Amber Devlin
American Girl Scout
Real Name: Amber Marie Devlin
Age: 14
Identity: Public
Birthplace: New York, NY
Date of Birth: December 14, 1996
Known Relatives: Todd Devlin aka Ultiman (Father), Lucy Devlin aka Fistress (Mother)
Height: 5'
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Grade: Freshman
Dorm: Prentiss


1996 - Amber Devlin was born to the announcement of the world. Her parents were well renowned superheroes, Ultiman and Fistress. They held her aloft as the next generation of hero, and Amber barely knew that there was more to come. She was brought up on the family base, in the well meaning care of N.A.N.I. (pronounced 'nanny'), a robotic babysitter, well fortified away from the dangers and threats that would come from a supervillain.

1999 - Amber, 3 years old, bends her first iron toy. Her father is thrilled. Her mother less so, but understanding that this was bound to happen, has a superscientist engineer an indestructible playroom. Temper tantrums are pacified with Veronium, a mysterious element discovered only in re-pressurized lead atoms.

2000 - Amber begins life as a student in private teaching. She seems to possess nothing more than physical advantages, as her learning is that of a normal human's. Her parents are not surprised.

2001 - Ultiman spends many hours in New York cleaning up after the terrorist attacks there. Fistress is left to be a single mom and superheroine. She raises Amber to learn how to throw a punch. In the process she learns that Amber is developing her own power set, a combination of the duo. Fistress's strength and power packed punches, with Ultiman's flight and endurance. She does not seem to have her father's other ranged attacks or her mother's hyper agility. She's a strong little tank.

2003 - At 7 years old, Amber helped stop her first criminal. On a routine everyday outing with Mom to the grocery store, the place was held up by a bunch of gun wielding thugs. Despite the fear she initially felt, she saw her mother swing into action, almost instinctively. With a fist fight breaking out, Amber broke the shopping cart she was in, and lept into the fray. She accidentally broke a man's leg by using him as her own personal club, fighting off the rest of his ganger buddies. Fistress was quick to run her out of the store. Seeing Amber had actually been shot at and hit, with no ill effect, Fistress knew her daughter's life was sealed.

2004 - Her training officially began. Her mother and father began to try to teach her about fighting crime the family way, physically. They adapted her nursery into a training center, working her over with their own powers, and skills to teach their daughter all about using her powers not only optimally, but wisely. This training would continue for the next 3 years in the field and out. Thus began the career of the American Girl Scout, sidekick to Ultiman and Fistress.

2004-2007 - Amber's training teaches her more about her growing powers and strength. Soon she's recognized as a heroine of great renown, standing alongside her mother and father. As the attention and acclaim seem to grow, so does her ego. She becomes a mini celebrity, doing openings for malls, and the public appearances her parents can't attend. Being in the public eye is engrossing and she starts to crave the limelight. Quick to smile and show off for a TV camera, Amber will do anything for fun. Including occasionally something she shouldn't, like lift a moving train, or dangle bad guys over a river from too high up, posing for paparazzi. After 3 years of growing problems, her parents decide to set the law down.

2008 - The year of exile. Amber is forced to attend a boarding school. As a part of her training she is told to wear a medallion around her neck. For several days, she feels incredibly sick. But as she becomes used to the feeling she realizes all her strength and powers have left her. Her father's weakness was passed on to her, and so Amber was forced to go and get an education and learn, without any of her gifts. This long tortuous experience was carefully monitored by the resident teachers at the Steranko Institute. After needing to see if Amber could behave like a good person, without ego or talents, her parents applied for her acceptance in 2009.

2009 to Present - Amber is a Freshman at the Steranko Institute. After her stint in what she calls 'The Joint' her parents removed the stone and let her strength return to her. Overjoyed she nearly took flight. One summer was spent returned to her sidekick duties to test if her training was retained. Now, as a freshman in a school for people of a certain power, Amber looks forward to making friends, winning hearts and minds, and helping her fellow students become better heroes.


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Str 12/30 [+1/+10] (2PP)
Dex 12 [+1] (2PP)
Con 12/30 [+1/+10] (2PP)
Int 10 [+0]
Wis 10 [+0]
Cha 14 [+2] (4PP)

Toughness +10 {+10 Con} (Impervious)
Fortitude +10 {+10 Con}
Reflex +5 {+1 Dex} (4 PP)
Will +4 {+0 Wis} (4 PP)

Damage +10 (Unarmed)
Melee +6
Ranged +6

Initiative +9

Notice 8 (2PP)
Search 4 (1PP)

Luck 2 (2PP)
Attractive (1PP)
Improved Initiative (2PP)

Enhanced Con 18 (Extras: Impervious +10; cost: 1 PP/rank +10 (28 PP)
Enhanced Str 18 (18 PP)
Flight 4 (100 MPH) (8 PP)
Immunity 9 (Life Support) (9PP)
Super-Strength 4 (Feats: Groundstrike, Shockwave, Super-Breath, Thunderclap,) (12 PP)

Weakness: Velonium (Star Iron) [Uncommon, Major] (3PP)

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