Adrian Young
Real Name: Adrian Young
Age: 15
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Cleveland, OH
Date of Birth: March 20, 1995
Known Relatives: Claudia Young (mother), Harold Young (father), Stephanie Young (older sister), Linus Young (twin brother)
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 170 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Grade: Sophomore
Dorm: Rider


Adrian always got the breaks, but things change.

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. Swish. Nothing but net. Rebound. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. THUD. Rebound. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. THUD. Rebound. Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. THUD.

“Dude. That totally blows.”

“I know. Three misses in a row. Not like me at all…”

“No, man. I mean, the whole having to go to some private boarding school because your brother went all flaming fire ball, so now they want to see if you’re a freak too, like Blankie Boy.”

“Don’t call him that. Linus isn’t a freak. And neither am I,” I said, defensively. I dribbled the basketball again and stared at the backboard, made the toss. THUD. Another miss. My game really was off. “Check.”

I bounced the ball at Hunter St. Croix, my next door neighbor and best friend. He bounced it back my way. We were shooting hoops in his driveway, like we’d done every Friday night since forever.

“It does blow though,” I had to agree. “Coach was going to move me up to Varsity this year. Violet and I had a good thing going. Mr. Grant offered me a job at the garage for the summer. All my friends are here. My life is here and Linus had to screw it all up for me.”

“So, what can you do?” Hunter asked.

Bounce. Bounce. Bounce. THUD.

The question resounded in my mind like the sound of the rebounding ball. What could I do? I recovered from the question that had been rattling in my brain ever since it became obvious that Linus was a neo-human, as I bounced the ball to Hunter and let him take over shooting for a while. My thoughts were all jumbled. “Do?”

“Yeah, you know… DO.” Hunter made a motion with one hand like he was zapping something, then tossed the ball at the basket. I knew what he meant. THUD. At least he wasn't sinking baskets either. I chucked the ball back at him from the rebound.

“Hell if I know. Linus has never gone invisible, caught fire or done anything weird around me. I’ll probably be able to fly, lift cars or something awesome like that. It just hasn’t manifested yet,” I said with a grin. It was forced, though I hoped Hunter wouldn't notice. Inwardly I was worried. I didn’t really want to be a neo-human and have to give up my life here. And then another part of me was worried that if I wasn't, then I would be left behind… that I would have to sit back and watch while Linus went off to learn to save the world.

I’d never failed at anything in my life. And I’d always been a few steps ahead of Linus in everything. Sports, Academics… Girls. It all just came naturally. It wasn't like I tried to one up him. I didn't make a competition out of it on purpose. At least, not usually. Now, here he was a neo-human. I both envied him and was angry at him at the same time. Envied because he was finally doing something that I didn't know if I could do. And angry because it was his fault that everything had to change.

Life was good. To me, life was about the best it could be for a fifteen year old, rising Sophomore. It sucked that this was going to possibly be the last time I'd get to shoot hoops with Hunter like this. Whether I turned out to be a neohuman or not, everything was going to change.

“Adrian, it’s time to go,” my Mom called from our driveway. The car was packed with my belongings, just like it had been two weeks ago with Linus’s.

I caught the ball again as Hunter finally sunk a basket. “There is a bright side.” I told Hunter as I started walking off, ball in hand.

“What’s that?”

“I’m getting the XBox 360 back from him and we can play Halo again.” I said. I tossed the basketball over my shoulder without looking. SWISH.

"DUDE. HOW do you miss like every basket and then make one without looking?" Hunter exclaimed, "You were just trying to make me feel better weren't you?" A grin spread over my face as I headed towards my Mom and the waiting car. Yes, my world was being uprooted, but… I would make the best of this. I would consider it a personal challenge.


Where Linus has had to work hard for seemingly everything, it always just came naturally to Adrian. At least, that's how Adrian carries himself. He has confidence to spare and is ever the optimist. If something is difficult, then he tries all the more to make it look easy. He'd never admit that the idea of being a neohuman was terrifying, or that having to leave his life back home behind and go somewhere new left him feeling a little insecure for a change. Adrian Young doesn't get insecure. He eats insecurities for breakfast. He's got everything under control. Ahem. Yeah. Right. Like every other teenager used to being part of the "in crowd".


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