Alan Thorne
Real Name: Alan Thorne
Age: 2 (physically early teens)
Identity: Public
Birthplace: The Palace of the Thunder Tyrant
Date of Birth: 1/1/08
Known Relatives: Donny Thorne (Father), Lilian the Lightning Priestess (Mother), Bolton Brown ("Uncle Bolt." )
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 110 lbs
Eyes: green
Hair: black
Grade: Freshman
Dorm: Prentiss


Everybody knows the story. How Donny Thorne, test driver for the Garrettech Hyper-car, vanished into thin air, along with the car and his navigator, Bolton Brown, in an attempt to set the land speed record. How a journal purporting to be from Thorne showed up less than a year later, telling of fantastic adventures in an alien world where he and Bolton were given fantastic powers by the Hyper-car's engine. How they returned to earth five years ago to warn the world that the Thunder Tyrant, evil ruler of the dimension was planning to invade Earth. Everyone knows how they fought off the invasion. Donny and Bolton returned to the Thunderlands to make sure the Tyrant was defeated once and for all.

What everyone doesn't know is that when they returned three years later, the woman with them was Lilian the lightning Priestess, the Thunder Tyrant's daughter. Or that she was, at the time, pregnant with Thorne's child.

The Tyrant had used his particular brand of elemental magic to give Lilian powers similar to Donny's- superhuman speed and enhanced reflexes. Their child inherited this, but being -born- with superspeed had an unforseen effect. He was aging at an accelerated rate. By the time he was a year old he was physically around 12, and getting older. Stepping away from the rest of the Neohuman community to make their son as comfortable as possible in the short time they believed he had left, Donny and Lilian moved to the suburbs.

What they didn't count on was that the superhuman speed was also super-charging Alan's mental development as well as his physical. Almost two months later, he'd solved the problem of his aging by himself. (Or so he thought. What actually happened was that their neighbor's kid accidentally spilled -just- the right chemical into the vial at just the right time to correct a mistake in Alan's math. Even if confronted with evidence of this he would no doubt dismiss it entirely.) In any case, he was aging at a normal rate, and just in time- physically he was almost 15.

It was shortly after he gave the neighbor who caused the earlier accident superpowers and their dog the ability to breathe fire that his parents decided Alan might be better off at Steranko, where at least the mad biology experiments could be safely contained.


Alan is intellectually smart. Incredibly so. Emotionally, he's well, slightly better than an actual two year old, but not much. He's very easily bored as a result of the scale at which he perceives time and acts. His parents and the faculty are both hoping that having more than that one neighborhood kid around will keep him engaged and distracted enough that he doesn't just lock himself into his lab forever. This may be a faint hope, as he doesn't particularly -need- his lab to do horrible experiments on things while ignoring the safety of others. Oddly he doesn't really look down on others; he just tends to assume they're as smart as he is, and so don't need his explanations for what he's doing because it's -obvious-, isn't it? God forbid anyone ever asks him to tutor them.


  • You're -how- old?

Alan is only two years old, despite -appearing- to be in his early teens. This can cause folks a certain amount of cognitive dissonance when it comes up, not to mention it can make folks aware of it less inclined to take him seriously, despite the fact that he's probably smarter than they are.


If presented with some sort of scientific device or a new discovery or even just a button to press that he doesn't know what it does, he'll probably press it, take it apart, or just stop in the middle of a fight to start taking notes and analyzing things.

  • Evil Grandpa.

The Thunder Tyrant was just driven back and exiled, not permanently defeated. Technically this makes Alan his heir. No doubt this will never cause any problems -ever- for anyone. Right.

  • Oh, right, _Secret_ identity

Alan is not used to the idea that he's supposed to hide the fact that he's superhuman from others. He'll zip in and out at top speed, and often forgets to answer to his actual name: Even his parents call him Synapse, which doesn't help.

  • Single Synapse Theory

Despite being superhumanly intelligent, Synapse tends to act -before- he thinks. His body or his mouth moves before even -his- brain can completely catch up. This will get him into trouble. A lot.

  • We should run now.

Besides the neighbor and the dog, Synapse is unfortunately prone to lab accidents- a side effect of working so quickly. Any invention session or research can be forced to fail because something is about to explode. Sometimes this isn't even his fault; he tends to work on things that are absolutely -fascinating to poke or prod without even meaning to.



Attr: Str 10 (+0), Dex 20 (+5), Con 16 (+3), Int 34 (+12), Wis 10 (+0), Cha 10 (+0) Total PP: 40

Saves: Toughness +3/5, Fortitude +5, Reflex +10, Will +5 Total PP: 11

Combat: Attack +2/+12 melee, Defense +0/+11, Grapple +12, Init +20 Total PP 4.

Acrobatics 8/+12, Computers 10/+22, Craft/Structural 4/+16, Craft/Chemical 2/+17, Knowledge/Life Sciences 6/+18, Knowledge/Physical Sciences 4/+16, Knowledge/Earth Sciences 2/+14, Knowledge/Technology 4/+16 Total PP 10

Attack Focus: Melee X10, Inventor, Eidetic Memory, Alternate Initiative, Jack of All Trades, Dodge Focus X6 Improvised Tools, Improved Initiative X2 Online Research Total PP: 23


  • Device 6 (Reinforced Costume!; Hard to lose; 30 PP; Cost: 4/rank; Total: 24PP)
    • Shield 5 (Deflectors and inertial dampeners; Cost: 1/rank; Total: 5 PP)
    • Protection 2 (reinforced space age materials; Cost: 1/rank; Total: 2 PP)
    • Datalink 3 Onboard computer linkup; radio; Cost 1/rank; //Total: 3 PP)
    • Super-senses 2 (Integrated Nightvision goggles; Dark vision; Cost: 1/rank; Total: 2 PP)
    • Strike 4 (Gauntlets reinforced to allow high-speed impact; Extras: Autofire X3; Cost: 4/rank; Total: 16 PP)
      • AP: Strike 8 (Sonic Boom, protected from effects by suit; Extras: Area: Line)
      • AP: Strike 4 (Super-speed area smackdown; Extras: Autofire X2, Targeted area, Selective Attack; Flaws: Full Round Action)
  • Speed 10 (Superhuman running speed; 10,000 MPH; Cost: 1/rank; Total: 10 PP)
  • Quickness 6 (Works 100 times faster than a normal human; Cost: 1/rank; Total: 5 PP)

Vulnerable: ( Disease and poison affects react explosively to a super-fast metabolism, common, minor, +2 PP)
Weakness: (Any sort of drain/neutralize speed/paralysis effect that affects him effectively also affects his intellect, draining it at the rate of 1 point per round; uncommon, moderate, per round; +6 PP)


  • Anti-Gravity Insoles A misnomer, these inserts concentrate gasses and liquids underneath one's feet, making it temporarily solid enough to stand on.
    • Super-Movement 3 (Air walking X2, Water-running.)
  • Monster in a Capsule Perhaps the most horrible perversion of life he's ever made, when exposed to water, these wax capsules boil up into some sort of horrible creature. He hasn't actually worked out how to -control- them however.)
    • Summon (Monsters) 5 (Extras: Type +2, Flaws: Outlook, Limited: Must have sufficient water to provide mass. Basically any minion of the 'monster' type that's PL 5 or less can pop up…but they're indifferent to him, so this is more of a 'distraction' than 'something he can use in a fight.)
  • Portable Tractor/Pressor Beam A handheld device that can be used to manipulate heavy equipment at range.
    • Telekinesis 5 (Extras: Perception, Flaws: Lifting only.)

Others to be determined

Synapse's attack array is built into his costume rather than being separate because he's well, kind of scrawny. The suit reinforces his blows and protects him from the blowback results as much as anything else. With practice and training (read XP) he could probably develop the ability to use them without his costume, but trying to do it now would probably hurt him as much as his target.

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