2010-07-25 - A Girls' Day Out

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Title: A Girls' Day Out
Emitter: Summer-sort-of
Characters: Summer-Sinclair, Miranda, Stephanie, Jonathan
NPCs: Salesgirls
Place: The MALL!
Time: Sunday, July 25th, 2010
Summary: Summer

Some weeks ago—

Summer takes Jonathan aside after Powers Training. "We are going shopping. Watching you is making /my/ chest hurt, and while I can't blame you for not going shopping… just… /no/. We're going shopping." Jon doesn't get a choice in the matter: the weather-controller might be mercurial in /some/ aspects, but not when it comes to this.


Having rounded up her vic— er, shopping associates, Summer has led them to the local mall. "First things first," she says, perusing the map and tracing a finger over the colour-coded stores. "Underwear and bras. Because then I can stop wincing."

Not that Jon doesn't see where Summer's coming from. There's definitely practicality to it. But it's a step she's been trying to avoid, a step that the back of her mind feels like once its taken, it can't be undone. Jon's thinking, 'but wear girls' clothes? Eww.' But not as loudly as she would have before. She looks at the map, following Summer's finger, currently in human form. "Uhm, well, you're the boss here," she says a little uncertainly. "Y'know, I think after this, when I email mom that I bought some bras, she'll actually be -pleased- to hear that."

Miranda nods, "Trust me, Jon, you'll be more comfortable after this. It /does/ make a difference, even for those of us less endowed." She sighs, glancing down at her own chest. "I am thinking about getting some more slacks for myself… possibly in a color other than brown." Yes… khaki!

Stephanie grins as they start their Quest for Undies. "Trust us, you'll be glad the next time you do a flip or jog or anything. I mean…I'm not very well endowed and even /I/ wear a sports bra when I work out." A nod to something. "When I do that is." She actually looks a little shamefaced, Mir would be sure to figure Steven probably chided his sis. A grin then when Miranda says the same thing essentially. "And I need to get a new shirt for Steven and a new watch…thank goodness it wasn't the sweet sixteen watch, but those shadows are real jerks." A smile. "So…if you wanted to shift to cat form I could cover for you, but be warned…cameras and mirrors won't be fooled by the illusions." This last spoken sotto voce.

"What you are now may not hold, but there's no point in being uncomfortable," was Summer's response to Jon's hesitation back then.

Now, however, the blonde taps the map on a little store called 'La Vie En Rose'. "There we go. They'll have pretty much everything we need, and have suggestions on how to deal with athletics." She starts towards the store, window-shopping along the way. She pauses and glances back at Miranda, eyes brightening as she regards her fellow blonde. "You'd look lovely in a dusty rose colour, too, or blue-grays or greens would pick up your eyes," she notes cheerily, pointing at one particular top on a mannequin in the window. "But the warmer browns and khakis you've got suit you well, too."

Stephanie's commentary makes her quirk an eyebrow. "Does this have to do with your brother showing up bare-chested? But we can definitely figure some way to deal with things. Most lingerie stores don't really put cameras in their changing rooms, and /I/ know how to measure for bra size…"

Jon nods to Miranda. "I'll take y'all's word for it," she says, including Stephanie in that. "I mean, if nobody was looking, I'd, uhm, kinda try to hold things in place while jogging, so this could be real good." A nod to Stephanie. "Thatcould be useful. 'cause I'm definitely…bigger as a cat." She eyes the name of the store dubiously, but she's put herself in Summer's hands. "I'm definitely cool with shopping for whatever. I mean I got all day, myself," she says. "And I haven't just…hung out with folks at a mall in a while," she adds, just a touch self-consciously.

Miranda says shyly, "And before coming to Steranko, I never had friends to hang out with… I was always a loner growing up." She waggles a finger at Stephanie, "If villains keep blasting your clothes off, I might start to get jealous." And chuckles a bit. "So we do some shopping… maybe dinner at the food court then hit a book store?"

"O-M-G, non-brown?" Stephanie faux swoons, then laughs softly as she teases Miranda. She listens to Summer's commentary, and then nods. "I bet the rose hues would look great, I think you called it, Summer." And then she looks a bit more serious. "Yes. Shadows…attacked Liv, which is why she's not here, she's still in the infirmary for observation. Steven got involved, and one of them tried to disintegrate us. Err..him." She pulls aside her collar a bit, showing some bandages on under her usual loose fitting clothes. As Jon gives permission, Steph concentrates a moment, and then nods. "Go ahead and shift. You're covered." That easy? "Hey…we didn't PLAN on that happening you know." A grin. "And food court then books sound great."

Summer slings an arm around Jon's shoulders with a companionable air just before Stephanie fits an illusion over Jon, her expression mischievous. "Well, we also have to get you a swimsuit and a few other things," she notes. "So we're going to be wandering for a bit." She offers her other arm to Miranda or Stephanie, completely unconcerned about blocking part of the walkway. "You have friends /now/. You're part of /our/ family, hm?" she notes to Miranda firmly — it's no wonder that she and Jack get along so well, with that shared attitude. "Ooh, food court dinner. I'm up for the book store, too, though I'm just going to browse. I haven't really found a part-time job yet, so my shopping funds're a /little/ low." Pause. "And I want to get a few things at this store anyway."

La Vie En Rose is actually rather tasteful, as lingerie stores go; the staffmembers are unobtrusive, the lights are low and non-fluorescent to flatter the customers, and the changing rooms are tucked in the back. There's still a broad selection of things both embarrassingly (for some teenagers) sexy and the more practical sorts. It's to the latter that Summer heads.

Jon flashes Miranda a quick grin. "Welp, now you do. Course, we're kind of a motley crew," she notes, before nodding to Stephanie. "I'll hold off until we're in the changing room, I mean, there's security cameras around. Guards'd see me on their monitors." She eyes Summer warily at that mischievous air. "Hey, for helping me out, I'll pick you up a book," Jon offers. "I got some money my folks gave me for, well the clothes and stuff. Long as I'm careful, it'll be plenty." She lets Summer lead her towards La Vie En Rose, walking inside with perhaps more anxiety than fighting a villain. She's definitely relieved to be heading for the practical garments.

Miranda grins, "Well, if you find a book your heart will break to miss, let me know, ok? I can afford to get my friends a few things." Miranda has practical lingerie handled. She heads for pjs! Some nice cotton comfy ones, though with a little lace and embroidery. Her first instinct is to go for the ivory set, but she picks up a pink and a lavender set to try instead. She then pauses by a rack of corsets, sorely tempted… and gives in and grabs one in what should be her size, hiding it under the PJs in her arms.

Miranda chuckles a bit as Jon and her have similar thoughts, and rejoins the group by the sports bras, trying to keep the corset tucked out of sight.

Stephanie happily links arms with Summer and drags Mir into the link, so the four girls are trooping along like the heroes in Wizard of Oz. Though with this lot, maybe something out of Alice in Wonderland might have fit better? Regardless, Steph oohs at the less practical stuff, having ample practical undies to wear and then some. She eyes a lacey purple confection of a night gown, and then shifts over to rest her chin on Mir's shoulder as she snags a corset, a warm laugh before they head back to the others in the practical section. "I have a little money too, we can totally pool our resources!"

"I'm not much of a reader." Evidently Summer's mischief was mostly in getting Jon into the store. It evidently appeals to her sense of humour to get a former-boy into a store that most boys avoid like the plague (or alternately drool on the windows of, metaphorically speaking). She avoids looking towards some of the lingerie choices, focusing more upon her current project.

One of the salesladies wanders over, smiling. "Can I help you find something?"

"Thank you, but my friend's a little leery of strangers, so I promised I'd do the measuring," Summer replies matter-of-factly. "So we're good." She turns to Jon. "Like I promised. Measurements." And yes, she's hauling Jon off to one of the changing rooms, snagging a tape measure along the way.

Jon glances Miranda's way as the girl goes for the PJs, and looks thoughtful, for a second, at the sight of the corset. That's as far as it goes right now, though. Jon offers the saleslady a smile of greeting. "Yeah, sorry, I'm kinda weird like that," she says before eeping softly as she's hauled off. "Tell my wife I love her," she says to the other two.

Miranda laughs softly. "Poor Jon." She looks over at Stephanie. "I've got something to try on… how about you? You deserve something pretty too." She pauses, and says in a whisper, "Then… could you help with the laces? Of the corset? It has regular snaps and a zipper for getting in and out of it, but you have to lace it to adjust the fit." Boys aren't the only one shy about going into a lingerie store! Miranda's been thinking about coming in here for a while, but kept chickening out.

Steph grins as it is pretty obvious (at least to her) that Summer is a little tempted by the other stuff, and that she steps up to the plate when the employee offers to help. A soft laugh at Jon's abduction. "What's her name again?" She carols cheerily, and then turns her mismatched blue eyes to Miranda. "Nothing for me yet, but I'll be happy to help with the laces." A snicker. "Of course…you'll have to bear with me as I learn the ropes as it were." Linking with Miranda, she then reaches out mentally to tap at the minds of Summer and Jonathan. It is a very very very polite and almost diffident rapping at their mind's eye's door, and there's a definite feel of 'Stephanie' to it as well.

"Oh, like I'd /hurt/ you." With a laugh, the two disappear into the dressing room hallway. Drawing the curtain on the dressing room, Summer gives Jon a sympathetic look. "Okay, I'm going to measure two places. One right under your breasts, which will tell us your bra strap size — after adding five to the measurement — and then around the largest part of your breasts. For each inch over the first measurement, it's an additional cup size. Usually. There's some variation in comfort level, so that's why you always want to try on a bra before you actually buy it." She flicks the hem of Jon's shirt. "Off. It's too loose for me to get a proper measurement."

For a girl, this can be embarrassing. For a boy turned girl? This might just be worse. Summer at least isn't fazed by fur instead of skin under her hands as she takes the measurements. "We'll have to find material that doesn't pull at this, too, because if you move around… so no strapless bras, since those use a rubberized sort of stuff along the inner band to keep it in place better."

It's more than embarrassing. It's almost mortifying for Jon. She shifts forms, growing taller, getting some muscle, and some more curves. She glances down at herself, seeing Stephanie's illusion, and 'hearing' the mental 'knock.' "You do good work," she thinks towards Stephanie, then glances at the mirror in the changing room, seeing her fuzzy self there. "Y'know, always wondered 'bout that. Numbers, letters, groups of letters. Double D, Triple D. Triple H. No, that's a wrestler, isn't it?" It's a bit of babbling, a bit of stalling, but Jon finally gets a hold of herself, metaphorically speaking, and pulls off the shirt, showing that the pattern of her white fur spills down her neck, out along her shoulders some and then down her front.

Miranda vanishes into a dressing room, dragging Stephanie in with her, then firmly closing the door. "An emergency meeting of the itty-bitty-titty-committee is now in session," she mutters. She then sheds her blouse and bra, and reaches for the corset. It takes a little to get it on, since you have to hold it together from the bottom with one hand, and zip with the other, then fasten all the little hooks on the flap that covers the zipper, then reach in and adjust your assets. Miranda looks at herself in the mirror, making a silly face. "Ok… I think you're supposed to work the slack out of the laces, starting at the top. Don't pull too tight though, I still need to breathe…"

~~Thank you, Jon. We've got about a 20 mile range for this so we can stay linked anywhere in the city if we like.~~ Say! That will definitely be handy. As Summer hadn't responded, she doesn't push things, though there's a light listening in case she opts in. Regardless, everything she mind sends is sent to everyone in link, including Steven's commentary. ~Hey Jon, Hey Mir.~ He sends. ~What's shakin'?~ And yes, there's a teasing lilt to the question. ~~Don't make me hurt you, Steven.~~ All he sends is an amused sense of faux innocence.

As Mir gets into the corset, Stephanie laughs softly. "IBTC Local 001 is now in session." She does help with the laces, watching how the silly things go on in the first place, and then adjusting slowly and carefully so as not to cut off Miranda's air.

Summer lets Jon babble, just measuring her rather than commenting, and then ruffling her hair rather than fur. She notes a size, with a faintly sympathetic wince. "I'll be right back with a few things for you to try on, and I'll explain a bit more, okay?" she asks, glancing at Jon, then at Jon in the mirror, and then slipping out of the fitting room to pick up some utilitarian bras — beige, white, and black — in Jon's cat-size. And, well, as she passes the curtain from which Stephanie's laughter is emanating, she smirks. "Don't have /too/ much fun," she notes in a low tone.

"Right. Ever dealt with one of these before? You've probably run into the fun of trying to take one off before…" Summer doesn't continue down /that/ alleyway of thought. "Anyway. These are approximately your size, but we have to try a few to see what you prefer." Pause. "Side-benefit of these is that there's no more embarrassing perkiness at awkward moments. The material stops that from showing." Well, no-one ever said Summer wasn't blunt.

"Hey, for what it's worth, small doesn't mean unattractive," Jon sends Miranda's way. "Sleek and slim, can be very nice." But that's as far as she'll go down that path. She'll hold her arms up out of the way for Summer to measure her, the mirror showing her tail flicking back and forth briskly as she does. Jon's not exactly small. Perhaps not impressive for a grown woman, but for a 15 year old, nicely built. "Uhm, no haven't…uh, yeah, right, fun of taking one off. Yeah," Jon says, more than a little awkwardly. Someone failed their fast-talk roll. "Oh Lord, that might be the best part of it," she says at hearing the last bit. "I feel so wretched when I get like that, 'specially when the guys just stare. God help me, if I ever get changed back, I won't ever stare again."

Miranda chuckles at the warning, and with little comments gets the corset adjusted more or less correctly. "Hey, the age of miracles hasn't passed. I actually have cleavage!" She turns to face Stephanie, the corset having managed to give her B cup the illusion of a more generous C, as well as giving her a much more tiny waist. "So… what do you think?"

Mentally she adds, ~You're a sweetheart, Jon, but fashion designers are sadists. There are some outfits that I just don't look right in, because I'm too flat chested for them. I'm hoping the corset will help with that… just like there are some outfits you'd have to strap yourself down to wear. And the worst part is, you can't be sure which is which without trying them on!~

"We'll have as much fun as we like, darn it!" Stephanie states with a laugh. And then she adds. "That's me on the line, you want to pick up?" Should Summer answer to the affirmative, she will link with her too. ~~There you go. All you have to do is think at me, and I'll do the rest.~~ The commentary about sleek and slim gets a soft laugh from the girl. "Thanks, we'll remember that when eleven year olds are buying bigger bras than we wear." A snicker then. "Just teasing, we are what we are. So…might as well deal, right?"

Inside the dressing room, once Mir is corsetted and turns towards Stephanie, she wolf-whistles. "That's what I think." A grin then. "What — there's no universal algorithym you can use to make sure you always pick the right sized stuff? Lame." Her tone is redolent of humorous teasing of course.

"I /envy/ girls with small breasts. Much as I like my own-" There's just a faint hint of a smug smile at the corners of Summer's lips. "-they do get awkward sometimes. And I've had a few boyfriends tell me that more than a handful's too much. They didn't last long with /me/, but it /is/ a taste thing." She ruffles Jon's hair again, reaching up to do so without any self-consciousness whatsoever. "Then you'll have practice for when you do wind up having to do so, /and/ this goes back to my whole comment about you winding up having been there, done that," she says simply, resting a hand on Jon's shoulder to adjust the straps and back-clasp on the bra.

"This-" She tugs on the bra band. "-needs to fit underneath your shoulderblades, and you have to be able to run a finger underneath the band." She checks the straps. "Same thing with these." She gives a further run-down of the proper fit of a bra. Evidently, she's either had someone do this for her, or she's had /way/ too much experience helping friends with this. Probably a bit of both; she did develop early. She doesn't miss the slight listening-in sensation, but she's not familiar with telepathy either. "Jump around, twist, stretch, do whatever you think you might need to in a fight to see if it'll shift around on you, or pinch where it shouldn't."

And, as Stephanie explains the telepathic link, the weather-controller blinks. ~~Anyone… okay, that's just a silly question. This is weird. Not bad-weird. Just weird. Can everyone /else/ hear me, or just you?~~

~Well, I think I'll stick with jeans and t-shirts, so I won't have to worry about any of that,~ Jon thinks towards the others. Though they might can pick up a touch of uncertainty about that. She grins at the hair ruffling, bangs getting muffed a bit. "I can definitely relate to the awkwardness of these things. Speaking with a guy's tastes, more than a handful's just fine. There's such a thing as too much, sure, but, uhm, there's usually a lot of room there." She watches Summer in the mirror, paying attention to the mechanics of it all. ~I can hear you~ she thinks towards Summer. And then she looks thoughtful. It's like when someone says 'say something.' You never know what to say. But she starts off with some jumping in place, some light jumping, then a little more energetic, then twisting back and forth quickly, starting to move through some of the exercises Kiyoshi's taught her. "This is…really weird," she says feeling the jouncing dampened by the garment. "Uhm, not bad-weird," she echoes.

Miranda explains, "Well, I did come up with an algorithm, but it only works if I take the garment apart and scan it in piece by piece… I haven't figured out a way of working off of catalog images and have it work with more than 75 percent accuracy." She bends over, checks that she can still touch her toes in the corset, with a bit of pinching… "Ok… I'm taking this." She gets out of it again, with some effort, and slides into the pink PJ top. "What do you think, the pink or the lavender? I prefer PJs with having to walk down to the showers and back…"

Mentally Miranda adds, ~Stephanie's got Jon and I, along with Steven in the link. After all, why should she have to suffer his witty commentary alone? And thank goodness guys tastes vary… Stephanie and I just tease each other about being heads of the local Itty Bitty Titty Committee.~ There's a lot of affection for both of the twins in Miranda, so it is definitely teasing, not being snarky in Steven's direction.

~~Anyone. I can pick and choose who's in link, and that link can go as far as 20 miles in any given direction.~~ The girl nods in the room with Miranda, and that sensation of a nod is sent to the others in link. ~~Right — I generally send to everyone in the link.~~ And then she sends privately to Summer, and there's a definitely different feel to it as Stephanie does so. ~~And right now it is just us.~~ Once more to everyone. ~~Did you grab any sports bras for her? Those are just darn nice.~~ And this is when Steven interjects. ~Oh man, yes they are. SO much better than a regular bra when we're on the parallel bars or the like.~ Which might just come as a surprise to Summer, though of course Miranda and Jon both already know about the time share twins. ~Well…we like…breasts.~ Steven admits, his tone VERY dry. ~~Yup. We sure do.~~ Stephanie concurs with a mental lilt of laughter that is quite infectious.

Summer smirks a bit more broadly. "Doesn't hurt, does it?" she asks of Jonathan. "We can look at sports bras, too, and some front-closure stuff as well as the rest… but for now, just pick a few bras that you like and try them on as well as that one. I picked up a few." Pause. She blinks hopefully. "Do you mind if I abandon you for the moment to try on some stuff for myself?" The commentary on the mental link makes her laugh. ~~So /that's/ what Jon was referring to. I wondered. Anyway, how did the corset I saw you sneak into the pile look? Can I see?~~ She slips out of the dressing room, returning the measuring tape to one of the sales clerks with thanks and perusing the slightly more sexy side of the store. The sudden intrusion of a male mental voice makes her blink and set back what she was picking up (something blue and lacy and barely-there). ~~I didn't, but I'll bring some along.~~ A sudden teasing note intrudes on her mental tone: ~~Should I pick up something in case Jon wants to show off as /well/ as be comfortable?~~

~~Hey, ever think about trying to do something with your super tech to, uhm, enhance yourself?~~ Jon asks Miranda. ~~ Maybe Cordelia's Autodoc's got a boob setting or something.~~ Yes, it's ridiculous, but she's sincerely trying to help. ~~What's the difference between a sports bra and a normal one?~~ She asks the group at large. ~~I mean, I can tell they look different. But what do they do?~~ "Nope, doesn't hurt." She reaches behind herself to kind of awkward undo the clasp, and then slip out of the bra to try on another one. "I'll be okay for the moment," she says with a quick grin. She gets the next one put on just in time to cough loudly at Summer's joking tone. ~~I, uh, don't think I'm ready…oh, what the hell, pick something out.~~

Miranda blushes. ~~Um… you can share with them what I looked like in it on, if you want Stephanie… if it doesn't make my girlfriend or boyfriend jealous, I'm ok with it. And… No. I am not going to try to alter myself for cosmetic reasons. I am not that insecure about how I look. And the potential risk… just… no.~~ She tries on the second PJ top, checking it out in the mirror. ~~Sports bras are designed to minimize breast movement and prevent damage to chest ligaments during strenous exercise. They aren't always as comfy, and never as flattering… but not bouncing when you run will probably be a relief.~~

Stephanie grins and gently kisses Mir's brow as she blushes, and then sends an image to the others of what Miranda looked like in the corset. The image is REALLY crisp, which makes sense for a telepathic illusionist if you think about it. Sensing Summer's unease, Steven withdraws to the background, his presence muted — he doesn't want to intrude or make anyone uncomfortable. ~~Oh, definitely get something super sexy for the girl.~~ The affirmative to it from Jon gets her to giggle a little, but not meanly. ~~So…is there anyone special you'd wear that for?~~ She asks, and no, she's not expecting one gender or the other — how could she? ~~Oh man! Techno Boobies — she'd be so rich, all she has to do is build it, patent it, and then move to Hollywood, New York, or the Hamptons. Profit!~~

~~Sports bras squish things more, and some don't have underwires, and since the straps are wider and heavier they tend to offer more support as well as reduction. I'm as comfortable in a regular bra for workouts as I am in a sports bra, but I don't do acrobatics or gymnastics so much.~~ Pause. ~~And I fly, so…~~ Miranda's reply to the suggestion makes her smile as she rifles through the selection, pulling out a few sports bras in the appropriate size. ~~Good for you, Miranda.~~ Her other arm? Occupied by a red babydoll set. Eyeing the selection of lacier bras, she selects a push-up bra in a simple black fabric with a bit of lace at the top, and a bow at the center gore. Not too much, but definitely cute. The sports bras and the lacy bra are handed through to Jon.

~~If you don't want to share, it's fine. I just think corsets are gorgeous — no worries about me hitting on you — and I wish I could afford a /good/ one.~~ There's no offense taken on Summer's part, nor any offense meant: judging by her tone, she honestly does mean it. "Besides, if you share, I'll share," she adds aloud, ducking into another changing room. ~~Oh, that's /really/ cute, Miranda!~~ she adds at the image. ~~And it's not /super/ sexy. Just a very cute push-up bra. Because it's always nice to know you look good, even if you're covering it up with clothes.~~ Her tone turns sly. ~~And besides, all the more fun when a boy — or a girl you like — takes off those clothes and finds something gorgeous underneath.~~

There's the mental equivalent of an erf at Miranda's words. ~~These things can get damaged?~~ Jon asks. ~~Man, I so didn't sign up for this.~~ Not that she signed up for any of it, of course. ~~Stephanie's got a point, might could make something for other folks to use, make money off that. Not exactly -dignified-…~~ She looks at the mental image of the corset for a moment. ~~That's…really impressive,~~ she 'says.' ~~What's it like? Something like that?~~ She takes the offered bras.

Jon tries out one of the sports bras, doing some more bouncing and jouncing and wiggling and jiggling. She can't help but grin at her reflection as she watches it. For the first time she's able to watch herself as if it was someone else, thanks to the illusion. ~~Uhm, no, no one special,~~ is Jon's answer as she moves to the push-up one, pulling this one on a bit more gingerly, as if it's an unstable explosive. ~~A gorgeous bra?~~ she asks as she gets the push-up settled into place, looking at the result in the mirror with a little bit of awe.

Miranda changes out of the second PJ top, then gets back into her own clothing. "I think I'll go with the lavender… it's more of a muted color, I think the pink PJs are a bit bright for me. Do you want to shop for anything for yourself, Steph? I saw you eyeing some of the nightgowns." She comments mentally, ~~The corset is different. Lots of back support, pinches if I bend over and touch my toes, but I won't be able to slouch in it, that's for sure! And I really don't want to get into making money off of medical devices… I'm no doctor. I'll stick with making money off of video games.. if a game crashes, no one dies.~~

~~We fly too, sometimes.~~ Stephanie adds. ~~Though I'm afraid my talents are all mental. On the plus side I'll probably know if we're about to get attacked. So that's something.~~ A firm sense of her agreement with Summer's approval. And then she laughs softly at the comment about hitting on or being hit on. ~~Sharing is good! Heck, I'll even get into the act.~~ A smile as she nods to Miranda. "I liked the pink too, but lavender seems more you. That or maybe something in cobalt or navy? What do you guys think?" And then back to the link. ~~Lots of girly bits can get hurt, in fact one girl I knew back in Jersey had a breast reduction at fourteen. She was already a double D, and was suffering back issues from the weight of them. She lost twelve pounds in surgery, and went down to a generous C.~~ Schnikes that's a big change. Especially on a fourteen year old! ~~Can I share what you're seeing, Jon?~~ She asks with a grin. ~~I think we should ALL get corsets, and I did see a deep blue nightie that looked adorable…~~

~~Well, muscles do support your breasts. You can pull the muscles, for one thing, and also damage the functional bits — which is why breast enhancment surgery is kind of stupid if you /ever/ want kids — and besides, I'm sure you got kicked in the balls once or twice as a boy; getting punched in the boob hurts a hell of a lot, too. Reductions, on the other hand… dangerous but necessary at times, for the reasons Stephanie said.~~ Summer winces at the story, then laughs. ~~I have /a/ corset back home, but it's a costume corset. I mean… Halloween costume.~~ She tries something experimental over the link, sending a mental image of herself dressed as a pirate wench — a little younger than now, a little rounder-faced, but still curvy.

Jon's later question makes her giggle. "Or yourself; either way, you're gorgeous," comes Summer's voice from the changing room down the way as she tries on the red babydoll set, twisting this way and that to get a better look at it. "Hmm," she muses, and hums a few bars of a familiar Producers tune, evidently quite satisfied with the way she looks at the moment. "So," she asks aloud, "What do you think of the effects of a push-up bra, Jon?"

~~Okay, that's a real good point,~~ Jon has to admit on the subject of games crashing. ~~Having kids, that's -totally- not gonna happen for me. Uhm, sure, you can share it,~~ She says, giving Stephanie permission to share what she sees in her reflection, twisting and turning a bit. She then whistles softly at the image of the pirate wench. ~~Wow,~~ she murmurs. "Do you think so?" she asks Summer, having to admit, her reflection's looking pretty good right now. "I think I know why they call these things wonderbras now."

Miranda chuckles, ~~Buy what makes you happy, guys. I won't put pressure one way or another.~~ She hangs the pink PJs up to be reshelved, and goes to look for the nightie Stephanie was eyeing earlier. If Stephanie doesn't get it, she's likely to get it for Stephanie. ~~You look great, Jon! And I got the corset for helping my assets… if you get one, Summer, you might want to focus on back support.~~ Summer and Jon, after all, neither of them needs help in making their breasts look bigger. But something that gives more support might be welcome.

~~Do you mind if I share, Summer?~~ Stephanie asks even as she broadcasts what Jon looks like in the pushup bra. "Oh. That's so cute." Steph exclaims. ~~Seriously, that looks great on you Jon. Good choice, Summer. Though maybe we should try on some /naughty/ stuff. You know, for comparison an contrast purposes.~~ The girl manages to bespeak that, barely, without a lick of laughter. As the image is sent of the pirate costume, Steph helps Summer brush up the details, then sends to everyone in the link, Summer included. "Okay…this was a great idea. We should totally do this every so often." ~~I finally GET it. This is really fun.~~ There's a definite sense of how isolated the twins were before Steranko, but it is swiftly muted in favor of the moment. Stephanie does indeed get that blue nightie she eyed before, and then she grins at Summer as she sees the other girl in the baby doll outfit. "That looks terrific on you." And then she looks for a corset for herself. "Summer…what's Jon's size?" Yes, Jon, you're going to get to try on a corset. Fear!

"Oh honey," Summer says in amusement, "Face it: you're in better shape than I am, you have curves that are absolutely gorgeous-" ~~Regardless of whether you're a cat or a girl.~~ "-and…" She pauses and laughs. ~~Look at yourself objectively, from the point of view of a boy. Or… Steven? Miranda? Stephanie? You mind chiming in on this one too?~~ She sighs and adds aloud: "The happier you are with yourself, the more self-confident, the more attractive you wind up being. It's a really hard lesson to learn, but believe me, it's true. And I know, it sounds really trite. But you know that Christina Aguilera song, 'Beautiful'? It's true."

This might explain a lot about Summer's attitude towards a lot of things: what other people say about her isn't going to affect her permanently. "Thanks, Stephanie. I think I'll pick it up. I've got a bit of birthday money, and Mom'll laugh so much when I tell her what I bought with it."

"Yeah, I've looked at myself with a guy's eyes before, and, uhm, yeah, definitely thought I looked good then." Jon shakes her head a bit. "Man. I'm gonna be a total, wossit, narcoticissit? No, narcissist." ~~Thanks guys, all y'all, for coming along on this. It's, well, this is damned strange for me, but it helps being in a group, actually. Just kinda being…one of the girls. Sorta." She then smiles. ~~And what Summer said is true. When I was talking 'bout small not meaning bad looking, that's a big part of it. Carry yourself right, move right, oh that goes a long, long way,~~ she trails off with a mental murmur.

Miranda chuckles. ~~Shyness can be cute too, though.~~ She goes to help Stephanie with her corset, whispering in Steph's ear, "And you're absolutely adorable." Then, with a good bit of giggling, she'll help Steph try out her corset. ~~It's wonderful having friends, being part of a group. Going to Steranko is the second best thing that ever happened to me, and led to the best thing.~~ Meaning, of course, dating the twins. If any of the group was diabetic, the sweetness would probably put them in a coma!

~Definitely some nice curves there, Jonathan. Darn sexy.~ Steven offers as Summer queries him. ~~Totally true, face it Jon, you're a hottie.~~ Stephanie sends a warm good will along with that comment. The advice to trust in themselves, to like themselves, those are things that they know they need to work on. Thankfully with friends and people that genuinely care about them, well, that's a BIG help. "Oh heck yeah, this rocks." She calls as she moves over to Jon's dressing room with the corset selected for the cat girl thanks to the size information given by Summer. And you're all treated to quite possibly the oddest sensation ever — a mind blush! Of curse Mir gets to see Stephanie /actually/ blushing too, and with her pale skin it is pretty epic. "All we need now is silk stockings, garters, stilleto heels and a cape." A bounce. "You know what we should do? We should get together a group for Rocky Horror…"

Summer changes back to her capris and top, tugging the fabric into place. ~~I figured that either you didn't know what a bra could do, or didn't want to deal with the implications,~~ she notes a bit smugly — she /does/ so like dragging people into new things. "Oh god, that would give half the boys nosebleeds or /something/, with the four of us," she giggles at Stephanie's suggestion. "But I don't sing. I can /dance/, but…"

~~I'll admit, I really didn't wanna come to this place. But I'm kinda glad I did now. And thanks, Steven,~~ Jon sends his way. ~~Still don't like being a hottie, but, uhm, well, maybe I could learn to live with it.~~ Yeah, she feels more strongly than that, but she doesn't put it to words. ~~Let's not get carried away,~~ She says hastily talking about stockings and stilletos and more. ~~One thing at a time! Like Summer said, I didn't know about what a bra could do, let's not get ahead of of ourselves and go all that far!~~

Miranda laughs, "I don't think I'm ready for stilletos and a cape… but Rocky Horror could be fun. C'mon, Steph… your turn to try a corset on. After all, if you're going to ask Jon to try one on, you should lead the way!" She giggles and drags Stephanie into a dressing room to try on a corset and stop pushing poor Jon for a bit!

Steph puts a hand on one hip, and then looks at Summer. "Honey, with US four up there…do you really think ANYONE would care what our singing sounded like?" This being said in a thick New Jersey accent and with eyes bright with mirth. She does allow Mir to 'bully' her into a corset, and then laughs as people urge her to tone things down. "Okay, okay…well, we'll just have to see about what we can do. I bet that the school archives have Rocky Horror — we should see about something /in school/ for an event." And then she picks a couple things, regretfully putting back the corset and the blue nightie. "Okay! Off to the food court!"

Folding up the red outfit, Summer heads towards the check-out counter, avoiding the talk of corsets for the moment, though there's a little bit of a smirk playing about her lips. "C'mon, I'm getting hungry. Try on the corsets and let's get going?" She giggles at the further conversation. "Oh, don't worry, we'll get you there, Jon." And suddenly, she cracks up at Stephanie's contribution. "Nooo, I am /not/ doing Rocky Horror! I'd die laughing the first time I tried to sing anything from it." But eventually, she does manage to get to pay for her babydoll outfit, and gets a discreet bag for it.

"I dunno if we could get away with Rocky Horror at school," Jon notes. "Might be a little much for high school." She's going to hold off on the corset. This time. But not without a brief, longing glance at it. A little shake of the head, and she gathers up what she's picked out so far to take to the front to ring out. "Yeah, let's get to the food court, guys. I'm starving." Her tail swishes happily, though it's not visible of course. And she doesn't think about changing back to human form. She's feeling too pleased with the outing.

Miranda picks up the corset Stephanie wanted and the nightie, and adds them to the bottom of her pile of stuff. It is somewhat amusing to watch her less than successful attempts to buy them without Stephanie seeing them. "Food court sounds great, I'm ravenous. All I've had today is an apple then a couple slices of pizza for lunch."

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