tables were slightly off, paperwork not entirely in order," said an officer. "No one did. There's plenty of blame to go around."

The police are actively seeking leads for where Lindley might have fled. His knack for teleportation and his relatively tenuous mundane social ties leave few initial avenues for investigation.


(Cove City Chronicle)

Neohuman pursuit through the streets of Cove City turned ugly Monday afternoon when both combatants stood their ground and faced each other - to the detriment of the surrounding street and harbor walk. Super-strong heroine Tereis had chased disaster-manipulator Calamity several blocks before he stopped teleport-hopping just out of reach.

His first attack brought a construction crane down open the Silver Spoon Restaurant and Cafe, scything across the patio. Her response created a hyper-accelerated burst of air that ripped down the street and hurled bystanders off the docks into the ocean.

At this point, three young neohumans arose to control the damage and confront the battling pair. One was identified as the oceanic Current; the other two are unknown at this time, but rumors indicate one was a healer and the other may have been the same emotion controller who was involved in the attempted robbery at the Thirteenth National Bank.

Whatever the case, the group rescued the fallen, convinced Tereis to stand down, and in the end, escaped the massive sinkhole Calamity created to prevent him from fleeing. Spectator accounts of the attack are confused, but some people swear that the words "mind control" were tossed around by the younger heroes.

"We aren't saying anything for certain yet," said detective Kate Henshaw. "There are a lot of angles - but depending on whether these reports are accurate and why this incident occurred, we may finally have some leads."

Among the spectators was young Tyche Spiros, familiar to many as a young model and daughter of rock star Marchios Spiros. Miraculously unscathed, the young woman commented, "Hey, I was just studying here. Then bam-pow powers everywhere. So I helped a guy get out from under the rubble, did a bit of first aid. Hi, Mom!"

In view of Tereis' otherwise sterling record, authorities have released her under her own recognizance. She has promised to aid in the repairs and shows deep regret for her involvement in the damage. As for Calamity, he has been unmasked as Hollywood stuntman Spencer Lindley (27) … and claims to have no memory of the incident or even encountering Tereis.

"Seriously, I know to get out of the way of a woman like that," he said. "Much as I'd be tempted to stand around and taunt her, I mean - a man gets attached to his limbs.”

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