Shadowy whip-wielder
Full Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Owner: Liv
Public Character: No
Current Status: At Large


Burke is a Soul Shadow - a clone created from an individual's shadow - whose powers center on weaving one limb into a whip of shadow. He has yet to be seen publicly.


Unknown …

Encounters: Alia, Euiko, Jonathan, Reg, Sandra, Steven
Allies: Dell, Muire




Rumors float around Steranko Institute, bits and pieces of something that happened last night - Steven Moore streaked in pell-mell with a burden, then darted back out. A glowing trio of Alia s'Harien, Euiko Tani and Moore returned to the school, the former somewhat battered. Liv Prieto is in the infirmary; apparently school staff had trouble getting her to re-materialize to treat her. Police also responded to the scene of a disturbance - the phone call reported shouts, flashes of light and inverse waves of darkness - to find nothing there but wrecked foliage.

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