Real Name: Antigone Elric
Age: 17
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: London, England
Date of Birth: October 17th, 1993
Known Relatives: Lily Elric (mother, deceased), James Elric (father, deceased)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: {$Weight}
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Red
Grade: Junior (Senior in the Fall)
Dorm: James


For as long as mystical enemies have threatened the Earth, there have been mystic warriors to defend it. Trained from birth, they are masters of magic and ritual and of the fighting arts, and stand ready to give their lives to keep the forced of darkness at bay.

Antigone Elric is the last of the the Elric sorcerers, a line that dates back to ancient Rome. From the moment of her birth, Antigone was trained to be a warrior in the constant war against the forces of evil. Of course, she's the last only because she hasn't had any children yet. Her mother was quite insistent about it last time they communed.

Richard and Gwendolyn Elric perished fighting the forces of evil. That's always how it goes for the family. Grandfather Ashton Elric died in the war, fighting Nocturne, the vampire leading Hitler's mystic forces. Great-grandmother Josephine Elric provided support to Napoleon's army, until the little Emperor grew to such a threat she switched sides and joined Baba Yaga and the mystic Russian alliance. Even Angitone's extended family has a history - great-Aunt Yasmina De Costa fought Meso-American necromacners in Brazil and great-Uncle Vladimir Polskya challenged Rasputin himself, paving the way for the Russian revolution.

The family had not, as her father always reminded her, been on the side of good. Despite their mystic talents, good and evil were tricky concepts. When she last saw him, however, he and his wife were convinced. A new threat grew under London, a growing incursion from a demon dimension pushing up into our reality. Closing it took the strength of them, and of their allies. But not Antigone.

They'd been adamant on that point. If they were to fall, Antigone would be needed to carry on the family line, the family duty, and protect the storehouse of knowledge the Elrics had accumulated over the centuries. And so they shipped Antigone off to Cove City, where the mutants, cyborgs and aliens of the Steranko Institute could camoflage their daughter. The end came quickly. Antigone broke into wails as her plane approached Newfoundland. Even across the distance, she could feel her parents wither and die, giving their last as they sealed off the monstrous thing under London.

Antigone was left with a significant inheritance. Money, yes, but also mystic knowledge and artifacts, and significant training from both parents. With the right ingredients, Antigone can cure mystic possession, find spectres in her midst or locate an individual across the world. With a sword in her hand, she can take down foes both mundane and mystic. She doubts there is anything the Institute can teach her, but perhaps there are things she can teach them. It was something her mother taught her - a wealth of allies is as important as any wealth of magic.



How to make Antigone? Take three parts John Dee, two parts Zorro, one part Winston Churchill and pour it all into the body of a teenage girl. Her life is dedicated to maintaining balance, generally fighting the forces of evil and threats to the universe, although she's tangled with the forces of light at times too. The experience makes her slightly skeptical of all and incredibly tactical in all she does. For instance, she's made it a point to study the public files of all her classmates, learning of their pasts and powers. She keeps her own information shrouded in secrecy, remaining tight lipped about what she does and why. Others are opens book - she herself remains enigmatic.
Trained by her parents nearly from birth, Antigone possesses a serious, dedicated air about her uncommon for others her age. She often sees her fellows as lacking discipline and tragically uninformed about the true nature of the universe, and has taken it upon herself

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