A Plan Into Action

Log Info

Title: A Plan Into Action
Emitter: Adrian
Characters: Camille, Sunday, Linus, Tyche, Adrian
NPCs: Scythe, Torrent, Firestarter, Misc. Guards
Place: Old Steel Yards
Time: July 10, 2010
Summary: They did their research. They gathered their information. They scouted out their battlefield… and now, four teenaged heroes set out to rescue their friend.

Saturday. July 10, 2010.
Days since the Pharmacy Attack: 4

The Faculty and Staff at the Steranko Institute put together a "team" to search for the missing students and they have been working diligently to locate them. It's their responsibility to ensure that the school is a safe environment for young neohumans to learn about their abilities. The trick to that is that the abduction didn't happen at the school… it took place off campus. And while members of the faculty haven't had much success thus far at finding Adrian Young or Mariscka Emil, some of the missing students' peers have.

Some started investigating and searching immediately after things went down at the Pharmacy and any cop will tell you that it is those first few hours that are so crucial in kidnapping cases. But most cops looking into kidnapping cases don't have super powers, or the ability to locate missing persons through magic. And with the information that Antigone Elric divined from her spell… as well as good old-fashioned detective work the teenaged investigators have learned where to go to get their friends back.

It's rather busy for a "defunct" steel yard with people milling about, etc. People in work uniforms are moving about helping to load and unload crates from a docked ship. There are a couple of people in security uniforms standing idly by. What it looks like is that someone bought this property and is attempting to renovate. The main structure is a three story building and this is the most likely suspect for where two teenaged neohumans might be held captive.

There are several ways into the building. The front doors. Side doors. Through a window via a fire-escape. Rooftop access. There are other warehouses nearby that one could observe from, although Linus has already taken the neohuman guided tour. The Steel Yards are enclosed in a tall chain link fence with barbed wire at the top. Not that that is likely to keep out teenagers determined to get their friends and family members back.

Linus crouches near the third story window. No mask, no costume, no nothing. What he's wearing is his flak vest, and he's wearing it over his clothes instead of under. It's not that showing the thing off is going to make him more imposing. But in the absense of a costume, it at least makes some fashion statement. Through Camille's schemeing and Linus' distant and time displaced viewing, the third floor seemed like the only way in that didn't result in immediately fighting guards, or getting flash frozen, or going to the roof for no real reason. So the boy is here, channelling Sunday's powers and waiting.

Tyche is still on the staircase up to the third floor, looking back down and out the way they came up. She's change dinto her thunderdome uniform: red and grey for her hall, with a black fanny pack about her waist with only a few supplies in it. She looks towards the others, then closes her eyes and reaches out with her mind. "All clear," she reports quietly as she opens her eyes. "No one's looking at our way in, for now."

"We make this quick and effecient. Get in, and get Adrian out. If time permits we take fire to the place but only if we are guaranteed of that time and eventual egress." Camille DuClare, despite not quite being declared front of this little op, seems to have voted herself in. Still, her voice is a hint softer than it might otherwise be, and throughout the course of planning had listened unfailingly to any input. Oh, it might not have changed some decisions, but she listened! And had crafted a stratagem for retrieving one Adrian Young - though the loss of Mariscka still troubled her. She is not far from any of the others, half crouched on the fire escape to finish adjusting the last of her equipment. Gone were the neo-chic outfits she seemed to care for, replaced instead by a leather bodysuit, carefully crafted to not restrict movement, and not be loose enough to be caught in any thing. All black, save for flicks of white where wrist met glove and neck, the only bit of flesh exposed was her face. A utility belt has been cinch tight, filled with her thieves tools - and of course a scabbard. And Camille.. was wearing glasses. "We proceed. And… may God be with us today more than he was that night. I would rather come home with six today, all unmarred."

Standing up on that fire escape landing with Linus, pressed to the wall beside the window and awaiting her cue is the would-be super heroine Thermal, better known as Sunday Knight, also dressed in her skin-tight thunderdome attire of black with red trim. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a low ponytail, and the gloves of her outfit are noticibly absent. She glances down towards Tyche, then over and Camille, and finally to Linus, who is given the 'OK' finger-sign even as the girls lips begin to turn blue from cold no one - not even Thermal - can feel.

All of a sudden there is a squawking from the security guard's radios out in the front of the building where the loading and so forth was being done. They give orders at the guys moving the crates and then go charging off into the building. There's shouting and rushing about. It's like someone kicked an anthill. Most of them go running into the main building, pulling out guns, though some rush around the sides. This was all part of what Linus foresaw and with the lot of you up on the fire escape any of the guards that pass by below don't notice you. After all… people don't typically look up unless they have a reason to do so.

Something has them all riled up though! Which is all the better for all of you to slip inside. It's like a free, unplanned distraction.

Keanu Young blinks, "Woah. Deja Vu." as the guards go streaming into the building. He knew just where to look, when to look, and spotted it happening just as it began. He shakes his head and pushes the window open, then crawls through. THere are no squeaks, no funny noises, no guards and, most importantly, no security system. "Whatever that was, it should hold them for a while. They're just payroll guys anyway." He gives the nod to Sunday, Tyche, and Camille, and then crouches, lowering his voice, "Second floor. When I saw him, he had a lot of… of tubes and stuff sticking out of him. They have him like it's a bad hospital drama." He swallows his nerves, but it's a bitter pill and doesn't go down all the way.

Tyche watches the events play out below, then narrows her eyes just faintly and focuses. A moment later, her eyes open wide. "They're all heading to the second floor. There's been a security breech of some kind. We may not have to deal with them now, but I'm pretty sure they're going the same place we are." She turns and moves to the window, where she waits for the others to move in ahead of her.

"Payroll. Hrmph." Camille didn't have anything against them, save for the fact they were on the opposite side. No, her qualm and vandetta was the Mastermind behind the gang who stole Adrian. The one who had opened her stomach upon their last meeting. The memory alone brings a frown to Camille's lips, before it is covered as she slides on an airbushed black half mask that covered everything below the bridge of the nose - conviniently enough slipping flush with those glasses. A last look is given to the others before she slips in as well, leather glove fingering over the sword before Tyche mentions what she does. And that? Well, there's a mild widening of the eyes. "We hurry there, but there's no point in beating them. Not yet at least - it would only serve to trap us. Hopefully their own celerity will give us the advantage." She waits for the others before moving behind Linus, letting the boy use his mental map to lead the way. if she was nervous, it was well hidden, though there is a stiffness to her movements as she looks left and right.

Thermal slips in through the window behind the group, and when Tyche explains where the distraction is leading the guards, the girl frowns before she just.. looks down. It may seem like she's studying the floor, but that is soon revealed to be far from the case. "The lab is there," she points away and towards the ground, to the lab below them. "Adrian is there.. Guards blocking the doorway, two figures inside the lab.. Man and a woman, I think. Maybe it's- Wait.." She takes a few steps, arching a brow. "The guy is leaving out the window, and.. They're.. Ohmigod," She lifts her head suddenly to look up at Linus, as if seeking confirmation that he sees what she does. A moment later she directs attention back to the two other women. "I think they're double-crossing! The Neohumans we fought, I think the guards are after /them/. I see a lot of hot and cold coming for the lab - the weather guy and the fire girl, I'm sure of it! We need to get down there before they get up!" Her heat shield flickers to life. Provided the group moves with her, getting down there is just what Thermal is intent on doing, all the while insuring she keeps her vigil through the walls of what is incoming.

Linus' eyes widen and he looks down at the floor. "I see that. Holy shit." Clearly, there's no need for stealth at this point. At least not the kind he was foolishly trying to engage in before. He breaks out into a run for the staircase, "Camille, can you sneak in there? If they're busy, they might not see you!" He practically skids past the stairs, but manages. He opens the door and begins to make his way down.

Even as Linus is getting the door open to the stairwell and attempting to get down, shouts and gunfire can be heard from below. And there's a rather loud BOOM! that shakes the whole building on its foundations. Lights flicker, some dust falls from ceiling tiles above. Whatever that was it didn't sound particularly good.

Tyche follows in last of all and moves at a run, chasing after Linus and Sunday. "What do you see?" she asks them as she follows towards the door.

"I'll do what I can," is Camille's simple reply. She makes sure to follow behind the rest of the group as fast as she's able to. With the information provided by those that could see through Thermal, her gait is perhaps just a touch faster than she had before. As they reach the end of the stairway however, she begins to linger back, taking guard to avoid where things were lit, keeping her movements and breathing as shallow as possible, and generally well… She wasn't Revenant, not by a long shot. But with all the commotion, and action about to happen, she at least wasn't the most distinct on the floor. And as the others continue on, she ghosts behind, eyes ever keen on dangers she can sense.

The stairway itself is not a problem. The teenagers coming down and arriving on scene are ignored by a trio of panicked guards. The three men simply push past the would-be heroes and keep running downstairs. The reason why will be seen only moments later when they get to the second floor. It's chaotic, but those who have been watching this unfold with Thermal Vision <tm> know this already. There's a woman near the stairwell door that you are all using who appears to be on fire and she is blasting at guards. One fiery hot blast lights a fleeing guard on fire, as other guards shoot at her. Around Felicity Tyler aka Firestarter there is a bastion of warmth, because the rest of the second floor? It looks like winter. There are icecicles hanging from the ceiling, a coating of ice stretching across the floor and encasing the walls and snow swirls around. Several guards have been frozen and encased in that ice, even with their guns outstretched. Others fight to shoot at the neohumans they're up against: Jessica Quicken aka Scythe and Terrence Dewitt-Bukater aka Torrent. It's neohumans against guards… and by the looks of things the neohumans are winning.

As Thermal gets to the staircase, her normal, not-so-awesome vision seeing what her truly epicly AWESOME vision has already told her, she focuses in on the one figure she knows she has the best shot at taking down as quickly as possible - Felicity Tyler. No point in making a big entrance with bragging and what-not, since she's about to blow their cover. The attack is swift, but unfortunately not as effective as she had hoped. The cold surrounds Firestarter and wounds the girl moderately, the brief glower on Sunday's face as she makes her way fully down the stairs only brief. If or when Felicity turns, her ARCH NEMESIS THERMAL will have a big grin for her. Remember me?

Linus comes around the corner, beside Sunday. How sweet. Teenaged superheroes in love, with matching powers… and matching results. Linus sends a wave of cold right after Sunday's. His is aimed directly for the fiery bitch's eyeballs. As much as it's got to hurt when someone tries to freeze your peppers, it's not enough to shut her down. Clearly someone doesn't have a weakness to cold. "I'm guessing that's the one who burnt your clothes off! Hey, hothead!" Yes. It's cold. It's very cold. Not cold enough. He holds it for way longer than he probably should, but it's not enough.

Tyche nearly slips when she reaches the ice-encrusted floor, but grabs onto the railing and steadies herself. Her eyes flicker briefly with some sort of purple energy, but absolutely nothing seems to happen. While Copycat and Thermal take on the bad guys, she simply closes her eyes.

The flashy was done, and done very well. It may not get all the intended effects, it does leave more than enough room for Camille to slip by the Firestarter and straight through. Only… well. There's a few problems in a way. Rosetta steps out of the shadows, cracking her neck slightly. Her right hand fingers the pommel of the rapier, as the left adjusts her glasses. "The way I see it," she suddenly speaks loudly, enough to be heard through the roar of fire, ice and y'know screaming. And somehow, the metallic rasp of Wit leaving it's sheath can be hurt. "We have a room full of violent people." Rosetta steps forward almost casually, rapier sweeping out to take one of the guard at the stomach. "Of all the people here, everyone seems like bad people," she continues, suddenly falling to knee and spinning, the flat of her blade impacting a second guard's knee before being lifted for the guard to hit him in the nether regions. Almost like a ballet, she is up again, sword becoming a blur as she unleashes a string of thrusts at the third and fourth. A single drop of blood is flicked off of Wit, and the sword is almost casually put over the woman's shoulder as the men fall to the ground unconscious. "Except for us. What does that make us, Thermal?"

Rosetta's glib tongue is held as she looks into the entrance and for Adrian. She had to remember who was the priority, even if she hadn't sated… "I haven't forgotten about you, Mlle. Quicken - You'll be my huckleberry soon enough. But you're not what's important. Yet."

"YOU!" the word is spat out of Felicity Tyler's mouth as she recoils from the cold. It is directed straight at Sunday. Parts of her fiery being chill, but the flames leap back up to life. She recoils as well from the assault on her eyes, blinking away from the cold. Really and truly it just makes the woman angrier. She brings up her hands and a blasting cone of flames leaps forward from her palms towards the three teens who are still around the stairwell door. She's a living, breathing flamethrower. The flames blast along the walls, melting some of the ice and catching said walls on fire, but the teens all manage to avoid being seriously injured by the flames. At worst fire singes their clothing.

Down at the other end of the hall Jessica Quicken is still making short work of the guards, but the speedy weaponsmistress pauses to admire Camille's form. There is weight and measure there and even a smile and a cocky tilt to her head when DuClare makes her remark, almost a 'bring it on' sort of gesture. Before she is spinning with her scythes again and dodging bullets.

Bullets ring off the walls around the teens as well, but thus far none hit them. However a bullet does hit Torrent and the weather controller falls backwards against the wall, grabbing his shoulder. A moment later lightning leaps from his fingertips and the current jumps from victim to victim, taking out more guards. "Do you think he got out?" he directs at Jessica.

Scythe looks towards the lab, trying to catch a glimpse around Rosetta, "You heard the boom as well as I did after Turncoat went in there. Your guess," another guard falls, "Is as good as mine. But this is the last time I work for him."

The room that Camille looks into? It's a lab. The same lab that Linus saw when he was surveying the place: very high-tech, and filled with state of the art equipment. There's a knocked over medical tray and laptop docking station knocked over on the floor next to the chair Adrian is secured to. The laptop is smashed and there are broken vials littering the floor, along with a couple of syringes. As for the boy himself, there are IVs running to and from his arms. There's an oxygen mask over his face and true to Linus' earlier description that it looks like something out of a bad hospital drama. Of course that is… if hospital dramas usually included massive gaping holes in the walls.

The lab's exterior wall has been blasted outwards, more broken beakers and vials and equipment litter the floor along the back of the room along with debris from the destroyed structure. Exposed wires spark around the opening. Huddled in one corner of the room underneath a desk is a blonde woman in a lab coat. There's a big chunk of her hair around her left ear that has been shaved away and she looks… bewildered and terrified. "Don't hurt me."

"Me." Thermal grins broadly, almost PROUDLY, as she avoids the fire attack almost completely while simultaneously freezing both of her hands to the point the air around them condenses. What does that make us, Thermal? "Big damn HEROES!" And with that the girl grits her teeth, sets her jaw and thrust both hands outward. A cascade of cold freezes the floor and parts of the walls as it rolls out from the girl and over first Firestarter and then Torrent. And once again, there is no where near the effect the girl was hoping for. "Damnit! Can't win 'em all." With that the girl swats her hand at Linus's as if to say 'Tag!' and then books it down the hallway as fast as her legs can carry her. She dodges around fallen guards, avoids the whole Sword/Scythe Weilders Convention down the hall, and rushes straight through the open doorway of the lab.

Welcome to neohuman combat. It's chaos, of course. Anyone who ever depicted war as anything honorable and orderly has never been anywhere near an actual fight, and this one is no different. To say things are well under control would be to tell falsehoods beyond compare, but things are, at least, chaotic enough that Linus just books across the corridor while hell breaks loose. His sneakers splash puddles of melted ice. In some cases steam is rising from these puddles. Bodies are everywhere. Perhaps war is glorious afterall! The boy reaches his brother, looks around at the things around his body, and shakes his head, "What is all this shit?! Forget it." He pulls them out one by one and them prepares to wheel him out. He stands abreast of the thing in a fit of Linus-Brand Stupid, not defenseless but certainly not ready to fight back, either. He's hauling the guy out of here.

Tyche shrieks and ducks low, shielding herself with her arms from the fireball thrown by Firestarter. The smell of singed hair fills the room, but, "Thank God for unstable molecules," she admits. Her suit absorbed the worst of it. Standing, she finds her friends have abandoned her to the hall. "Uh, guys?" she takes a step back, then takes a breath to center herself. "Okay, Tyche, you can do this. Torrent!" she hollars towards him. "You don't have to do this. Mr. Turner said you were one of the good guys! Kidnapping people /isn't good/. /Help us/, and we'll help you!" she yells and moves to find cover behind … the door. Because there's really nothing else there. How heroic.

Rosetta pauses from her saunter when Sunday and Linus both come rushing in to aid. She gives a brief look to the room, eyes pausing on Adrian upon seeing him. Her immediately desire is to somehow cut those IVs attached to his arms and other such nonesense, but logic gets the better of her. Who knew how worse that would make things. Plus he now had others at his side! The terrified woman merely gets a roll of an eye, and a 'Shut up' before Rosetta turns to Linus, grabbing his arm as he passes by her. "When he's free, leave. No matter what. I'll see what I can offer for a lull." And just so, she turns about and goes back into the hall and the firefight. "Scyth. Blink. Whatever you call yourself this day. All we want is the boy, and it's clear you've been betrayed. Let's make a wager you and I. Have your Firestarter keep the guards back. And lets you and I have our little discussion finally. If I win, you leave us be. And you. Well," There's a smirk as she points the rapier forward. "You can name your price. Moot point, either way." In other words, a taunt. She was saying she didn't believe the woman capable of winning, even as she went into a defensive pose.

All theatrical, and all meant for one purpose: Distraction. To give Linus, Sunday and Tyche time to get Adrian ready to get out.

Linus starts pulling wires and unhooking things and moving his brother and the woman in the labcoat just continues to cower there, staring out meekly at the teens. Adrian's eyelids flutter and he sort of looks up at his twin. "…Linus…" the name comes out sounding smushed together, barely recognizable as the boy's name at all. "…told 'em you were c'ming…" is slurred, muffled by the oxygen mask. Hey, four days without his proper medication. It's pretty much a wonder that he's conscious, much less speaking. Whether or not Adrian is really aware of what's going on is questionable, but he bobs his head in a sort of nod. "Knew it." Then eyes slide shut again, though he mumbles something else that's only semi-coherent, "…did you see him?"

Firestarter watces her ARCH NEMESIS and her little boyfriend go running off down the hall. She looks extremely tempted and even ready to follow them, but then realizes they left one of their friends behind. And out comes Tyche calling to Torrent. Firestarter's hands blaze again and she tosses a fireball towards Tyche that—

Doesn't connect with the teen at all, instead Torrent is interposing himself between the teen and danger. "I'm not one of the good guys, girl," he says through gritted teeth. He's already got a bullet in his shoulder from the guards! But now he shakes out of his jacket which is on fire. But he does feel rather protective of her all of a sudden, like he can't quite get a handle on his own emotions. He places himself between Tyche and Firestarter, "Stand down Felicity. You want to hurt her, you have to go through me."

"Fine by—"

"Knock it off you two," the voice of Scythe cuts like a blade. She's not looking at her teammates, however, instead she's looking at Rosetta. Scythe is in a costume as well. Black leather with silver piped accents. She rolls her wrists, causing light to dance on her dual weapons, "A duel then? And I name my price? Torrent, Firestarter, keep the guards out of the way and let the kids go. Our employer's long gone now anyway." She moves in light lightning, swinging a testing strike towards Rosetta that misses the girl.

Thermal looks out the doorway and into the hall, hearing Rosetta take charge of the situation and seeing Tyche seems to be out of danger. As Linus handles his brother, the girls hands ignite with a rolling orange flame and she moves back into the lab swiftly. To the big-ass hole on the other side of it. Her eyes squint, following something unseen first up in to the air, then off to the side along the ground. "Damnit," she breaths, but right now there is no time for what she wants. Her head turns sharply back towards the woman cowering in her lab coat, and one burning hand points. "You!" The pointing finger turns to Linus and Adrian. "Help him, and go with them!" The fire goes out as the girl quickly makes her way around the room once. She grabs the hard drive out of the laptop rubble, a few capped vials off the floor, and as she picks up some paper files scattered near where the scared woman is she spots a note book, almost hidden, and a bit of fabric with a button on it. All are picked up. But since Thermal has no pockets.. She moves straight to Linus as the boy attends his brother, and without so much as a By Your Leave, his cargo-pants pockets get stuffed with a hard drive and vials. The papers get pushed under one of Adrian's legs. Thermal smiles at Linus, kisses his cheek, then says firmly, "Go."

Linus starts wheeling Adrian down through the corridor from hell. He spots the blur that is Scythe and cringes with envy. "You did, huh?" THis is to Adrian, who ducks when a blade comes too close to him. Not that it was -intended- for him, but war, as previously noted, is confusing as hell. "Well why the hell did you do -that- for? God DAMN it!" The stairs look awfully far away. If only. If ONLY. He extends his right hand towards Scythe, fingers outstreched. It's wishful thinking, though the pose looks heroic, as if he actually has some idea of what he's doing to boot. What happens, happens so fast as to be an unintelligible blur. Five lines of bright, rainbow colored energy streak from Scythe to Linus outstretched fingertips. It's shimmering, powerful light that sparkles and glows with all the colors of the spectrum. If it were drawn in a comic book, Kirby Dots would be very appropriate. It's eyecatching and easy to see.

Linus wasn't expecting this.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA…" His scream is distorted with an intense doppler shift that makes the pitch drop, sounding like a car or worse. There is a sonic BOOM from several hundred feet away from the compound that everyone can likely hear. And in the side of the building? A linus shaped hole. By the look of things, his arms are outstretched in something akin to terror.

Meanwhile, in Rosedale, MD…

"…AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Linus looks around, eyes wide, "Adri… Adrian? I don't…" He looks down. No Adrian. He DID let go of the bed to outstretch his hands, afterall. "FUCK!" He turns back the way he came… there are a LOT of Linus shaped holes. They go through chainlink fences, buildings, curbs… and most recently a Greyhound bus, which is simply sitting there, across the street from him, and everyone is staring. The boy waves gingerly and mutters to himself, "Go Greyhound and leave the driving to us. Yeah." He exhales, closes his eyes, takes a deep breath, and runs back the way he came, leaving a SECOND set of Linus-shaped holes the whole way over. He ends up right where he started, in front of Adrian's bed. "Thermal… we can't go to Rosedale. EVER."

Tyche steps back out of her cover and reaches up to put a hand gently on the back of Torrent's neck. "You /are/ a hero," she reassures him. There is a dim greyish-black light that suffuses her hands and his whole body as she draws injuries out of him and into herself. "You just forgot, somewhere along the way, but I still" Owwas that a Linus-blur?ow, "believe in you." She steps away and her arm drops, almost useless, to the ground. A trickle of blood leaks out from beneath the sleeve of her uniform and beads the ground at her feet. "Linus! Get him to my car!"

"You are an interesting one, Scythe," Camille remarks almost blithely, rapier coming up to guard as the girl attacks with near lightning speed. Surprisingly enough, Rosetta seems to anticipate where the blinding hit might face, and already has her rapier in place. Almost immediately she ripostes, her wrist flicking to deliver a sudden stab to the shoulder. Sensing an opening, she presses her attack onward, perhaps unwisely. It is, in the end repelled, leaving Rosetta back to her neutral guard. As for the rest? It's all but ignored in the mind of the duelist. She had to focus on an opponent much faster than her. But she noticed. And by god, was she going to hold it over Linus' head when this was over.

"D'joo see 'im?" the question is asked again, brown eyes cracking open just a little as Sunday tucks some files beneath his legs. See who? Does it really matter when Linus is suddenly breaking the sound barrier? Twice? Hey, there's more familiar voices, but Adrian just sort of lazily looks up at Linus. He didn't even notice the super-speed incident, because surely if he did this would be something that Adrian too would hold over Linus. "…where's Dad?" The question is slurred out just before Adrian's eyelids droop shut again. He's delirious, you can't really take anything he says for much more than that.

"Interesting?" Scythe replies to Camille, even as she's taking a hit. The woman hisses in pain, but her recovery from the feeling of it is fast. Not nearly so fast as she is though. But there is a moment's distraction as suddenly one of the teens is moving at her pace. It's almost enough to get her stabbed by her opponent, but she reacts JUST in time to avoid another injury from Camille's blade. Scythe twists, cuts, lashes out with a flourish… and in the end, while she does score a hit, it's only superficial, tearing Rosetta's sleeve. "And what makes you say that?"

Torrent turns towards Tyche as she says this and heals him. "You don't even know me," he says. But there's devotion in his eyes, the poor sap.

Firestarter is just shaking her head at this, but Scythe told her to 'keep watch' and she'll listen to her orders. For now, she's standing down, but when Sunday is seen she itches to blast the little blonde. Next time. Maybe next time….

Thermal, who lurks in the doorway to the lab as her boyfriend freaks out and runs away through the wall and into the next town, seems totally unsurprised by this action. She was, however, a bit surprised that he got the powers without touching. Well, that's new! She eyes Firestarter for a moment before Adrian starts to babble again.. and what he says draws her slightly widened eyes right back to him. And then Linus is back. Blinkblink. …. Stop it, Sunday. Now is not the time. "Sshh, Adrian.. We'll have you out of here soon." A light smile is given to Linus. "Got it."

"Yeah, Adj." Linus looks around. Things aren't really that much nicer here since he was gone, and the fact that he was as gone as he just was is hardly helping his surreality meter from pegging into the red. "I sure did!" A nervous, unglued chuckle comes from his lips. "Dad went to get ice cream, Adj. He's getting chocolate with hot fudge…" Clearly he thinks his twin brother is delerious. ANd that's when he gives the wheeled bed the mother of all pushes. That he tries to take the stairs was probably a noble gesture. He ends up goign through them, of course. Poor ADrian travels as astronomical speeds and a second later, the two find themselves at the University of Maryland Medical Center, right in the Emergency Room. Everyone stops and turns towards them… primarily because he went through a wall or seven. A doctor stares and drops his stethescope. The very first words Linus interjects ito this situation? "…and nuts. Lots of nuts." Yes! Linus looks around and blinks, "Hi there!" His arm extends helpfully and he wiggles his fingers, "This is Adrian Young. He's type one diabetic and I think he needs an insulin shot because he's going into shock. Uh…. bye!" And then he's gone.

In the absence of Linus, the ER room just stays dead quiet, people apparently having no idea what to say, but it is, afterall, the ER. After an auditory vacation of six seconds, everyoen goes right back to being busy and someone starts to wheel Adrian into a corner to check him out.

"I know what Mister Turner said about you," Tyche replies to Torrent. "That's all I need to know." She steps back into the stairwell and peers down, then scowls as she spies people on their way up. Closing her eyes, she mumbles, "Alright, teach me." There is only a breath before one of the guards simply slumps to the ground, unconscious. The others seem utterly unphased. Tyche opens her eyes to survey the results, then grimaces. "Not enough."

"Can't recall a Villain," and make no mistake, to Rosetta that is what Sycthe was, "Who would willingly drop their machinations to engage in a duel." Even while speaking, she's gone on the offense again, making a lavish swing to get the other woman to go defensive. The ploy ultimately fails, as does the follow up slash. It's perhaps at this time that Rosetta realizes that perhaps he swagger may be undeserved in this duel. Scythe seemed to be doing quite well for herself.

Four guards are making their way up the stairs… no, strike that! THREE guards are making their way up the stairs as one of the men crumbles and tumbles two steps back down to the landing between the two floors sleeping like a baby. The other three shout, look back at their fallen comrade and then start firing up at the open door to the second floor. They weren't joking about the Code Five! Neohuman attack! BANG! BANG! BANG! Bullets riccochet and the explosive sound is deafening in the stairwell. One bullet chips the doorframe near Tyche, but luckily for her she's mostly sheltered by its cover.

Scythe tilts her head, smiling ever so slightly as she twists, rockets around Camille and feints with one of her wickedly curved weapons. "It's all relative when you think about it," Scythe states, "Villainy and heroism. Who are you to judge such things?" Again her blades lash out, but without the deadly accuracy she is so used to. She's up against an admirable opponent here. "What was going on here was intended for the greater good, but then well, we had to defend ourselves as you saw." There's no remourse for the wounded, unconscious and possibly dead guards in the hallway. Scythe readies her weapons again, head tilting to one side as she studies Camille and waits.

"Ben Turner doesn't know me any more," Torrent says, "but this wasn't how it was supposed to be." He continues to remain between Firestarter and Tyche… until he hears the bullets ringing up from the stairwell. A bit of fanatical light in his eyes and the man puts himself between the Empath and the doorway. "But if you think that I can be good… If you want me to be good. I'll certainly try my hardest. I'd do anything for you." At least… until the emotion control wears off.

Firestarter just shakes her head. The guards are handled and the dark-haired neohuman teen is distracted and has done something to Torrent to have him all googly-eyed like a puppy. But Firestarter has had enough of this. The blazing woman turns, takes about five steps down the hall— twisting to avoid a lightning fast swing of a scythe and then lifts her hands to throw a flamethrower-style blaze at the ceiling over Sunday's head. "She might not want me to knock some sense into him but I'm not missing the opportunity to get some revenge on you blonde," the fire leaps, intense heat spiralling forth in an inferno column—- and it is intercepted by the waiting Thermal!

Bullets bullets, everywhere, and still a bullet just right there. You know, in her shoulder. Tyche yelps and ducks back into the room, then mumbles, "Do it again," and turns around and reaches up to touch her temple. Two more guards slump to the ground, unconscious, but that still leaves one. "Torrent, you've got to get out of here," she ducks back behind the door again. "Get to safety. I'll be right behind you." She glances back towards her classmates, then winces at what she sees. "Camille, finish this up! We need to get out!"

Camille hears Tyche, but doesn't seem to regard. Indeed, Rosetta's eyes are focused on Scythe and Scythe alone. And for a moment, the cool icy demeanor of the Frenchwoman changes, eyes flashing a momentary anger. It's quick though, and well hidden behind the half mask. "Relativity is too often an excuse to exchange logic for sensibility." Her words are tight, angry. She had a plan, and it was a good one, and yet she has yet to take down this woman who had shamed her before. Her control was slipping, and that only made her want to be more bold. More capable of doing something to end it and end it now. "And believe me, I spend more time thinking on such than you ever a claim to. Who am I?" There's a sudden dash as Camille closes on Scythe. She has no super speed, but she was quick when she wanted to be. Wit comes flashing out in a V pattern, knocking the opponent's weapon to the side to draw two quick blows. He foot comes up and to Scyth's midsection, boot pushing off as she swings yet again to land another knick - the momentum of kick used to back up a few feet before the villainess could rightly decide to use inside fighting to her advantage. The rapier comes up slowly, pointed directly at Scythe. Who was she? "I the Lady of class and calibur, who has all rights and privileges. I am La Vie End Rosetta. And I have defeated you though, though you have yet to admit such. Yield now, and consider changing your wicked ways. Or I will change them for you."

Thermal, fresh off throwing her hands into the air to smash that incoming fireball with a stream of devastating cold, levels an equally cold glare at Firestarter. "You and me," the girls hands ice over as her lips go blue, "We're gonna finish this. But not today." And with that she thrusts her hands outward. What sinks deep into Felicity's bones is not simple cold, but ICE, sizzling against the girls natural fire and freezing over patches of skin before Firestarter hits the ground. Thermal's eyes shift briefly to Linus as she says "Protect yourself," and plants a kiss on the boys lips. She's hoping he'll get what she wants him to do, but if not, she's prepared to play the hero! She turns back towards the open door of the lab and swings her now burning hands forward, sending a fireball surging out to explode on all that lovely flammable material. "Everybody OUT!" To Tyche in particular the girls and shouts, "Let him go to save his friend!" She knows Torrent is not protecting Tyche of his own free will, and she hopes he'll be able to grab Firestarter and get the hell out before the building collapses on them. Sunday's gonna be pissed if she has to rescue her ARCH NEMESIS.

Scythe gasps, all of that quick-paced blur of motions just stops for an instant as she reguards the fresh line of blood. The villanous woman wavers slightly, her scythes barely held onto and she passes them both into one hand so that she can touch her wound with the other. Her hand touches the injury and comes away stained with red. "I'll take that into consideration," she says, without any honesty behind the words, but then she speaks in fluent French— if not with quite the proper accent, "Vivez pour combattre un autre jour!" Live to fight another day. Rallying herself, with a burst of speed the woman is GONE. Out through the stairwell and away as far as she can get, off to lick her wounds. She's honestly hoping that boy can't follow her.

As two more of his companions go down in unconsciousness, the final remaining guard takes off running down the stairwell to safety. Torrent looks at Tyche and then back as the duel reaches a conclusion and his friend and "team leader" goes racing off. He nods to Tyche, "So long as you promise to get free yourself." And then he's turning away to grab the collapsed Firestarter. CRACKOW! Lightning arches in from nowhere and with a sizzle and the smell of ozone the two are gone.

"YOU GUYS SURE TALK A LOT!" is Linus' remark on the whole situation. And really, where has he been for most of the fight? Clearly not on the frontlines, that's for sure. The boy has crisscrossed the area enough times during the span of the combat that one might think it a prime place to install a traffic light if the building weren't on fire. He turns towards the others, "I'm no expert, but I think it might be a really great idea to get out of here riiiight about now. I left Adrian at University of Maryland Medical Center and told them what was wrong with him. I can't get there as fast as I did in the first place, so we'd better get into a taxi cab and tip really well."

Tyche looks around the area, then winces. "Thermal! The guards!" She moves to the middle of the room and spreads out her hands. "Get me out," she begs her companions, and then closes her eyes. A flash of shadowy energy radiates out of the woman, and the bruises begin to pile up on her body. A moment later, she simply collapses in place.
From afar, Sunday dies.

And… all around the floor and in the nearby stairwell, guards that were unconscious, severely wounded, and so forth wake up. Seeing the imminent danger of the burning building there's lots of shouting and clamboring to GET OUT. Forget this! They aren't paid enough for THIS. Hell, they weren't paid enough to battle neohumans in the first place… they are SO OUTTA HERE! And none of them seem to realize that there's on neohuman here who is responsible for their revival. Sometimes you just don't get credit for helping people.

"Vas te faire foutre," Camille mutters very loudly as her opponent suddenly dissapears in a whirl, denying her the opportunity to take her down once and for all. A moment later, she blinks back and takes in the fact that the fight was all but over, and the building was all but ablaze. "So. What should we do with these guards?" Even she in good conscience couldn't just leave them there. Though as the places gets a bit hotter, Camille gets sorely tempted, resheating Wit and looking about, inching closer and closer to the door. It's at that moment Tyche suddenly…. well. Rosetta can put a finger on the proper words for it, even as the young woman collapses and the others seem to get healed. "We could have just had dear Thermal turn out the fire. But just as well. I'd rather not see Adrian's genetics be used for thus." Though in all likelyhood, the data if they had garnered any, would be offsite anyway. Unfortunate. But upon seeing the guards begin to stir, Cam tilts her head before joining the others in exiting!
Long distance to Camille: Adrian sorries! Yeah, Sunday pretty much got anything worthy of being filched here.

Thermal glances over at Camille as she makes her way quickly through the chaos and to the fallen Tyche, hauling the girl up on the floor with a grunt of effort. "No, actually. I couldn't." Well, she could. But she won't. She knew they could handle this, and they did, and she's not about to walk out of here and let the whole operation be salvaged. So, hopefully with somebody elses help, Thermal hauls Tyche out and leaves with her companions, intent on high-tailing it to that sweet-ass BMW and straight for the hospital. "Dibs on driving."

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