Full Name: Unknown
Age: ?
Owner: Ellipse
Public Character: No
Current Status: At Large


The villainness known as Alchemy possesses powers of touch transmutation, including the ability to escape by simply removing any barrier between her and freedom. Vain and showy, she operates primarily in the southwest, apart from a recent appearance in Cove City.


Alchemy has been operating for about three years now. She has run with a few different villains, but her primary association is with the Venusian Cabal - an infamous group of man-eater villainesses based in the southwestern US.

Encounters: Jonathan, Noir, Winter
Allies: Atmosphere





(Cove City Chronicle)

The Cove City Museum - and its brand-new traveling exhibit, Treasures of Mesoamerica - was attacked today by a pair of neohuman villains attempting to grab four obsidian mirrors … believed to be genuine mystic artifacts used in ancient ritual. Weather-controller Atmosphere encased the room in the rainy environment of one of his signature domes, while transformer Alchemy tapped one of the mirrors and shrunk it down to paper-clip size.

However, the villains got no further before three young heroes stepped up: Felis, Noir and an unknown ice controller. The feline maintained a tight lock on Alchemy despite assaults from both villains until she managed to free herself by summoning a choking gas. The transformer dove into the marble and disappeared.

A heat wave from Atmosphere melted the ice protecting another mirror from theft - however, Noir and the other neohuman managed to prevent him from hauling it away. Without his companion to back him up, Atmosphere dropped under their attacks.

"What's surprising about this," said CCPD detective Krista Carolli, "is seeing these two in the same *state*, much less the same building. I had reports forwarded from their usual hunting grounds, and they've never worked together before, despite having a full roster of mutual criminal cronies. Their only publicly recorded encounter ended in a snarling tiff. Heck, according to bystanders at the museum, that might've still ended up in a snarling tiff if there hadn't been heroes on hand."

Atmosphere has been unmasked as Chicago-based meteorologist Anton Mallory. The weather controller refused to provide any details as to the reason for the attempted theft. Given his frequent work for and with ecological extremists, police have begun their investigations there. Mallory's wife Linette has made a furious appearance on the scene, insisting on his immediate release on bail and threatening counter charges of brutality against the attackers.

Police attempted to confiscate cellphone recordings made on-scene, but at least one blurry video of drenched catgirl and villainness grappling has already made Youtube.

Regardless, museum officials relate that the three remaining mirrors are undamaged and will be returned to display, under increased security.

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