15.2 Million Dollars Later

Log Info

Title: 15.2 Million Dollars Later
Emitter: Linus Young
Characters: Ian Stoker Jimmy Jones Sunday Knight Timothy Grayson
NPCs: The Sinister Mou Ying Tong, The Eldritch Chinese Sorcerer Lei Peng
Place: Cove City, Chinatown
Time: June 12, 2010
Summary: Dark forces from beyond the void of time and space descend upon Cove City and, perhaps, the very Earth itself. Noir, Scope, Thermal, and Revenant serve as the welcome wagon.

Chinatown in Cove City is not as stately as the travel pamphlets make it out to be. To read one, they will state that Chinatown is a place where one can get delicious, authentic food. They say that the people are friendly and welcoming. They say that East Meets West here, in this place where cultures blend and the Orient is just a train ride away. Well, it's not all false. But it's not all rosey, smiling people, either. The people in this part of down are predominantly oriental, and predominantly speak Korean, Chinese, and Japanese except when they're talking to people from the other parts of town. A beat up truck filled with crates of livestock stops near a beat up brick storefront with "Chang's" written on top in red writing with a yellow backdrop. Chinese characters run down either side of the storefront. The streets are crowded in this crumbling part of town. There are potholes in the road, some of the sidewalks are crumbling, and foot traffic is sparse. This particular neighborhood is alive, but not well.

If Ian had it his way, really, he'd probably never leave the confines of his bed room. Like ever. Unless it was to go play music, and even then, he'd put out petition to his bandmates to host practice sessions in his room. Oh sure, they could claim the noise pollution would get them in trouble, and that Linus' kit couldn't possibly fit in the matchbox of the room. But really, that's what the hallways are for!

Leave it to his best friend to cave in those plans. The cure, apparently was a trip down to China town. "Y'know, I've never been to a chinatown before. Got some decent of the type up and Vancouver, but missed that spot, and the one down in LA while I was there." The duo walk down street, not far from the Chang's van. Stoker's dressed much as he always is with cargos, and a brown t-shirt emblazoned with: "W.I.P.". The only thing remotely diffferent was a small back pack he had slung over shoulder - the combined assets of himself and Sunday that one might need in the day trip. Y'know, CD's for the bus, note books for sudden music information. All that jazz. "So.. uh… I've been meaning to tell you something."

"Never?" Sunday answers incredulously as she wanders alongside Ian down the sparsely populated sidewalk, glancing all around. She hasn't seen Ian in days, pretty much since practice and they never did get to talk. Hell, he found out about her and Linus in a text message, and that's not very best-friendly, is it? So, feeling a dire need for Chinese food and figuring she and her pookie-bear should probably try to do something seperate anyways - so they have something to talk about while they cuddle, of course! - Sun called up Ian and off they went. "It's really the only place to good Chinese food. They have on in Portland that's okay.. I'd love to see the one in LA though. I bet there are some killer deals on shoes and purses.." Her eyes fall on the truck with its livestock. ".. Well, there's something you don't see every day. Oh, huh? Tell me what?"

RRRRRRR. There's a revving sound. Somewhere in Chinatown, a bike is roaring down the street at high speed. Actually, it's not on the street, but you can't really tell from the generalized noise. Landing with a hissing scrape of titanium-laced rubber on the roof of one of the stronger-looking buildings, Revenant looks over the edge, leg still over the bike. He was there on business, investigating a lead on Reel to Reel. Unfortunately, it didn't pan out and now he's simply patrolling a bit before going back to the school. Keeping a hand in, as it were. Yes, he patrols. Shoot him.

The fourth individual from the Institute who's farting around in Chinatown today… is a little spy. More like, he doesn't really have any *friends* yet, and he's never been to Chinatown, so instead of just *asking* Sunday and Ian if he could go with them, Jimmy got itty and bounced after them, hiding in bushes and behind telephone poles and in displays of cheap knockoff action figures with built-in fake telephones that say things in Korean. He's not following closely enough to actually hear them, but enough to keep them in sight. Boing boing boing.

Two oriental men begin loading the livestock off of the truck and haul it down a nearby alley, to take it into the back of Chang's. By the sound and looks of it, they're live chickens, mostly. WHile they've moving things, the driver begins to back his truck up into the alley to make the other two mens' lives easier. A trio of nine year old Korean girls begin to draw out a hopskotch board on the sidewalk.

Ian, ever the vigilant one with super keen senses … doesn't notice he's being trailed at all. Quite the opposite really. Normally one for weariness, the young man seems to be on his off day, continuing to walk while chatting lightly. "Remember Mags… erm, Maggie? She's going to the school now." There was more. Much more, but it's trailed off as the sound of a motorcycle rips through the night sky. It's one distinctive to Stoker's ears, having heard it a few times in the past. "I think there's a Rev around here somewhere. Assholes and thieves beware." He shakes his head, for a moment losing what he was next to say to the blonde.
Sunday's step slows as she watches the men unload the chickens and what-not, head tilting and eyes drifting up towards the sign on the building. "Huh?" She drifted a little, not quite listening and looks a little bashful for it as she turns her gaze back to Ian. "Sorry. Um, Maggie? Right, you told me this. At band practice, remember?" She giggles and shakes her head. "You really are out of it lately, Ian.. That kinda sucks for you, though. I'm sure you'd rather she were a couple state-lines away." He mentions 'Rev' and Sunday looks confused a moment, then connects the dots. "Oh! Huh. Yeah, that guys is cool. You know he draws?" Her attention turns back to Changs. "Pretty good, too. … Do you suppose that's a restaurant? … Is that safe, having live animals?"

He has an advantage: he's not being tailed, and he's looking from above. Revenant frowns from his place on the roof, spotting the strangely small figure trailing the other two. He pulls out a pair of binoculars, looking through them. For the record, the lenses have covers to prevent glare-flash. He pockets the binoculars after a moment, and considers, then shrugs. He's not going to interrupt unless the small figure pulls out a knife and tries to stab Sunday in the back or something. He keeps watching though, just in case.

It is into this scene that something off; something that rocks the very foundations of what is right about the Earth; seeps into our world. Truly, it is something that does not belong. The truck stops dead in its tracks as the alleyway next to Chang's is bathed in a sickly glow. Both walls of the crumbling alleyway revert to nothing but what appears to be the corridors of space. Stars glint in the lifeless void between worlds, and crowd runs through with urgency only seconds before the walls revert back to mundane, crumbling brickface with a sickening POP. Electricity arcs between the two walls, trickling towards the floor, and even arcs towards a nearby power line, though the display is as short-lived as it is unnatural. A tall, elderly oriental man stands in the alleyway, before the truck and the two men with the chickens. He is seven feet tall, and his eyes glow white and without pupils. His fingernails are three inches long and painted black. The man wears black boots and a dark cyan robe with all manner of Chinese characters and other sumbols not as easily identified. His skin glows with an unhealthy, unnatural aura that one cannot see, and yet anyone can somehow feel. It feels wrong, as though reality wishes to reclaim this unnatural being into the abyss, but he stands at a place where reality itself cannot go. Chinese characters snap in the air about him in bursts of lightning. Literally, it is as if his body were infused with electricity itself, and the electricity spells out words in the air inches off his skin as it crackles off of him. He is flanked on all sides by fifteen oriental men, armed with katana, nunchaku, and even their own bare hands. They are dressed in similar colors, though more befitting the prototypical martial artist. Sleeveless gi, dark blue bandanas, and an obvious fighting stance. They are all barefoot.

The men spread out through the alleyway, curious and observant, while the 'crew' of the truck can only stare helplessly. The two men with the chickens drop the crates to much squaking. They speak in Chinese. Even if one cannot understand what they are saying, their inflection makes the meaning obvious: They are scared, and they do not want any trouble. Ostensibly, they probably feel the newcomers may have all the free chicken their hearts may desire… presuming they have hearts at all.

[OOC] Linus says, "For convenience sake… the alley is near everyone. With Sunday and Ian a bit abreast of it, Jimmy a bit behind it, and Timothy basically above it."
[OOC] Linus says, "Timothy, you are 40 feet above street level."
[OOC] Linus says, "And, of course, there is a pickup truck sitting in front of the alleyway."

There's ELECTRICITY TELEPORT NINJAS with DEMON CLAWS in the alley all of a sudden. So equally all of a sudden, the diminutive future-freshman's gaping, then leaping like a flea on crack to land on Sunday's shoulder. "*Dude*!" he gasps in a tiny little voice. It's not a squeak, it's just distant — and he's about the size of an action figure, with wuzzy hair and preppy kid clothes. "You're upperclassmen! What do we do! Tell me what to do! By the way hi I'm Jimmy!" Excitable, too, apparently.

"You need live animals before they get dead," Ian remarks to Sunday. "And generally it'll taste better." He shakes his head, letting out a heavy breath. He told them before? Oh that's right. "Yeah, I forgot about that. And I thought I did at first," y'know, want her a few state lines away. "But things happened and …" Wow, why was this harder than he remembered? About to add another piece in, Ian pauses as things begin to get weird. "This ain't good, he mutters to Sunday, simultaneously sliding off his backpack and reaching for the hem of his shirt. It's quickly discarded as well (Hey! He liked the shirt!). "I'm going to get a closer look, try to stop things if something goes down. You -" He pauses again as Jimmy bounces out of nowhere. Perhaps under different circumstances, that would be rather startling. Today? "Keep an eye out on Sunday's shoulder, uh… Jimmy. She's got some bite but can't see anywhere. We don't want her surprised. If any of us thinks we need to get the hell out of dodge, the safe word is- 'Wow I've Never had Cove-City-Chinese so Keen'" Hopefully inonucuous enough without being too common a phrase.

Regardless, Ian's gone a minute later, eyes already shifting to that dull ruby red as he begins to stalk what he considers bad news.

Was Ian saying something? It doesn't matter much, as Sunday's eyes widen at the light-show, and in her head she can hear Linus's voice talking about how nobody should go off-campus. "I hate it when he's right," she mutters, moments before feeling a small pressure on her shoulder and a little voice coming from a little man. Jimmy is lucky - he almost gets swatted off in a fit of fright. Instead, Sunday jumps a little and squeeks as quietly as being startled will allow her to. "Ohmigod! … Uh, hello Jimmy. I'm Sunday. Just, um.. hang on, okay?" She nods quickly to Ian and takes the backpack from him, slinging it over her Jimmy-less shoulder. As her heat-shield flares to life around her almost invisibly, she shifts a bit to one side, then to the other.. and hisses in frustration. "I can't see past that stupid truck! … Hey, Jimmy.." She looks at him as best she can look at something on her shoulder. "You think you can sneak up there and get that stupid thing in neutral without anyone noticing? If it drifted forward a little, maybe I could get a better shot. But, um.. Only if you want to." She hates asking people to put themselves in potential danger!

The Mou Ying Tong doesn't laugh so much as let out a quiet, amused chuckle as they fan out. Some explore the back of the alley, but most move towards the front, genuinely amused by the plight of the horrified workers. Still, they gaze about the alleyway in wonder at the bricks. At the floors. Even at the sky as an aircraft drifts overhead. One of them points his sword at the jet and speaks words in Chinese that sound like amazement, but they are followed by more derisive chuckles and snickers.

You paged Timothy with 'Here's what the workers originally said: Worker 1: What in the world… Worker 2: What was that!? Worker 1: What is this? Please. Please don't hurt us! Worker 2: Huan, you show weakness. They are fueled by such things oh PLEASE don't kill me you can have all the chicken you want! Worker 1: Yes! All the chicken! We're so dead.'.

You paged Timothy with 'The Mou Ying clanner in the above pose points to the sky and gasps, "Dragon! Is that a dragon?" Then someone says, "Better a dragon than a chicken." And then they laugh and someone says, "I see two chickens already." More laughter.'.

Revenant doesn't like the looks of the situation. But he's not going to go charging in. Instead, he waits. Patiently.

You paged Timothy with 'The characters made of electricity say a number of things. Soulless. Outcast. Murderer. Evil. And above all: HATE. It uses about six different words for hate. Every last character is ANCIENT chinese, as are the words spoken by the tong members.'.

He can't help it. Revenant stares. He hasn't seen something like that since Philadelphia. He doesn't talk about it. He was younger then. That's when he decided he had to learn certain things. This is when the weird old guy lifts his hands, as if about to attack. That's his cue! Revenant revs the engine of his bike, and turns. The bike's wheels grip the roof as it roars forward, straight for the group of men. RRRRRRRRR! The bike goes off the roof, landing on the cement without a hitch, and plows straight through the ninjas. His batons lash out — yes, he's attacking while driving. Four of the man's men land in a heap, unconscious. At the end of the arc, he leaps off his bike, doing a flip in mid-air to land on his feet. The bike turns a corner, and stops. "Me, bastard, not the truck!" If the old man shoots the truck, the poor guys in it will roast. This, of course, is what is going to happen, leading to…

But Timothy never gets to land on his feet. The Eldritch Chinese Sorcerer Lei Peng turns towards the sudden heroics and emotionlessly turns his finger towards Timothy, instead. He at least scowls as someof his Mou Ying Tong fall to the boy, but as said, he never actually gets to land on his feet. Instead, he scowls «Earth Warrior.» in ancient chinese and lights up the alleyway with a bolt of lightning that makes the two workers piss themselves. He strikes Timothy in the chest, the force nasty enough to send him flying through the brick wall into Chan's. Bricks and dust fly everywhere, and the alleyway reeks of ozone. Chan's turns out to be a quaint little spot to eat. Chairs and tables fly everywhere. People scream in terror, as a boy has just been blown THROUGH THE WALL into the restaurant. Chan himself hides the register girl behind his back… protecting his only daughter from what, he could hardly even fathom.

« Timothy has sustained an INJURY, a BRUISE, and is STUNNED »

Again with the 'seriously, how do your legs do that, kid, you jump higher than a jumping spider or whatever' poinging, Jimmy springs from Sunday's shoulder to do just what she says: it's time to get that truck out of the way. Especially with some dude flinging lightning around at action heroes jumping off roofs on their MOTORCYCLES what— yeah. He froglines for the truck, then hops up in through the open window and lands on the passenger's side seat. "Hi! 'Scuse, I'm helping someone who wants to stop these guys and she needs your truck out of the way," he calls, cupping his hands around his mouth and diving into the well between seats to go for the gearshift.

The driver takes one look at the tiny boy who's telling him to put it in neutral, and he simply loses it. He screams out in Chinese «AAAH!! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU!?!?». Between the light show behind him and the pint sized Jimmy in front of him, it's just too much. Neutral? SCREW Neutral. He puts it into drive and rockets out of the alleyway, wanting nothing to do with any of this stuff. Horns honk and the inevitable happens. There is a sickening SCREECH of tires and a final CRASH as the pickup with the wooden railings on either side of the flatbed collides with an SUV filled with children. Boxes fly out the back of the truck. Some land okay, but most of them break open, and chickens wander the road in a panic. Children cry. The woman behind the wheel of the SUV slumps forward, unconscious. Chickens squak. The driver of the pickup gets up and runs. The two workers in the alleyway run for their lives as well. People are screaming everywhere you look and the scene degenerates into chaos. The might of the Mou Ying Tong clan reveals itself, as the 11 men scream as they charge out the alleyway!!!!!

Okay. What Timothy did was… incredible. Incredibly dramatic, incredibly heroic, and probably in a way, incredibly bad for one's health. Ian, from his prone position watches with equal parts amazement and horror as the young man gets himself in over his head, while simultaneously take out four guys. But then the… wizard thing sends revenant through the wall. That's enough to make Stoker snap. Or well, not Stoker. Noir.

The near 9 foot creature rushes forward at nearly 100 mph, arms outstretched to run directly into the 7 foot tall leader. Only, during the impact, in which the larger should have run the other over, it is the wolf suddenly flying back at a high gait, straight into the SUV and sliding down.

Well, so much for that! It's apparently /on/ now! Sunday is almost stunned to total inaction by Tim's epic leap off the roof in his truck and then what bit of his surge through the alley she can see, but once he's blown through the wall she finds both sense and urgency returning to her. She hangs back while Jimmy goes to sneak in to the truck.. except not, and then it all goes horribly horribly wrong. "LOOK OUT!" Fat lot of good that does. And then Ian goes flying and a crowd of evildoers is charging and.. "Shit shit shit shit SHIT!" Okay what was that thing she did and how did she do it and.. Sunday swallows thickly and puts every bit of concentration she has into freezing those bastards coming out of the alley from the inside out. The air around her begins to condense from the sudden drop in temperature, her lips taking on a light blue tint as the wrecks the days of five of the tong members, and gives the rest the chills. Watching them drop, Sunday lets out the breath she didn't know she was holding and wavers slightly in place before catching herself, a look of fierce determination on her face. "Ian?! Are you okay?!"

The Ancient Chinese Sorcerer Lei Peng turns his horrible gaze towards Sunday and extends a long, long fingernail towards the mutant. Electricity lances through her bones, enough to send some people into convulsions, but the mutant holds out long enough for him to tire of this particular course of action. He scowls and 'drifts' back into the alleyway, taking footsteps and yet somehow seeming to glide. Chinese characters made of electricity pop and crackle off of his robe. Meanwhile, the Mou Ying Tong split off. Four of them descend upon Sunday, all flying fists. "YAH!" "WOAAAAH!" "YEGH!" "HOUuuuUUUUUUUUU!" She manages to avoid most of their blows. Though she takes a nasty blow to the head, it merely stings, rather than outright hurting. Two approach the prone Timothy, who is forced to fight from the ground. One of them has a katana and stabs the place where his face was a second ago. He pulls it up, and then goes for where hie arm was a split second ago. And then for his shoulder. The other one kicks him in the head. Hard, hurting the superskilled teenaged crusader with a nasty hit.

« Timothy sustains TWO LETHAL HITS »

"I really hate magic," mutters Revenant. He is bruised, but still on his feet. Well, his back. He winces as he's attacked by the ninja and leaps to his feet, ignoring twinges of pain from his electrified nerve endings. An underhand throw throws a small shard of … something, which explodes, sending the two ninja attacking him flying. He considers, looking out at the figures as they fight, and considers. Wincing as Ian is electrified by an aura. Okay, that won't work! He slips to the side, hiding, and then suddenly leaps out, saying, "Take this you bastard." He throws a knife. No, not one knife. Three by the looks of it, the knives shooting towards the magician. The knives /almost/ cut the man's throat, but he dives out of the way at the last minute, and shallow cuts bleed along his cheek and neck. Well, if you can call what looks like black … nothingness blood. Revenant repeats, "I fucking /hate/ ninja." He's shaking by this time. He's not terribly hurt, at least as such. His armor absorbs most of the impact. But he's pushing himself hard, and it shows.

[OOC] Linus says, "Recap for Ian: You are in the middle of the road, laying against an Ian-shaped imprint in the side of an SUV. It's filled with screaming children, a soon-to-be conscious mother, and the front end of a pickup truck. Jimmy is getting everyone out of there, btw. Around you, there are squawking, terrified chickens on the road. Cars are swerving past, honking horns and otherwise having a really bad time of things. In the alleyway, Sunday is surrounded by four martial artists, members of the insideous Mou Ying Tong, while their supposed leader, the Eldritch Chinese Sorcerer Lei Peng, drifts deeper into the alleyway. Lei Peng has created a large hole in the side of the neighboring store, Chan's, by throwing Timothy through it. Timothy has gotten up and tossed several daggers at the sorcerer, one of which 'stuck'. He's bleeding 'empty' blood. Timothy's bike is laying in the alley, and a lot of very, very cold or otherwise beaten up Mou Ying Tong warriors are on the pavement?"

In the middle of all the clearing out, and of werewolves hitting SUVs and more screaming, a miniscule figure bounds out of the wreckage of the truck and hops from one panicking chicken to the next until he can get in to the other vehicle. Abruptly he's full-sized and wrenching open the passenger's side door and calling in, "Hey! HEY! You guys! GUYS! Shush! We'll get you outta here, okay?" And he checks over the unconscious mother, grimacing, gingerly seeing if he can wake her up— nothing's at bad angles, there's no blood, so. "Lady! Wake up!" Gentle shake shake. "WAKE UP. There's stuff exploding! And bad guys! With lightning! Ninjas! Come on!" As soon as she starts whimpering and waking up and crying about her babies, he gets a lot more firm about it all. "Okay, unbuckle— all you guys, follow me, I'll help your mom, come on—" And there's getting the helpless the hell out of dodge.

Ow. Noir's eyes flicker for a moment, almost rolling into the back of his head. But then the creature begins to stand. The growl it iminates is a dark one, full of anger and hatred and lust. Lust for the bloodshed, and lust for the kill. Perhaps it's only the voice of a friendly in Sunday that keeps the Beast from completely taking over. "Roses. Blondie, Roses," the unearthly voice mutters as it stands, neck cracking as he takes in the scene once again. For now the innocents would have be taken care of by Jimmy - he couldn't afford to let the others get overwhelmed. But that left a dillema of sorts - with both having their hands full.

The answer in the end is a simple one, in Noir's mind. The one that had sent him flying and very nearly killed Tim was standing still, looking as menacing as ever. And that, simply, could not be. Nothing embaressed the Beast and lived. It would not allow such. Ian, on the other hand resisted, tried to keep some semblance of humanity. Blood would not solve the situation. In the end, however, the two made a compromise.

So, tell met if you heard this one before. An 8 foot tall jet black wolf monster is right behind you. No. Really. Perhaps Lei Peng was distracted by the throwing knives, and a lethal anger of Revenant. One could never quite know. But a moment later he will feel a tap on a his shoulder. The tap? Not a finger, either human, or monster. No - It was the front fender.

Of Revenant's motorcycle.

"Like your Mojo. But we have a different game in America." And with an inhuman force, Noir swings the bike like a club, with even more effort than he normally muster. The bike impacts the wizard, and metal contorts with the force, lightning sparking along the high tech materials. And thing the Wizard goes flying in the air, into and through a wall of a nearby building. The storefont? "Joe's House of Incredibly Uncomfortable Items." Well, if there's any justice in the world.

"It's called Baseball. Bitch."

Surrounded by ninjas intent on kicking some Sunny ass, the blonde girl shrieks and does her best to cover herself with both arms and that incredibly handy protective convection coating. When all is said and done, she feels a little knocked around but no worse for wear. Anger rising, that blue tint to her lips fades in favor of a flush to her skin. Ian swinging that damn MOTORCYCLE around catches enough attention to afford her the moment she needs: Sunday pushes through the group of ninjas or martial artists or devil demon spawn from foreign lands, getting a few feet between her and them before she turns sharply on her toes. The air around her whole body ripples with heat as her hands lift and trust outward, sending waves of searing heat towards the group that once surrounded her. One of the attackers drops, but the others just look more pissed off. "Argh!!" she cries in frustration, every muscle in her body tightening. Flames lick at her fingertips without Sunday even noticing, and she swings her hands out a second time.. Another wave of heat, this one almost crackling the air around them surges forward and envelopes two of the thugs in flames.. plus one chicken, who had the misfortune of wandering in behind. Sunday gasps, hands recoiling to her mouth. "OHMIGOD!" THE CHICKEN! Nooooooooooo!

He is that last one. Lei Peng is nowhere in sight. His clan-mates are down. He is The Last Mou Ying. That he doesn't run is a credit to his training and discipline. Surely he knows it's over. Still, his kung fu is quite strong. He sweeps his legs around, all but twirling in the air as he delivers roundhouse kicks to nothing. With one last single, synergetic swing of his legs, he comes to stand in front of Sunday and leans forward, punching her over and over with both his fists. "AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH!" Her heat shield singes the hairs off of his arms. It pushes him back, and it hurts, be he finally gets through and delivers a series of punches to Sunday's upper torso. It hurts. He's going right for the solar plexus. But it's not enough to drop her.

And Revenant sees the werewolf pick up his bike and hit the sorcerer over the head with it. Some would scream in anger. He just shakes his head, muttering to himself, "Well. I wanted to upgrade certain systems, here's my chance." He does lift his voice, saying with a hint of irony, "I will send you a bill for it." He's joking. As much as Revenant ever jokes. "You're good for 15.2 million dollars, right?" Poor Ian. Let's hope he's not serious! As the magician disappears through the walls, Revenant's gaze turns to follow him, before glancing back in time to see Sunday go all cone blast on the remaining ninjas. There's one still standing. In spite of his fatigue, the arm that rises is rock-steady. "Go down," he orders. This time, there's a soft *pfft* sound from a hidden cannister system, and a slender dart streaks out to strike the ninja in his neck. He collapses, twitching, and passes out. He looks around, and focuses on the others, "You all okay?" Revenant looks, well, okay. He'll be sore tomorrow, but no bones were broken.

As soon as everyone's shuffled away, Jimmy's sprinting back — well no, he got little again and is poinging back, because he's harder to spot (sort of) — back to the alley. With the chickens and the millions of downed ninja. And the crashed things… and… the upperclassmen. His feet hit the pavement at full size, as he gets big mid-leap, and then leans a hand against the wall, panting. "I -hope- everybody's okay because I think this is the part where we run away, right? Because. Property damage. And stuff."

"I'm fine," Noir murmurs after several seconds. There's a grimace from the wolf, as it clutches its chest. Soon there's a series of microconvulsions, each one causing it to shrink down, until finally Ian stands there, in a pair of shredded pants. "Okay, for the record. I'm ordering delivery for now on. Never. Leaving. My. Room." Pause. "Sorry about that Rev." Ian never called Tim by his given name when he was in costume. "I have though uh… 3.56 and a pack of gum. I'll even throw in my favorite CD." Cheeky? A bit, though his amusement is tempered as he stumbles towards the group again, inspecting the damage. "Why would a group of mystic… uh… the-fuck. Are they really ninjas? Seriously? So why try to attack just… workers, and kids?" He looks up then, towards the resturant, Chang's. Seeing if the owner was still there.

Chang's is empty. His customers have all fled and by the looks of things, Chang skipped town, though he and his daughter emptied the register, first. Police sirens wail in the background.

Moving towards the remains of his bike, Revenant begins to put things on top of it. What's he doing? It also looks like he's scraping something off the bike. Pulling back his sleeve, Revenant pushes a button. The bike announces in a male voice that sounds like Gandalf from Lord of the Rings: "Self destruct initiated." Circuits begin to flare and chips begin to fry within the bike, The electricity ignites the compound, and the bike flares with a light that's eye-searing in its intensity as he steps back. "Can't leave it for people to use, the technology is too dangerous. But it's pretty much a complete write-off from my point of view," He observes to Ian.
With this, he pulls out an object, and it begins to beep and boop. It's a Star Trek tricorder! Not exactly, but it does do an admiral job of scanning for poisons and other things as he looks over the ninjas, examining them carefully. He pulls out various tiny daggers, and tosses them into the incredibly intense flames, leaving the unconscious ninjas for the police to take away after that. He shrugs, "Don't know. There was some of his blood on the bike. I'm going to look it over. Also try to get a magic-type to trace him that way. They might be able to." He considers, then says, "Gis. Edit the video, take out any identifying names and blur their faces, will you? Thanks." He's waiting, then reaches into a pocket, and pulls out a small item. It looks like a flash drive. He pulls his sleeve back again, plugs it in, and waits. "Thanks," he repeats, and moves to one of the unconscious men. He's waiting for the police.

Sunday almost collapses backwards, except there's a brick wall there to catch her. Her blue eyes are still wide and staring forward. "… Did anybody else see that?" Finally she looks first at Rev, then Ian, and then Jimmy as the boy comes bouncing along. Nobody?! She's still got that flush about her, but not as intensely as before, and when she looks down at her hands they are indeed /not/ on fire. "Never leave..? Are you /kidding/?!" When her eyes find Ian's, she looks as though he has just said something incomprehensible. "That was…" Holy hell. She needs a minute to absorb this! But.. oh.. The chicken. … Well it was gonna be food anyway!! CIRCLE OF LIFE! She pulls the backpack off her shoulder and tosses it back to Ian, telling him, "Your shirt is in there." She pushes herself off the wall and winces as a muscle or joint moves that doesn't really want to, then makes her way towards and into the rubble through the hole in the wall of the store the main guy went through. Looking around, she frowns. "He's gone! … How did he get away?? .. Crap, magic sucks." She makes her way carefully back out and towards the boys, watching what the Adult Superheroes are doing. Read: Tim. "Um, should we go, or..?"

"Man," says the neo-freshman fervently, finally pushing off the wall and knotting his fingers in his hair. "I didn't even step on anyone and I *know* I'm gonna get in trouble if the cops have to call the school— is that— are you— are you seriously going to stay here? And… hey all those kids are fine by the way—" His dark eyes are wide, and he moves over and reaches to tentatively tug at Sunday's arm. "What was your name again? And -will- the school get pissy?"

"I'm planning on going soon as they get here. They won't shoot me or anything, but I don't really care for the round of questioning. I'm just going to leave the video of the events, so they know exactly what happened. Gis will have taken out names and blurred your faces and so forth, so you won't be identified. I suggest leaving." Revenant explains casually. "Go on. I'll catch up." He pulls his grapple gun from its holster on his leg.

"Mind me taking a smell of that, Rev?" Ian's head nods towards the speck of blood. He gives a moment for the other fellow to consider, turning about to inspect Sunday, noting equally the grimace of pain and her sudden jubilation. "Y'might not want to strain too much. And damn, you did a hell of a job Blondie, remind me never to piss you off." And no, he didn't notice the blast. At all. Though, that might not be surprising given the fact that he was, well - MALE-. To Jimmy, Ian offers the lightest of grins. "That's what Revenant done. He's a lifer." As in, Lifer hero. "But we should probably get out of here. I got no interest in being in the 9-oh-clock. "Hey Rev, we'll chat about this later." And finally back to Sunday again. "Need a lift? I mean just til we get a bus. I'm not gonna be the one who has to explain to Linus that you died from pulling an already strained muscle, cause I wasn't being all chivarlous."

The man says leave, and Sunday is totally down with that. She looks over at Jimmy and grins broadly, clamping a hand on his shoulder. "Was first your first time off-campus?" Yeah, it's a running joke. Off Campus equals Trouble. "Sunday. My name, not the day of the week. And he's Ian," she gestures to the Werewolf-now-young man, "And he's-" .. She has noticed nobody is using Tim's actual name. ".. Revenant." Yeah, it's gonna be a little disturbing to her once the high wears off how very well she's taking all of this. But hell, it's not like it's the first time. And right now she feels pretty freakin' MIGHTY. Little blonde chick versus a not-ninja horde and she's not much worse for wear?? .. Yeah. Just… yeah. "No, I'm good. Let's just go. C'mon Jimmy. You can make with the tiny if you want." She pats her shoulder as an offering, and will follow Ian as they exit, stage left.

"Sure. We can do it when we get back, don't want to stay too long here." Revenant nods at Ian. And then, Revenant? Will wait for the police. Once they arrive, he will say, "A video of the altercation, officers." He lifts the flash card, and drops it casually on one of the unconscious ninja. Then the grapple gun will go off, and he's running over the rooftops towards the school.

By contrast, the other three exit is less… well. Dramatic. They just quickly walk away, and y'know. Wait for a bus to come.

That is totally a salute to Timothy, on Jimmy's part. And Sunday and Ian start making tracks and Sunday's hand is clamped on his shoulder and there's all this westerly motion (or maybe another-direction-ly) and the kid's eyes widen again. "Yeah I'm barely *on* campus yet and holy crap does this happen *every* time? —thank you!" And he does. Make with the tiny. Because if he can con someone else into doing his walking for him, he will. Always. Every single time.

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