2010-08-13 - Star Wars, Twilight, and History Lessons

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Title: Star Wars, Twilight, and History Lessons
Emitter: —
Characters: Alia s'Harien, Winter Storm, Amy Beauchamp
NPCs: —
Place: The Quad
Time: Evening, Friday the 13th of August, 2010 (ooOOoOoOoo)
Summary: Chatter about: Star Wars, Twilight, and ancient history

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Alia sits on a blanket in the quad. She seems to be focusing on something, her eyes closed as there's a particular glow coming from her. Literally, as she is emitting a rather brilliant azure light for the moment, as she sits in a lotus position.

Winter wanders. He /still/ doesn't know the grounds that well; it's only been a week or so. And what he thinks is some kind of odd lantern… isn't. He pauses some yards off and just kinda peers. "Oh look. The Avatar."

Alia blinks, eyes opening as the azure glow fades, turning to a more indigo-shade. She looks over at Winter, "Excuse me, can I help you with something?" Her head tilts slightly as she regards the new arrival.

"I'll… just… guess that's what you do, and not something you ate," Winter says, slowly, although he sends a dubious glance in the direction of the cafeteria. His hands find his pockets and he slouches comfortably.

Alia actually laughs very softly, "Indeed so. I was just meditating." She rises gracefully to her feet, almost as tall as Winter, really, and gives him a slight nod. "You seem to be new here."

"I knew it. You seemed bright." Winter says it with a faint smile, amused with his own pun, but not for terribly long. "You… don't seem to be from around here, yourself," he adds, a touch more hesitantly. There are a lot of brands of neohuman after all.

Alia nods, "You are correct. I'm from about a thousand light years in…" She pauses, then points vaguely southwards and towards the ground, "That direction." After saying that, she pulls her hair back, exposing the slender, almost elflike ear that is hidden under there.

"Many years away and a galaxy… far far away." /There/ his pun fails, but Winter seems unfazed by this. He does glance in the direction in which Alia points, as though he might focus upon some star. But it's probably at least a partially cloudy night. "Hey, elf ears…"

Alia arches a brow, "Indeed. A reason to wear my hair long around here." She gives Winter a curious expression. "The same galaxy, and I do not wear my hair like cinnabons either."

Winter too raises his eyebrows, and then he laughs once, loudly, clearly not expecting the reference out of Alia. "Ha!" He tugs a hand out of a pocket, and scratches at his chin. "Guess I can't expect you to be a crack shot either." Thankfully, no gold bikini/chains jokes.

Alia smiles a bit at that, then points towards a floating leaf on the wind. Suddenly, there's a bolt of green light from her finger, and the leaf poofs into so much dust. Then, nonchalantly, she blows imaginary smoke from her finger and looks amusedly at Winter, "Sure about that?"

Winter, having a healthy sense of self-preservation on his good days, is not slow to jump back when he realizes there's a freaking laser, and not just a laser-pointer like some of the teachers use. "Christ!" he hollars.

Alia looks very amused at your reaction, "Do you want me to say 'take me to your leader' now, or later?" She arches a brow, the glow fading from around her as she looks like, well, a rather normal girl. Albeit a very tall and nice looking one.

Dusting off bits of, well, dust… and grass… that were thrown by his landing (not that he went far), Winter frowns. He does this a lot, actually. "Yeah, well, you could. But I'm assuming you've been acquainted with the headmaster or whatever already, so not much point there." He snorts. "So. Elf-eared laser-finger Star Wars girl, you got a name?"

Alia walks over and extends a hand, decidedly non-glowing, to Winter to help him up if he wants it, "I am Alia s'Harien, daughter of the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipoteniary to your United Nations." She smiles faintly, "I am also going to be starting my junior year here in a few weeks."

"I heard 'Alia Sahara, daughter of Ambassador Extraordinary Platypus,' but I'm not as 'bright' as you, so you'll have to forgive me," Winter says blandly. He will refuse help up, but he'll offer his hand, half-gloved though it is. Can't be any worse than alien quasimilitary garb. "I'm Winter." No titles. He will add with gritted teeth, "I'll be a sophomore."

Alia arches a brow, "I offend you, for some reason." She shakes the hand once, then releases it, "I would be curious as to whether it is the same reason that others are offended, or if it is something completely different."

"…What?" Winter asks, his hand kind of hovering there like he forgot to reclaim it. Which he did. Because he's surprised. "No, you're one of few who hasn't." He straightens, finally withdrawing his hand, and frowns a little again. "I'm just… I'm not supposed to be a sophomore. But I am."

Alia tilts her head, "Oh? What are you supposed to be, then?" She sounds somewhat curious about that, letting the matter of offense drop for the moment.

"A junior," Winter mutters. It probably explains relative height and bulk compared to underclassmen. He turns his gaze aside as he says it, however. There's really only one logical reason why a native /wouldn't/ be in the proper grade.

Alia arches a brow, "I have to admit, I am unsure as to the reason why. But I don't think it matters." She shrugs, "What matters is that you are here, and you undoubtedly have an extraordinary ability." Her tone actually warms slightly, as she regards Winter with a curious expression.

"Ha, yes." This time the laugh isn't really one as such. "I'm a great athlete," Winter says. He might even be telling the truth. It's just not without some heavy irony in his tone, too. "I'm sure there'll be a time for show 'n tell later."

Alia nods, "Undoubtedly so. I do have quite a few abilities, some common to my House, others decidedly not so much." She shrugs a bit, not quite what else to say as she looks curiously at Winter.

House. Common to her House, with a capital 'H.' Winter slowly shakes his head, looking somewhat bewildered. When he realizes Alia is staring at him, that expression changes: he's wary. "…What."

Alia ahs, "Nothing. I thought you were going to elaborate on something, but you did not." She shrugs, "I admit that human customs are decidedly strange, at least to me."

Winter is silent a long moment, and he backs off a pace, hands finding his pockets again. "I'm not exactly a people person," he allows. "Mostly 'cause I don't give a fuck if they 'want' to hear something from me. I don't owe them anything. But for you, an exception. What'm I supposed to 'elaborate on?'" Despite the crude speech, that query, at least, is honest.

Alia ahs, "Well, you gave a sarcastic response, though I sense there's some truth in it. But typically your people follow through with a genuine response. You, however, did not." She shrugs a bit, "I admit, I am a people person, mainly because of who I am, and what I am supposed to be."

"Yeah," says Winter, who turns 'out' a bit so he's not looming and staring right back at Alia. He can examine the quad, those other students that are roaming around. "Yeah, I guess you would be. Comes with the territory and all. Making nice with people." He pauses, then adds, "Remind me never to go into politics." He smirks, but eventually gets around to answering, sort of, as best as he can remember to. "Extraordinary ability, right? That makes me absolutely average in a place like this, I guess. I /am/ here because I'm an athlete, and I don't even cheat at it with 'powers.' I guess I could but it'd be kind of obvious. Let's go with… 'The name suits me.'"

"Well, if it ain't My Favorite Martian and the Grouchy Guy." Amy calls, waving a little as she joins the duo. "How's it goin', Alia?" she asks with a little smile. "Winter." she adds with a polite nod. "So..what's shakin?"
Alia arches a brow, "I am not quite from Mars, though our people did interact with… well, nevermind." She ahems faintly, "It goes alright, I suppose."

'Grouchy Guy' isn't an insult so much as an accurate read, so Winter just jerks his head in a nod. He doesn't have a smile for Amy, though, as she hasn't gotten on his good side. Then again, no one has. "Bloodthirsty Chick," he greets. "Not-Princess-Leia here was just showing me her elf ears and shooting the breeze. And a leaf."

"Heh, just a joke, Alia." Amy replies, patting the girl on the shoulder gently. "Didn't mean to offend." she adds. "Bloodthirsty Chick?" she asks at Winter's comment. "Hmm…ya know, I kinda like that….Have to see if I can get that on a t-shirt." she grins wolfishly. "Glad to see your charm offensive's still in play." she comments placidly.
Alia nods slightly, and says simply, "It is." If she's aware of the double meaning, she doesn't let on, instead glancing over at Amy, "How have you been?"

"I'll hook you up with one," Winter says, evenly. "Be even better if you were an actual, you know. Vampire. But I guess that'd be too easy." Completely oblivious of any double meaning, he assumes 'charm offensive' is a reference to his own lack of it, and so simply smirks.

"Eh, not bad. Just kinda bored. Been practicing all afternoon." Amy replies. "Managed to get through all of 'War Ensemble' at the right tempo." she grins proudly. "Managed to play it through once before my arms fell off." she chuckles. "Tom Araya's a bad mofo, being able to maintain those tempos night after night after night." she sighs enviously. "Eh, can't be a vampire, Winter. Little on the claustrophobic side." she jibes. "Coffins and me wouldn't get along well."

Alia hrms, "Do vampires actually use coffins anymore? I thought they gave those up?" She looks confused, "The fact that they either sparkle or spontaneously combust is rather puzzling, as it should be one or the other."

Winter turns his head to regard Amy for a long moment, turning that little claustrophobic comment over in his head. "A crypt, then," he says at length. He might have said more, except he just stares at Alia.

"Sparkly vampires." Amy scoffs. "You must've seen one of the Twilight movies, or read the books." she says, pulling a face. "I tried reading the first one last year, wound up flipping it across the room after about two chapters." she snerks. "Dumbest load of crap I've ever read in my life." she grumps. "A crypt would be cool. Though that'd make me more of a crypt-keeper than a vampire."
Alia shrugs, "I just hear about these 'sparkly vampires'. I don't pretend to know anything about them, though I fail to see why a walking corpse is considered 'romantic'."

GrumpGuy there scratches the side of his nose, and then rubs his chin thoughtfully, dark eyes studious and thoughtful as he regards Amy. "You've got the look for it," he eventually decides, with an approving nod. This is his idea of a joke, perhaps. He then smirks at Alia — and also the idea of chucking the book. "Dumb romance. Aw, poor things, can't get it on. You'd think in the however many centuries whatshisface had been 'alive' he'd've learned to go down on a girl or something."

"Aw, Grumpy, that's your new nickname, by the way." Amy replies. "You really know how to flatter a girl." she smirks, eyes glittering ever so faintly. "But that's okay, when I am the Crypt Keeper, you shall be the first to face my diabolical torture devices." she says sweetly. "Well, when the whole 'vampire' thing got really popular, it was kind of a weird time in our history when sex was, like, really taboo to talk about, especially for females. So the idea of having your neck bitten and your blood drank until you die was, yeah, a little like what Grumpy here just said. Like oral sex."

Alia arches a brow, "That is… interesting." She looks between Amy and Winter, as if trying to decide whether or not they are playing a joke on her. She then shakes her head, "Your species has some definite… issues."

"I'm talking to you, ain't I?" Winter drawls in response to Amy. This is is flattery in and of itself! But he, too, smirks again. When he glances to Alia he speaks again. "Yeah. Yeah, we do. You should probably wipe us all out. Clean slate."

"Heh, we have our moments." Amy nods. "But we're past that now. These days, the average computer nerd can jerk himself _stoopid_ looking at free porn on the Internet." she chuckles. "So….maybe that's kind of a lateral move, I dunno." she shrugs, chuckling again. "And yes, Grumpy, your golden voice caresses my ears like the jackhammer of Jove himself." she fires to Winter.

Alia hrms, "That was debated, but it was decided to let your culture develop on its own with minimal interference. That might have been a mistake." It's really hard to tell if she's joking or not, though she does add, "Of course, xenocide is immoral, no matter how justified it might seem."

Winter says, "Damn straight." And then he eyes Alia for a long, long time.

"Not to mention how much cash you save waiting for us to blow our own dumbass selves up rather than having to do it the hard way?" Amy comments, arcing an eyebrow. "Good plan." she nods, approvingly. "And if we don't, well, that's just a bonus." Winter's comment she ignores for now, if the boy's too dense to know she's being sarcastic, it's far more interesting to let him dangle.

Alia just smiles slightly, "In any event, I should probably retire for the evening. It was nice to meet you, Winter." She actually sounds like she means it to, as she starts to glow an emerald green color, "Amy, a pleasure as always." With that, she suddenly disappears in a flash of light.

The new guy lifts a half-gloved hand a bit to bid farewell to Alia; the self-same hand shields his eyes from the flash of light. He turns his head aside for good measure anyway. "Green is a good color, right?"

"It can be." Amy replies with a little shrug. "Depends on what it means, I guess."

"Green means 'go,'" Winter says lightly. For him, anyway. His hand finds his pocket again, and after spending another moment peering at the empty spot where Alia once stood, he turns to Amy. Did he brace himself a little? Maybe. He's dealing with a Bloodthirsty Cryptkeeper after all. "So is that the weirdest thing I'll see on campus? Elf aliens?"

"Heh, I haven't been here a month yet." Amy replies honestly, giving another half-shrug. "I'm still trying to get my head around my _own_ weirdness, much less anyone else's." she comments. "But, I'll put it this way. The first two people I met the night I got here was Alia, who's an alien, and a girl that's over five thousand years old." she chuckles. "So, yeah….prepare for strangeness in massive amounts."

"…" It takes Winter a few seconds to come up with anything to say; he's probably pondering that whole 5K thing. "Right, then," he mutters. "So what's your weirdness, other than what I've already seen?" That's a tad bland, but the smirk he offers is almost amiable.

"Electricity." Amy replies simply "They call me an electro-kinetic. I can control it, I can summon it, which, by the way, looks really cool." she smirks. "Ever seen Return of the Jedi? Remember when the Emperor decided to zap Luke?" she asks splaying out her fingers and letting a tiny amount of energy twist around her fingertips.

Winter, still with healthy desire to live: he takes a small step back, mother may I. "Yeah… yeah, I remember." He watches the glowy fingers. "Throw in some martial arts and you can be a regular Azula."

"Heh, I'm workin' on it, I'm workin' on it." Amy chuckles, nodding. "Long way to go, though." she admits. "So, what's your brand of strangeness? I showed you mine…"

There's a smirk; Winter's mind just might run along other lines with the whole 'I show you mine you show me yours' thing, but at least he doesn't comment on it. He just pulls the other hand from his pocket, and then abruptly crouches to rest his fingers upon the ground. The only real telegraphing apart from the gesture is if a close observer can see that his breath frosts in the air a split second before a swath of ice races over the ground. It slides beneath Amy — and then she goes sliding, herself, carried some few yards away on the frozen slick.

"The he…?" Amy starts to say before she's swept of her feet, in this case, literally by the sheet of ice Winter generates, landing on it with a meaty -thud- and a brief string of profanity that's more annoyance than actual pain. "Very nice." Amy says, hauling herself to her feet and rubbing her left hip where she fell. "Maybe a little bit of warning next time?" she asks.

Winter remains crouched, forearms resting upon bent knees. He straightens only when Amy gets to her feet, his smirk a tad wry. "You wanted me to /show/, not talk. Talk is cheap; that was priceless. But yeah. Next time I'll warn you you're about to fall for me." His smile is downright wolfish. At least he /can/ smile?

"Heh, don't get ahead of yourself, Grumpy." Amy chuckles. "Wow…is that a smile? Well, I'll be damned…" she breathes. "Was starting to wonder if you had _teeth_." she jibes.

Seems the ice melts as soon as Winter either stops concentrating upon it or (his hand) is no longer in contact with the ground. He wipes those hands upon his jeans, a little damp streak left behind. It's water after all. "Now you know my little secret. But since /I'm/ not a vampire either, so if you're expecting me to bite, you'll have to go about it a different way," he says dryly. "Anyway, that's my trick: I make snowcones, essentially."

"Heh, if I wanted you to bite me, trust me, I'd tell you to, and where." Amy replies sweetly, letting the double-meaning make its own point. "Still and all, that's pretty cool." she adds, nodding her approval. "So…." she says, sighing a little. "You and Summer…."

"Suppose you will," Winter allows. His hands find his pockets yet again. Casual pose for a tense guy. Who's he fooling. He rolls his eyes for the pun, whether intended or not, but his body language changes subtly when Summer's name is spoken. He tenses up. "What about her."

"Nothing, just trying to get the lay of the land." Amy replies, shrugging a little. "Seems like putting the two of you in the same room's like throwing gas on a grease fire's all." she notes. "Does make a body curious."

Winter bristles a little. "Well you picked the right person, if you're tying to get 'the lay of the land.'" Great. More of /this/ rhetoric. "What's the phrase I want. Die… dea… Diameter, that's it, dia…metrically opposed."

"She's Summer, you're Winter, so you're both just programmed to hate each other?" Amy asks, smirking slightly and arcing an eyebrow. "Eh….dude, no offense meant, but….that's one of the bigger load of shit I've heard in my _life_." she chuckles. "I mean, come on, really?" she asks. "That's right up there with one of my former youth ministers…." she adds, then stops, expression darkening somewhat. "Eh…nevermind…"

"Not programmed, but conditioned," Winter corrects, his eyes narrowing. "I didn't decide out of nowhere to hate her guts." If he draws a hand back out of his pocket, it's only so he can make a fist. "Since you're into show'n'tell, though, go on: what's your story?"

"Your basic sob-story." Amy replies easily enough. "Dad was an asshole, Mom was a party girl." she says. "Mom bailed on Dad when I was still a baby, no idea where he is now…Mom bailed on me when I was six…Foster care after that, and all the fun stuff that comes with it."

"Goodie, more foster brats," Winter mutters. "Mommy and Daddy issues are a given with us." He widens his stance a little and folds his arms. "I wouldn't give the time of day to Summer. Yes, we used to date. I don't give a fuck if you think I have a broken heart. She called me a worthless piece of shit and couldn't be bothered to stick with me because I wasn't going anywhere. I wonder what the hell kind of totem pole /she/ was climbing, going through guys like she did. But me, nah. /I'm/ the fuckup."

"Heh, yeah, issues." Amy replies, her chuckle seeming half-hearted at best as she sighs softly, expression darkening still before she gives herself a little shake. "But, hell, what can ya do?" she asks rhetorically. "We're still here. And what don't kill us makes us stronger." she says firmly.

"Whatever," Winter says, succinctly. "I guess Summer'll be /really/ strong when I'm done giving her hell for being such a literally fucking bitch." The menace is evident in his tone. Would he be physically hostile? Hard to say. Pent-up anger, yes. But he's too new; it can make for a hard read sometimes.

"You're not exactly a prize yourself." Amy points out, cocking her head as she attempts to read his expression. "You know what I'm thinking, Grumpy?" she asks rhetorically. "I'm thinking both of ya ougthta remember your three F's. Fight each other, fuck each other, or just _forget_ each other." she says simply. "You'll both live longer."

Winter levels a glare that's at odds with his name. "So I've been told," he says tightly. "Thanks for this lovely, relaxing conversation," he adds as he turns away, trying to orient himself toward his home dorm.

"Take care, Grumpy." Amy calls, heading off her her own dorm. "Good luck with that stick-ectomy." she adds teasingly. "Just unclench, it oughta slide right out."

Winter offers a wave. With one finger. And then he heads 'home' into Halliday Hall.

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