Antigone Sheet
+1 +2 +1 +2 +2 +1
12 14 12 14 14 12
+6 +3 +6 +5
+2/+6/+8 [1] +2 +2 (Dodge +6) +2 +3
Acrobatics 8 (10), Athletics 6 (7), Computers 2 (4), Concentration 4 (8), Drive 2 (4), Gather Information 6 (7), Intimidate 5 (6), Investigate 6 (8), Knowledge/Arcane Lore 8 (10), Knowledge/Theology & Philosophy 7 (9), Language: French, Greek, Latin, Notice 5 (6), Search 6 (8), Sense Motive 6 (8), Sleight of Hand 6 (8), Stealth 8 (10)
Accurate Attack [2] , Assessment [3], Attack Specialization 2 (Sword), Defensive Attack [4], Dodge Focus 3, Fearless, Improved Block [5], Improved Disarm, Improved Initiative, Luck, Power Attack, Ritualist
Powers (Magic)
Magic 816 PP
Default: Nullify 8 [8] ('Dispel Magic'; Magic Descriptor; Extra Area - Burst; Flaw Range (Touch) Cost 2 PP/rank)
AP: Illusion 5 [9] ('Glamour'; All senses; Extra Selective Attack; Flaw Phantasms Cost 3 PP/rank)
AP: Ignite 6 [10] (Cost 3 PP/rank)
AP: Nullify 8 [11] ('Light of Truth'; Sensory Effects; Extra Area - Burst; Flaw Range (Touch); Cost 2 PP/rank)
AP: Mystic Blast 8
AP: Snare 8 [12] ('Mystic Binding'; Extra Range (Perception); Flaw Distracting; Cost 2 PP/rank)
AP: Obscure 5 [13] (Visual and Hearing; Cost 3 PP/rank)
AP: Telekinesis 6 [14] (Feats Precise, Subtle, Accurate 2; Cost 2 PP/rank + 4)

Device 2 [7] ('Enchanted Sword'; Easy to take away; 10 PP in device; Cost 3 PP/rank) — 6 PP
Device: Strike 8 (Feats Accurate, Improved Critical [6]; Cost 1 PP/rank + 2)

Force Field 4 [15]4 PP

Commune with the Dead Super-Senses 8 (Postcognition (4), Acute (2), Spirit Sense (2))
Spell of Healing Healing 4
Scrying Window ESP 4
Locator Spell Telelocation 8
Great Mystic Lineage: Antigone has the weight of history pressing down on her. The benefits are immense: wealth, knowledge, mystic training. So too are the liabilities: a long history of creatures who seek the final elimination of the Elric line as punishment for some transgression by Antigone's ancestors. Not to mention both the do-gooders and evil-doers who see the Elric's mission of stability to be an impediment to their plan.

Mercenary for Good: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." "Understanding is a three edged sword, your side, their side, and the truth." "There is no good or evil, there is only power." Antigone stands on the side of good. She does not, however, stand on the side of the Angels. Reality is a messy, messy thing and her task, passed to her by her parents, is to maintain the balance. It is not her task to wage a war on the side of light, but to help light muddle through to another day. To that end, she makes alliances with what powers she can - even those others would baulk at.

Abilities 18 + Skills 21 (84 ranks) + Feats 15 + Powers 49 + Combat 8 + Saves 9 - Drawbacks 0 = 120 PP
1. Antigone gains +4 with swords, and an additional +2 when using her own enchanted sword.
2. Can take up to a -5 save DC penalty to get up to +5 attack bonus
3. Antigone can size up her opponents, taking a move action to make a Sense Motive check against her opponent's Bluff check. If she succeeds, she leads her target's attack and defense bonus relative to her own.
4. Can take up to a -5 attack penalty and to get up to +5 on her dodge. Changes last until next action.
5. +2 on attack rolls to block melee attacks
6. Scores critical hit on 19 or 20.
7. A gift from her parents at age twelve, Antigone's rapier has a mild enchantment on it which makes it particular accurate in the girl's hand.
8. Antigone can cancel magic effects with 40ft of herself.
9. The classic trick of misdirection. Antigone can create vivid glamours to fool the senses. Because it's magic, only sentient creatures can experience them. Machines won't detect a thing.
10. Causes an object in Antigone's line of site to catch on fire. Does Damage at rank level. Continues to burn, doing +2 damage per round. Reflex save (DC15) can put out flaming clothes, and dousing or smothering the fire puts it out automatically.
11. One of the first spells Antigone learned. A blazing beam of light from her hand will bring out the truth of the situation, cancelling all Concealment, Illusion or Obscure effects it touches within 40ft.
12. The primal forces form to entrap Antigone's target. While she can do this to any target she can see, controlling forces at such a range takes particular concentration, making her loose her dodge bonuses.
13. Creates a cloud of darkness and auditory static around the target in a sphere up to 250ft diameter
14. Nurtured by her parents as a particularly useful skill, Antigone can use her magic to move objects directly. She can move up to one ton, and is skilled enough to make small manipulations at a distance. Unlike some other manifestations of the ability, her telekinesis cannot be seen when used.
15. A forcefield of magic energy helps protect Antigone. She usually maintains it by reflex but it will go away if she's stunned or knocked out.
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